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Cedar's Garden 2015

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--- Quote from: sshickson on May 28, 2015, 11:38:04 AM ---Cedar, you are truley an inspiration!

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I am not sure how, still a month behind on planting the main crops. The watering system has been a pain in the patooetey as it really is a 2 person job, not 1-person and 1 small child job. But late tonight or tomorrow I should be able to get the corn in at least. I have only said that for a week now though. ..  :-[


What I got planted last night and today at the Lodge Garden other than noted:

Corn (6)
I am separating my corn varieties by distance and time. The two gardens are 1/2 mile apart with dense forest and hills between them. (Wind pollinated)

Lodge: This has been in for 2 weeks now
"Yukon Supreme" 45 days
"Stowells Evergreen" 80-100 days
"Calico" popcorn 90-105 days (started 2 weeks before Stowells)

Greenhouse (large, not skinned)
"Golden Bantam Improved" 70-75 days
"Roy's Calais" 90-95 days
"Dakota Black" popcorn 90 days (started 10 days before Roy's Calais)

(If you have never grown your own popcorn.. and like popcorn, you MUST grow it!!!)
Greens (3)
Mizuna mustard
Asian spicy greens
Asian Mix

I also planted more lettuces last night. About 22 varieties of them? I will plant more around October in the greenhouses and Lodge garden.
Carrots (4) I may or may not plant more during the summer. Space pending.
Little Finger
Kuroda (new one for me)
Royal Chantenay
Berlicum 2 (growing out only for seed production this year, only variety which overwintered for me last year)
Radish (3) I will plant more in in about 40 days or so
Easter Egg Blend (to use it up)
Watermelon Mantang Hong
Beets (3) I decided to go light on beets this summer, and plant 6 more kinds in the fall.
Bulls Blood
Dolce di Chioggia
Soybean (1)
Celery (4) - Finally I get to trial all of them at the same time. I will only save seed from one variety a year
Golden Self Blanching - (My Fav) 80-85 days.  Dwarf plant with yellow foliage, cream-colored 9" stalks.  Thick, heavy, stringless.
Utah Green - The long stalks of Utah Green are sweeter and much more flavorful than the celery sold at supermarkets.
Tall Utah 52/70 Improved 100-120 days.  Dark-green, 11-12" stalks.  Very compact disease resistant plant.  Bright green and stringless.
Golden Bar - 90 days.  Self-blanching with nearly stringless ivory stalks and tender leaves.  Hearts are good quality. (This is probably my choice on growing out for seed production this year).
Beans (5) - I decided not to grow any pole beans this year, I farmed 3 varieties out to others to grow
as I did not want to buy any more cattle panels, as look up in the orchard fencing photos ^^. All those are my trellises next year. I think there are 60 of them?
Black Valentine
Burpees Stringless
Fin de Bagnol
Peas (7)
Asparagus pea (which is not a pea)
Parsley Pea (new one for me, has leaves which look like parsley)
British Wonder
Melting Sugar
Carouby de Maussane - this one gets 12' tall and is my fav
Golden Sweet
Cucumbers (6) - I will start more in the little greenhouse when the melons are done. These are in the Lodge garden.
Mexican Sour Gherkin
Russian Pickling
Telegraph Improved
Boothsby's Blonde
Double Yield
Poona Kheera



--- Quote from: sshickson on April 20, 2015, 09:12:55 AM ---I want to grow up to be you!!! You are amazing!

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I am in total agreement! I have cedarenvy.

I finally got the last of the melons into the greenhouse. I have been holding off due to the water situation and I have not gotten to plant everything I have wanted to. But the tomatoes, eggplants and peppers are looking good. 192 feet of tomatoes in 102 or 104 different varieties. I was so excited to finally actually be able to do that. I planted them close this year to get them all in. They don't look too tall in the photo, but they are 18-24" tall at this point, and starting to flower.

Many of the tomato plants are blooming, so soon there ought to be tomatoes for seed savings, Farmer's Market and for canning for home. Now that the trellises and watering is in, I am going to make a greenhouse in a greenhouse and plant the tomatoes, eggplant and peppers in January. With the way it is set up now, I think I can just arch PVC over the top at the t-posts and then add over clear plastic which I already have all those things.

Everything in the gardens is still just at the growing stage, so nothing too exciting to put into text or photos about them yet. Soon. The hot weather has made the lettuces bolt. I got more of that planted out. I gave up on peas until late August.

Z thinks he got everything ordered, so he may take next week off and get three of the 2,500 gallon water tanks set up.



--- Quote from: designergirl28 on June 07, 2015, 09:53:08 AM ---I am in total agreement! I have cedarenvy.

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Me as well! Thanks for keeping us posted on all your work Cedar! Your garden threads are beyond inspiring!


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