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Looking for help with purchasing a quality elliptical for myself and my wife.


My wife and I have gotten serious about our health and we're going the home gym route. We've got a stationary bike that we both ride. It's cheap but does the job and we've had it for a few years and I don't trust it to last a whole lot longer.

I recently got a Nautilus rack/bench/lat pull combo from a friend with 345lbs of weights/barbells/dumbbells and other misc gear so that is covered.

Now we are looking for an elliptical. My wife doesn't really care for the bike as it bothers her hip but she really likes elliptical machines. I wouldn't mind using it as well to mix things up for cardio.

I've started researching but am getting information overload. I'm hopping the awesome TSP community can help me out.

Here's our criteria for a machine:
Prefer no more than $1k USD, lower is better but I don't want junk. If there's something around the ~$700 range that would be perfect.
Adjustable stride length is a strongly preferred. I'm 6'2" and she is 5'2". My biggest complaint with ellipticals is I fell like I'm shuffling, but I think with a longer stride I will like it more.
Multiple user profiles would be nice
As compact as possible. Ideally we'd like this in our bedroom but if needed it can go in the garage with the rest of the gear.
It would be nice if it included a chest strap for HRM, but that's not a deal breaker.

I think in our price range a lot of other features will be included, but those are the core needs that I would like to fill.

If you need more info from me please let me know and thanks in advance!

I picked up a used commercial stair climber that was factory reconditioned after five years in a gym. It weighs about 250 pounds, but the quality is there that you'll never find in home gym equipment. I found it on eBay for $500+ shipping (which was over $200). I've had it for about a decade now and it's still as strong as the day I bought it.


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