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I got my soil turned today and several things planted.    No pictures tonight, but once I get the peppers and tomatoes in the ground I'll start snapping some.

This year, I am going with the following in my plot...

* Blue Lake Green Beans
* Cherokee Wax Beans
* Envy Soy Beans (just a few, hoping for edamame)
* Broccoli (Packman?)
* Cucumbers (just two burpless)
* Sugar Snap Peas
* Blue Podded Peas (thanks Cedar!)
* Amish Paste Tomatoes
* Sweet Million Tomatoes
* Cowhorn Peppers (in pots)
* Hungarian Wax Peppers (in pots)
I have several planters I plan on using for herbs of all types.  Also had a few volunteer onions sprout up, left them alone to see what they'd do.

I want to see what your "Cowhorn" peppers look like when they are ripe please. The "Envy" grew well for me even in northern Canada. And enjoy those "Blauwschokkers".


Looking forward to seeing the progress this year.

Finally some pics

Here is the garden laid out.  Beans on the right, peas along the lattice in the back and two rows of tomatoes on the left.  They've sprouted

They've sprouted:

Soybeans and broccoli, sort of hard to see:

Got my peppers and lettuce in pots this year...

Flower beds are in too.   I learned a lesson from last year, I over planted and crowed my flowers.   This year just spread them thinner and going to let them fill in

Petunias, impatients, pansies and marigolds:

I decided to put the "Blauwschokkers" in the front beds.  I think they'll look good with the flowers.   I put marigolds around them, I'm told the deer and rabbits don't like the odor.

Trees got trimmed with pansies too...


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