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survivalist in IDPA matches

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Garrett Shurling:
any other members out there members of and IDPA (International Defensive Pistol Association) club?

Here.  I shoot with

The Professor:
I'm a Charter Life Member and Safety Officer Trainer.

The Professor

Imperial Goat:
I've shot a couple of IDPA matches.  I'm a life member of SASS.  I was still a cop when I started shooting SASS, and you would think that they would be incompatible, but my range scores rose from 90-95 to 95-100 on average.  It also made me better on the tactical courses of fire with lots of movement.

Plus, where else can a grown man dress up like a movie cowboy (in the East at least) and not get looked at funny?

I'm about to get back into it once I get some free time.


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