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The Kennedy 50 Mile Challenge

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It was actually the Kennedy Challenge that first got me thinking about a 50 miler for my 50th next year.  This summer I did the longest mileage day on my feet ever, 32.5 miles with 3600' of climbing which took just under 11 hours.  It was fully self supported, which meant filtering water at a stream crossing since I wasn't about to try to carry enough.  My partner slowed me down quite a bit or I suspect I would have finished a lot closer to 10 hours. 

In 1997 I ran the Portland Marathon and with the walk to and from my hotel, that was a 27.5 mile day (my marathon time was 4:34, so was no speed demon, even when I was 30).  My longest hike with a pack was 26.5 miles in 2013 on the Colorado Trail.

Right now I'm eyeing up a number of 50 milers, but the front runners right now are all races with cut offs of at least 16 hours, since I don't plan on running.  That doesn't mean I won't, but I don't want to feel pushed to run it.  It's enough of an accomplishment just to finish that kind of mileage.

Right now these are the races I'm most interested in right now:

That is really fascinating!

I used to walk 15-20 miles a day for work, but we're talking pavement, sidewalks and maybe some vacant lots.  Nothing like out in the wild.

I'm really looking at getting more into hiking and trail running, so this is great inspiration for me!


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