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--- Quote from: fritz_monroe on January 26, 2017, 09:20:12 AM ---Uh, huh?  I can change the watch face?  I'll have to look into that now.

Looks like that's for the VivoActive.  I don't see any different watch faces for the VivoSmart.

--- End quote ---

Look for the widgets when you hook it up to your computer.  There are a whole bunch for the Vivoactive.  I've got a digital version of an analog watch face on mine.  Figured it was kind of ironic.

Yep, lots for the VivoActive.  I have the VivoSmart.  There's none that I find for the VivoSmart.

I can get you some paint if you want...

Oops...sorry, yeah we have the VivoActive.  :-/


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