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Yoga And Fitness Instructor Answers Questions

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I realize this is a year old, but if you're still around, I'll take you up on the offer to answer questions, if you're offer still stands!

What do you as a yoga instructor think about someone trying to learn yoga from videos online rather than going to classes?

I've been getting more and more interested in yoga lately, however everyone seems to want about $100 a month around here, and while I certainly don't think that is unfair, I'm not up to adding extra expenses right now. Seems like yoga is so common and popular I ought to be able to learn just fine from videos, unless there is something I'm unaware of...

There are plenty of videos of all levels of skill on youtube for vinasa flow sequences for example, as well as insane amazing videos of incredible skill I could only dream of approaching (like this -- wow).

What do you think?



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