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I start my garden this time of the year as I sort through seeds. Plan what I am rotating this year, etc. Last years garden was in two months late and we had a mostly cold wet summer, except when it went from super cold, to scorching hot for a few days and back to stupidly cold and wet. So it was en experiment in plant abuse and see what actually would go to seed.

So today I went through and cataloged since I did not get a chance to go through all the seeds last late winter. It took 6 hours just to go through the vegetables. I am tackling the herbs, grains, flowers, etc another day. All of them are over 50 year open pollinated heirlooms, some of which are almost extinct. I may have the only Melting Sugar Tall, they consider it extinct. When I grow some out this coming summer, I may offer it out to SSE or someone.

505 varieties in just vegetables, a few I have dropped or lost, or handed out as they did not do well in my climate:
Artichoke -1
"Green Globe Improved"

Asparagus Pea -1

Beans - 45 (Silly for someone who hates beans right? But they are PRETTY!)
"Aquadulce Claudia"
"Barlotto Lingua di Fuoco 2" (Endangered)
"Black Turtle"
"Blue Lake Bush"
"Burpee Stringless" (Rare)
"Brockton Horticulture"
"Cherokee Trail of Tears"
"Climbing French"
"Christmas Lima" pre-1840
"Contender" pre-1949
"Dragon's Tongue"
"Empress" (almost extinct)
"Fin de Bagnol"
"Gold of Bacau"
"Golden Cresent Bean"
"Good Mother Stallard" (Endangered)
"Henderson Bush" pre-1800's
"Hidatsa Shield Figure"
"Ideal Market"
"Ireland Creek Annie" 1930’s
"Kentucky Wonder Pole"
"Lazy Housewife" pre-1810
"Mayflower" - 1600's
"Orca" (was endangered)
"Oregon Blue Lake" (endangered)
"Pencil Pod Golden Wax" (endangered)
"Purple Podded Pole" 1930's
"Refugee"  pre 1878
"Royal Burgandy" pre 1957
"Scarlett Runner"
"Space Navy Beans"
"Speckled Cranberry" pre-1825
"Sultan's Golden Cresent" (almost extinct)
"Tendergreen Stringless"
"Tiger Eye"
"The Prince" (endangered)
"Tobacco Patch"
"Tom Barrow's Purple flower, Purple Streaked Pole Beans"
"Tom Barrow's Scarlett Runner, Select Light Pink"
"Top Crop"
"True Red Cranberry"
"Turkey Craw"

Beets - 11
"Bull's Blood"
"Burpee's Golden"
"Detroit Dark Red"
"Early Blood Turnip"
"Extra Early Flat Egyptian"
"Red Mangel"
"Winter Keeper"

Broccoli - 6
"De Cicco"
"Green Sprouting"
"Purple Sprouting"
"White Sprouting"

Brussels Sprouts - 4
"Evesham Special"
"Long Island"
"Long Island Improved"

Cabbage - 16
"Baby Choy"
"Copenhagen Market"
"Early Jersey Wakefield"
"Flat Dutch"
"Late Flat Dutch"
"Mammoth Red Rock"
"Pak Choy"
"Perfection Savoy"
"Premium Late Flat Dutch"
"Raab Rapini"
"Red Acre"
"Red Drumhead"
"Wheeler's Imperial"

Carrot - 19
"Chantenay Red Core"
"Danver's 126"
"Danver's Half Long"
"Horn Red Apple"
"Little Finger"
"Lunar White"
"Nantes Coreless"
"Obtuse of Flakee (aka Red Giant)"
"Paris Market"
"Royal Chantenay"
"St. Valery"
"Yellow Belgian"
"White Belgian"

Cauliflower - 2
"All the Year Around"
"Early Snowball"

Celeriac - 1
"Giant Prauge"

Celery- 2
"Golden Self Blanching"
"Utah Green"

Corn - 14
"Bloody Butcher"
"Country Gentleman"
"Golden Bantam Improved"
"Hickory King"
"Hopi Blue"
"Howling Mob"
"Mandan Bride"
"Mixed Colors Broomcorn"
"Oaxaca Verde"
"Painted Mountain"
"Roy's Calais"
"Stowell's Evergreen"
"Yukon Supreme"

