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3 barrel hand cannon fired after 500 years

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I love this kind of stuff.

Very cool!

Not to be a party pooper, but one of the commentators on that site had it right - there were no percussion caps until the 1800's, and absolutely none in the 1500's. It is definitely much younger than 500 years. I would guess 100-150 years tops.

That said, it is cool, and I would definitely take 2!  ;D

That particular pole-cannon was actually a reproduction. I can't find the right site with the info on that one, but it's a modern reproduction of a Chinese San-yen-ch'ung, a "triple barrel" cannon. It used touch holes to fire its projectiles.

That's cool - most gonnes or handgonnes are single barrel units. The 3 barrel is a nice upgrade.


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