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Yes, I broke the forum today

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Mr. Bill:
Sorry about that.  Forum was probably malfunctioning for 2 or 3 hours.

The cause: I added a cache plugin to Jack's blog. :pissed:

WHY does a Wordpress cache affect a not-Wordpress forum?  Probably because the forum is in a subdirectory under the blog's URL.  Anyway, we're functional again (I think), and I'll do some research before I re-enable that stupid cache.

Dont beat yourself up over it.  You are doing a fine job.  Word Press plugins are becoming an issue everywhere.

Mr. Bill:
Thanks.  There's a workaround, I'm sure -- I just don't know what it is yet.

When the forum was set up 11 years ago, it probably ought to have gone in its own domain or subdomain.  It would be hard to undo that decision today.  So I'm hoping there's something in the cache plugin settings, or maybe something we can do in .htaccess, that will eliminate this conflict.  Anyway, that's research for another day.  Time to go make a meatloaf.

My first web development job was doing WordPress, integration of plugins and php. I prefer Ruby on Rails or JavaScript frameworks like react.js. I didn’t enjoy the php days so much

Mr. Bill:
It would be an interesting project to replace Jack's galaxy of websites with a unified custom-designed system.  And by "interesting project" I mean "team of six programmers working for six months and squashing bugs for another six months, while Mr. Bill has fled to Antarctica".

I probably found the workaround for the cache bug (there's an "exclude" list that is going to need about 4 dozen items listed).


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