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Overlooked Preps for Ladies

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I know that people often mention menstrual items as an overlooked prep, but I have another... "sports bras"!  As a country gal, I can tell you that your normal bra does not cut it when you are chopping wood or putting up hay.  I think sturdy footwear is another one.  Most women I know do not own a good pair of work boots. 

Are there any others I'm missing? 

Morning Sunshine:
check out the thread about bras:  there are some good thoughts there about bra types and brands etc.  plus just some good fun :)

That's the good thing of having a prepper for a husband, if I don't have my mooncup with me he Always Carry's tampongs (tinder) and/or a sanitary napkin (for wounds, I'm not shore that's the correct Word though.)

an other thing if you have long hair theres good to have a shawl (maby correct Word) around your hair, it keeps it there, it don't have to smell like poo in the evening and it protects from Mosquito.

pain meds for the red Days are of course a must have too and well when I go in to the forrest I Always Carry's soap and some kind of paper.

Okay, I'm always a day late and a dollar short! :-[

OK, not a Lady, but: Varginna, if by pain meds for the red days, you mean something like 'Midol' or 'Pampirin', let me assure you they also work for tension headaches [which can be debilitating]. Like your husband, I, too, believe in multitasking.


PS: I see you are from the north of Sweden - don't worry about "The Right Word"; we'll figure it out. Your input from the Swedish  perspective are most appreciated. --s.


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