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Carp, are they edible ??

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Thanks Spartan, We are going bow fishing this weekend so I'll give one of your reciepes a try.

I ate carp straight out of the Tigris and I am still alive (barely) to tell about it!

Here's the Iraqi Carp BBQ....

They are - and they're not bad.  I remember by Grandma cooking them when I was a kid.  Smoked the batsnot out of them if I remember correctly.  Bony (boney - heck I don't know) as all get out - so be careful eating them.

As an aside - goldfish are carp!  I was jug fishing a few years ago, and using goldfish as bait.  Actually CAUGHT a 12 inch goldfish out of a fresh water creek.  Crazy - freaked me out!  Didn't eat it though!

Mr. Blank:
I grew up eating carp. They are actually tasty if you clean them right. Fillet them in coldsalt water, then lay the fillet out on a flat surface. On the bottom of the fillet there will be a streak of dark-ish meat that runs the length of the fish. Slice the the fillet of just above the dark stripe, then pitch the dark meat. Cook as you would a normal fish.
I guess that dark stripe is where they store the "stink oil" or something. ???

Lady down the road from us on the farm used to pickle them. She would take the filets (no bones) and can them. It was GREAT on crackers etc....We used to skip school to go bowfishing for them in the shallow bays where they would go to spawn. Whatever we shot, and sometimes it was 50-60 of them, we would take to Ms. Mary. Week or two later she would show up with a bunch of jars of pickled Carp.

She is long gone now and this stupid kid didn't bother to learn how she did it. I've heard it said that when someone dies it's like a library burning.....wish I had known that when I was 16.


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