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Title: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on January 22, 2011, 12:53:57 PM
Here's a truism - when trucks stop, it's over.  That's the bottom line - doesn't matter why the trucks stop, our existence (unless you live on a farm with garden, animals, etc), depends on trucks.  Case in point:  Consider hurricane Ike.  I live 100 miles from Galveston where it came in.  Before it came in, took only two days to empty every grocery store and gas station in my town.  I wasn't in those grocery lines due to my always there preps - only needed to fill up cars with gas which we did days before the rush.  Went to out of the way Mexican grocery to get ice the day before the storm came in.  Identify small stores to buy last minute items - let the rest of the population hit the major stores. (I prep - husband goes along, then enjoys the results.)

Power was off five days.  No trucks of any kind could get to my town since there was no gas to be had to in my town or for many miles around - unless trucks can refuel, they aren't coming.  When gas finally came back after that five days, only then could food trucks begin to come back.  It was interesting that bread was the last food item to come back, a few days after food trucks started coming back.

Years ago when I began to prep, I developed a plan to have three ways to accomplish warming/cooking food, staying cool, staying warm, staying safe.  Consider warming/cooking food: if you only have one way and that doesn't work, you have no way.  If the second way works but you run out of fuel for that way, you've got the third way to keep going.  Redundancy in methods can save your life.

(I'm a psychotherapist/psychological examiner so evaluating human behavior is automatic with me) -  I think the hierarchy of needs/convenience is slightly different for women.  Consider urination - where would a man rather do that - outside in the grass - or off the porch into the grass.  Ask any man and that's generally what you'll find if he's telling the truth.  Where would a man rather cook - in a charcoal grill.  That's a poor choice - you need a steady flame for regular cooking, like a pot of coffee or a pot of beans.

About having running water when there is no running water:  Women want running water - right?  I'm assuming you have stored water.  All you need for running water, even warm/hot water, at your kitchen sink, your bathroom sink, in your tub for a shower, is inexpensive camp showers.  These are plastic bags with a shower head on the end of tube coming out of the bag, with a cut off switch.  The new ones even have a temperature gauge on the side of the bag - put it in the sun and when the gauge measures the amount of warm/hot water you want, you've got it.  Three of those takes care of the kitchen/bathroom/tub.  Our Texas sun means fast warm/hot water.  These bags also save water since you have control of it coming out of the bag.

Consider the saving of water in the bathroom with shower bag over sink and in tub: Brushing teeth: a bit of water on your toothbrush, turn off water, add toothpaste, brush your teeth, turn on water; a bit to rinse mouth, wash toothbrush and you're done.  Shower: Wet body with running water, turn off water; lather body, rinse with running water and you're done.  Washing hair is the same; wet hair, turn off water, apply shampoo and add bit more water then turn off water, scrub scalp, turn on water and rinse.

I'll start from the beginning and post as I complete a section.  If you have ideas, jump in and tell me.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on January 22, 2011, 02:03:21 PM
At the beginning, in 1998, I realized my existence depended on others and vowed to change that.

One morning, I got out of bed with pen and paper and recorded every single thing I did that day that depended on power.  After this research, would find a way to duplicate living with reasonable comfort when there was no power.   

This was winter so it would be cold in bedroom and house, needed heat.  In summer, needed cooling.

Then, the bathroom.  No power means no running water so no working potty, no water at sink, no water in tub.

Kitchen: needed ways to cook, more than one way, at least three to be able to keep cooking for months, years?  Yes, needed running water at sink.  Water, that's a biggie, gotta have it, at least 1 gallon per person per day, and 2 is better - a gallon of water weighs 8.34 gallons - how much of that can you carry?  Forget the fridge, it wouldn't work.  Food would have to be prepared and eaten in one or two meals, three at the most for food to remain safe.  That meant not cooking huge amounts.  Don't buy big cans of perishable food unless you can consume it all quickly if there's no fridge.  What kinds of food to store, how much?  Man, this was getting involved, and it was only the beginning.  But there are answers for all this.

Living room:  no TV, no radio, nothing.  Needed radio that would work without plugging in wall.  That meant batteries - but batteries die - then what?  There's an answer for that.

It's still cold or hot in the house - there's an answer for that.

Suppose someone gets hurt?  Need medical supplies and information.  I was an EMT at one time, so I had knowledge and some basic supplies, but didn't have all the supplies I needed and it wasn't put together in one place.  I had to get organized physically and mentally to think through this whole survival problem.  Once the emergency happened, couldn't run to the store to get what I needed.

Clothes:  Sure, I had clothes - were they the right kind - could they keep me warm or cool?

Coat:  how warm were my various coats?  Warm enough?

Shoes:  Sure, I had shoes - well, I was ahead here - had my Texas cowboy boots with flat heels and warm snow boots, plus two pair of good walking shoes. 

Well, I'd put this on hold until I washed some clothes.  Rats, how would I do that?

Try going through a day, every task you perform, and think "no power".  It will get your attention.  If there's no power, stores won't open, banks won't open, money can't be had, gas can't be had, those trucks that supply us won't come.  You are on your own.  Water is next.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: LvsChant on January 22, 2011, 02:10:01 PM
I'm really enjoying this... please continue on, Victoria. I love your practical method of determining what you needed...
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: mamabear on January 22, 2011, 02:33:17 PM
I'm loving this too! I'm gonna take a leaf out of your book and get my notebook out and follow your process. I think it will be a real eye opener. I know that we sit and think about it and sometimes we have a couple of days without power, etc, but I think seeing it all written down will make all the difference. Please do keep your information coming. LVSChant is right. It is very practical and easy to understand.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Nicodemus on January 22, 2011, 03:22:43 PM
Good stuff, Victoria!
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: OldManSchmidt on January 22, 2011, 04:05:11 PM
Victoria, +1.  I am very much liking what you are doing here.  I think I can see where you are going with this and I am very much impressed.

If you are writing what I think you are writing, you will end up providing a wealth of good information and good insights.  Your contribution will stand to help a great many people is a very real way.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on January 22, 2011, 04:31:53 PM
This section is about water - but I failed to mention in my last post, TOILET PAPER!  LOTS OF TOILET PAPER!  (We'll get to sanitation later - got to stop those men urinating off the back porch.)

Okay, one needs at least a gallon a day of good water for drinking, cooking, decent amount for cleaning the body, but two gallons is better.  With a gallon weighing 8.34 gallons, if you have to walk to get water from somewhere else, think "Wheels".  Invest in a good size child's wagon - great conveyer of water.

I'll go from a short term problem to a longer one:  for immediate use in short term emergency, such as hurricane destroying purity of city water for several days, or city water goes off temporarily for whatever reason - I always have 25 gallons of Ozarka water stored under a small work table in my kitchen (actually those jugs are slightly less than a gallon).  A tablecloth on that table goes down to the floor, so the water is hidden and kept in the dark that way.  Light encourages growth in water so don't want that.  I use Ozarka because those jugs are thick food grade plastic, not going to break down and designed to store one on top of the other - can store a lot of water in a small space.  That water will stay good for years.

Storing your own good water.  I got Ozarka water mainly for those great long lasting stacking jugs. Once I would use the water out of those jugs, I can put more good water in them and know they will hold up.  You can store the good water you have now and be ready for an emergency.

Do not store water in milk jugs.  They're impossible to clean out (get the milk smell/taste out of them), plus they are thin and will break down fairly soon and you'll have water on the floor.  You can store your good water in any clean food grade plastic container and that includes those hard plastic bottles juice comes in - they are stronger than soft drink plastic bottles.  However, don't use grape juice bottles - tried that, can't get out the strong lingering grape smell/ taste; but if that's all you have, use the grape ones.  

For any food grade bottle that might have the lingering taste of whatever had been in it, use Crystal Light packaged flavoring to cover the offending taste.  Wait until we get to instant or powdered milk - can make that taste good.

For a longer term emergency:  At the time I started, there was a lake not many steps from my door.  I bought two Katadyn siphon type water filters.  By using the wagon, I could move water from the lake and have good water using the Katadyn.  Now, however, there is a better product to filter any type water, whether from a lake or a ditch - I have a Big Berkey - this is the best investment you can make for saving your life.  Pour the water in the top and good, safe water filters into the bottom.  Press the spigot and you've got good water.

Using a Berkey with dirty water:  First, have gobs and gobs of cheap large coffee filters and filter the dirty water through those filters into some type container, doesn't matter what, until you can't get it any cleaner.  This will extend the life of the Berkey filter - don't put any more dirt/crap in the Berkey than you have to - that makes sense.  You can go to a website that sells Berkeys to get info. on the different Berkeys.    

Where can you get water when you don't have any?  (First, be sure you have stored good water to last for as many days/weeks as you think necessary to start with.  Just add up the gallons one person would need for that amount of days and multiply by the number in your household.  Don't faint - it will be a lot.)  Of course there's water in your hot water heater you can drain and water in the top tank of your potty, but here's my outside sources of water to filter through the Berkey:

1.  Buy one or more 55 gal. size water barrels with removable tops.  Don't get the closed ones with only bung holes 'cause you can't clean them out.  I'm not talking about ready made rain barrels - I researched that to death and there is none that won't eventually fail due to having a spigot set into them.  You don't need expensive rain barrels that might fail.  You need a diverter set into a down spout of your house with a tube coming out so, when it rains, you turn the gizmo on the diverter and water goes into your water barrel.  You could have a water barrel under every downspout in the back of your house.  If you can't get them locally, and if you live in the more southeastern part of Texas, there's a place in Baytown, Texas where you can go get them or order them.  It's important to find your nearest place 'cause shipping is a bitch for these barrels.  If you keep one or more of these barrels full, you've got a lot of water and if you start using it, it will fill up the next time it rains - that's a renewable water source.

 2.  Buy several child's inflatable plastic pools - buy sizes that will fit in your outside space best - that could be very small to larger.  If a water emergency happens, put out your pools the next time it rains and capture that water.  That's more water for the Berkey and the Berkey takes out chemicals should any get in the water.

3.  Got a regular swimming pool in your backyard? - the Berkey will turn that water into good water.

4.  Got a swimming pool in your subdivision?  That water will make people sick should they drink it, but your Berkey will clean it up.  Take your child's wagon filled with empty water jugs to the pool - you'll have good water shortly after you get home.

5.  If you car works and you can get to a body of water, such as lake or stream, put wagon and jugs in car and head out.  The Berkey will be waiting for that water.

6.  Desperate for water?  We're down to the dirty water in a ditch.  Filter it over and over to get out dirt, then the Berkey will give you good water.

7.  There are ways to condense water from plants in your yard if it gets that desperate to save life.  You can find that info. if you put "condense water from plants" in search on the web.

Now we have clean water in our house 'cause we cleaned it or had it stored.  Put some of that water in your shower bags, sit them in the sun until the thermometer shows it's hot, and you've got good running hot water in your kitchen and bathroom!!

Running water makes a house work.  When you strip water out of the faucet, it upsets everyone - adults and children.  When we put it back, that's one bit of normalcy coming back.  That is the goal - get normalcy back and you can do it if I did it - I know, I'm 77, but screw that, okay?

We have water but no way to cook.  Cooking is next.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: LJH on January 22, 2011, 08:04:01 PM
Damn, Victoria! I'm sure glad you've joined us!  8)
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: OKGranny on January 22, 2011, 11:40:23 PM
Sounds a lot like what I did 20 years ago, I've still got the notebooks somewhere but there's much better equipment now. this is fun, keep writing please.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on January 23, 2011, 12:08:01 AM
As I go through these topics, I need you to think - use the given examples to develop more options for you in your own circumstances.  Don't think, "I can't do that", think, "Maybe I can't do it that way, but I could do it this way".  Free up your mind to roam around as we go along.


We're in the kitchen with running water 'cause we made running water.  Now, how do we cook on an electric stove when there's no power?  Or, if we have a gas stove, eventually, since power is out, that gas will stop.  Even if the stove uses propane from a huge tank outside, no truck will show up to refill it (no power means no gas station works so no trucks move).

At this point, don't ask your husband - he'll drag out the charcoal grill.  This is morning and we just got up - what we want here is coffee and maybe hot chocolate for the kids and hot oatmeal or eggs.  How about toast with those eggs?  How can we cook inside safely?  There is a way.  Now, sometimes, we have to spend money to prepare.  We need canned heat and two Sterno stoves.  Canned heat is used inside all the time - usually under chaffing dishes.  Sterno is one brand of canned heat but there are cheaper brands.  Sams did carry canned heat by other makers and it was cheaper - I found it years ago in the chaffing dish section.  You may also know other places that are cheaper for canned heat than Walmart or Academy type stores.  Buy boxes of it.  The Sterno stoves are usually under $10 and found in the camping section of Walmart or Academy.  If those stores are out, naturally you can find them on line.

Two Sterno stoves gives you two cooking surfaces.  Open a can of heat, put it in the stove, light it and you're ready to go with one cooking surface.  You need a cheap, thin smallish skillet and two thin, cheap smallish pots.  The thinner the bottom the better, so it heats faster.  There is a trick you should know - you don't need boiling water for most quick foods - not even for coffee if you don't use a coffee pot and I'm not talking about instant coffee (yuk).  The amount of heat it takes to heat water close to boiling is much less that staying with it until it actually boils.  So, let's cook breakfast.

Put enough water in a pot to make cups of instant hot chocolate if that's what you want.  Let the water heat to very hot but not boiling.  Pour it into the cups with the hot chocolate mix, stir, and there's hot chocolate.  If you have enough hot water in that pot or more heating over the other Sterno stove, use that for instant oatmeal - doesn't take boiling water for instant oatmeal.  I'll discuss food value later - think "vitamin pills" for now.

Now, for hot coffee, we make a detour to get the proper equipment for good coffee using minimum coffee/fuel.  On Amazon or some other place, buy "Melitta Ready Set Joe One Cup Coffee Maker" for less than $8.00 (includes the cup) or buy just the filter for the Ready Set Joe for less than $5.00.  Buy one plastic filter per person to drink coffee at the same time together.  Buy #2 coffee filters at any grocery store.  

