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The Apple Thrower - Simple Effective Primitative Weapon

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Survivor Kid 909:
I used to do this with ski poles, they work just as well.  Really love it when you get that THUNK!!!  off the side of a tree  ;)

I used to do that with mud. We had a lot of clay where I grew up in Kansas, and the mud really packed onto stuff. I found that I could take a nice piece of wood, flatten the end like a paddle, but only an inch across or so, then pack a nice firm mud ball onto it. You could really fling them out there.
I tried letting them dry, and then flinging, but drying them just made them fall off. :-\
A few friends and I had a nice long range mud fight against unsuspecting fellow workers one day at our summer job. No noise, and you could lob them up and they would never see you, as the mud balls would come down and hit them on the hard hats. ;D


Y'all are dangerous.  Remind me to never go play in the woods with you guys, no telling what might happen.

I never made an apple thrower, but then I never lived any place as a kid that had apples near by.  I did used to beat my cousin with a switch occasionally, that's kind of the same.  Isn't it?  Long tapering whippy stick & all. ;D   

Never launched an apple like that.  I did pass the time by hitting black walnuts (the ones with the green outer shell) into the cow field with a baseball bat.  If you used a hard bat, the green shell would explode.

We were too poor to have apples, we just used rocks once we saved enough money for them. ;D
No rules either, and I have the scars on my head to prove it.
Just glad the only damage was superficial, superficial, superficial, Ooooh, shiney things.


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