Popcorn - 4
"Dakota Black"
"Two Inch Strawberry"
"Thankgiving Bouquet"

Cucumber - 23
"Boothsby's Blonde"
"Crystal Apple"
"Crystal Lemon"
"Hmong Red"
"Japanese Climbing"
"Japanese Long"
"Jelly Melon"
"Long de Chine"
"Mexican Sour Gherkin"
"Miniature White"
"National Pickling"
"Pasisian Pickling"
"Poona Kheera"
"Solly Beiler"
"Suyo Long"
"Straight Eight"
"Telegraph Improved"
"True Lemon"

Eggplant - 15 (I hate eggplant too, except when I was pregnant)
"Black Beauty"
"Black Long Early"
"Cote d'Ivoire"
"Korean Red"
"Lao Purple Stripe"
"Listada de Gandia"
"Little Fingers"
"Pingtung Long"
"Rosa Bianca"
"Thai Green"
"Tonda di Manfredonia"

Fennel -1

Garden Huckleberry -1

Good King Henry-1

Kale - 6
"Dwarf Blue Curled Scotch"
"Red Russian (Ragged Jack)"
"White Russian"

Kohl Rabi -1

Leek -2
"Blue Solaise"

Lentils -1

Lettuce - 34
"Amish Deer Tongue"
"Baby Oakleaf"
"Black Seeded Simpson"
"Big Boston"
"Bronze Arrowhead"
"d'Hiver de Sante Marthe"
"Greek Maroulli Cos"
"Green Towers Romaine"
"Hungarian Winter Pink"
"May Queen"
"Monstrueux De Viroflay"
"Parris Island"
"Pirat Butterhead"
"Red Coach"
"Red Flamingo"
"Red Lakes"
"Red Romaine"
"Red Sails"
"Reine Des Glaces"
"Rouge d'Hiver"
"Rouge du Midi"
"Sanguine Ameliore"
"Sea of Red"
"Tennis Ball'
"Yugoslavian Red Butterhead"

Melons - 23
"Boule d'Or"
"Chaentais de Bellegarde"
"Eden's Gem"
"Edisto 47"
"Emerald Gem"
"Green Nutmeg"
"Hales Best"
"Hales Best Jumbo"
"Hearts of Gold"
"Honey Rock"
"Jenny Lind"
"Minnesota Midget"
"Noir des Carmes"
"Prescott a Fond Blanc"
"Pride of Wisconsin"
"Petit Gris de Rennes"
"Sakata's Sweet"
"Schoons Hardshell"

Mustard -2
"Southern Giant Curled"

Okra -4
"Clemson Spineless"
"Hill Country Red"

Onion -4
"Long Red Florence"
"Texas Grande 1015Y"
"Tokyo Long White Bunching"
"Wethersfield Red"

Parsnip -4
"Cobham Improved Marrow"
"Hollow Crown"
"White Bunching"

Peas - 18
"Amish Snap"
"Big Boy Butter Pea"
"Blue Podded Shelling (Blauwschokkers)"
"British Wonder"
"Caroubt de Maussane"
"Champion of England"
"Dwarf Gray Sugar"
"Feltham First"
"Golden Sweet"
"Green Arrow"
"Melting Sugar"
"Opal Creek"
"Oregon Sugar Pod II"
"Pony Pole"
"Prussian Blue"
"Sugar Snap"
"Tom Thumb"

Peppers - 48
"Aji Cristal" (5/5)
"Anaheim" (4/5)
"Aurora" (5/5)
"Black Hungarian" (3/5)
"Bulgarian  Carrot" (5/5)
"Bull Nose Bell"
"Californian Wonder"
"Cayenne Long Red"
"Cayenne Long Thin"
"Cow Horn"
"Fatalii" (5/5)
"Feher Ozon Paprika" (0/5)
"Fish" (3/5)
"Early Jalapeno" (3/5)
"Georgia Flame" (5/5)
"Goat Horn"
"Golden California Wonder"
"Hinkelhatz" (4/5)
"Hot Portugal" (3/5)
"Hungarian Yellow Wax" (3/5)
"Jalapeno" (3/5)
"Jimmy Nardello"
"Joe's Round" (4/5)
"King of the North"
"Lemon Drop" (4/5)
"Melrose" (frying Pepper)
"Miniature Yellow Bell"
"Mustard Habanero" (Stupidly Hot)
"Nepalese Bell" (4/5)
"Napoleon Sweet"
"Nosegay" (4/5)
"Orange Bell"
"Pasilla Bajio"(3/5)
Quadrato d'Asti Asti Giallo"
"Quadrato d'Asti Asti Rossa"
"Red Cap Mushroom" (4/5)
"Serrano" (4/5)
"Sweet Chocolate"
"Tequila Sunrise"
"Thai Hot" (4/5)
"Tobago Seasoning" (3/5)
"Red Marconi"
"Sante Fe Grande" (3/5)