We're almost there for great coffee, saving coffee and fuel.  Put the paper filter into the plastic filter and set it on top of cup.  Put in one tablespoon coffee, pour very hot (don't need boiling) water (heated in pot over the canned heat), in plastic filter and let coffee drip into cup.  The water has only passed through the coffee once - coffee hasn't  boiled in a percolator to make it bitter.  It's pure coffee taste, smooth and good.  Want a second cup?  Experiment (before emergency happens) by using the same coffee in the filter; if that's not strong enough for a second cup, use new paper filter and another tablespoon of coffee.  Adjust the amount of coffee to your taste.  This method makes the best coffee whether you like less or more coffee in your filter.  I use this filter now -  any time of day I want a good cup of coffee.

Now that your nerves feel better due to good coffee, put the thin bottomed skillet on the Sterno stove, put a thin coat of butter on both sides of a piece of bread, and toast both sides in the skillet.  Then, cook those eggs, anyway you like.  Doesn't take much heat to cook eggs.  Of course, you can always have cold cereal for breakfast and only use fuel for hot drinks/coffee.  

Now, it's time for lunch.  To save fuel, make this a cold meal unless the weather is freezing and you need to heat already cooked soup.  The best savior for a hot meal in an emergency is canned soup - buy canned soup with meat, not just veggies.  Canned soup gives you liquid for hydration, supplements your water, and gives you meat and veggies.  If you have crackers, eat them with the soup - that's energy from carbohydrates - buy whole wheat crackers.  

A cold lunch could be peanut butter and jelly; quick tuna salad (tuna, mayo, pickle relish, add a chopped apple for great crunchy flavor).  Any cold sandwiches you make now except after there's no refrigeration, forget deli sandwich meat.  Will go over other canned meats later in food section.

A method to cook more substantial meals:  No, it's still not the husband favored charcoal grill.  However, if you have defrosted big chunks of meat, such as steaks, brisket, hamburger, roasts, that you need to cook before it goes bad, let the husband cook his heart out on the charcoal grill.  Share with your neighbors if the meat must be cooked now and it's too much for your family.

You need an outdoor propane grill in order to have a steady flame for regular cooking.  Get the larger propane tanks, not the little bitty ones, and the more filled tanks the better.  Real story here:  my husband thinks the only good food outside is cooked on a charcoal grill - many husbands have this brain defect.  With my superior knowledge, I bought a portable Weber gas grill and set it on a sturdy red cart with enough room on either side of the grill for preparing food and the bottom of the cart is just right to hold two large propane tanks.  Talk about a husband's nose turned up, looking down on my grill purchase - the food wasn't going to taste like smoke from the charcoal.  Fine, that's what I wanted, a steady flame that cooked and didn't smell up regular food.  Now, along comes hurricane Ike and we have no power for five days.  Our dining room was under the roof of one of the decks with the lovely Weber grill heating our water for coffee and cooking our food.  Since it was outside, I wasn't allowed to cook as only a husband can cook outside. My job was to bring the food and plates, cups, utensils out and take it back inside after eating.  Before Ike, he would have given my grill away; after Ike, he wouldn't part with it. The moral of this story, is, husband's can learn, so don't give up if yours gives you any flack for wanting a propane grill if you don't have one.

If the weather is nice in the morning, you can stay in your PJs/housecoat and use your grill to make breakfast, however if you're an inside person in the morning, use the canned heat.  Hopefully, you have a cover/roof outside for your grill to be under.  You can make a substantial meal with this grill, have more than one pot/skillet on there at the same time.  Choose foods that cook quickly to save fuel - however, there is a way to cook dried beans quickly.  Will post that in food section.

So, now you've used all the propane and can't get more.  Think lots of wood and a place to burn it and cook.  Got a fireplace inside?  Got iron skillet/pots/Dutch oven?  No fireplace inside?  Now, there are outdoor fireplaces.  That's my latest addition, got one on my deck with metal legs set on stones and under those stones, a metal sheet so the metal legs don't burn my deck and so an ember doesn't fall out and burn it.  Research those carefully to make sure the one you choose is big enough and can burn wood instead of Duraflame logs only (those logs are fine if you can buy enough - wood is cheaper and you can find wood when stores are closed) and be sure to get a cover to protect it from rain so it won't rust.  Look at your immediate surroundings and farther out - can you find a source of wood around you even if you buy a lot?  Is there a place close enough for you to walk and bring back wood "from the wild" even if it is down the street or several streets over?  Use that child's wagon you bought to transport wood as well as water.  If you have a working car, that extends your area to find wood "in the wild".  You need a way to cut wood - check out husband's tools, surely he has a decent saw.  If not, get him one for birthday/anniversary/Christmas/no special day - just buy one.  Guys love tools so let him pick it out.

Now, the wood is gone, the propane is gone, the canned heat is gone, the husband's charcoal is gone.  Got jar candles?  Ever held you finger in a candle fire?  I thought not, after all, it's a fire.  Jerry rig your canned heat stoves to fit over jar candles to provide a surface for a pot.  Now you can heat food and cook.  The cheapest jar candles I found were at Walmart.  I've had bunches of them stored since 1998.

Do you have several ways to start a fire - light you canned heat, light your propane grill, light your wood, light your jar candles?  That's next - several ways to start fire, even cavemen knew a fire was a good thing.

A solar oven/cooker is another backup cooking method.  You can make one yourself, search "solar oven" on web or buy a ready made one - your choice.  On the web you will also find how long it takes to cook/bake food using sun and the results will surprise and delight you.

modified to add solar by request, LvsChant
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: OKGranny on January 23, 2011, 01:10:18 AM
Just a side note on the coffee. I have the Melitta 10 cup manual coffee maker and keep it warm on a teapot warmer that uses a tealight candle. I think it was $11.00 or $12.00 at Amazon for the coffee maker and I picked up a cheap teapot warmer on Ebay for around $5.00 I think it was. There is always a way to make coffee.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on January 23, 2011, 08:32:18 AM
OKGranny, thanks for responding and you are right on - tea pot warmers are very useful - not that many people know about these.  One will keep a teapot or coffepot warm.   I have several and did get one of them at Ebay.  Ebay is likely the cheapest place to find one or more.  Many tea company websites carry them.   A large bag of tealight candles can be bought at a craft or dollar store for something like $5. 
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: mamabear on January 23, 2011, 08:40:49 AM
OKGranny and Victoria, how do tea cozy's work in comparison to the tea pot warmers? Is it comparable or do the cozy's just not work as well?
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: OKGranny on January 23, 2011, 10:39:52 AM
I think if you had a cosy that was teflon lined or something they would do as well but the ones I like, *you know, cute fabric, quilted * don't keep the tea or coffee as warm as the teapot warmers esp for in the mornings when it takes me 20 minutes to get through the first cup cause I doze off between sips. Yeah I'm one of those people that has to get up 2-21/2 hours early to get to work on time. Not to mention I like to put my tea in my beloved Manhatten Cats teapot and with the warmer I can still enjoy looking at the teapot.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Foxfire on January 23, 2011, 12:15:17 PM
This is great Victoria!  I'm so glad you have joined us.  Maybe I can get my husband to sit down and read what you have written, especially about the Berkley.  Your notes also give me pointers to work on,  since I've just begun prepping in the last several months.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: 4bull on January 23, 2011, 02:56:42 PM
Great work , Victoria
    In the 70's we had a calf bucket ,the one for feeding that i plumbed on a shower head and value on .
thought we had it made. it didnt fit a limb but any board it worked.
 In the army i weilded a bolt on a glow plug and hooked it up to 24 volts for hot coffee in 30 seconds.
Thanks made me smile.
   Ive alwase kept a porta potty around , and lots of 5 gallon buckets.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on January 24, 2011, 11:46:49 AM
Peace of mind:  If you are just beginning to secure your existence should an emergency happen, you may be feeling anxious - so much to do and what to do first.  I suggest you first, calmly, evaluate what the most likely emergency might be for you and prepare for that first.  Example:  for me, it's the possibility of a hurricane and that's an every year possibility and it has happened to me numerous times and surely will happen again.  After that, tornados abound in Texas, so that's number two plus tornados are spawned by hurricanes all the time.  After that, the possibility power goes off for a reason other than weather (see example of that below).  After that, who knows what might happen - if you have read any survival books, non-fiction or fiction - you know there are numerous possibilities.  The bottom line is, evaluate your own situation and prioritize the dangers, then start preparing for those possibilities, one at a time. 

An example of my not being properly prepared when an unexpected emergency happened:  This happened when this whole area of a hundred miles or more, mostly north and south and lesser miles east and west, lost power and no one knew why.  It was hot Texas summer, and a few weeks before this happened, my husband had very bad surgery and he was too weak/sick to stay in a very hot house.  I had to get him out of the house to a cool place.  A neighbor said she talked to her sister who lived about 50 miles west and she had power.  We determined to go that direction. 

First, I had to gather what both of us needed to exist since I had no idea why power was off so didn't when it would come back; news from the power company was they didn't know why it went off and didn't know when it would come back (strange situation but it happened).  It was dark in the house - had to find a flashlight, go upstairs and gather clothes, personal supplies, all his necessary medicines and mine, go back downstairs, still using flashlight, grab a gallon jug of water, some kind of food to sustain us in the car since I didn't know how long it would take us to get out of the massive car jam of thousands of people trying to get out of the area and didn't know how far west we would have to go to find lodging once we got in an area with power. Yes, I was frantic inside the dark house trying to find vital items we needed (had to get husband in cool car as fast as possible).  I wasn't even sure where a flashlight was when the power went out.  It was pure luck we had a decent amount of cash and the car had just been filled.  Without power, gas stations couldn't pump gas and no ATM machine worked.  After we made our way west to power, we had to keep going more miles to find a vacancy in a hotel as others had gotten to that area before we did.

Look at all the mistakes I made - my husband's life was truly in jeopardy due to my lack of preparation to be able to leave the house quickly with what we needed and we would have been totally stuck in place if the car had needed gasoline.   I was prepared for staying in place for a hurricane right then but not for quickly leaving my house.  I vowed this would never happen to me again.

Don't let the above happen to you.  You can easily prepare now to leave your house quickly to go to a place of safety.  A simple way to do it, is, gather what's needed for a few days including a change of clothes, every necessary item you would need including water and already prepared food (food items such as those individual packets of tuna with condiments, granola type bars, cheese/cracker packets, etc.), plus a flashlight, pack it in a box and station that box close to the exit you use to get to your car.  Make sure you know where a flashlight is in your house and always keep it in that place with good batteries. 

After researching, I bought two Life Gear's Wings of Life survival backpacks.  Each is a three day survival pack with food, water and essential survival gear.  Won't list what's included in them because the list is extremely long; you can look them up on the web if you want to know.  There is also room to pack a change of clothes and other items you that are essential to you, such as personal medicines.  These two backpacks are in my most secure room fairly near my front door - the bathroom - that's the most secure room in my house in case of a tornado.  If the house falls down and we're still alive in the bathroom, we've got three days of everything we need in those backpacks - and if we need to leave the house quickly at any time, all we need to do is grab those bags and we're gone.  I did prepare another bag (on wheels), with more food and a way to warm it - think soup with meat/veggies and instant oatmeal (yep, the trusty canned heat and Sterno stove for heating/cooking) and other items (one being camping metal plates/cups/utensils, plus a Melitta plastic filter cone and paper filters to make coffee).  That bag is stationed not far from the bathroom to grab and roll out with us and the backpacks.

I sincerely hope you prepare to leave your house quickly so you never have to go through what we did.  Once you have done that, continue to prepare for an emergency when you stay in your house.  The majority of us aren't going to head to the woods to camp when there is an emergency and we don't have a retreat house in the woods to bug out to.  Staying in my house without power, with a low public profile, with enhanced house security and prepared to stay for a very long time, at least a year without having to buy anything and still being comfortable, was and is, my goal and you can do it, too. 

Next are several easy ways to start fire to light canned heat, propane grill, wood, candles, etc.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on January 24, 2011, 02:51:57 PM
Ways to Start Fire

OK, maybe I've overdone it with ways to start fire but it's sure I won't be without a way to do it.  Make sure you have at least three ways to allow for failure of two ways.

1.  Strike anywhere matches:  when I began preparing, strike anywhere matches (meaning no need to strike match on box to get match to light) were in abundance in any grocery store.  Now, because whomever doesn't trust us with these matches, it's doubtful you will find them in grocery stores.  Go ahead and look for them and maybe you'll get lucky.  When I bought mine, had no idea they would go away in the future.  I bought a lot of boxes and sealed them in a really big round, metal Christmas can like popcorn comes in (to seal out moisture).  Now days, these metal cans are not as large as the one I used.  If you buy more than today's metal can holds, just buy another can of popcorn (this is not a diet thread so I don't care how much buttery popcorn you eat).  No matter what type matches you get, these metal cans are good, dry, storage cans.  You may use any type good container you want, but put the boxes in one to protect from moisture.

2.  Strike "only on the box" matches.  Because you and I can't be trusted with matches that strike anywhere and light, boxes now in stores require the box to light the match.  If your match box gets wet, the matches will not light and you're out of luck so it's most important these boxes of matches are kept in a dry place and still keep the box dry when you take a box out and use it, or your matches won't light.

3.  Coghlans waterproof matches - a 10 box pack, total 450 matches, can be had at Amazon for less than $5.00.  Yes, they will light even if they get wet.

4 and 5.  Now, we're getting into the real, for sure start a fire no matter what, fire starters.  I did a lot of research on these, and choose two kinds, one really cheap but surely works and one more expensive (which I like the best, naturally).
(4) The cheaper but still dependable one, is "Emergency Fire Starter" for less than $5.00 on Amazon.  It's a bar of magnesium with a striker included.  Shave a small amount of magnesium off the bar with the striker, into a small amount of fuel you collected - dry grass or leaves or paper.   Strike the magnesium bar with the striker and sparks will cause the magnesium bits to light and ignite your fuel. 

(5) Now, we have what I consider to be the "ultimate" if you don't have matches: The "Ultimate Survival Technologies Strikeforce Fire Starter".  It's more expensive, between $16 - $22 on Amazon.  It's the orange color that brings the $22 price.  It's bright orange, therefore easier to locate/spot than the dark colored one.  It sparks three times hotter than a standard match.  Is of special alloy flint bar and has steel striker that can be used thousands of times.  Inside a compartment is some "WetFire" tinder and it only takes a tiny bit of that to ignite and start your collected fuel, however, without the WetFire thingy,  the sparks by themselves will ignite any dry fuel you collect.

