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Today I started moving flats around, moving lights around on the seed starting racks. Got into my seed 'box' and sorted all the seeds into large bins by 'like kinds' and got them all reinstalled into the 'box'. I figured out what needs to go in first. Watered down my flats and hopefully will start planting peppers and tomatoes tomorrow.



I am looking forward to seeing how the farm develops this year.   :popcorn:


Tomorrow is the day....
Tomatoes are being seeded into flats tomorrow with my friend to keep me company. Here is my tomato lineup for the year. All OP heirlooms.
Ailsa Craig - an English Heritage variety dating from 1925
A Grappoli D'Iverno - "Winter Grape" tomato of old Italy
Amber - Bushy plant that produces 2-inch amber-colored globes
Amish Paste - the ultimate paste tomato
Aunt Ruby's German Green - are a cultivar originating with Ruby Arnold (d 1997), of Greeneville, Tennessee
Austin's Red Pear - very productive
Baylor Paste - No blossom end rot as is common with other pastes.
Big Rainbow
Black Krim <--- My favorite
Black Seaman
Bread and Salt
Big Red
Boxcar Willie - 1950's
Brandywine Red
Cherokee Purple
Cherry Roma
Chocolate Cherry
Comstock Slice and Sauce
Cyril's Choice - An English family heirloom, kept alive by D. Rankilor, who's brother Cyril grew it on his allotment before he died.
Dr. Wyche's Yellow
Egg from Phucket
Emerald Evergreen <-- makes great salsa verde
Forest Fire
Garden Peach <-- it is really fuzzy like a peach
German Gold
German Pink
Gold Metal
Green Sausage
Green Zebra
Gregory's Altai
Hartman's Yellow Gooseberry - A very old heirloom tomato that was popular in the 1830's
Hillbilly Potato Leaf
Hungarian Heart
Isis Candy Cherry
Italian Heirloom
Jaune Flamme
jon's Yellow Cherokee
Kentuky Beefsteak
Lemon Drop
Manitoba - GOOD early tomato I grew in Canada
Martino's Roma
Mexico Midget <--- great for canning whole
Missouri Pink Love Apple
Moonglow <--- this is a very pretty one.
Morning Sun
Mortgage Lifter
Mule Team - Main crop, all purpose tomato
Nature's Riddle
Nebraska Wedding - My favorite golden
Old German
Omar's Lebanese - Disease tolerant.  Huge, pink fruit can grow as large as 3-4 lbs!
Orange King
Ozark Pink
Pantano Romanesco - Very rare from Italy and very tasty
Peron Sprayless
Persimmon Type
Plum Lemon
Polen Yellow Pear
Principe Borghese
Pritchard Scarlet Topper
Purple Prince
Red Rock
Red Zebra
Riesentraube-  in Philadelphia by the mid-1800's. Tthe name means "Giant Bunch of Grapes" in German
Rutger's Select
San Marzano
Silvery Fir Tree - Great as a hanging basket plant. Lovely silvery carrot top like leaves
Sophie's Choice
Speckled Roman
Striped Roman
Stupice -My dad started growing these from some of the first brought over from Czechoslovakia. EARLY!
Summer Cherry
Sunshine Cherry
Sweet Pea Currant
Thessaloniki - Greek tomato that was introduced to the USA in the 1950's
Tommy Toe
Tonnelet L.F.
Uncle Mark Bagby - Named for Mark Bagby brought the seed from Germany in 1919
Wisconsin 55 - developed by plant pathologist JC Walker at the University of Wisconsin in 1949
Yellow Pear

Yes, that is 100 varieties. I am only planting 2-6 of each however. There are at least 5 colours represented. Paste, cherry, giant, slicing... all them them worth preserving their genetic heritage.

I do have history on most of the varieties, but I was trying to rush the post, so I could get SP in bed. If you like tomatoes, look up the history for them.. the history is as wonderful as their taste.



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