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Breast pain - perimenopause?

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CPT Morgan:
I too am not a woman but have a wife going through menopause and she has never experienced breast pain.  Since you asked though, she too did/does not want to take synthetic hormones and has had good success with black cohosh when she couldn't stand to bear the whole process (hot flashes) without anything at all.  There may have been other things in the supplement she uses, but I believe that the black cohosh is the main ingredient, if not the only ingredient.

Get checked to make sure it's not inflammatory breast cancer before assuming it's one of the more benign conditions with similar symptoms. It probably isn't cancer, but IBC is a very aggressive disease that pops up literally over night and time is of the essence.  Fiddle around with HRT vs herbals vs whatever after ruling out the super lethal stuff.

Freelancer is right.  It absolutely needs to be checked out as soon as possible.

I know it's a pain in the butt - trust me, my body loves to make benign lumps, so I've had more mammograms and biopsy (needle and extraction) than I can count.  But it needs to be done.  It's probably nothing, but you want to know that for sure, so if it gets worse or you see any other symptoms like a rash, just go to the doctor and screw waiting for an appointment.

The only time I have had pain like that was during some pretty serious hormone fluctuations.  Ducts swell, things get tight - it's sore.  But I don't remember having them around menopause.  I'm fully into menopause now, and I had to take progesterone to make getting there livable (horror story) so my version of perimenopause may not be the norm.

Thanks everyone for the replies,  after my breast swelling up on Tues. night and calling the doc Wednesday morning, I was able to get seen at my ob/gyn on Thursday.   They suspected mastitis with an abcess, gave antibiotic and wanted me to urgently get a mammogram/ultrasound, which I had Friday. 

Ultrasound showed very enlarged ducts with pus and debris, appointment on Monday for follow-up and possible needle aspiration.  Mammogram painful and gross with small amount of brown discharge.

It was challenging to get appointments with the end of the year holiday and appointments being booked up for insurance deadlines, but I am thankful to the scheduler who worked to get me in for the mammogram and ultrasound, she was contacting many locations to get me in and  checked.

I was worried about and reading about inflammatory breast cancer, the worst possible situation.  Thankfully the antibiotics are gradually reducing the swelling.  The radiologist said that IBC is rare and he was 98% certain that's not what's going on but the doctors wouldn't know 100% until the swelling is resolved. 

Resting over the weekend and fingers crossed for that last 2% of certainty.   Thanks again for talking to me about it.  I appreciate it.

Thank god. So glad you're getting a proper work up.


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