Do not let your children handle any of the matches or the bar fire starters - don't let your teen age children handle the bar starters inside the house or even outside unless you're with them and I'm totally serious about this.  As for husbands, see true story below:

True story:  If your husband has not had a bar fire starter before, make sure he doesn't test it out in the house as these are major bar fire starters, especially the "Ultimate" one.  So, we're watching TV - two survival type guys are in the wild and neither has anything to start a fire, so they discuss which difficult method they're going to use.  Husband, being cute??,  says, "I've got a fire starter!", picks up his just arrived new "Ultimate" orange bar starter off the coffee table, and runs the steel striker down the bar and a huge number of sparks covering a wide area (can you say lightning hot and big), shower off that bar downward.  Thank God, truly, there was nothing at the end of that bar for those many, mega hot sparks to hit - they would have burned whatever they hit.  It was truly spectacular to see the magnitude of those sparks.  Never again will either of those bars be struck in the house.

Fuel to start your major fuel burning:  There's the magnesium particles and the WetFire tender, but you've got in your house right now a great quick burning starter fuel and you've been throwing this free fuel away for years - it's laundry lint.  Start right now, get a gallon plastic bag, station it close to your dryer and deposit you dryer lint in that bag - in no time you've got lots of great starter fuel.  Another great starter fuel, is cotton balls with an amount of Vaseline inside the ball - doesn't take much Vaseline in there to start burning.  Make up as many of those as you want and remember where you put them.

Now, we have running water, ways to cook and ways to start our cooking fuel.  The big, massive? task of gathering food to last a long time is next, and we'll boil that down so it isn't so massive or hard to do.  As with everything else, there are several ways to do it. 
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Post by: Victoria on January 25, 2011, 05:08:22 PM
Food storage and reasons to have it:

We now have water plus running water, ways to cook, ways to start fire, now we need food.

Food for short term power outage:  Why is it, when a hurricane is approaching or a severe freeze warning is issued, people run to the grocery and clean it out?  Because they only have from one to three day's food in their house.  They are no more than three days from starving.  One would think that might make an impression to keep more food in the house all the time, but it doesn't happen - every time a warning goes out, the same behavior.  Look at this another way;  stores use a "just in time" method of re-stocking.  If a food item is cleaned off the shelf, there's no more in the back of the store - no more will be on the shelf until a truck brings it there and if the truck can't get there, that shelf stays empty.  This fact alone should push you to keep more food in your house.  If you want to be scared into storing food, read, "Light's Out" by David Crawford - that will do it - superior book and scary as hell, set right here in Texas around San Antonio.

From experience, I can say the first food you will eat after power goes out, is food in your freezer as it defrosts.  Wow, that's a lot of food at one time that needs to be cooked and eaten.  If you know power is likely to go out due to an oncoming event, and have prepared with ice in a large cooler, you will be able to keep this food from spoiling for days as it defrosts. and can eat this "stash" until it's no longer safe.  You know which canned goods to get for several day's power outage - the usual tuna, Spam types, chili, fruit, etc., etc.  If you have room in freezer, put in a loaf or more, of bread.  I say this due to bread being the last food to come back after five days of loss of power.  I suppose it's because bread is a fresh item, has to be baked every day and those bakeries have to get up and running again.  So, freeze some if you have space.  Always assume you have no power, and keep five days of canned food and packaged food such as your cereal, etc., in your house  You can do that easily and you need to do it now.  If you can't live for five days right now without going to the grocery, fix that problem.  Put a post on this thread when you've done it and we'll all celebrate.

Longer term power outage and/or it isn't safe to go to a grocery store:  Why would it not be safe to go to the grocery?  Answer: public unrest resulting in riots, stealing, killing.  The majority of people are calm, rational, law abiding, civilized, all the time because they have water, food, shelter.  Take any one of those away, and life is threatened causing the thin veneer of civilized behavior to disappear.  Perhaps you think you wouldn't resort to rioting or stealing or worse - yes, you would after no more than two days without water and if you had water but no food, you would do it a several days later.  If something happened to shut down banks, loss of power or other reason (taken a look at our economy recently plus the cost of food?), and there was no money to be had or food cost so much people couldn't buy it, they would storm grocery stores and take what they needed to stay alive.  There's not enough law enforcement personnel to stop that behavior and you don't want to be in the middle of that.  Again, read, "Light's Out" to scare you into preparing.

Perhaps you say, FEMA loves me and will give me water, food, shelter.  Surely your TV works and you've seen long lines of  people waiting for hours for a FEMA bottle of water and a few MRE meals.  I beg you to forget government assistance to save your life - that is depending on someone else to save you and do you know one FEMA official who would make sure you survived over the 300+ million living in this country??  I don't want to be one of those millions - do you?  I might have been able to get a bit of special treatment when George Bush was president, but I'm not on Obama's Christmas card list (more likely on his "dirt" list, but I digress).  Staying alive is not a political issue - take a pledge to be responsible for the safety of your family and store water and food, okay?

How to choose and store food:

There are three major ways to accomplish this if you don't have a self sufficient veggie garden and can your own food and raise food providing animals.  I have gone over and over food storage for years and tried methods that worked and didn't work.  I've thrown out stored food because I screwed up one way or the other.  I've studied the shelf life of every canned food item known to mankind (well maybe not every canned item but it feels that way).   Here are three major ways to store food:

1.  Buy everything in regular grocery store or places like Sams/Costco (no fresh food included).  Re-package anything not in cans so it won't spoil for years (flour, cornmeal, rice, dried beans, etc.).  Buy it over time or mega amounts several times.
2.  Buy it all from a long term food storage company and you're done.
3.  A combination of 1 and 2.  That's what I did.

First, determine the amount of time for which you want to prepare.  If you're just beginning, the easiest method is to prepare for one month of sustainable food.  That one month will give you some security and stop those feelings of panic because you have nothing now.  It also gives you experience in making a plan.  You will screw up somewhere - too much of this and not enough of that - forgot to get this and that.  It's just easier to deal with one month.  Once that month is done, make a plan for another month; you'll likely adjust the first one month plan you made.  A notebook will help you keep your act together.

What is food anyway?  It's what you put in your mouth to give you power in order to breath, move, repair/build cells and resist disease, so foods are made of good chemicals our body uses.  Categories of these foods/chemicals and their state for long term storing, are:

Vegetables - canned, dehydrated, freeze dried
Legumes - beans, canned and dried
Meats - canned, jerky
Fruits - canned, dehydrated
Grains - flour including pasta, cornmeal, oats, rice - especially stored for long life
Nuts - canned, jars peanut butter, peanut butter powder
Eggs - powdered, plus egg substitute for recipes calling for eggs
Dairy - instant and powdered milk, butter powder, canned butter
Sugar in some form for quick energy and sweetening (regular sugar, brown sugar, honey, molasses, candy bars, granola bars, etc.). 
Sauces such as bottled/canned pasta sauce, salsa/picante, gravies, ketchup, mustard, mayo, etc.
Plus chemicals to make flour/cornmeal rise (baking powder, baking soda, plus yeast if you want to make regular bread presuming you have a working oven), iodized salt for iodine and taste appeal, plus seasonings for taste appeal,

Try this:  Assume there is no power but, due to your smarts and planning, you have water and a way to cook (but no oven).  Make a menu for one day, using no fresh food, choosing one breakfast, one lunch and one dinner and any snacks the family might eat in a day.  Record how much of each food you used.  Done that?  Now, make another day's menu and continue until you have 7 days of menus.  Try to vary your meals as much as possible.  Add up the amount of each food you used for that week.  Be sure to add in the amount of sugar, flour, cornmeal, baking powder, baking soda, salt, seasonings, sauces you used.  You can take that week's menus and multiply the amounts by four and have a month's amount of food.  For good measure, add another week's worth. 

Discussion of each food category and how best to store it follows.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: ncjeeper on January 25, 2011, 06:53:30 PM
I have been enjoying this thread, thanks.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on January 25, 2011, 07:06:33 PM
Thanks, jeeper, nice Jeep.  Preparing can seem like such a large task it never gets done and that creates anxiety and even a soggy depression, like, "I could never do all that so I'll give up."  If I can get just one person to take action, that will be one more or one more family, "saved". 
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: GreyWolf on January 25, 2011, 07:24:43 PM
What happens when ya run outa coffee? Ive heard about people who took dandilion green roots and dried them and ground them up and mixxed it with real coffee. Anyone know anything about this?
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on January 25, 2011, 07:37:52 PM
Wolf, let's face it - running out of coffee would be a disaster of huge proportions.  I don't know about root foods - I'd probably poison myself.  For me, a year's worth of stored coffee is the minimum to prevent thoughts of suicide due to not having it, plus store some jars of instant coffee to start adding to real coffee to extend it, if it gets that bad. Coffee is the elixer of life to me.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: OKGranny on January 25, 2011, 08:44:23 PM
Wolf, let's face it - running out of coffee would be a disaster of huge proportions.  I don't know about root foods - I'd probably poison myself.  For me, a year's worth of stored coffee is the minimum to prevent thoughts of suicide due to not having it, plus store some jars of instant coffee to start adding to real coffee to extend it, if it gets that bad. Coffee is the elixer of life to me.

Oh I so agree with that. I even have green coffee beans stored and have been teaching myself to roast them so they make a drinkable cup. I've tried the dandelion coffee and chicory and all I can say is Yuck. This is great fun Victoria. You've reminded me of some of the reasons I learned to prep in the first place and the personal SHTF moments in our lives that kept reinforcing that.
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Post by: Docwatmo on January 25, 2011, 08:51:46 PM
Victoria, LOVE the thread, and a hearty Heck Yhaaa to the coffee.  I have a 1 gallon backup container sealed in the back and 2 jars of instant.  Even before I was a prepper I had coffee.  Sweet, nectar of the gods, coffee.

+1 for a great thread.

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Doc, I'm still trying to figure out this forum, think I now know what karma is, but how do those gold stars get there? 

It will take forever to read all the great threads on this forum, but think I should stick with this thread until my brain is drained - oh, I made a rhyme - brain is drained.
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...but how do those gold stars get there? ...
They are a function of your post count. You start out as a new member, then become a Prepper, then a Survivor, etc. Each new level adds to your stars.
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Don't worry about reading it all.  Take your time and absorb everything as you get to it.  The site is amazing, with some amazing people.  I've been on hear a little over a year and still have lots to learn and threads to read and re-read.  One bite at a time as they say.   ;D
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Glad you've joined us Victoria - +1 for some great posts! Blessings TBM
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Post by: LvsChant on January 26, 2011, 08:30:53 AM
I love your method of menu planning and gauging how much food to store based on your menus... I believe there is a similar method mentioned in the "Everything Under the Sun" resource... you can find it here: (

I like the solar oven option for power free baking and cooking... Thanks for all the tips on prepping, Victoria.
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Post by: swoods on January 26, 2011, 08:45:36 AM
Wow, just found this thread, very good stuff. And oh, yeah, coffee is an absolute necessity!
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Post by: donaldj on January 26, 2011, 10:46:52 AM
This is a very informative thread.

Would like to know what else husband does to help besides peeing off the back porch and barbecuing, though.   ;D
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Post by: Victoria on January 26, 2011, 10:55:00 AM
Donald, he's like you - a fun guy.  Thanks for making me laugh as I write more about storing food.
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Post by: Nicodemus on January 26, 2011, 12:37:30 PM
This is a very informative thread.

Would like to know what else husband does to help besides peeing off the back porch and barbecuing, though.   ;D

Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on January 26, 2011, 02:27:57 PM
I appreciate some men are reading this thread.  Here are two comments regarding men:

Husbands:  Husbands are good for two things: carrying heavy boxes and killing spiders.  Present law allows only one at a time, a pity.

Men in general:  I'm serious about this one - men are swell people.  They have lots of information I want to know and I've learned so much from them.  Some are really clever and inventive and most have a great sense of humor - men are soooo cool. 


The reason I know something about food storage is, I've made storing mistakes and learned not to do that again.  Perhaps I can prevent you from making mistakes plus simplify ways to do it so you can make choices that work for you. 

For simplicity of understanding, I'll explain my system plus give other ways to do it.  Some ways are more expensive than others, naturally.  At some point, you have to decide the best way for you and start doing it. 

I wanted to store food for short term emergencies and an emergency lasting a year or more.  I  have no MREs or other individual ready to eat meals.  These individually packaged meals are way too expensive to store many of them unless you have more money than you can spend, so this method is the most expensive.  The only exception to this, for me, might be some MRE/individual type meals for three days packed in your "leave the house fast" box or backpack.  By the way, we could call the "leave the house fast" box/backpack, a bug out bag (BOB), however, a bug out bag seems to have a connotation of heading to the woods and never coming back.  If you want to call your fast leave box/backpack a "BOB" to sound like a Bubba (love Texas Bubba's), go ahead - "Man, I got a BOB to throw in my 4x4 and split town - ain't that cool - wanna beer?"

Storing for short term up to a year:

Grocery Store foods: One may store canned and packaged foods, kind of/sort of, expecting two years of shelf life, except some are good forever or almost forever and some important ones won't last a year if they aren't stored properly (plus, without power, dairy is a problem after a few days without refrigeration and eggs and cheese after that).  Well, that sounds difficult, doesn't it, trying to figure out what lasts and what doesn't last and how to fix/overcome that (will list long life grocery foods later). 

I will admit right off, I totally screwed up storing flour and cornmeal for the longer term and you really don't want to know what that looked like later; let's just say it didn't work although I froze it for days to kill stuff that might be in there and stored it in food grade buckets with bay leaves to ward off insects.  So, I have a hang-up about flour/cornmeal.

I don't trust flour and cornmeal from the grocery to last without hatching bugs longer than six months unless it's in the freezer and if power goes out, forget the freezer.  I don't have bunches of boxes/bags of grocery store flour and cornmeal stored because  I don't use enough to keep it rotated.  However, if power goes out for a while, you have no bread unless you can make it and flour and cornmeal make several kinds of easy to make bread (easy recipes later).  I do have several boxes of unopened Bisquick.  Can do a lot with that in a short term emergency.  When those go completely out of date to the point I think they need to be replaced, I'll do it. 

