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Mountain Moma's 2017 Garden

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I should borrow a camera more often, sorry.

Ok, so the garlic did very well, it was inchelium red and I have a bunch of beautiful, large garlic heads, and I will save some for next years seed, so next year I will have a larger area. The onions also did much better than when I bought started plants, I think New York Early will be my favorite, but I will need to wait and see how the storage goes. I bent down the onon tops as some were doing it on their own, and am not watering to let them finish.

The tomato plants I started from seed did well, were transplanted, and then DEER got into the garden and ate the tops of the brocolli, which had beautiful heads I was about to harvest and freeze, and ate the lower fruit tree branches and ate the tomato plants. Lady gardening neighbors pitched in and gave me some replacement plants, about 6 tomato, so I replace those to the ones eaten all the way, and the others recovered. It means I have not harvested one yet, but they are doing well and have fruit set

This is the bed that had the brocolli and greens, and it is a bit wild with flowering weeds, but I get a teeny bit of brocolli side shoots, and have been eating greens every day from it

This bed, I put in end of June, and I am realy happy with it, it is late, but is doing well. The thing I tried on half of it was to interplant sunflowers with cucumbers, and it is keeping the cucumbers happy in the heat. There is also 2 Costata Romanesca summer squash ( zuchini ) and at the end a few Italian peppers. The peppers are looking pretty sad. I need to remember to start pepper seeds before tomato seeds !

This last, sad bed is winter squash, and it was started so late, it likely wont mature, but you never know !


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