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Bolas (boleadoras)
« on: April 01, 2009, 07:18:45 PM »


here is my simple formula

1 piece of rope 6 feet long
1 piece of rope 3 feet long

3 objects that can be tied to the end of the rope, 2 can be about the same weight, one must weigh less then the other 2.

tie the 3 foot section of rope to the center of the 6 foot rope (it also works to tie 3 - 3 foot sections together at the end) 

tie the weights to the free ends

hold the object that has the lesser weight and spin the other two above the head, and toss.  The object is to do this in one fluid motion, IE: draw spin 1 or 2 rotations max and release.


The first and only one I have made,  I used thick horse rope, and 3 inch oak dowels.  Using my hand tools I cut the dowel into sections 2 about the same size and one smaller.  I used a hand auger and a large bit to drill a hole in the dowels, through which threaded the rope and tied a knot in the end.  Of course it was shabby, and made from salvaged materials, and was heavy, the max range was around 50 feet or so. 

The weights will interlock and impact the target, also the prototype for my first unit I used chain instead of rope which would cut into the bark of the tree I was using as a practice target. 


Iv considered urban varietys of this project, something like a heavy guage fishing line with weights on the end that could be carried easily in a pocket, or even 3 computer mice with thier cords connected.



Depending on the culture they could be as simple or complex as you can imagine. The inuit use one that has multiple weights with adjustable ropes which is a sort of a flying net used to catch birds. 


this is very similar to what i did.  only the method I learned you hold the lightest weight instead of the center..