So, I didn't have enough grocery flour/cornmeal in my house and what if I couldn't get to the store to get it before an emergency happened?  I needed flour/cornmeal I could depend on to be good for years.  Where could I find flour/cornmeal that I know has been hermetically sealed in the absence of oxygen, so it has many years of shelf life no matter when an emergency happens?  I got it from Walton Feed company.  Walton Feed is an end line company, buying the raw food and hermetically sealing it in the absence of oxygen so it's good for years.  The flour and cornmeal is good for 5-10 years (remember heat destroys shelf life faster and cool extends it).  There are other end line companies other than Walton, but I knew a fellow there and have faith in this company.

You need to decide what to do about flour/cornmeal.  I fixed it by buying sealed Walton flour/cornmeal.  A #10 can of flour is $6.00, #10 of cornmeal is $6.05.  Where do I keep these cans so they aren't in sight or rolling around on the floor?  Under a bed.  Imagine sleeping over your wonderful stored food - now, that's security.

There are other options for flour  -  here they are:

If you are really gung ho, you can buy oxygen absorbers, a machine to suck out air or a substance that helps gets rid of air, and buckets with super seal lids, buy flour/cornmeal at grocery and store it. 

To go even further back to nature with flour - buy wheat - it's cheaper than flour.  One can buy bags of wheat, do the oxygen absorber/etc., bucket thing, buy a wheat grinder, and have flour.  You can also buy the wheat already hermetically sealed in the absence of oxygen at a place like Walton, so you don't have to do the bucket thing to preserve it - has a storage life of 30 years at a stable temperature of 65 degrees.  You will need a hand grinder, expect to pay from $100-$400.  I'm just not into grinding wheat, will stick to flour.

Next is dairy, eggs, other foods with no power in short (or long time) emergency.

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Post by: Victoria on January 27, 2011, 12:52:19 PM

We have stored water, have our clever running water, ways to cook, ways to start fire, prepared a quick leave box or backpack(s), called a bug out bag (BOB) if we want to be cool, and five days of non-fresh emergency food stored.  Now, we're working on food for a longer term emergency lasting longer than five days and up to over a year.  In order to be able to make simple breads, you've made a decision how to obtain flour and cornmeal that will last for at least a year or many years after that. 

If you remove milk, butter/margarine, eggs, and cheese out of your fridge and sit them on the kitchen counter, how long will they last until you have to toss them?  Not long, right?  We'll fix this for long term storage.

Instant milk is at your grocery.  Buy it in individual packages in a box.  It's slightly more expensive that way, but a box of loose instant will turn into a big brick if moisture gets in there - avoid those boxes.  The individual packages put another layer of dryness between the milk and the outside.  I believe the cheapest priced boxes are at Walmart.

This is non-fat milk and I can see you turning your nose up at it.  Let's fix it:  Store jars of powdered creamer.  Add some creamer to the non-fat milk and it will get character and taste more like regular milk.  Also, put a few drops of vanilla in the milk, now it's even better.  Also, buy chocolate milk powder that dissolves in cold milk.  Some chocolate drink mixes only dissolve in hot liquid - read the box before buying.  You'll also want the kind that dissolves in hot liquid for hot chocolate, but be sure to also get some that dissolves in cold liquid to flavor the milk.

Instant milk from the grocery will stay good for months, and keep its original taste as long as it's dry and not around a strong odor that would infiltrate the box and the dry milk absorb it - the individual packages also help prevent odors from getting in.  If you want to go to guaranteed good for the long term, Walton (or companies like Walton), have instant or powdered milk that remains good for 20 years as long as it's kept reasonably cool.  Instant milk or powdered milk, once reconstituted, may be used in recipes with no problem. 

There is a difference between instant and powdered milk.  I doubt grocery stores carry milk powder since instant is the most well known.  Although I have grocery instant milk, for longer term storage (good for 20 years), I bought milk powder rather than instant from Walton for one reason: it's cheaper, doesn't take as much powder to make a cup of milk as it does instant.  I could have more milk for less money.  Instant dissolves almost instantly in water; it takes a little longer for powdered to dissolve, need to stir it a bit.  I thought I could stir in order to have more milk.     

Oh, wow, there's no power and the butter/margarine has run down the inside of the fridge and you have to clean it up, but you still don't have any.  I've worked this problem for some time - from small to large, expensive down to cheap:

Molly McButter in the grocery seasoning section, will put butter flavor on veggies, fish, hot cereal, rice, pasta, scrambled eggs and popcorn.  It does taste like butter.

Companies like Walton have butter powder and margarine powder.  No, you can't make this into solid butter/margarine.  It's only good for recipes and it's really expensive - I don't have any.  Here's a substitute for butter/margarine in recipes:  for 1/4 lb. butter/margarine, mix 2 tablespoons shortening (like Crisco) with 1 tablespoon oil and 1 tablespoon water - there, you've got butter/margarine for recipes and it was really, really, cheap.  I got this info. from a book, "Eating off the Grid" by Denise Hansen - of all my survival books, I wouldn't be without this one.  Amazon doesn't have the physical book, has it only for Kindle and you need the physical book.  Go to, click on "shop", then click, "books",  and there it is for $15.95.  I could go on and on about this book, but trust me, and just buy it.  Will post a little more from the book later.

Finally, there is now canned butter - for a price of around $8.50 for 7.05 ounces.  Two brands are Red Feather and Wijsman.  You can find these on some preparedness company web sites, one is Pleasant Hill Grain.  I have one can of Red Feather and that's it.  These canned butters cost too much and I can do without it.

So, the solution for butter for me, is, in recipes, use Denise Hansen's clever method of substituting shortening/oil/water for butter/margarine, and for butter taste on top of anything, use Molly McButter.  I experimented with Molly McButter, putting a tiny amount of water, a drop or two, on some of the powder, and putting that on toast and it was okay to get butter flavor on there. 

Molly McButter Cheese Sprinkles on rice, pasta, eggs, vegetables, potatoes.  These sprinkles have a good strong cheese taste; you're gonna taste it whatever you put it on.

Walton has cheese powder - can't make cheese to hold in your hand and eat - it's only to be put in soups and casseroles.  It's too expensive and I don't have any.

Now there is canned cheese - a 7.05 oz. can of cheddar cheese will cost about $5.00.  Too expensive and I don't have any.

Make your own, actual cheese easily and cheaply:  Denise Hansen to the rescue, again.  In my book, it's page 37.  Recipe consists of reconstituted milk from instant or powder, bit of salt, some vinegar, few tablespoons oil, and follow the directions and you've got real cheese to eat with crackers or whatever, or use in cooking.

So, for me,  it's Molly McButter Cheese Sprinkles and make my own real cheese when I want it. 

This one took a long time to solve - years actually, until a new product came out.

Powdered egg whites and whole eggs can be had from Walton to put in recipes but you can't cook this powder and put it on your plate and eat.  I don't have this powder.  They do, however, have "egg mix" and that makes actual scrambled eggs to put on your plate so be sure you get the "egg mix" if you want eggs on your plate.  I have cans of this and the shelf life is 5-10 years.  Remember heat shortens shelf life.

The greatest find ever for eggs for recipes (for me, at least) is "Ener-G Egg Replacer".  One box for $6.69 is 113 eggs in each box - that's less than 6 cents an egg.  A number of companies on the web now carry this, so maybe you can find a little bit cheaper price; I ordered from the actual Ener-G company located in Seattle.  I bought a number of boxes and sealed each in a gallon plastic bag to keep out moisture.  If I need an egg in a recipe, there it is.  This product in boxes will last for years if kept free of moisture.  The main reason for an egg in a recipe is to help hold or bind the rest of the ingredients together when it's cooked.  The ingredients in these boxed "fake" eggs do just that.

Oils and dried beans (they don't last forever) are next, plus more information from Denise Hansen, registered dietician from the best university for all things food - Brigham Young University in Utah.
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Great thread!  Thanks.
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Post by: Nicodemus on January 28, 2011, 12:59:41 AM
After following the thread to this point I've decided that Victoria's motto is:

"Twenty is One, and One is Negative Nineteen.  :D
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Post by: Victoria on January 28, 2011, 10:03:38 AM
Nicodemus, Mr. Military Ant, you have too many arms and weapons for me to argue with you (know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em).  Anyway, your math is correct:  if 20 is 1, 1 would have to be -19.  Comparing that assumption to my thread - could you expound on this theory?    :o
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Post by: Victoria on January 28, 2011, 01:58:46 PM
Aside thoughts: There are numerous non-fiction survival books with long lists, longer lists, many lists, too many lists, of items to buy and set aside for storage and survival.  Really, I have most of these books and have read every line, even down to descriptions of weapons (rock chunkers) legal in this country.  Then, there are numerous preparedness companies on the internet listing thousands of products for one to buy.  One finally gets to mind overload and the brain turns to jelly. 

It takes time to discern from all this what one really needs, not what would be nice to have, to prepare for a short and long term emergency.  Unless money is of no concern, limits must be set.  Survival with adequate water/food/shelter/safety and reasonable comfort guided my choices.  Could be you want a fortress with all comforts to the max.  If that's your goal, just make sure you have the basics (written about on this thread and others) to sustain life for a long period before moving up the "spend more, get more comfort", ladder.             


Some type of cooking oil is necessary.  It's in recipes and it goes in a skillet for frying or sautéing, etc.  The easiest way to buy/have oil for the long term is vegetable shortening, like Crisco.  Buy large size cans, it's stays good for years if kept out of intense heat, and you're done, but there is a caveat now to consider about the cans. 

Crisco did a bad thing (in my opinion) some years ago - they went from metal cans to non-metal cans (these new ones are cardboard/plastic stuff).  Crisco in a metal can was good for a number of years, 5 and over (like forever most of us thought and still think).  Then, not only did they change from metal, the FDA did their thing with companies and Crisco had to put a "Best By" date on cans - it's about two years from the date of manufacture (date is on bottom of can).  Their web site says this about Crisco after opening and using it:  "If you notice any change in color or appearance, or if your Crisco product develops an off odor or taste, it's probably past its shelf life and shouldn't be used."  I'm not worrying about my canned Crisco shelf life, even in cardboard/plastic cans. 

Add some cans of Butter Flavored Crisco to use instead of regular Crisco when you want butter flavor in breads, cookies, whatever.  Without power/toaster, one can put a little butter flavored Crisco in a skillet and fry slices of bread on both sides to get a reasonable toast.  Both the regular and butter flavor cans give the formula for replacing butter/margarine with Crisco in recipes and one would have to do that if there was no butter/margarine due to no power, no fridge.

Let's not forget Canola oil for shorter term emergencies, a year "maybe".   

Canola Oil
I know olive oil is healthier with the Omega 3 oil it has and that's what I use except for frying (burning/smoking point of olive oil is too low, Canola is higher).  Olive oil will go bad sooner rather than later, and especially soon if light gets to it.  The best choice for liquid oil for our short time emergency situation, a year or less, is 100% Canola oil.  Watch those labels - once I got Canola oil, said Canola oil on the label, and looked later at home and it had other oils in there.  Make sure somewhere on the bottle it says, 100% Canola oil.  I've had a few bottles of 100% Canola in my pantry for some years, opening one as I needed it, and never had one go bad.  It's darkish plus cool in the pantry, but if you don't have air conditioning, it will go bad faster, hence the Crisco would have much longer shelf life than Canola oil.

Other Fats
Peanut Butter - hmm, good.  Peanut butter does not need refrigeration when opened, that's a good thing.  I've had jars unopened for at least a year and it was still good when opened.  Here's a quote from the Peter Pan company and this will suffice for other companies:  "Creamy and Crunchy varieties of Peter Pan Peanut Butter have a recommended shelf life that is 18 months from the date of manufacture. Beyond this date, the product does not spoil, but may develop off-flavors due to age."  So, store peanut butter with confidence.

In general: Of all foods to store, beans and rice will keep you alive and provide the protein you need.  Beans and rice (plus cornmeal fry bread and flour fry bread) kept our early settlers alive to spread over our country.  It was the main stay food of cowboys on the range.  If you store no food except beans, rice, flour, cornmeal, oil, and salt, you'll live and have sufficient protein.  These foods all the time might get boring, but you will live.  This is why I don't do guess work with the storage life of these foods.  While I have these from the grocery to last a good six months or more, for guaranteed long term storage of beans and rice for 25-30 years, I got them at Walton.  That's also why I got flour and cornmeal for long term storage there and why I have plenty of salt and Crisco.

Canned Beans:
Canned beans only need warming and that saves fuel, and there are numerous combinations to buy.  However, they are expensive when compared to dried beans, and the cans take up a large amount of room.  That said, canned beans are super for the "keep five days of food available at all times".  For this five days of emergency food, assuming there's no power, a large box of instant rice is suggested to go with the beans.  Use instant rice in emergency situations with no power because it only takes the water used for the rice to come to a boil, then no more fuel is needed.  Regular rice takes 15-20 minutes of constant boiling and that's lot of fuel used.

Beans and rice combine together to provide complete protein a body needs.  That means one can get sufficient protein without eating animal meat and in an emergency situation, that's important as animal meat could be diminished, even severely.  Now, I know guys will get their trusty rifles and head to the woods to shoot Bambi.  Unless all laws fail, that's not going to happen except during deer season and there's no way to keep that deer meat good anyway without refrigeration/freezing, except to make it into jerky (if you know how to make jerky without power in the house).

The chemistry part:  Beans and rice do not have to be eaten in equal amounts in order for the body to break it down into complete protein.  Denise Hansen, the dietician tells us in, "Eating off the Grid" (you really need this book), that the ratio of 3 or 4 portions of grains (rice) to 1 of legumes (beans), is sufficient.  Let's see, that's about 4 tablespoons of cooked rice (grain) and 1 tablespoon of cooked beans (legumes), or about 1/2 cup cooked rice and 1/8 cp. cooked beans, or 1 cup cooked rice and 1/4 cup cooked beans.  Get the idea?  Be sure to eat enough rice with the beans and be sure smaller children don't just eat one or the other.  Said another way by Utah State University: "Dry beans average about 22% protein in the seed, the highest protein content of any seed crop. They contain all essential amino acids, except methionine. Methionine can be obtained from corn, rice, or meat."   Remember milk also provides protein.

The plastic packages of all dried beans in the grocery, have a best by date of about 1 year (stamped on the back in ink and good luck finding it).  I don't depend on those packages after a year for an emergency situation, and here's why: over time, oxygen will turn the oil in beans rancid, plus the bean oil will finally dry out, then the beans will not absorb water.  Only thing to do with the beans, then, is grind them up for powder and add it to other dishes you make. 

