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Jack with a slingshot, new video on the Youtube Channel

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OK, I am no Rufus Hussey (the Bean Shooter Man) but I did have a lot of fun with my new Barnett Slingshot, I think you guys will be surprised just how quickly you can get accurate with a sling shot.  Haven't used a sling shot since high school and bought this less then two weeks ago, enjoy.  Any questions ask away,

Barnett Diablo Slingshot made by Barnett Crossbows - Survival Podcast Review

Awesome video Jack! Thanks for posting it.

It has been my mission within the last month to learn how to hunt and kill tree rats in as many ways as I can figure. I have a Marksman Slingshot which was one of the medium priced slingshots they had at Bass Pro Shop. I noticed that you were firing with the slingshot verticle. I have noticed others using it horizontal. In fact, this is how the packaging for it said you should use it. They said you could use the top most prong as a targeting sight.

My questions are : When you are firing verticle how do you aim, and do you think the horizontal method gives any advantages? Also, would you suggest using the steel shot over the stones on the ground, and would marbles be just as good?

Now I am going to watch the rest of your youtube videos. Thanks!

Sister Wolf:
*dies laughing*  Oh this is fun.  :D 

Great video and really interesting to me as this is one of the few hunting weapons I can legally buy, own and use in the UK.

I'm sold on one now!  Thanks :)

Right, found one for £15GBP delivered which is not a bad price but I have a question...

Can you fold it up/dismantle it for easy transportation?


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