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On women and urination in field environments

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From a female soldier on the utility and considerations in using options that allow women to use the latrine without dumping 50 pounds of combat gear, etc. Mildly NSFW.

This is HI-larious!!!! ;D

Thanks for posting this, Chemsoldier.

As a veteran and flight crew member I always had to either hold it or figure out how to use the pisser until I got to my last airplane, the "cadillac" KC-10 which has regular airline facilities.

I'd like to serve with this lady, she seems like a riot. Make it happen and quit your whining seems to be her motto. Terrific.


Still laughing...

  I found it informative and interesting ,and possibly useful.

 :rofl: I feel sorry for the British soldier....he has to live with the thought that, this one time at FOB sanford's I saw a girl....

Things have got fancy.
However, even way back on my first deployment we maintained male and female latrines in our Hummvees....
Gatorade bottles were the girls’ bathroom.  Water bottles were the mens’.


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