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Which pack is better?

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The Coyote Kid:
For long distance foot travel, which type of pack is better, the type that has the traditional dual traps over each shoulder or the ones which have a single strap that goes across the chest? Or is there no different?

A couple of things will affect your choice. Weight you are trying to carry and the distance you are trying to go. Both types of packs can be put to good use but eventually you'll have to try them for yourself. ;D I use a pack that has shoulder straps and a chest strap and padded waist belt. My pack weighs about 65 lbs when fully loaded and after trying a shoulder pack I didn't like all that weight on one side even though I could change from one shoulder to the other. Happy trails ::)

The Coyote Kid:
Thanks! :)

Gray Ghost:
My $0.02, for a long distance a single strap is going to be a pain. However, like said before, it really depends on how much weight you are carrying. Just a camera and water bottle, a gear slinger would be fine. A tent, sleeping bag, food, water, etc, etc I would say you would want a full pack. Then you get into internal vs external frames, material type, do you care about MOLLE attachments, pack weight, specific use. It gets complicated.

For long distance you'll want a traditional backpack. Not because of two shoulder straps, but because of one hip-belt.

Even carrying 25 pounds of gear or less, shoulders are going to get tired and you'll be slowing down because of the weight on the shoulders. Weight like that simply rides best on the hips.

As so very cool I think the Maxpedition Versa packs are (and yes, I want one!), my Get Home Bags are daypacks that have hip belts. I've chosen the North Face Borealis to be my Get Home Bags because they are big enough to put a reasonable 72 hr kit in, and they have waist belts. They also look like standard commuter or school backpacks to get you that gray man image.

Since this post is in the camping section, I'm thinking it's for on-trail activity. I'd go with the 2000 cubic inch range of day packs or overnight packs.


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