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Any dowsers here?

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Growing up around water witching and was wondering if anyone here had any experience, not trying to start any arguments concerning the validity of the practice, just curious as to if there are any practitioners on here? If so how did you get started?

Morning Sunshine:

I had an elder start to teach me in Canada. I think it is not my destiny to dowse. My talents lay elsewhere.


For years in doing contract work, we "dowsed" or "witched" buried cables and pipes with an accuracy that rivaled expensive cable locators.

I have accurately dowsed small underground streams for shallow wells or drive points on my property.  I've used copper, brass, or steel rods (heavy wire, really) bent 90 degrees on one end.  I've heard of people using willow, but have not seen it.


Growing up I helped my dads cousin relocate a well.  Used 2 wire rods, bent at 90*.  We were able to find several spots and get the depth that the water was at.  Struck water on the first try, within 5' of what it was said when dousing.

Now, if I can just remember how it was done.  I remember when the wires crossed, that was the location, then there was something else to get the depth.

In the show "Off the Grid" with Les Stroud, they did dousing with a willow branch.


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