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Altoids Tin EDC Kit

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--- Quote from: Giff Sheriff on September 03, 2015, 09:50:32 AM ---Hmmm $3.45 per EMPTY tin plus shipping vs $17.34 for 12 with the mints and free shipping if you spend $35 (an easy thing for me to do) Not sure it's much of a comparison? But I guess if you only need one or two and don't like mints, the above would be a better buy :)

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i know, not a good comparison, but cc has lots of other cool gadgets..


--- Quote from: archer on September 03, 2015, 09:58:37 AM ---i know, not a good comparison, but cc has lots of other cool gadgets..

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CCs tins are marketed as being made of a beefier material, although I've never had an issue with Altoid tins getting crushed.

I use a campers soap carrier also for a pocket kit carrier.

Giff Sheriff:
so the kit I put together is a bit different from most and is based on this kit, I have made changes that suit me and my needs but might be of use to some of you?

Beginning with a cigarette & lighter belt case, I couldn't find the one I use but came across this one which I not only think will do the job, but do it better than mine. Obviously this is for holding the kit on my belt and frees my pockets from bulges.

On the bottom of the tin I have, this works not only as backup power for my phone but also as a usb cable when needed.

next I have this password protected and with copies of all my personal paper ie birth cert, marriage cert, car title etc.

LEATHERMAN Squirt PS4, this is the best price at the time of this writing for one.

mini fold able screwdriver set, I'll try to get a pic up of it, as I don't have a source for it. I bought it as a close out item from

Hostage Escape card, this is a mini pic set with the addition of a saw, a handcuff shim, quick stick or EZ Decoder you can use it as either. As a side note, when you buy this card free for $3.95 shipping you also get access to a really great video that teaches many escape techniques worth knowing :)

4 quarters for parking meters and or pay phones. Yeah I know, whats a pay phone? Guss I just dated myself. lol

A floss card, If you don't know what it is check out my post in the cordage thread.

A button light, at $.38 a piece I have them everywhere. Btw take off the key ring and metal loop, for a flat fit.

Survival Waterproof Peanut Capsule Lighter,

Dr Fresh Natural Sleep Aid Strips, I buy these at the $1 store, as they can be very expensive online. If you don't have problems sleeping you can substitute breath strips, with the dental floss you can do a decent job keeping you mouth clean.

Cracker Jack whistle, If you can't find one just check $1 stores for small flat whistles. I have found several there :)

Fresnel Magnifier, $8 for a dozen, I have these everywhere to.

2 of my cities bus tickets. So I can can get to and from a place I might need to go. You can substitute a Metro card if you city has them.

the whole tin is then criss/crossed with two ranger bands.

As you can see this is more of an urban kit and not meant for the wilderness. Where I live and in my travels, I find myself more in this type of an environment, so many of the camping type items i omit.  I also have on my person other gear like my paracord bracelet with compass so I don't need one in my tin.

This kit is mine and I don't suggest that it's the be all end all of kits. Like much of the prepping gear we choose, it's all a matter of personal preference. Please don't think I'm putting down anybodies kit or suggestions, this is just what I carry.

I hope you got an idea or two, that maybe you can include in you kit and that this post was helpful. Thanks for reading :)


great ideas. need to buy some altoids now and give the candy to the kids


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