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Goatdog's Project 505

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--- Quote from: Orionblade on March 20, 2012, 12:03:01 PM ---Lol. I still need a lathe and a rotary table, though... but I'll be turning out some nice little AR uppers soon.


wonder how successful a folded-steel lower kit for an AR might be...

--- End quote ---

So will a G0602 work for ya - no rotary table yet

I have a 13x40 lathe. :D I cant make space shuttle parts with it, but besides that its decent.

What's the ID on the headstock? if it's  1 1/2" or so, then I can make barrels on it! And turn all the bolt blanks for 12 receivers in about two hours.

How far are you from VA beach?

ID will handle up to 1.5".
Looks like its about a 6 hour drive from your place to mine.

How about we go halvsies on gas, I build you an upper, and you bring your lathe up here in the back of your NC Jeep?

It's not THAT heavy...

(yes, I know, I have a 3-axis mill... *facepalm*)

Would you be interested in making some parts? So as to not further hijack the thread, PM me, and I'll send you a drawing or two.


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