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Red Feather Butter is the best butter in a can for easy storage |Prepare now | SAVE $100 NOW |

New Zealand's Ballantyne"s is the world's largest producer of canned butter. Sealed airtight for maximum freshness, Ballantyne's canned butter delivers convenience in the form of extended shelf life and easy distribution without the necessity of refrigeration. It has also proven ideal for disaster preparedness, camping, boating and remote areas where refrigeration isn't available. Each can holds 12 ounces of pure creamy butter

Pasteurized Cream and Salt - that's it!! No preservatives, food coloring or chemicals of any kind, just naturally made wholesome butter
Why Should you buy Butter from us ?

Free Shipping with continental US
Best prices on Internet backed with our Best Price Guarantee
Options available for a full case or cans

Creamy Red Feather Butter in a Can (Chose from Full case or Half Case)

MSRP: $280
SAVE: $100


Customers Love it !

***** Long shelf Life: I bought a case of this butter in 2009, and stored it in my basement with my other food stirage. I just opened a can and can tell you that the butter is great - no sign of spoilage at all. - Judith (Aug 2018)

Red Feather Butter 12 Cans

MSRP: $140
SAVE: $50


Red Feather Butter 6 Cans

MSRP: $70
SAVE: $20