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Extra Long Sleeve Hunting Jacket

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Dan Forrester:
Can anyone recommend a hunting jacket with extra long sleeves.  I usually wear a 2 XL but have 38 to 40 inch sleeves.  Is there anyone else with this problem.  I prefer a high quality clothing so price won’t scare me away as long as it represents a good value for my money.
Any help or links would be greatly appreciated.



I have long arms as well. Regular sized clothing is uncomfortable as it rides up my forearms.

I've found that climbing intent gear, such as North Face and Marmot makes gear that is top quality, and features longer arm lengths since they know their target customers will be stretching in these things to reach the next handhold.

I don't believe they make anything in camo for hunting, though, but I've generally gotten the insulative gear and used a cheap cover-all type deal to add camo.

Dan Forrester:
Thanks for the leads.  I’ll have to find a local retailer where I can try these on.  It even looks like I can get them in some darker colors which would work fine since I don’t usually wear camo anyway.
Thanks, Dan

It ain't cheap, but Filson ( carries clothing (and hunting clothing in particular) in extra long lengths.  That said, it's some pretty well made stuff, and would be expected to last a generation at least.


Dan Forrester:
Filson makes some really nice stuff!  I have never even heard of them before.  I think they might be getting an order from me here in the next couple months.  Thanks for the link.



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