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--- Quote from: TexDaddy on November 04, 2014, 10:39:54 AM ---This sounds like you cannot go to the pet store, buy a live goldfish and take it home.  :o

--- End quote ---

Pretty much. So yes, it is illegal to put a goldfish into a pond.

Here are some of the regs:

That said.. you can stock ponds on your property.. with the right paperwork. My very first boyfriend back in 1983, has a 3rd generation farm. And they put fish in their stock pond in the forest. AWESOME trout are being pulled out of there. I ought to see if I can take SP there actually.. Hmmmmmmmmm...


I meant as a pet in an aquarium.

You have to 'transport live fish' if you want to have one.


--- Quote from: TexDaddy on November 04, 2014, 10:51:24 AM ---I meant as a pet in an aquarium.
You have to 'transport live fish' if you want to have one.

--- End quote ---

If they wanted to push the issue getting your pet fish from the store to the house, according to wordage, I believe they could.



I get why states would regulate this, in fact i thought for sure we'd need some sort of permit too, but the law is pretty clear about trout specifically (and black bass).  I guess with trout, they are good with it, the more the better?   In fact, the state has adopted streams after private stocking has proven out, the cost is on the land owner, and over time if it becomes popular enough, they add it to the stocking schedule.

Our biggest worry is that folks floating and fishing the river will just take, instead of  practicing catch and release.   We almost always do this.  Sure a few times of year we will keep our catch and have a nice grill out, but mostly we are in it for the fun.   So, we'd like to see these fish stick to the area and grow.   That's what got me thinking about tagging them to track that part....only wish I'd have thought about it earlier :).

That's a great idea, hope they work out. I just bought some land with 2 ponds that I plan on stocking, no access to river or streams and found a few hatcheries to get some trout from which are my favorite. Plan on just using a solar aerator and see if that works since right now they are just Mosquito breeders


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