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I've recently joined a local K9 SAR team and I'm shopping for a flashlight.  I'm sure my team mates have some ideas and suggestions, but I'm looking here for some alternate views.

I see some for $300+ which to me is insane.  Perhaps if money was no object, its a good light, but I'm looking in the $60-$80 range.  Since we have to supply all our own gear, I have to put some constraints on the cost.

The leader right now is a Fenix PD30.  I want an LED type with some flexibility for power (no need to have laser beam brightness if you can't see 20 feet through the brush anyway).  I prefer to have batteries vs rechargeable, I can carry spare batteries.

Sorry I didn't see this sooner.

The light you are looking at looks like a good one.  I was satisfied with all the Fenix products I have used in the past and would consider trying that one if I needed a light.

The brand I have been using lately for EDC is similar.  "Olight", like this one:

As a matter of fact, I have an Olight mounted on my home defense shotgun, I carry one for EDC, I have one in my BOB, and I have one as a back up light at work.  I have dropped them and used the crap out of them and they have performed very well for several years.

The features you want are adjustability and using CR123A batteries.  These type of batteries are shelf stable for 10 years and won't leak and destroy your light in between uses.  The Fenix appears to have these great features.

You simply do not have to spend big bucks for a quality flashlight.  Many good lights can be had for under $100.

me too sdcharger, olights are very good too. Surefires are top of the line but come with a pricetag to match, that being said you can find some good deals on used and new ones if you look around. I have the Fenix TA21 multi-mode light and it is tough as nails and throws a heluva lot of light on high. I bought it for the reason it can use 18650 Li-ion rechargable batteries and CR123s.

My recommendation to you is the Fenix TK11 high & low modes only and uses CR-123s and 18650 rechargeables. With the rechargable 18650 setup you can save a bundle on CR123's during normal use of the light and for emergency use, use the 18650's first and keep a box of CR123's for backups or bad weather use. That's how I use mine. For a backup light take a look at the streamlight pro-tac line they make AA and CR123 pen style lights that are great for a vest pocket backup scroll down to the PT1AA through the PT-2L. I have the 2AA and 2 CR123 models and they are great lights, very very bright for their size and with a low mode good for close up work without blinding you and losing your night vision.

Just my 2-cents but things are tough out there and wasting money on crappy equipment isn't fun or safe when you need it

 Depending on what you want to do with the flashligh, there are a few optinos. For me personally I had some 3.6v stubby photo battery type flashlights and the price of the batteries killed me. So I did some research on the brightest led AAx2 battery flashlights. The top few I found were fenix, Eagle tac and jetbeam.

I ended up buying the eagle tac p20a2. It runs on 2 aa batteries has 235 led lumens and has strobe mode. you also have 3 modes by twisting the head. turbo, regular and low. brightest aa battery flashlight out there. cant beat a long lasting flashlight that runs on aa batteries. I have it by my bedside and its the first that will go in my bob when i need it. I cant have it sitting in my bob becasue i use it so much. price for one is about $69.00

if you want a really bright one, my friend bought a jetbeam m1x. runs on 4 3.6v batteries or 2 18650 rechargable batteries. its one of the brightest flashlights out there and farthest thorwing (400 yards claim on company website).  but its bigger and bulkier. Good for a maglight replacement. that also has 2 modes. normal mode and if you turn the head low mode. If you want more info on where Im getting my info from, you can visit thats where i read up on all of this.

I aslo got some cheaper ones called life gear from  $80 for 2 pack. one in each car. they run on 3 c batteries total of 360 lumen. theyre  ok kind of annoying because it has 3 modes and each on off click switches modes, but perfect for having in the car and bright.

if you want a Surefire they have the new g2x for about $55.  I would love to give you a review, but they are back ordered till god know when.  I would think that run time would be very important.


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