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Breast pain - perimenopause?

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Great news!  I've dealt with mastitis in dairy cows.  Not fun I'm sure,  but not cancer!

Gotta love the health care staff that really work to fit you in when it's something painful and/or worrisome.

Yes, that kind of cancer is rare, and I'm very glad they think it's not that, but it's worth making sure it's not.

Ugh, I remember finding my first lump at a point when I didn't have insurance.  That was scary.  Do I wait until my insurance kicks in and let it spread?  Do I go to the doctor now and then it's a pre-existing condition?  That was before I knew that I just make benign lumps.  It's what I do.

Glad you're getting taken care of.

Morning Sunshine:
mastitis?  are you breastfeeding?  can you get mastitis when not nursing?  :o  I get it regularly (that is, once or twice a child) when I have babies.  ugh.  I hate it!

Not breastfeeding, my youngest is 8 years old.  That's why it's so weird.  But yes you can get mastitis not breastfeeding.  May have come from a cut or scratch.


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