My final bean/rice solution was:  a few cans of beans we like and a box of instant rice for a few meals in the five day emergency food stack.  From there, figured out how many grocery store dried beans and boxes of instant rice we might eat in six months in emergency situation, having beans/rice one meal a day for three days a week.  For after that, the long term stored beans/rice would start and I calculated how much of each I wanted.  If you have the space, you can certainly store beans/rice from the grocery to last a year.

I did not include brown rice for storage at all.  It is more nutritional, but the oil in it causes it to spoil very quickly, in 6 months or less.  Even professionally packed in the absence of oxygen, it still doesn't last long, only 1 to 2 years.

Next are tips about cooking beans and more from "Eating off the Grid".
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Nicodemus, Mr. Military Ant, you have too many arms and weapons for me to argue with you (know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em).  Anyway, your math is correct:  if 20 is 1, 1 would have to be -19.  Comparing that assumption to my thread - could you expound on this theory?    :o

There's a saying in the prepper/survival/bushcraft fields that "Two is One and One is None", meaning that if you only have one item to do something with and you lost that item you're in trouble. Therefore, you should always carry a backup or have multiple ways to do something. After reading your post on fire, and particularly the comment "OK, maybe I've overdone it with ways to start fire but it's sure I won't be without a way to do it.  Make sure you have at least three ways to allow for failure of two ways." it brought the old saying to mind. You not only listed 2 ways to start a fire, but three others as well. So, I bumped the saying up to twenty and negative nineteen for fun.  ;D
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Nicodemus, oh, I knew that saying two is one and one is none.  I see what you mean now.  I'm afraid I do that with nearly every survival problem I solve - overkill - more ways than I need (but what if the others didn't work).
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Thank you for a great series of posts.
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An additional note about grocery store instant milk:  Thinking about nutrition, I compared grocery store instant milk with long term storage milk (both instant and powdered) and an 8 oz. glass of grocery store instant milk contains 25% of daily requirements of Vitamin D;  this supplement has been added to the milk, just as the regular milk your growing child drinks now has Vitamin D added - Vitamin D is not added to long term storage milk, instant or powdered.  A suggestion, is, if your growing child does not get in the sun for at least 15 minutes per day so sun can get on face and hands to make his/her own Vitamin D, consider storing grocery store instant fortified Vitamin D milk as your main milk (shelf life "maybe" up to 2 years -again, if it's kept dry, away from strong odors, and as cool as possible), with long term storage milk as your backup.

I feel the above is important to know as some children may be more inside people than outside; however, if power is out, TVs and computers stop and the outside may become popular again.  A few outside games would be good to have - maybe croquet (set is about $30), horseshoes, got a hula hoop, bicycle?  Without power, the whole family is going to be outside more than they are now so Vitamin D from sun may not be a problem.


"Eating off the Grid", author Denise Hansen, $15.95,, click "Shop", click "Books", there it is (the physical book is not available on Amazon).  There is much information, including nutritional, about cooking without electricity.  There are also 270 recipes not using fresh or frozen meats, fresh milk and milk products, including butter, margarine and cheeses, fresh eggs.  Shortening, oil and peanut butter provide vegetable sources of fat in the recipes.  I know, how could there be that many recipes providing food for a whole family, and not using those ingredients?  The ingredients are the ones you are going to store - amazing.

When there is no power, there isn't going to be grocery store bread.  It's so simple to buy bread at the grocery.  It's a disaster when one can't do that and the home stove doesn't work so the oven doesn't work.  You could have the finest recipes for making loaves of bread and it isn't going to happen without an oven.  There are portable type little ovens that sit on top of a propane or wood stove, but right now, you don't have one and may never buy one and that's okay because we can make numerous types of bread without an oven.

Bread was a real problem for me to work through - how to have it and have it fairly quickly using the least amount of fuel possible - and it had to taste good.  A number of my answers about providing this or that, took me back to pioneer days and how to have bread was one of them.  I have numerous recipes for fried bread made on top of the stove.  Denise Hansen brought a number of these old recipes together and they're in the book.  All these breads in the book are made on top of the stove and remember, we now have several ways to have a cooking surface:
Corn Tortillas
Flour Tortillas
English Muffins
Hoe Cakes, also Corn Pone (originally hoe cakes were cooked on a greased hoe over an open fire)
Hoe Cake Pancakes
Indian Pumpkin Bread
Navajo Fry Bread
Skillet Toast
Panned Bread
Hush Puppies
Steamed Dinner Loaf (can be sliced and used for sandwich bread and no yeast or kneading is needed)
Steamed Nut or Oat Bread

Some of these fried breads can be made into desserts by adding sugar and cinnamon on the top and serving with honey or syrup.  Hoe Cakes/Corn Pone, Hoe Cake Pancakes, being made of cornmeal, will be especially tasty as a dessert.  So would the Indian Pumpkin Bread.  Lots of choices in these recipes to make good tasting bread and it only takes a skillet and trusty Crisco or other oil to fry them quickly.

Dried beans are hard things that have to be made into soft, plumped up things.  Cooking dried beans seems to mean a long time of boiling, boiling, boiling, using a lot of fuel - example:  I have a bag of 15 bean soup mix, have to soak beans overnight, then simmer them two and a half hours.  I also see recipes on the web saying simmer pinto beans for four hours.  I'm not using that much fuel in an emergency situation.  (In today's world, with power, when I do bean soup, I put it all in crock pot and let it do it's thing for about 5 hours.) 

Rather than write the instructions for cooking beans in Cooking off the Grid, I'll just tell you what I did when I followed them, very simple.  For this experiment, I used one cup of dried pinto beans.  I rinsed them to remove any dirt.  Put them in a pot with water to twice the depth of the beans.  Brought them to a boil and boiled (don't simmer), for two minutes (just two minutes!).  Removed them from heat and let them sit 1 hour.  Poured off the dirty soak water.  Covered with new water, added 1 tablespoon oil and 1/2 tsp salt as it said, boiled them 30 min. and they were totally done.  Beans that will cook to soft in this thirty minute final cooking are black, white, red, pinto, kidney, garbanzo, etc.  Lima beans, large or baby, need 45 min. final cooking time.

Some type beans do not need soaking/puffing up before cooking - lentils is one and they cook in 30 minutes.  Others are split peas and black eyed peas.  There is so much information about various beans, and ways to cook them in the Hansen book, no way to put it here.

I didn't add any seasoning other than that bit of salt it called for, just wanted to see if the beans cooked that fast and they did - don't forget to add the oil when you cook beans.  Later I'll add a recipe section with simple recipes (if they aren't simple, I don't use them) and list numerous seasonings to put in beans so they won't have the same taste every time you make them.

Well, gee, think I'll make the 15 bean soup tomorrow with ham added.  Have to make Creamy Cornbread to go with it, as that's a husband favorite.  A tip for better tasting soup:  in today's world (with power) don't put water in soup as water has no taste; for a beef based soup, use canned beef broth for the liquid; for chicken based soup, use canned chicken broth or vegetable broth and for just vegetable soup, use the veggie broth.  In tomorrow's world (no power), and you don't have access to canned broth, use beef or chicken bouillon cubes or crystals (yes, you stored some) mixed with the water to get that extra flavor in there. 

Grains other than flour/cornmeal, canned/dehydrated/freeze dried veggies, canned meats are next.

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Okay, first post. I don't remember how I found the TSP, but have been listening to the podcasts for the past few weeks and seems like I can't get enough of it. So many topics, great ideas, pursuing personal liberty and just common sense. I seem to be drawn to having "backup plans" before coming here, not nearly as developed, but just having that "feeling" of, well, you know, keeping extra cash, snacks, ammo, medicine, office supplies, foods, vitamins, shampoo, dental floss, huh. Sorry to ramble. I guess we already do like to stock up in a small sense...

I really also very much like the discussions about finances, getting out of debt, the dumb things (and lies) told to the average American, and how people are waking up. There is a lot of wisdom found in the Bible, and also from your elders, and Dave Ramsey, and some friends. And of course the host of TSP I might add, thank you Jack. But of course there are a lot of dumb self-absorbed consumers out there too. I am gracious when I can be, they are humans like me, how do I know I wasn't put here to reach out to bring light to them?

So anyway, to be on topic, this is an AWESOME posting and thread. I am trying to get my wife on board with planning these things, and with financial problems in our country sure to come, she calls it "paranoid" and "that will never happen" or that I am worrying too much. The things you all have been posting in this thread just seem, well, common sense. Plus, I have that feeling of wanting to prepare to help us out, and our dog, and also to have a way to perhaps help a neighbor who didn't plan ahead if a situation arises. Of course discreetly, and I see the logic of making good friends BEFORE you really need them.

I am copying and pasting the things in this thread to a Word doc, and I have already backed it up to a couple flash drives. I usually make multiple backups of reference, etc. material so I can find it later. So let me say a huge THANK YOU and please keep the info coming. I am very green at this deal but want to learn, grow, understand, and help my family and others take smart steps, one at a time, that will help if we need to use what we have set aside.

I recently placed an Emergency Essentials order to try out some foods; I bought a portable propane heater Buddy? and some small propane tanks; need to work on water filtration too, and of course food, medical supplies, etc. And a small grill/oven thing (have been looking at the Volcano II?), you mentioned a small grill earlier in this thread, also cans of heat? (like when you go to buffets) And yes ammunition, that it not wacko it is being prepared. I would rather have plenty than wish I did. Already have some, prefer not to elaborate. But insights about better munition containers are appreciated, currently using small plastic bins with silica gel packets in them to keep it dry.

PS I will have to try out the instant milk too, I like milk, as a kid my parents made powdered milk in the blender, so I pretty much was raised on it. That way you always have some around.
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Oh, ha ha, I just went out to the main page and saw the topic section for this thread "Lady Survivors." Well, there is good info here, and there is at least one lady I know whom I want to survive, and do so well. Thank you all again for your insights, wisdom, and humor in discussing this whole mindset and planning for the future. Victoria this is outstanding info, tempered with experience, divided concisely into separate topics. Likely good info here for the neophyte as well as the seasoned planner.
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Welcome rootstrike... and, yes, you did wander into the "Lady Survivors" corner of the forum. However, we always welcome you guys to join in.

We are glad you are here... please stop by the intro thread when you get a chance,

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 Thank you very much for this thread! I've never seen any one person post anything so informative from their own experiences. This thread is now printed and in the front of my hard copy of the LDS Preparadness Manual.  ;D
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To RootStrike, Dawgus, thanks for your comments - I appreciate knowing these posts/articles may help you.
RootStrike, I feel honored you made your first post here.

I'll just  keep writing until Jack tells me to stop.  I don't personally know Jack but I think he lives in Texas, so maybe he will cut me some slack and let me keep writing. 
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An aside:  I seem to have developed two phrases in these posts, so will define them so won’t have to define them over and over:  “today’s world” means we have power; “tomorrow’s world” means we don’t have power.  Hopefully, “tomorrow’s world” won’t happen.

A word about ordering large amounts of long term storage food:  It’s not a good idea for people around you to know what you have (the security thing).  If a UPS truck stops at your house and unloads large boxes and lots of them, your neighbors are going to wonder why.  For this reason, I staggered my orders, not ordering large numbers of boxes at a time, and letting a few weeks go by before I ordered more. Think about this if you order a good amount of long term food.     

A comment about Egypt and our preparing:  this morning I’m hearing, due to the rioting, food is scarce and gasoline is scarce.  If these riots don’t stop soon, water will stop as the employees won’t be at work and pumping stations will go down.  People have barricaded themselves in their homes as rioters are now in the more well to do neighborhoods.  I wonder if people in these homes have any water and food stored (I doubt it).  There is a lesson here – they didn’t know this emergency was going to happen so didn’t know to prepare.  If you couldn’t leave your home today due to rioting with no end to it in sight, do you have stored water and food? 


We’ve only talked about rice in relation to paring it with beans for complete protein.  Rice by itself can be a side dish, put in soups, used to make tasty rice pudding on top of stove; the uses are many.  Morning rice made with cooked rice, milk, sugar, chopped apple, cinnamon and raisins sounds tasty and that’s in Hansen’s book.  As said before, instant rice is better for emergencies, due to the small amount of fuel it takes to cook it.  From the Minute Rice website we find the shelf life of their 5 minute rice is two years.  For longer shelf life, hermetically sealed in the absence of oxygen from Walton, the shelf life is 25-30 years.  This long term storage rice is not instant.  However, there’s a recipe in Eating off the Grid, that tells us how to cook regular rice only bringing the water to a boil and turning it off – takes a lot more time than instant, but fuel is saved.  Make your choices of storage based on your goals – I chose to have 25-30 yr. rice.   

Instant oatmeal is a fixture in our modern world.  It’s made instant by cutting the oats into smaller pieces so it cooks quickly.  For shelf life:  I just bought a box of apple cinnamon sugar free instant oatmeal and the “best by” date is December, 2012.  This is January, 2011, so it’s “best by” date is two years from now and “best by” doesn’t mean it’s spoiled two years from now - it’s just not going to taste as super fresh as it did before and that’s due to the seasoning taste beginning to lessen.  Plain, no flavor, no sweetening, instant oatmeal can be used in recipes when you just need oats, however boxes of regular oats are much cheaper for recipes.  For long life, long term storage oats, sealed in the absence of oxygen, are good for 25 years.  I have some.   

Technically, pasta would be covered under flour since it’s made from flour.  However, it doesn’t seem like flour and it’s storage qualities are different.  In today’s world, at our house, we eat brown spaghetti, better tasting than white and better for you.  I don’t store brown spaghetti/pasta for the same reason I don’t store brown rice - very short shelf life.  White pasta will store very well for at least two years or more as long as you keep it dry and away from light.  Buy it in plastic bags, not cellophane bags (these are too flimsy and split easily), or cardboard boxes (not tight enough to keep out moisture).  If you do have it or buy it in cellophane or cardboard, put those in plastic bags, press out the air, and seal.  Keep pasta in the dark.  Long term storage pasta lasts 20 years or more.  I have some.   

