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Porcupine Kate's Garden 2017

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We have been snow free for about a week and the ground is finally thawing.  The daffodils are just starting to emerge.  So here is the beginning photos. 

My dinning room has been taken over by baby chicks and seedling production. 

Here is the lower part of the garden.  The mesh is over the garlic bed. Last year we started putting wood chips between the raised beds because we could get them free from our town's transfer station. 

This winter the power company was trimming trees along the road and delivered 2 loads of wood chips to us.  I love the when the wood chip leaves us presents. 

Unfortunately all 4 of our bee hives died this fall and winter.  It will let me put in a new garden bed behind the hives.  The chickens have been working on it for us.  I will be planting potatoes and winter squash in it.  I tried planting here last year but the bees keep stinging me. 

Since the hives are empty we are moving them.  My husband is building a new stand for the hives and putting up posts for electricity and eventually a bee hut.  This spot gets great morning sun and some afternoon shade and allow me to easily garden in the back yard.  He needs to finish this tomorrow.  I am getting 2 boxs of bees on Sunday.

One of my husband's other projects is the garden pond.  We are hoping to get it finished this summer.  It needs a liner and things keep popping up like a new well pump and MRI co pays that keep pushing the pond to a lower priority.

Here are some before photos of our various garden beds.

This is a strawberry bed in the lower left corner and flower bed on the right with 2 apple trees. You can see another bed near the wood chips and the corner of our mobile chicken coop.  The 8 baby NH Red chicks will be moving into it once next month.  The mobile coop will be in the back yard by then.

This is the herb bed that is just starting to come to life.


More raised beds and the edge of the future pond.

This is my kitchen garden.  We added this bed last year right in front of the porch. I am in the process of planting snap peas and spinach in it. It will also get kale, herbs and some other greens in it.  I like having the stuff I use the most close at hand when I am cooking. I am putting feed bags and cardboard down between the rows and they will be covered in wood chips.

Here is a photo of the big swale berm.  It is full of fruit trees and shrubs.  I am hoping to get it weeded and mulched this year. I also need to work on plant markers for all this stuff. 


That is REALLY cool!

I remember when the heavy equipment came to your house, looking good

--- Quote ---My dining room has been taken over by baby chicks and seedling production. 
--- End quote ---

It happens... at least there are not carburetors on the kitchen table too?


Yes.  We rented a backhoe to build the swales and many of the raised beds. 

Not carburetors on the kitchen table but I do have boxes of beads, wire and cabochon gemstones all over the living room floor right now.  Since I am sitting a lot these days I have started making jewelry again.

Today I picked up 2 new boxes of bees! 
They are still getting settled.


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