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Study claims exercise does not help with weight loss

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While acknowledging the important health effects of exercise, the study says that it did not find exercise assisted in weight loss.

Nothing too earth shattering here.  Exercise is great but it isnt enough to overcome a poor diet when it comes to weight loss.

Weaknesses I have seen with it is 1) duh, thinking people know this.  2) body composition change is often seen by folks as more important than simple weight loss.  If this convinces people that diet is important, great.  But if people are too simple minded to do both diet AND exercise than it is counterproductive since they are also out of shape.

Diet has always had much more impact on weight (and general health) than exercise, but I still see people doing "chronic cardio" so they can eat whatever they want.  It's crazy.  You need to eat well and move.

I hate to quote Richard Simmons, but if you exercise and don't diet, you'll be a strong fat person. If you diet and don't exercise, you'll flap in the wind.

These study results directly contrast my personal results.

Lost plenty of weight when I took up running in the mornings.  Close to 60#.  Then I plataued as I started converting fat weight to muscle weight.

Lost more (fat) weight when I modified diet.  Moderate caloric restriction, and management of macronutrient intake for the most part.  Strict caloric cuts when I was cutting weight within a certain timeframe.

Lost even more when I added resistance training and stepped up the frequency and intensity of my workouts.  Boxing routines are an amazing workout people.

It's not really an either/or situation.  It takes more than just diet or just exercise or just supplements to achieve drastic results.

There are many factors, diet is important. I would not say exercise has no effect


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