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Any other wheellock owners here?

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     I have a number of flintlocks and a dandy Rev War cannon. I believe prior to the wheel lock mechanism, matchlocks were in use. Similar to a flintlock, but instead of a flint there was a clamp to hold a piece of "slowmatch". This was cotton cord soaked in potassium nitrate and dried. When lit, it smoldered slowly. Pulling the trigger just lowered the glowing ember into the priming pan. I use it for my cannon and of course nobody sells it. I make mine from 100% cotton clothesline (very important, only cotton). At the lawn and garden store I buy Stump Remover granules. This is actually pure potassium nitrate. I make a super-saturated solution in a mason jar of warm water, dissolving granules until no more will dissolve. Soak a length of cord overnight and hang to dry. The potassium nitrate will crystallize in and on the cord. This is not fuse, it smolders at about one inch a minute and is used with a short pole called a linstock to keep you well away from the touch hole when firing.

Sure, matchlocks were used both before and along with wheel locks and early flint locks. They were the main gun of the 30years war infantry.
I never really liked them much, yet one has to admit that a matchlock musket is sort of "17th century AK" - simple, rugged, reliable.

Jim H:

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You can choose from there if you have the money they ask you can see, their aseembled lock made of castings costs more than I pay for a whole gun here :)

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Their wheellock pistol is beautiful!

 Oh, this wheellock tease video is almost to much to bear:!

Oh my...these are gorgeous:


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