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Fritz's garden 2020

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It's been a couple of years since I did anything with my garden.  I decided that with the extra time at home, I'd get it back into shape.  There are several trees that I have to dig out.  I'm also going from raised beds back into the ground.  Mainly because it's easier to keep the rest of the area cared for without having to worry about the beds.

Here's a shot of what I'm starting with.  All those vines are mile a minute weed.  It's come into my area with a vengeance.

Hopefully the new image hosting works for me.  Let me know if you can't see the image.

The image hosting is working well... looking forward to seeing the progress.

Yay!  I enjoyed looking at your thread a few years ago.  Looking forward to seeing it again!

Here's the progress so far.  Tuesday I dug out 2 trees, but really didn't have a game plan.  Yesterday was rain all day, so no progress then.  But I did decide that I needed to plan what I was doing.

Game plan:
1. clear the brush
2. take up the old rotting bed borders
3. cut the thorn bushes and trees growing up through the fence, dig out the trees
4. dispose of the debris
5. till the area

So here's my progress today.  I was able to clear out the brush and take up the rotting bed borders.

Here's a couple of shots of the garden area, just 2 different angles.

And here's the brush and other debris I took up.  I wish I could get away with just dragging it to a different part of the yard to let it rot.  But the wife is not having that. 

Hopefully tomorrow I'll get that huge thorn bush and the rest of the trees cut and the dig out a tree or 2.

Nice progress... and perfect timing for a spring garden, right?


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