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successful hunting photos thread

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nice pics guys ,some nice deer in there

Rapid River:

This is the bull I shot this year.  He was going crazy bugling coming up out of the draw.  He came out in the opening about 150 yards stopped and then I took the shot.  Took two days to pack him up out of there.


--- Quote from: Greywolf27 on October 17, 2011, 12:03:10 PM ---I have not have a successful hunt, yet...  but I wanted to tag this thread, I am heading up Friday to see if I can take a SoCal muley.  I figure with successful thoughts, comes success. ;D

--- End quote ---

Sending good wishes your way!  Happy hunting!

And hd45hunt & wicks - nice animals!

From today:

Season started at sunrise this morning (probably around 7am), we had both animals back at the truck by 9:30am.  My best opening day luck ever!  Chad shot his first, I was about to go help him get his animal when the four animals he spooked with his shot came wandering right up to me (one got within 35' before she spooked).  Easy shot, about 50 yards (that might be generous ;D). 

Endurance - Nice job!!!!


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