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Dealing with Neighbors

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--- Quote from: archer on December 22, 2016, 12:16:03 PM ---put your dogs in an of site kennel for a week (keep your receipts), then walk around our property 'barking' at random times during the day/night. when he calls the cops, tell them the dogs are offsite and you dont know where the barking is coming  from.

--- End quote ---
I really like this in conjunction with your trail cams and logbook.  Any entries in your neighbor's log from that period will make their whole argument suspect, especially if you are maintaining your own log that includes barking instances that week.
Little did you know that you'd move to the desert and find a weasel amongst the coyotes & Jack-rabbits...
One thing I haven't seen mentioned is to try to meet on neutral ground.  Chances are that he'll be defensive if you meet on his property or yours.  If you do go over, I'd recommend bringing a gift, whether it's a 6-pack or home-made cookies.
We had ornery neighbors whom I bumped into at the grocery store.  I asked what his favorite beer was and showed up with some when it was time to bury the hatchet.  We did not become friends, but it definitely de-escalated the situation.
The following summer his wife started to bring over some stuff from their garden and we made sure she left with fresh eggs, so we got to be "neighborly" even though we never quite got friendly...


Keep us posted if anything more comes of the situation.   Some pretty good advice here, mix and match what you feel best fits your needs.   Good luck!

Hi Everyone...if anyone is still following this thread...I have WONDERFUL news!

I sucked it up, and called our neighbor. It was the best thing I could have done. I wish I would not have been so hesitant to make contact with him. He had some misconceptions about us and of course we had misconceptions about him. And what happens when you ASS-U-ME? You guessed it. Although I'm still questioning why he did not reach out earlier to us, I'm glad we finally spoke in person. He expressed his concerns and I expressed our concerns, we found middle ground and found out that neither one of us were ogres. So in the end, I really learned a great lesson. I shouldn't be so standoffish and ready to blame other people. I really needed a little bit of humble pie and to accept that I have personal responsibility in living in a community. I know it sounds simple, but its easy to get blinders on when you think that you're just trying to live your life and do your own thing. We came to an understanding about each other and I really hope that we can cultivate our relationship as neighbors as time passes. I'm very happy with the outcome, I think my neighbor is too.
I appreciate you guys listening and commenting and allowing me to vent, and giving me advice and allowing me to grow. This is what its all about. Thanks again guys!

Yay!  I'm so glad it worked out.  You may have even found someone that is willing to team up in a local crisis.  Eventually.

So glad it worked out.  I'm really happy that the community here was able to give some good advise.

BTW, don't doubt that anyone is still following your thread.  Most of us here have an interest in the well being of the other members of the forum.  We may not ever meet, but a lot of us on here consider each other friends.


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