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Ash Blue:
I've tried hobo fishing once but didn't catch anything.. I had no luck, but there's no reason why it won't work.

Go to 1:45 of this video for the hobo fishing:

When I was a kid I would often be away from home on some trip and find a pond with some fish, for a couple bucks I could buy a spool of line and a hook and be able to fish them. It works great, especially for small ponds and creaks.

It's how I learned to fish. The only difference was that instead of a can we used a stick to wrap the line around.

I have never tried HOBO and would not know how to begin cooking one..

But since about age 10 ,I would carry a pocket kit with line and hooks and would cut a stick for a pole and use most any twig for a float (often a porcupine quill or small bird feather) combined with a grasshopper or grub and soon the panfish would be over fire on a stick and thus each day went during our 'Lord of the flies' weekends at grandma's house . Mom and dad would be so cool to dump us kids off for freedom runs with cousins to join in at our perpetually 100 year old grandma's house.

These days that might be thought as bad parenting..big a cut? rub dirt in it to toughen you up...we didn't know we couldn't live in the woods as kids,and we did well.

Ha, I just tried out my new hobo fishing rig this past weekend - caught more than I needed for a family of 4 (11 panfish, 2 small mouth bass and one large catfish).

I am really pleased with how well it worked - I used a - the grooves are perfect for 10-lb mono and the hollows are perfect for a bobber and some split shot on one side and hooks and lures on the other. Already has a lanyard hole built in and (worst case) it floats. I have XL hands but my 5 year old could also use it and loved it. Certainly something I'm going to keep using and tweaking.

Hope that helps someone.


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