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Homemade Blackpowder Cleaning Solution Recipe

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knight templar:
Don't think Ed's will work on the black powder fouling as it needs to have something to attack the salt but I have used it after the first cleaning on muzzle loaders. Some I know use water soluble oil they get from machine tool suppliers. I mostly use boiling water followed by Ed's as I'm a cheap skate.

Spamity Calamity:
Yeah Ive used the hot water thing too to clean my barrels before. I thought it was a huge PITA but to each his own.

I know from my days of blackpowder shooting competition the easiest, cheapest and most effective solution I found for cleaning my smokepoles was simply windshield washer solution.  You always have some around and it won't damage the finish or metal on your firearm.

I shoot blackpowder firearms VERY often, doing cowboy action shooting. What I use to clean them, is Ballistol. You can get it at Midway, or Brownells, and probably at larger sporting stores.
If you use it straight it is a nice blackpowder friendly oil, that is non petroleum based. Thats very important, because any petroleum based oils tend to turn to a tar inside your gun, making cleanup a bear.
For cleaning, I mix about 1 part Ballistol to 7 parts water in a little spritz bottle. Ballistol will actually go into suspension in the water, making it look like milk. Then just spritz down the offending residue, and basically wipe off. Then oil with straight ballistol.
The nice part of this stuff, is that it is kind of like seasoning a cast iron skillet. The more you use it, the easier it seems to be to clean the firearms.

I have found a gaggle of recipes that work well cleaning up BP, including the ones mentioned here.

The best secret though is .........HOT water. It works as well as anything else. I used good lube after washing and I am done in minutes.
Ballistol is great because it is water soluble....stinks like dirty socks though. I like good modern gun lube like Break Free, but Synthetic Motor Oil or Olive oil has worked well, in the short term.


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