Pumpkins - 10
"Big Max"
"Cheyenne Bush"
"Connecticut Field"
"Cornfield Pumpkin"
"Jack Be Little"
"Jack O'Lantern"
"Naked Seed"
"New England Pie"
"Ole Zeb's Pumpkin"

Radish - 19
"Black Spanish Round"
"Cherry Belle"
"Chinese Red Meat (aka Watermelon)"
"Chinese Rose Winter"
"Early Scarlett  Globe"
"French Breakfast"
"German Giant"
"Giant of Sicily"
"Long Scarlett Cincinnati"
"Purple Plum"
"Rat's Tail"
"Saxa II"
"Sparkler White Tip"
"White Hailstone"
"White Icicle"

Rutabaga -1
"American Purple Top"

Salsify -1
"Belstar Super"

Soybeans -3

Spinach - 7
"Bloomsdale Long Standing"
"Giant Noble"
"King of Denmark"
"New Zealand"
"Red Malabar"

Summer Squash - 8
"Early Prolific Straightneck"
"Early White Bush Scallop"
"Patisson Panache', Verte Et Blanc"
"Saffron Prolific Straightneck"
"Summer Crookneck"
"Yellow Crookneck"
"Yugoslavian Finger Fruit"

Winter Squash - 33 (I used to hate squash and then I found out Acorn cooked mom's way is not THE way to have squash)
"Amish Pie"
"Boston Marrow"
"Buttercup (Burgess Strain)"
"Bush Buttercup"
"Canada Crookneck"
"Chicago Warted Hubbard"
"Galeux d'Eysines"
"Gila Cliff Dwelling"
"Golden Hubbard"
"Hubbard Baby Blue"
"Indian Pumpkin"
"Long Island Cheese"
"Mammoth Table Queen"
"Oregon Homestead Sweet Meat"
"Pennsylvania Dutch Crookneck"
"Potimarron Red Kury (Uchiki Kuri)"
"Shishigtana or Toonas Makino"
"Sucrine Du Berry" Baker creek
"Swan White"
"Table Queen"
"Turk's Turban"
"Waltham Butternut"
"White Bush Marrow"
"Vegetable Spaghetti"

Swiss Chard - 2
"Five Colored Silverbeet"
"Fordhook Giant"

Tomatillo - 7
"Aunt Molly's"
"Green Husk"
"Ground Cherry"
"Purple de Milpa"
"Saint Timothy"
"Toma Verde"

Tomato - 69
"Ailsa Craig"
"Amish Paste"
"Aunt Ruby German Green"
"Austin's Red Pear"
"Big Rainbow"
"Black Krim"
"Boxcar Willie"
"Brandywine Red"
"Cherokee Purple"
"Cherry Roma"
"Chocolate Cherry"
"Dr. Wyche's Yellow"
"Egg from Phucket"
"Garden Peach"
"German Gold"
"Green Sausage"
"Green Zebra"
"Isis Candy Cherry"
"Hillbilly Potato Leaf"
"Hungarian Heart"
"Italian Heirloom"
"Jaunne Flamme"
"jon's Yellow Cherokee"
"Kentuky Beefsteak"
"Large Red Cherry"
"Lemon Drop"
"Martino's Roma"
"Mexico Midget"
"Missouri Pink Love Apple"
"Morning Sun"
"Mule Team"
"Nebraska Wedding"
"Old German"
"Omar's Lebanese"
"Ozark Pink"
"Pantano Romanesco"
"Peron Sprayless"
"Persimmon Type" PI 326170 69AI
"Purple Prince"
"Rainbow Beefsteak"
"Red Rock"
"Rutger's Select"
"San Marzano"
"Silvery Fir Tree"
"Sophie's Choice"
"Speckled Roman"
"Summer Cherry"
"Sweet Pea Current"
"Tommy Toe"
"Tonnelet L.F."
"Uncle Mark Bagby"
"Yellow Russian"

