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How To Post A Photo To The Forum

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Sister Wolf:
The vid software I used is called "Jing Pro" ($15.00 a year).  They have a free version, but it will only save the vid as an SWF file, which is HUGE.  Had to go pro for you guys so that I could use the MP4 extension.

The free version is otherwise amazing.  I highly recommend it if you have any use for it (it captures stills as well as vids with or without a mic).

Awesome vid SW +1  That will help so many members!

For image hosting, I use Picassa Web Albums (By google).

You can sign in with your gmail account, get tons of free storage, directly link to images (no redirect page with ad banners), it's free, you can manage security permissions (Everyone can see this, only my friends can see that etc.) and it has some of the best bandwidth you'll find with free image hosts.  We've all seen large images on sites lie imageshack that take 2-3 minutes to load in the forum page, even with broadband.  Google's Picassa web albums are much faster.

How do I post a picture to my profile? I have created an account and uploaded a picture at both Flikr and but no photo appears on my profile page when I copy and past the url address. I don't see an image code option like Sis showed on her photobucket tutorial. I am usually able to upload photos directly from my pc desktop to other sites, but it doesn't work on TSP.

Any help would be appreciated.


Hare of Caerbannog:
At the top of this page near the search bar, is the "Profile" button. Hit that and then on the left side of that page will be the "Modify Profile" section. Hit the "Forum Profile Information" button. There you will see a section called "I have my own pic" where you can put the location of a hosted pic or you can upload from your computer in the next line. Just put a dot to the left of which ever type you choose. If you're loading from your computer hit the "Browse" button and locate the picture on your computer.
When done, hit the "Change Profile" button on the bottom of the page.


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