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successful hunting photos thread

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Got my elk this weekend, so I'm gone for the year.  2 deer and one elk.  Freezer is brimming!

That's awesome, congrats.

A rare sight indeed....  antlered doe bagged here in Maine.  Follow the link below to the story.

I got this doe in early October after 5hrs of searching we finally found her. Solid shot but no blood trail, luckily we had some experiences trackers on the case. She appears to have been shot previously with a graze in the neck, and she had a club foot. Glad this is the one I got, not sure she would have made it through winter.

I took another one about 2 weeks later at a different location, phone was dead so I didn't get any pics :( Still got 3 tags left and will hopefully be able to get my first buck this year.  ;D

Last year's harvest.


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