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 What about a site map on the forums that made it easier to see all the different sub boards and all ?

I set out to make myself something of a dashboard, but got kinda' carried away and made <this>.  Feel free to copy and modify, or PM me and I can let you edit.  I'll probably make a copy and trim it back to what I want to see, and then bookmark it.

Mr. Bill:
We've had one for a long time.

TSP Forum Directory/Sitemap

It's visible to everyone who has made at least 1 post.

Sorry if anyone has had trouble finding it.  It is linked from our FAQ.

I tried to find the site map in the FAQ and could not find. It is definitely there)

Mr. Bill:
Oops, yes, the Site Map got way out-of-date and has been removed until somebody energetic makes a new one.

We've rearranged things a bit, so that you can see all the boards from the forum homepage.  With luck this reduces the need for a Site Map.


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