Canned veggies in the grocery store, basically, have a good tasting shelf life of about two years if kept reasonably cool.  After about two years, the quality of the taste diminishes. For canned veggies, I would rotate them to keep the taste up.   Long term freeze dried veggies are more expensive than long term dehydrated so I don’t have any.  However, I do have dehydrated ones, again bought from Walton.  They have a shelf life of 20-25 years.  The beauty of these dehydrated veggies is, they don’t have to be rotated and many more can be stored since they are dehydrated and take up much less space than cans with liquid in them.  They are sold as individual veggies or mixed veggies.

There is one veggie in the grocery that has a huge amount of life sustaining nutrition, even if it’s canned.  This marvel is sweet potatoes.  A 2/3 cup serving of canned sweet potatoes has this:  190% of Vitamin A one needs a day: 30% of Vitamin C; 2% of Calcium, 8% of iron.  That’s a lot of nutrition in one veggie – in tomorrow’s world, open a can, heat the contents, put some on each plate, sprinkle with Molly McButter and cinnamon, and even the kids should like it.  When you heat them, you could add some brown sugar - pour off some of the liquid in can if you do it this way so the sugar will concentrate itself on the veggies- won’t take much brown sugar this way.  There is fiber in the canned ones but if you had fresh ones (which you likely won’t in tomorrow’s world), the fiber content would be higher, naturally.

Buy Hormel canned meat of every kind and you’re done – that was easy, wasn’t it?  Not long ago, I searched their website and read due to their processing, as long as the can is intact, the product is safe to eat.  For best taste quality, canned ham is 2 years, canned meat and poultry, is 2 to 5 years.  I can’t guarantee other brands, or store brands, would last this long as I have no information on their canning techniques, so I’m sticking with Hormel brand.  I do believe Hormel is the standard for canned meat – Spam, Spam, Spam, does that register?  Look at Spam cans, there’s more than one type Spam now. They have been providing our individual military men with meat forever it seems so they know what they’re doing when they can meat.  Buy a can of Hormel ham, one of the Spam varieties, one of chicken every week and they will build up in your pantry – or buy more than one each every week and watch the stack grow faster.

Look, don’t diss Spam.  Sliced, fried Spam is tasty a number of ways: on a sandwich with mustard and it’s good with eggs and it’s good as the meat on a plate with other foods.  Hormel ham will do nicely as meat in soup or sliced as the main meat for a meal.  Hormel chicken is useful to make chicken salad, put it in soups, etc..  It’s chicken so use it as you would chicken now.

Hormel meats are the only real meats I store.  One 14.5 oz. can of “Signature” hamburger in juices, at Walton, is $6.45, one can of “Signature” chicken chunks in juices is $6.45 and both have a shelf life of 3 years.  That’s too much money for too little meat for too little storage time.  So, I went to long term storage meat substitute – beef and chicken flavored textured vegetable protein (TVP).

Don’t turn up your nose at TVP.  Look, we’re talking a major disruption for whatever reason, and TVP could be the only meat texture and flavor you have if you don’t store canned meat.  Plus, beef or chicken flavored TVP is fine to put in soups – gives you the texture and  flavor of meat plus protein and saves your canned meat to have pure meat on the table.  A #2.5 can of beef flavored TVP is 10 servings for $4.30.  A #2.5 can of chicken flavored TVP is 11 servings for $4.50 and the storage life for both is 10 years.

Next is fruits, sugars, salt, baking powder, baking soda, honey, bottled/canned pasta sauce, salsa/Picante, gravies, ketchup, mustard, mayo, etc..

Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
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Look, don’t diss Spam.  Sliced, fried Spam is tasty a number of ways: on a sandwich with mustard and it’s good with eggs and it’s good as the meat on a plate with other foods. 

Your right about that!
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Buy Hormel canned meat of every kind and you’re done – that was easy, wasn’t it?  Not long ago, I searched their website and read due to their processing, as long as the can is intact, the product is safe to eat.  For best taste quality, canned ham is 2 years, canned meat and poultry, is 2 to 5 years.  I can’t guarantee other brands, or store brands, would last this long as I have no information on their canning techniques, so I’m sticking with Hormel brand.  I do believe Hormel is the standard for canned meat – Spam, Spam, Spam, does that register?  Look at Spam cans, there’s more than one type Spam now. They have been providing our individual military men with meat forever it seems so they know what they’re doing when they can meat.  Buy a can of Hormel ham, one of the Spam varieties, one of chicken every week and they will build up in your pantry – or buy more than one each every week and watch the stack grow faster.

Look, don’t diss Spam.  Sliced, fried Spam is tasty a number of ways: on a sandwich with mustard and it’s good with eggs and it’s good as the meat on a plate with other foods.  Hormel ham will do nicely as meat in soup or sliced as the main meat for a meal.  Hormel chicken is useful to make chicken salad, put it in soups, etc..  It’s chicken so use it as you would chicken now.

Hormel meats are the only real meats I store.  One 14.5 oz. can of “Signature” hamburger in juices, at Walton, is $6.45, one can of “Signature” chicken chunks in juices is $6.45 and both have a shelf life of 3 years.  That’s too much money for too little meat for too little storage time.  So, I went to long term storage meat substitute – beef and chicken flavored textured vegetable protein (TVP).

Don’t turn up your nose at TVP.  Look, we’re talking a major disruption for whatever reason, and TVP could be the only meat texture and flavor you have if you don’t store canned meat.  Plus, beef or chicken flavored TVP is fine to put in soups – gives you the texture and  flavor of meat plus protein and saves your canned meat to have pure meat on the table.  A #2.5 can of beef flavored TVP is 10 servings for $4.30.  A #2.5 can of chicken flavored TVP is 11 servings for $4.50 and the storage life for both is 10 years.

I agree with this wholeheartedly. Hormel cans a lot of different kinds of meat and most people will find a couple that they like. For instance, I'm not a big fan of regular SPAM, but I like Turkey SPAM, Bacon SPAM and I can handle Hickory Smoked SPAM. I like Hormel's Chunk Meats even better. Their Chunk Chicken, Turkey and Ham are all pretty good in my book. Make sure you keep an eye out for their Valley Fresh Label chunk meats as well if you need to go for gluten free or tend to like Organic. I also like Hormel's Corned Beef, Corned Beef Hash and Roast Beef in gravy. I can even eat Hormel Deviled Ham and Potted meat in a pinch.

Don't overlook Armour Brand canned meat either. They also claim that if the can isn't bulged and the seal is intact it will store indefinitely. Though they admit the taste deteriorates over time. They carry a lot of the same products as Hormel, but then there is also Armour Vienna Sausages! This is a vice for me. When folks are eating desserts around here I'm having BBQ, Hot ’n Spicy, Smoked or Honey Mustard Vienna Sausage.  :D

Oh, and don't forget about Dak/Plumrose Hams and Corned Beef. They claim a "Best used by date of 5 years" and indefinite shelf life.

As a disclaimer, make sure you read the labels. Some of these products are extremely high in sodium and other things that might affect you badly. Having said that, you don't need to eat the whole can to get a decent amount of protein and fats.
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Thanks, Nico - I need to add those other Hormel meat products - totally forgot about chili.  Also, men tend to go for Vienna Sausages, the crude critters they are - oh, I forgot, you are one. ::)
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Thanks, Nico - I need to add those other Hormel meat products - totally forgot about chili.  Also, men tend to go for Vienna Sausages, the crude critters they are - oh, I forgot, you are one. ::)

It's true, I don't deny it.  :D
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...Also, men tend to go for Vienna Sausages, the crude critters they are - oh, I forgot, you are one. ::)
Hey, whats the matter with Vienna Sausage? Some bread, some mustard and you have pigs in a blanket.  :D
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Post by: Victoria on January 31, 2011, 02:37:18 PM
Included in Hormel meats are the various types chili they have.  Don't get the ones with beans 'cause you want as much meat as possible in those cans; if you want beans, add your own beans.  And, okay, get some Vienna sausages for the guys and maybe your kids will eat them, too.

Note: When searching for the shelf life of a product, it’s best not to click on a website like, “Uncle Joe’s shoe repair and food shelf life information.”  I go to an actual company that makes the product so I can have the most reliable information possible.

I somehow forgot to mention canned fish. 

StarKist says their unopened products have a recommended shelf life of up to three years.  Another company, Gold Seal, says , “Canned tuna is one of the most shelf-stable food products available, and can be safely stored in a pantry for several years. The shelf-life of canned tuna is generally "advertised" as three (3) years. However, if properly stored in a dry pantry, the actual shelf-life of canned tuna can be as long as 10 years, provided that the integrity of the can has not been compromised due to damage or corrosion.”

So, canned tuna is a winner for storage.  It has Omega 3 oils and is a healthy food choice.  For extra special taste, StarKist also comes packed in olive oil but that is more costly than regular oil or water.  For emergency living, buy it packed in oil, by any company, to give your body that oil, plus many think it tastes better than when packed in water.   

From the Salmon industry: “Canned salmon is one of the most shelf-stable food products available, and can be safely stored in a pantry for many years. The shelf life of canned salmon is generally "advertised" as six (6) years. However, if properly stored in a dry pantry, the actual shelf life of canned salmon is 10 years or more, provided that the integrity of the can has not been compromised due to damage or corrosion.”

“Sockeye salmon has the highest amount of Omega-3 of any fish with approximately 2.7 grams per 100-gram portion. Therefore, just one serving of Alaska Salmon per week can help to lower cholesterol and the risk of heart disease.”

“A 4-oz serving of canned salmon with bones contains almost as much calcium as a cup of milk. During the canning process, salmon bones are softened so they can be easily crushed and included in any recipe. Salmon is also rich in vitamin D, which helps our bodies absorb calcium into our bones.”

The above should convince you to store salmon as well as tuna. Pink salmon is cheaper than red, so store pink.  Maybe you have a recipe for salmon croquettes.  My mother made them so I make them like she did – nothing fancy.  Take the salmon out of 14 oz. can (should make 4 good sized patties), put in bowl and crush bones with fork and mix it all up.  Then, put “some” (mother never measured anything – was “pinch” of this and “half or full handful of that” measurement) and I don’t know how much I put in, either, but it’s not a lot.  The object is to get some in there to help the egg (Ener-G boxed EGG SUBSTITUE in tomorrow’s world) hold the salmon together. 

Anyway, after you add “some” cornmeal, stir in an egg until it’s all mixed.  Then, make a patty and cover it both sides with cornmeal and keep making them – work gently so they don’t fall apart.  By this time, the oil in your skillet is hot enough to fry– enough oil to come half way up the patties.  Gently fill the skillet (I put one at a time on a spatula to slip them in – don’t trust my hands that close to the hot oil) and fry golden brown on both sides and you’re done.  Good with ketchup or tarter sauce.  I know, some recipes use cracker crumbs and no cornmeal, put  in cooked chopped up onion and red bell pepper, etc., but I don’t – my mother didn’t so I’m not doing it either, okay?  I also like these patties cold later.  Really, I think it’s the cornmeal that makes them so tasty – crackers just aren’t going to cut it. 

Next is onions, fruits, sugars, salt, baking powder, baking soda, honey, bottled/canned pasta sauce, salsa/Picante, gravies, ketchup, mustard, mayo, etc.. 

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Honey Mustard Vienna Sausage.  :D
I have never seen honey mustard ones.
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Victoria, your recipe for salmon patties is the very same my mother made ,so that's how I make them. Have had the ones with cracker crumbs, but not the same as the goooood ones. ;D
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Monkey, your dog is beautiful.  I looked at your age and see both our mothers were of the same era, plus you live in Texas where my family lived all my life.  If your mom lived in Texas then, maybe cornmeal was nomral for them.  We had cornbread at every meal except breakfast.  As a child, I thought it was strange when people had sliced white bread at a meal.  I think the same thing to this day about cornmeal and salmon - crackers?  Ruining salmon with crackers.
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Victoria, I have been meaning to do this for a couple of days but have just been to busy.

You have been given the "Outstanding Poster" award for this thread.

This is a great thread and I am sure that all of our members will benefit greatly from it.

Thank you very much.

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I also like canned tuna, the albacore is very good. The tuna in pouches tastes better than cans do. They have a pretty decent expiration printed on them, looks like about 1.5 - 2 yrs. on the ones I have in the cupboard. Plus they are thin, you can just tear the top open, no can opener needed. But less meat in them vs. a can.

What about Chicken? I mean, after all, so many things taste like it... and it gives variety.

No seriously, was at the store last night, found a brand I hadn't heard of before, it was at Target, It says Organic White Meat Chicken, it is dated until Dec. 2012, the ingredients are nice: Chicken Breast, water, sea salt. That's it. So I bought a few, will try out to see how it tastes. It was perhaps $2.24? for a 12.5 oz. can (tuna cans are usually 5 or 5.25 oz. for $1-$1.35, albacore usually 40c more, solid albacore a bit more), so not horrendous. I think also BumbleBee and maybe Swanson sell canned chicken. My wife hates fish. During school I used to eat tuna salad sandwich pretty much every day since a low-cost source of protein.

You know, the idea of canned meats makes sense, you can add them to any dish or soup to boost protein. And up here it is only in the teens Fahrenheit now, and plenty of snow, so not a spot for live chickens in my back yard.

On a different protein front, we also keep extra whey protein, soy protein, and rice protein around, as a nutritional supplement. Optimum Nutrition's Gold Standard Whey, Vanilla Ice Cream I like, also their Extreme Milk Chocolate. If you like Whoppers, they have a Chocolate Malt that tastes just like Whoppers. Also we have one called Cake Batter that is good. They taste better with milk, but in a pinch you could use water, or even recon the powdered milk. A 5 lb. protein powder container, or a few, can last a while, then it balances other carbs in the meal. Plus convenient with a shaker cup - my favorite shaker is the "Blender Bottle" 18oz. size (it has a wire wisk ball inside, lots of colors) or the Tupperware shaker cup. Both are easy to clean, mix the powder and milk (or water) well, and are easy to transport. We have taken them on vacations many times.

I like Cottage Cheese too, but that sure wouldn't store well without refrigeration. I have been interested in health and nutrition for a number of years, so that is why I mentioned the protein powder angle, it is in plastic containers, dry powder, would store great and is super convenient to use. Plus if you keep some extra Splenda packets around, or chocolate syrup, you could tweak a shake a bit to taste.
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I am honored to be given this award; thank you very much.  If my writing helps clarify some of the confusion a prepper has to slog through to get the job done, then the time I'm spending to do this will be well worth it.  Plus, this is a good way to interact with other preppers. 
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You deserve it Victoria.  You have compressed a tremendous amount of prepping info into a single source that is both easy to read and entertaining.  It has been a joy to read this thread and I find myself coming back and re-reading some parts of it again and again to take some of my own notes from.

