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Uncle Bob (he ain’t right):
Just picked up a Ruger SS Old Army for the herd.
Anyone know where to pick up #11 caps by the box at a good price?

Wiley Coyote:
How much would you consider to be a fair price? I bought a bunch of those five years ago or so and to cabela's and check the price out and my eye balls almost fell out.

Wiley Coyote:
ops! I thought that was for a hundred cabela's has them for 50 bucks for a 1000

Uncle Bob (he ain’t right):
Thats not too bad I look into it and see if I will have to pay a HazMat fee. Thanks

Check your local Walmart too. My local Wally has caps in their sporting goods section this time of year.
You might also try the Remington #10 caps. They are a little tighter and better fit on my stuff. Not sure about the Rugers tho.


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