Turnip - 4
"American Purple Top"
"Golden Globe"
"Purple Top White Globe"

Watermelon - 14
"Black Diamond"
"Blacktail Mountain"
"Charleston Gray"
"Crimson Sweet"
"Hopi Yellow"
"Kleckley's Sweet"
"Klondike Blue Ribbon Striped"
"Osh Kirgizia"
"Moon & Stars"
"Moon & Stars (Van Doren strain)"
"Small Shining Light"
"Sweet Siberian"

Zucchini - 6
"Black Beauty"
"Costara Romanesco"
"Dark Green"
"Tondo Chiaro di Nizza"

After I got done with sorting seeds, I told Z how many hot pepper varieties I had.. and he asked if I knew about this event coming up.. so then after I said I had not.. today Z signed me up for the 7th Annual Organic Seed Alliance (OSA), which is the Nation’s Largest Organic Seed Conference and the pre-conference Willamette Valley tours of the seed houses, . You have NO idea how excited I am about this. *Does the Happy Snoopy Dance!!!*

My brother said he wanted gardening seeds for a Christmas gift, which is why I pulled the seeds out of the Lodge today, so I am making a personalized box with about 50-80 kinds in it which he will never be able to get off the seed racks. I hope he will like it. I will post a pic when the box is done.


Awesome seed list you have there!  I see a good many familiar names. :) 
The other day I found a sheet of paper from many years back that listed all of my heirloom seeds at that time on it.  Everything I had at the time barely took up the page.  Compare that to the beginning of 2013, where I had over 10 pages of just heirloom veg alone and that doesn't include any descriptions, just the variety name only.  I've added a good 50 or more to that list since the beginning of the year, and that's not counting the order I just received in the post today.  And I'm getting ready order even more. It's a sickness, I tell you. A sickness!  ;D 


--- Quote from: LibertyBelle on December 16, 2013, 07:58:21 PM ---It's a sickness, I tell you. A sickness!  ;D

--- End quote ---

I will try to post up my little 10-12 vials I have with my dad's pepper and tomato seeds in it before he died. I just leave them in their little jars. I am sure they are not viable anymore. But it is what started the whole thing, even if dad doesn't know it. I was holding them in my hand today and thinking I ought to show you guys.

It is an addiction, but there are worse things to have for an addiction. I was surprised when I had 100 varieties. I was going to stop at 200 250 300 500.... and I know I have well over 800 varieties now with all the flowers, grains, herbs (I think I have 14 basils alone), tobacco, etc. And I justify having so many due varieties to sharing out the seeds by holding my Seedy Saturdays each year. I do not want to lose our agricultural heritage and every little bit of seed I can pass out to as many gardeners as I can, will slow or turn that trend around. I have put my seeds in my will actually. They are not *my*seeds, but our future generations seeds. I hope one day SP will appreciate them. But I want most of the bulk of them to go to a certain seed house. I have at least three varieties I know only about 3 people in North American are raising. And no.. I do not raise them all out every year. I select about 190-200 of all of them types. I also farm some out to places I know they can pull off a certain variety, like 120+ day corn when I know I am going to have a cold wet year and not be able to pull off seed.

My family is not too excited about my seeds. They know I seed save, but I do not think they understand many of them are endangered, even mom just buys from the rack at the store. She never asks for seeds. I always wonder what dad would say if he could see my collection. I know he would be amazed. I know he would want to raid my stash. He only saved tomatoes, peppers and lettuce from what I remember, but he planted an even bigger seed when he got me thinking about keeping seeds, starting my addiction around 1985. Thanks dad!



I am looking to start saving most of my own seed.   Can you recommend some good resources on learning to save seed.  I am also wondering how one would go about saving seed without cross pollinating when you have a small garden. 

That's an extensive list!! Can you recommend two or three varieties from each category that you would suggest to someone with a much smaller garden?  Maybe it's too hard to pick favorites?  Thanks!


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