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Chem, good on you. I still have yet to get lifting again, but I've resumed some hard cardio, yoga and core work. It feels good.

Lifting 3 days on one day off, I need to do more cardio.


 I wanted to mention that playing the drums seems to be a type of exercise that people might not have thought of. I am more a guitarist but I jam on the drums with my neighbor at my BOL who plays guitar. We jam in a cold garage but after playing the drums for a little while I end up having to shed layers .. You have to hit the bass drum with your foot so it's not just arms that move

 I would consider joining a gym in the winter for a month or two if I was between contracts. It could be a way to meet people and something different. Some have indoor swimming pools

I had been out of exercising for a few years (office work).  Being over 60 just slacking for a few months I start to lose a lot of condition and strength.  When I retired I decided to get back into more activity.  Started with some long day hikes twice a week, then some bicycling and vigorous yard work (hauling gravel, digging and moving dirt, cutting some trees, etc.).  That helped but still a long ways. 

Then last fall I decided to do some temp labor work to force myself into longer hours of activity. I was working 10 hrs, 6 days a week and in constant motion, squatting, pushing heavy carts, lifting, and working tools. I did some stretching before work, too.  That made a huge difference.  After 2 months I felt 10 yrs younger and way more capable.  Been off a month and going back to a project next month.  In this break I have continued stretching every day which has restored a lot of range of movement and flexibility.  And I am alternating days of simple workouts of calisthenics+walks with kettlebells.  Really making a big difference in trimming the torso, strength and endurance. 

It is so darn hard to get motivated when I am way out of condition.  But after a month or so of working out even a little I start to look forward to it.  I am determined to keep at this and stay in shape so I can have more fun with adult kid s and now grandkids, and be healthy for my wife.  For body exercises I am just doing pushups, crunches, plank, and laying down 'bicycling".  I am working up to being able to do burpees but just doing a very few right now.

My kettlebells/equipment workout is one 54# hand swings, press, and "rowing", along with rubber band chest expander and hand grip.  On the hand grip I seem to have something messed up in one of my left hand fingers/knuckles and forearm so I do much less resistance with that side.  On the right hand I use a 100# spring grip, and probably move up pretty soon.

I am trying to keep my workout simple enough that I will stick with it and not get carried away like I normally do until I injure myself and stop for a long time.  And I am trying to minimize equipment.  I might add a couple of fixed weight dumbells later this year.

I'm saving the the money from the next labor project for a good rowing machine.  I practically grew up learning to row on Puget Sound and have used different machines at various clubs over the years.  I plan to do this and walking as my main cardio several times per week.  I've done spinning, elliptical, and treadmill before but enjoy the rowing much more.

I was thinking of the Concept2 D rower, but now thinking maybe the WaterRower Classic.  It will be a couple of months before I can get one but planning to get a very durable machine.

Any suggestions for your favorite body weight exercise (given constraint for doing just a few types per workout)? Or kettlebell or other "minimalist" equipment exercise?  Or favorite rower?  Thanks!

TRX suspension systems are pretty cool and very versatile.  You can adjust resistance with positioning and angles.


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