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Deployment of Pepper Spray


I am not sure this topic belongs here, but here it is.

I am reading about Trump rallies with hoodlums outside cursing, spitting and hitting attendees as they either arrive or leave. In some cases, the thugs are throwing eggs and even urine/feces. I'm wondering what the ramifications are of carrying and using pepper spray as a defensive measure or should one just absorb a mostly non-life threatening attack. It is probably not good "optics" to deploy pepper spray in such situation, but if someone spits on me or physically attacks, if/when should such attacks be met with a face full of pepper spray?


Being assaulted but not being in fear of being killed is the exact time pepper spray should be deployed. 

I've seen many of the news reports as well and think that even pepper spray may have been not enough in many of the situations.  If I were being chased (the foot race wouldn't go very far due to a hip injury) by a crowd then I would truly in fear of my life.  I've had MANY patients who had been kicked or hit and then suffered permanent brain damage.  That from a single attacker in most cases let alone being downed by a mob.  Deploying pepper spray wouldn't be my first choice under those circumstances but if it's all you had I'd certainly use it. 


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