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When to not work out?

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So I normally spend an hour or two in the gym like three times a week after work.

Today I'm having trouble deciding because I feel like shit because for food today I had a good breakfast, then a heaping serving of pure stress for lunch (and some water), then the only thing I could easily get in me for dinner was a gluten filled toxic carb bomb.

Part of me wants to work out and burn off the stress of the day and the crap feeling of the gluten, but part of me wants to curl up in bed and sleep for the next 11 hours.

I don't really *need* to work out in terms of weight/muscle and I have a physical job so it's not a huge deal.

What would you guys do?

I have found over the years if my body is really saying I need sleep, I sleep if I can. Or work out for 15-20 minutes, curl up with a good Tabbouleh salad and a movie to fall asleep to.


I just went for a run. There's drizzly misty rain here right now so it was perfect. Misty rain crap is like an elixir of life to me.  I feel much better now.

Rest days are important, sometimes you need to just not go to the gym. Of course that can also lead to never going to the gym.

However if it is stress I have found the best way to get rid of it is by going to the gym, but I normally feel like I need to go to the gym to work that stress out.

I watch a good exercise video and I always feel better because even walking is difficult these days.


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