Keep up the great work!!

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Post by: Nicodemus on February 01, 2011, 09:25:26 AM
I have never seen honey mustard ones.

I want to say that I got them at Wal-Mart, but I'm not positive about that. They were in a 6-pack.
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I am honored to be given this award; thank you very much.  If my writing helps clarify some of the confusion a prepper has to slog through to get the job done, then the time I'm spending to do this will be well worth it.  Plus, this is a good way to interact with other preppers. 

Congratulations on the award, Victoria. It's well deserved.
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After food, we’ll go over how to have continuing light three ways, ways to stay cool enough, warm enough, and have continuing small battery power.  I don’t have a generator and mountains of diesel or gasoline (I’d probably blow myself up or burn the house down).  We also need an easy way to keep our clothes clean.  And, we need to have certain medical supplies/over the counter medicines and know what to do with them - I promise we won’t do major surgery.  Plus, we have to have personal sanitation (can we talk?).  After that, some simple recipes I have found over the years that work for me - my personal rule: if a recipe has more than six simple ingredients, I’m not doing it.   


Shelf life of packaged, canned, bottled foods, once and for  all:  Before companies had to put “best by” (which means it’s still good after that just maybe not as tasty), and “use by” (maybe use not too long after that), I had to search and search for shelf life and I personally called some companies.  Now, today, with these labels, it’s just not hard to store most items and know what you’re doing regarding shelf life.

A word about bottled foods described below.  It’s a proven fact when people eat the same thing over and over, they begin to stop eating.  It’s also a proven fact, when a person doesn’t eat, she/he dies.  We need to keep up appetites of the family, using what it takes to do that, and that’s these bottled items plus seasonings for intense flavor, as we know stored food isn’t as flavorful as fresh food to start. 

Bottled items – ketchup (Heinz has a “best by” date and you know what that means), mustard, mayo, salsa/Picante, gravies - go by the dates on the bottles, checking if it’s “use by” or “best by” and store what you need for the weekly menus you developed to last as many weeks, months or years as you wanted.  You’ll only have to rotate “use by” foods if you really hate rotating everything.  However, I did recommend rotating canned veggies to keep as much full flavor as possible.

Salsa/Picante:  I can’t tell the difference between the two anymore -  Picante is supposed to be chunkier than salsa, but now there’s chunky salsa - I give up.  But, about storing them:  if you look in Mexican section of grocery, you will find canned salsa.  I think canned salsa lasts longer than bottles (acid tomatoes in a can lasts a very long time, many years according to all we read from companies now) and the can keeps the contents in the dark and it’s not going to break like glass jars.  Canned salsa is my preference to store.  Have I mentioned having a sturdy hand can opener??

Pasta Sauce - canned rather than bottled:  Here’s a true fact:  the cheapest items of something in the grocery store are on the bottom shelf.  They are put there so you won’t bend down and get them, but buy the more expensive items on the shelves above that one.  Go to the canned tomato sauce/canned tomatoes section, look on the bottom shelf and find large cans of Del Monte Spaghetti Sauce, a number of varieties.  One large can with spaghetti or other pasta, will easily feed six people or more. 

Years ago, I called Del Monte (before they had to put dates on there), and the person told me it lasts forever unless the can is punctured or it’s kept in heat.  From their website now, they say the same thing in different words,  “As of 2004, Del Monte began including a "Best By" date on our product packaging for consumer convenience. As a general guideline, Del Monte canned fruit, vegetable and tomato products have a shelf-life of about 2-1/2 to 3 years from the date of production.  After 2-1/2 to 3 years, quality may begin to deteriorate, although the contents would still be safe. Incidentally, we recommend that any swollen or leaking containers be discarded, regardless of age.”

The reason I want you to have the extra assurance of shelf life for Del Monte Spaghetti Sauce as stated above, is, this fine tasting sauce, in several varieties, is really cheap compared to bottled pasta sauce and you may use it with many foods to jack up flavor, so buy a large amount.  Think about it; you won’t have fresh tomatoes unless you grow them and if you grow them with hybrid seeds you can’t save those seeds and grow more the next year and if there’s no more to be had, in tomorrow’s world, you’re out of tomatoes.  I’ll write about non-hybrid (heirloom) seeds for those of you who have some space to grow even a small amount of veggies and also we need to cover sprouts (did I just see some of you frown when you read, “sprouts”?)

Think of cheap Del Monte Spaghetti sauce as flavor packed tomatoes.  Use it not only for pasta but as a base to make soup with your stored beans and rice, or base for veggie soup, add to canned veggies for tomato flavor.  Think of those cans as tomatoes and use it whenever you want tomatoes.  There are several types (one has actual meat in it so get those for more meat) and I’m sure more has been added since the last time I looked - hey, it’s on the bottom shelf and I don’t bend down that far unless I have to.  One of you who is younger with a good back, take a look and let me know the types.   

According to our buddy, Del Monte, their canned fruit lasts as long as their canned spaghetti sauce.  Well, good.  Buy canned fruit.  Don’t even think of buying dried, canned fruit from Walton or other – it costs a fortune.  Buying dried fruit in a plastic bag in the grocery is expensive and has much less real shelf life than canned.  An exception might be raisins and you need to have raisins.  They are good for you, sweet, and I want rice pudding with raisins and raisins in other recipes.

Next is onions, seasonings, sugars, salt, baking powder, baking soda, honey, yeast.

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Congratulations, Victoria, on the Oustanding Poster award.  It is well deserved and I look forward to many more posts.  Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us.

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Congratulations on the award, Victoria!  I have had these thoughts and concerns swimming around in my mind.  You have done so much of the work and made it much easier for me.  Great ideas and thought processes that I can use or adjust to fit our needs.  Many thanks to you and many thanks to so many here that have added to the conversation with their own ideas and experiences!
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Post by: monkeyboyf on February 01, 2011, 09:48:30 PM
Congratulations! Everyone is so enjoying your posts. I know I am. We old Texas gals just have shared memories,  fortunately you are better at presenting them for everyone else. :)
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Post by: eph2 on February 02, 2011, 12:34:31 PM
Really enjoy the thread.  Makes all this prepping stuff seem more like commonsense home-management.
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It is really cold down here in Texas, maybe snow Thursday and Friday.  Wind chill this morning was forecast to be 2 degrees.  Most of you are in colder areas than I am.  I hope you are all snuggly in your houses and have water/food and a way to keep warm.  Houston, south of me, has had rolling power blackouts.  Thousands across the country are without power.  I expect to hear some elderly people have frozen to death as that always seems to happen. 

A suggestion for shopping for storage goods if you have walking problems:  Some of you are older (I’m probably the oldest person on this whole forum) and may have arthritis or other bone problems or medical problems that limits your walking.  You can go to “Sams” on the net, join for $40 if you aren’t a member, select the Sams nearest your house, order on line and go to Sams the next day or a few days later, your choice, and your goods will be at the front door desk for you to purchase, pick up and go.  When I go in Sams, my right knee (had operation on it maybe 7 years ago), goes into shock and tells me it isn’t walking that huge store.  If your body parts talk to you like that, just go to Sams on line, order what you want and pick it up at the door.

Another suggestion to use Sams: I saw a post on a thread in the forum, where someone was going to wait until the last minute before an emergency happened, then rush to the grocery to buy goods, and someone posted not to do that, buy storage now.  Normally, that would be true; however, if you live in a small space and definitely don’t have room to store a large amount without having to sit on the goods in your living room, buy what you can store now, the very basics to live, put it in every crevice of your space, including under your beds, but still be able to move around your living space and have a life.  Then, when you see the first hint of a problem coming, don’t wait any longer, go to Sams on line, order your stuff and pick it up  the next day.  At that point, it doesn’t matter if you have to sit on your goods.  Sure, this method is a little iffy for storing for the long term, but not everyone lives in an ideal situation to store a good sized amount of goods.


When we prepare a meal (I don’t mean bringing in Burger King hamburgers and putting pepper on them), we usually need an onion somewhere in the preparation.  They are a staple for flavor plus food value.  If stores are closed, we have no onions unless they are growing in our back yard.

We can find some now in the grocery to store that are as close to fresh as we can get. They are in the veggie aisle, small pearl onions, usually in bottles.  Some have been flavored and some not.  Use your best judgment as to which ones would fit your needs when you need them in cooking.   

Then, there’s French’s French Fried Onions and a new one, French’s Cheddar French Fried Onions (don’t have this one yet), both in cans.  There is no law these onions can only be put on top of a green bean casserole - think outside green bean casserole.  Put some in a plastic bag and crush them into bits with a rolling pin or plastic glass.  Now, you can use them for onions in anything - put them in soups, in veggies, any recipe where you want/need onions. 

I think the newer cheddar ones would add good cheese flavor and we need that in our  emergency food as cheese isn’t at our fingertips instantly except for Molly McButter cheese sprinkles (remember you can make cheese if you have Eating off the Grid book recipe, but that isn’t instant cheese).  French’s says this about the cheddar ones:  “Add some cheesy, crunchy goodness to your favorite, everyday dishes! Made with real cheddar cheese, French's® Cheddar French Fried Onions are a tasty way to add crunchy, cheddar cheese to the meals your family loves. These zesty, cheesy onions are perfect on mashed potatoes, soups, tacos, salads, and chili.”  So, crush them and use for onions plus cheese.

I also have long term storage chopped onions from Walton.

Seasonings are a major way to put zip in food and that’s what we need with storage food.  There are many and I’m sure you have your favorites.  Herbs and spices need to be kept dry, away from heat and in a dark place.  As with most foods, heat, light, and moisture will destroy herbs/spices.  Put them in plastic bags to help keep out moisture.

Some seasonings are fragile for shelf life - especially leaf seasonings.  Look on the bottle for shelf life date when buying to get the freshest, however, when they are in your house, looking is a good way to determine if it’s too old and lost its kick - if the leaves look dried out and have changed color, usually to gray, it’s dead and won’t flavor your food.

Buying for storage: 
In a long term emergency, I wanted to be sure I had viable Italian seasoning - it goes in most every soup I make and many other foods/recipes I use, so, along with grocery store Italian, I bought long term Walton Spaghetti seasoning.  This is Italian seasoning, with these ingredients:  onion, garlic, oregano, anise seed, rosemary, green bell pepper, basil.  It’s the only long term seasoning I have due to the price; the rest is grocery store mainly ground seasonings.  Ground seasonings last longer than leaf seasonings before they begin to lose their power.

Which ones to store:  First, small bottles cost more per serving than larger bottles so consider getting the larger bottles.  In grocery stores, the lowest prices will be at Walmart and look at prices before you buy as some companies are cheaper than others - for one, Adams company is cheaper than most others, maybe the cheapest.  Larger bottles (mainly by Tones) are at Sams and I have those as well as grocery store ones not found at Sams.  There isn’t a Costco near me, so I don’t know if they have large bottles, but probably they do.  Get large Tone’s containers of cinnamon to make various sweets and use on fry breads to make tasty desserts with honey or syrup.

I have mentioned beef and chicken bouillon cubes for flavor in soups if beef, chicken, veggie, broth is not available, and, at Sams, there are large Tone bottles of both beef and chicken cubes.  Tone says their bouillon cubes are good for two years.  Also, if a family member is sick with digestive problems, cups of beef or chicken bouillon from these cubes give the person a bit of nourishment, water, when maybe nothing else can be held down.  For long term beef and chicken bouillon, I did get #2.5 cans at Walton – I think it’s that important.

Seasonings for dried Beans:
My opinion: dried beans cooked without seasoning, are awful.  Due to that, and the fact I’ve got gobs of them, I have searched for various seasonings for beans at the cheapest price.  I get the largest containers I can find (however at Sams they have containers as large as a gallon - I don’t get those.  Most of my containers still fit on a regular sized kitchen shelf).  You may have seasonings you use for beans other than these, and, if so, I’d like to know what they are and I’ll get some.  Sometimes (actually most times) I put more than one seasoning together in the beans.  Here are ones from which I choose:
1.  Italian Seasoning
2. Tony Chachere’s Creole Seasoning
3. Tone’s Garlic and Herb Seasoning
4. Chili Powder
5. Szechwan seasoning
6. Mrs. Dash, extra spicy seasoning blend - this is addition to the main seasoning used.
7. Fiesta Pinto Bean Seasoning
8. Pinto Bean Seasoning from a company in this area.
9. Canned Rotel tomatoes for heat - 1 can per pot of beans, doesn’t take the place of canned Italian diced tomatoes I put in every pot.
10. Lemon pepper
11. Tabasco sauce for heat
12. Regular salt and pepper in every pot
13. Onion powder, celery powder, garlic powder
Please, post the names of other seasonings you use for beans.

Buy white, brown sugar at the grocery.  Seal in gallon plastic bags to keep out moisture, and it will last your whole lifetime and your children’s lifetime, and your grandchildren’s lifetime and on forever.  Bugs, except maybe ants, don’t care for sugar as they know it has little food value (Does that mean other bugs are smarter than ants and does that mean those other bugs are smarter than we are?)  I’m storing sugar - I don’t care what those bugs think – I’m glad they don’t want my sugar.

Another form of sugar is syrups.  You will need them for pancakes, fried biscuits, and fry bread desserts. Buy non-sugar ones for diabetics, regular for everyone else.  My choice is Log Cabin non-sugar for husband and regular for me.
Buy iodized salt at grocery, seal in plastic bags to keep out moisture, and it, like sugar, will last forever.

Baking powder
This one is vitally important to make some of the stove top breads rise, including flour tortillas, some of the fry breads, plus pancakes.  Shelf life greatly depends on how you store it and handle it.  The Virginia Cooperative Extension program states a shelf life of baking powder as 18 months.  However, if you bring it home, use it and leave the top off for awhile, or stick a wet spoon in it - it won’t work anymore.  So,  the rule is, when you remove some from the can, immediately put the top back on and don’t put a wet spoon in it.  Absolutely keep the can in a dry place.  Right now you have a fridge but if you put it in there, humidity will condense and it won’t work.

