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Given that we're all in the know, we will have already gone to the bank to draw cash.  We already have a good set of silver coins.  I may try to convert some of the cash I have into foreign currency if there's time (before day#3).

Stay home, stay safe.  Talk with the neighbors about watching each others' backs.  Load up my magazines, spare ammo at the ready.  Sit tight, keep an eye on all the chaos via the TV (if possible) and if not, using the radio (I do have a world band radio as well).

Tactical Badger:
That reminds me...Does anyone have a listing for SW radio stations that are decent news sources?

Well I guess I could always read some good books.. Maybe Patriots again.

Seriously though I would dig in pretty deep.  Get as many of my neighbors as I can <----(trust), working on watching eachothers back.  Handing out my pathetic comm gear, I really need to fix this hole in my plan, to them as well.  Since its day three I've already filled every fillable thing with water.  Gone to the store and bought whatever looked useful that was left.  I might not need it but its not like the cash will be worth much and as long as its useful, if things got better it wouldn't be a complete waste.  By day three.  Bunkered down.  Getting the board games out for the kids and having some nice long talks with the neighborhood friends. 

Oh yeah,  and posting here with updates.     ;D


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