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Ultimate Survival Technologies Base Kit Review
« on: April 30, 2010, 04:49:41 AM »
Ultimate Survival Technologies Base Kit Review
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Article by: Andrew Rolfsen

Bad things can happen when you least expect it. Whether you are traveling in a car in a remote location, whether you're a lone hiker, part of a backpacking troupe, part of a military patrol unit;  there will always be the chance that you will become separated from your group, stranded in your crashed vehicle, or injured while hiking. Should one of those events happen there are a few things you will need to survive till rescue is arrives. Two of the most important things are a way to stay warm, and a way to alert potential rescuers to your location. Until now, few companies offered a quality prepackaged base kit.

Ultimate Survival Technologies is a manufacturer of  proprietary survival, rescue, life support, and disaster preparedness  equipment. Recently I had a chance to help them out and partcipate in one of their beta programs. In turn they sent me one of their Base Kits

This kit contains several vital items for basic survival in a remote location. These items are not guaranteed to keep you alive. The author takes no responsibility if you wander off into the woods to try these items out, get lost, and unforunately expire due to your lack of survival skills. These are tools to be used by those with some semblance of survival skills.

Ultimate Survival Technologies has partnered with otterbox to provide the end user with a water tight container. This is a special edition case, offered with the companies logo molded into it.The case features a tab at one end to allow the attachment of any type of cordage. Being that this was my first Otterbox product I wanted to test it's reliablity. I stuffed it full of papertowels, closed it, and held under the surface of an entire sink full of water for 2 minutes. Upon opening it, I found that the paper towels were as dry as they were before I submersed the box.

Should you find yourself wandering in the backwoods of America or traversing the desert your going to want a)some way to stay warm, b) get dry, or c) prepare food. The best way to accomplish all three of these tasks is with fire. The UST Base Kit contains two tabs of "Wetfire" and UST's "Sparkie" fire starter. The "Sparkie can be operate with one hand by pushing, where it says push, with your thumb and pulling down on the spring acuated rod with your first finger. Or you can push down, where it says push down, place the end of the rod on a hard surface and push down. The Sparkie is excellent for starting your wetfire ablaze, or any dry tinder, such as lint. I used lint in the two videos as I did not want to waste my wetfire. However I did have a chance to use the wetfire during a recent camping trip. It lit just as well as the lint did.


After getting warm, and eating a meal hopefully help will be about. If you are immobilized and the help is still off in the distance you can try and signal them with the included signal mirror. This mirror is specifically engineered so that you can "target" where you want the flash to be seen from. It's compact enough to fit snuggly into the bottom of the carrying case. I have yet to personally test this.

Once you signal your rescue with the signal mirror, and they get within shouting distance, signal them to your location by blowing on the included JetScream whistle. This whistle is very loud, and has an ear piercing report. In that, it's really not a good idea to leave it laying around for your one year old to get ahold of. Ask me how I know. I have read reports that people have found this whistle very difficult to operate. I did not, nor did my one year old. the slightest breath will get this whistle sounding.

This kit now resides in the front pouch of my get home bag. These kits can be found at any of the retailers listed on Ultimate Survival Technology's Website

Disclosure: I am not an employee, nor have I ever been an employee of Ultimate Survival Technologies. The item reviewed was gifted to me by Ultimate Survival Technologies for the purpose of a product test and evaluation and in return for services rendered. The items pictured and reviewed are my personal property. The opinions and views expressed in the posting are that of my own and are not influenced by any outside sources.