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If the scenario you mention ever happen (when it happens), it would take a few days to get to the point where people start rioting.  At that point, I'll be glad I'm in a smaller city rather than a city like Houston where I used to live.  We're about 2 minutes from "the country", living at the northeast end of town.  If it gets to a point where people start getting violent, I'll make sure we're well holed-in.  I am also hoping that this scenario is quite a ways out so I'm ready for it.  I have assets I can trade in kind with other people.  I would just like time to set up a garden (going to do a fall run this year once things cool down) so I have more food on hand and something "tradeable" aside from shiny things (silver, jewelry, etc).  Cooperative living may be what gets us through the rough patches.  Being an Alpha, I'd definitely be among the ones organizing a neighborhood to help keep people safe in our area.  If things get bad enough, make sure the truck is full on gas and make the 30 minute run to my friend's place.  It's pretty easy to fortify, is way off the beaten path, plus he will have brought his arsenal as well as his ammo cache and reloading equipment.

Patriot:Ex Machina:
I'd first make sure all the people I care about are in close proximity. Certain family members and a few of my freinds have worked on the idea of a mutual assistance group to help with defense, neighborhood security, information,inventory of supplies.
I suppose that would go into action.
We've tried our best to come up with an alternate form of communication other than a phone system. A CB or HAM radio setup with an alternate powersource would be good to have set up, so folks further out but still in your area could give you and yours a head-up of anything headed toward your neighborhood from the city. (I'm in a very rural area.)
So many unknown factors that you'll never think of until it comes up.  :)

Patriot:Ex Machina:

You're out of town (at least 40 miles from home) on a weekday morning, you stop in a local diner to grab a quick bite, when suddenly everything shuts off. EVERYTHING. Lights, Power, Phones, Cell Phones, Watches, anything that has circuitry is out.
It's an E.M.P. (electromagnetic pulse) burst.
No vehicles with electronic ignition (which rules out pretty much every car since the mid-80's.) Wherever you are going, you'll be walking there.
What's your first move?

Tactical Badger:
Tell the waitress I'd like my order "To Go". ;D Load up on crackers and sugar packets ;), fill the water bottles in my BOB, get my maps and compass out of my BOB, strap on my BOB and start walking towards home staying as far away from populated areas as possible.

I think ppl have a better chance for survival if they stick together. I think that a resturant in the country is probably a good place to be but you would eventually want to get to your BOL or at least home. Heres what I would do if I had my family:
1. Take command of the situation or determine if there is a more fit leader present. And asses skill sets.
2. Send out a working vehicle to a larger area to find out what happened.
3. Take inventory of food and water and figure how long everyone would be able to survive on available stock. (that would help to determine if moving was urgent or if it could wait) (if I did not have my family with me moving would be urgent and in that case I would have to negociate with those in the diner on what supplies they would allow me to take to get to my family)
4. (if I didnt know the area) Survey the surrounding area's.
5. Connect with local law enforcement if possible.
(6) If it was an attack we would need to secure any weapons we could.
7. Get to my family
     a. take what water I could carry and a little food and a weapon if possible

It would probably be a good idea to leave something that would communicate my direction or my route to anyone looking for me if they were to show up at the diner later looking for me.


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