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How to visit TSP when the web site is baned in your country

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Wojciech Majda:
Hi guys, I just wanted to share my thoughts about how to listen to podcast when the web site is baned in your country.

First of all you can add TSP to your RSS reader (such as google reader). You can listen to podcast. Unfortunately you can't use forum (because you can't enter TSP web page).
Second method is using so called "proxa sites" - if you visit that web site you can put URL address of TSP and then you can enjoy TSP :)
If you are registering to TSP forum you must also put activation URL address into "proxa site"

There are few this type of sites such as:

I hope that helped. Maybe Jack can mention that in podcast, so other folks from countries where TSP is baned can listen to show and contribute to forum.

Wojciech from Poland where TSP is "unavalable"

Welcome Wojciech! Good post! +1 to you.

Hare of Caerbannog:
We have people in Poland!
Welcome Wojciech!

Tommy Jefferson:

--- Quote from: Wojciech Majda on April 27, 2010, 12:48:33 PM ---Wojciech from Poland where TSP is "unavalable"
--- End quote ---

Why is TSP unavailable in Poland?

One little trick that may help.  (This works against many "Filter" packages, because of the way DNS gets processed).

try adding additional www. in front of it.

The local school discovered this after they blocked facebook.  The kids discovered they could just keep this up till they got through.  Finally had to modify the actuall DNS source to fix it.


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