Clabber Girl website says this about checking baking powder to determine if it still works:  “You should stir up the powder to see if there are any clumps, or if it has hardened; this is an indication that moisture has mixed with the powder and caused a reaction. If it stirs up nice and fluffy, it should be good. Also, you can place a teaspoon of the powder in a glass of tepid water to see if it reacts.”  “Reacts” means it will bubble. Baking powder costs more than baking soda.  Baking powder is so important, I have #2.5 cans from Walton for long term storage.

Baking Soda
Baking soda is used for top of stove fried cornbread, Irish scones, and other top of the stove breads in Eating off the Grid.  Shelf life: Arm and Hammer website says toss it after the use by date.  That use by date may be two years but wasn’t on their website.  Check a box of baking soda for “use by date” the next time you go to grocery.  Same as baking powder, baking soda must be kept dry or it won’t work.  For long term storage, I have it from Walton’s.  Don't toss your soda after it's use by date - keep it for other uses described below:

Other uses for Baking Soda:
Baking soda can be used for toothpaste, antacid, deodorizing, cleaning, and I have a large amount for potty absorbent (will explain that in sanitation section).  It’s cheap and can be used for many tasks.

Buy it at the store - it’s good forever if you get pure honey with nothing added – check the bottle for purity before you buy it.  Over time, the honey may crystallize.  Put water in a pot, put the bottle in the water, and slowly heat the water just to warm - warm water will make the honey will go back to its original state. 

This is from the Walton website about yeast and I use this information for yeast:  “Yeast, a living organism, has a relatively short storage life.  Keep yeast in the original metal foil storage container. The expiration date of yeast is 1 year from the manufacturing.  However, if the seal remains intact, yeast should last at least 2 years at 65 degrees F. It is recommended that you refrigerate after opening and use within the year. Storing yeast in freezer or refrigerator will allow it to store longer.”

Next are ways to have light, be cool enough, warm enough and have continuing small battery power.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on February 03, 2011, 01:04:36 PM
Power is out and you have no refrigeration unless you have a generator to run a fridge.  Even if you have a generator for a short time emergency lasting several days, you will run out of fuel eventually and lose refrigeration.  When I began to prepare, I did it with the idea of no refrigeration.  I would be back to the time of my grandmother in Arkansas where their entire life was lived without refrigeration.  I remember visiting there as a child and there was no electricity, yet they lived fairly nicely.  They did have a spring on the property and their butter and milk was kept in the cool spring - wish I had that spring.

“Eating off the Grid” also assumes there is no refrigeration, however she lists ways to keep foods cooler and you need to know these.  Also, her recipes take into account there is no refrigeration, so they are scaled down in size so there won’t be huge amounts left over.  Also, there are several ways to have an oven, and she goes over these thoroughly - one of the suggestions may fit what you can do - a solar oven, as suggested in one of my posts, is one suggestion and I know you can do that.  She has some recipes for baking in an oven, so if you can come up with one, solar or other, you have more options but don’t freak out about having an oven. 

Bottled condiments and no refrigeration: 
Mayo:  buy the smallest jars to last a few days without refrigeration once they are opened.  Many years ago, mayo was made with uncooked eggs and that’s when people got sick on picnics (think potato salad), etc., and some died.  No bottled mayo is made that way today and this info. comes to me from a phone call I made to Hellmann’s years ago.  That little jar of opened mayo will last at least several days before it begins to sour.  However, to prevent worry and save money for an emergency lasting more than a few days, only store a few and make your own from the book.  Note, she uses soy flour sometimes to substitute for eggs, but you can use Ener-G Egg Substitute for the eggs. I have no soy four stored.  Her mayo is made from soy flour (use the egg substitute instead), mustard, vinegar, salt/pepper, oil.

Regular Mustard:  It needs no refrigeration, period.  French’s mustard company says, “Dijon & horseradish mustard will lose their distinct flavors if not refrigerated, so we encourage refrigerating both. For all other mustards, refrigeration will help maintain flavor; however, it is not necessary to refrigerate if you prefer to consume your mustard at room temperature. There are no ingredients in mustard that spoil. "Refrigerate After Opening" is not required for food safety--we only recommended you do so to maintain optimal product flavor.”

Ketchup:  Buy the smallest bottles possible.  Heinz Ketchup company says: “Because it is a very acidic product, ketchup does not spoil easily. Once opened, in order to maintain the product's quality more effectively, we do suggest that ketchup (and any other processed food) be refrigerated after opening because refrigeration retards spoilage.”  Using their advice, seems opened ketchup is going to be okay for a while.

So, the rule is, buy small bottles of any condiments (including pickles and pickle relish), except for mustard.

A suggestion when ordering long term food:  Let’s say a fellow’s first order is all the flour he will ever need - lots of flour.  It gets to him and the next day a disaster happens - all he has is flour.  Unless you order everything at once, select some of each you want so you will have a cross section of food should an emergency happen in the middle of your ordering.  The poor fellow who has only flour, at least needed some baking powder, soda, salt and oil to make something out of the flour – hope he had some of that at home but eating only fry bread for a long time is going to get old. 
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Post by: RootStrike on February 03, 2011, 01:26:29 PM
Thank you again, this is very helpful info. I'll have to look into refrigeration, wondered about that, how cool is the basement, etc. Right now, I could walk outside and put something in a snowdrift, or really anywhere in the yard, due to all the snow we have from the other day. But in the summer, thankfully, no snow. I'll bet packets of condiments keep well too. I have updated my Word doc with the posts thus far.
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Post by: MaineMerrie on February 03, 2011, 05:29:30 PM
Thanks for the thought provoking thread.  This is my very first post to any forum and I also am just learning how it works.  I grew up with a Mother who prepped before it was know as that.  I am now putting what I was forced to "help" with as a child to good use today.  Thank you for bring back great memories and kicking my but to get going in other areas.
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Post by: elcoyote on February 03, 2011, 05:46:15 PM
welcome to the board MaineMerrie! Feel free to stop on by the Intro thread and introduce yourself! The regional boards are great too, to meet some local to you people! :)
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Post by: Victoria on February 04, 2011, 01:26:13 PM

On the day I evaluated a day without power, having light seemed like a real problem.  I don’t worry about that now.  Here are ways to do it and some of them cross over to provide heat, too.

1.  My best choice to light a living room:  (Since I started, improvements have been made in flashlights and lanterns, so I updated my choices and bought them at Amazon.)  Rayovac Sportsman lantern.  It has three LED bulbs that will never burn out.  LED bulbs give out more light using less battery so batteries last longer.  There are two levels of light, punch the button for the one you want.  It can sit on a table, but it comes apart and has a hanger at the top so it can be hung from your light fixture that doesn’t work any more, and it will light the whole room.  It won’t be as bright as your light fixture, but it’s enough light to even allow reading (unless you get in a far corner away from it) and that’s bright enough for me.  Two of them, of course, will give you much more area light. The size of your room, and how bright you want it, will determine if you need two and if your kitchen is separate from the living room, get one for there.  It takes 3 “D” batteries. 

2.  My best choice for bedrooms/bathrooms: Energizer Weather Ready 3 in 1 LED flashlight (also makes a lantern for area lighting)- three lifetime bulbs never need changing.  If you use it as a regular flashlight, two of the bulbs light and it will run 100 hrs. on one set of batteries.  If you are in your bedroom or bathroom, click again for the area light lantern and three LEDs light up the lantern part and it sets upright on a surface.  If a young child needs a nightlight, click again and an amber light, using one bulb, lights up in the lantern part.  I suggest one for each family member to have for his/her bedroom and use for the bathroom.  It takes 4 AA batteries.

3.  Oil lamps -  stop right here - I don’t mean the husband’s kerosene camp lantern - those are for the outside (it’s good to have one or more for the outside) - if you use them in your house, you’ll have kerosene smoke, fumes, and gross smell all over your house and likely get nauseated or worse.  I’m talking about lovely oil lamps for the house that burn clean, no smell, and use Ultrapure lamp oil.  I sort of went overboard with these pretty lamps - one for every room, and enough oil to last…well, a very long time.  I put it to paper to figure how many hours a bottle of oil would burn in a lamp, then figured out how many hours I needed for nighttime, then came up with the number of bottles I needed for …a year. 

True story: One Christmas, being my thoughtful self, I bought a pretty oil lamp, along with Ultrapure lamp oil, for each couple in our family who live very near the coast.  When they unwrapped them, they all stared in shock, then looked at me as to say, “What is this thing?” You just can’t help some people.  About a year after that, a hurricane was headed their way and they were freaking out - where is a flashlight kind of panic.  Then, one of them thought of the lamps and called the others telling them to dig out their lamp and lamp oil.  See there, I knew they would need one, they just didn’t know it at the time.

I got the pretty lamps those years ago, at Walmart for a cheap price and they had Ultrapure oil.  I looked on their website today, and it appears they don’t carry the lamps and oil anymore.  I did find that Lowes carries the Ultrapure oil for $6.97, 32 oz., burns up to 30 hours.  They also have a house oil lamp for $12.97.  I saw one today on Amazon for $7.06.  There are others on Amazon and on other websites - you might like more elegant ones, but the cheap ones will do the job and some of them are pretty.  But, get the Ultrapure lamp oil locally to avoid high shipping.  Lowes has it listed and, based on what I saw on Amazon, I think Ace Hardware might have it and lamps.  I couldn’t find lamps or oil on Home Depot website. 

Aladdin Mantle oil lamps (expect to pay $110-$400):  This is the cream of oil lamps.  Besides their beauty, there is a special wick as well as a one of a kind mantle which causes it to produce a steady bright light - it doesn’t flicker.  The cheaper oil lamps do flicker.  Aladdin’s mantle puts off a white light (equal to a 50 watt bulb), while the others put off more of a yellow light and are not nearly that bright.  The two I have are designed to work with electricity or oil so I can use them all the time.  If you’re interested in Aladdin, read about them on the web to decide if they are for you.  If you get one, buy extra mantles and wicks and extra globes as all are only for Aladdin lamps - you can’t find these just anywhere; the mantles are so delicate, a little pressure and they disintegrate.  Buy lamp oil especially made for Aladdin lamps. is a popular website for Aladdin lamps but there are a number of others.

When you need heat in winter, Aladdin lamps help warm a room; the cheaper ones do not burn as hot as Aladdin but they do contribute some warmth to a room. 

4. Jar candles.     
Jar candles are the safest candles you can have; they won’t tip over; takes some effort to turn them over.  I think Walmart has the cheapest prices.  I have one in every room, including bathrooms, all the time.  I did some paper calculations as to how many hours a jar candle would burn, how many hours I would need them at night, and bought enough to last…six months.

1.  Kerosene heater
These are at Lowes and Home Depot along with kerosene and other hardware stores may carry them.  There are different models, select the one best for you.  These heaters, for use inside a house, consume kerosene efficiently.  You do have to have fresh air coming in somewhere, maybe open a window a bit where the heater is.  If you live in the north where you have severe cold, you may want more than one; one in living area, kitchen if that is a separate room, and bedrooms.  Store the kerosene fuel outside.

2.  Oil lamps
These, especially the Aladdin’s, add warmth to a room.

3.  Jar candles 
These add warmth – not much, but it’s warmth.

4.  Sleeping bags
All sleeping bags are not equal.  The very light weight, sleep over type bags, won’t keep a body warm in cold weather.  Good sleeping bags are rated.  Mine keeps a body toasty warm down to 10 degrees above zero.  We would be in the house, not in the wild, so that rating is fine.  Look at the rating before you buy a bag and choose according to the rating you want.

A couple of days ago, Texas, across the state, was having rolling blackouts.  That didn’t hit us, but if it had, we would have unrolled our bags and zipped ourselves up in the bags in our living room chairs.  If the power didn’t come back on in a reasonable amount of time, we would go to other methods. 

As long as you have good rated sleeping bags, you can stay warm in your house and in your bed.

Here in Texas, we claim the crown for the worst heat in summer.  As one gets into more south Texas, the humidity from the gulf makes the air heavy with moisture and it’s simply terrible.  A temperature of 100-105, with the humidity figured in, makes it feels like 115 if you are outside in it.  I had to do something about heat and no air conditioning if power was out.

1.  Battery fans:  These aren’t found in stores around me, at least I’ve never found them - got them off the web.  I have four of these fans.  Three take 6 “D” batteries.  One takes 4 “D” batteries.  The last time we used them, 5 days without power in summer when Ike came through, we used them some during the day, but mainly at night, sitting next to the head of the bed, so we could sleep, and we did.  It would have been much worse without them. 

2. Misting fans:  These water bottles with soft plastic fans on them, will lower the temperature 20-30 degrees from the ambient air around you.  These bottles with fan are not expensive and I wouldn’t give them up in summer with no power.  I could sit in my chair and mist my face and arms with the little fan running and be quite cool.  I know that sounds too simple to work, but it does.  We had cold water in a cooler and put cold water in the bottles for super cooling.

Some of these fans are mainly junk and will not last - been there, done that.  My present ones are “Squeeze Breeze” and use 2 “AA” batteries. 

You can use the large battery fans (mentioned above) the same way – just wet your face and arms and turn on the fan.  You will get cool.  While we used the battery fans during the day and evening some, we tried to conserve batteries so the fans wouldn’t quit during the night - didn't want to change batteries in the middle of the night.  They never did stop, but could fix this concern by putting in fresh batteries before going to bed.

If you sit outside in shade, without a misting fan or battery fan, have a wet washcloth and keep your face and arms and legs wet - any small breeze will help cool you.

Rechargeable batteries
If you noted above, those appliances work on “D” or “AA” batteries.  Everything we use in an emergency situation that needs batteries, uses “D” or “AA” batteries.  I have NiMH rechargeable “Ds” and “AAs” (plus I have Cs).  I’m sure I have enough to last several years.  The batteries can be recharged 500 times. 

How to recharge them when there is no power - could put them in a recharger that plugs into the wall – oh, wait, there is no power.  I have a sun recharger that fits all small batteries except 9 volt which we wouldn’t use.  We have used it several times after a hurricane, and it recharges the batteries just fine.  Actually, I need to get another one for redundancy – I’ll get that done immediately - don’t put off fixing an identified problem when you find one.

I do have a large plug in recharger, “AccuManager20”.  The reason I have it is because it also refreshes rechargeable batteries.  Here’s what it does:  “Battery Maintenance System: Refreshing function:  The memory-effect can be avoided in new batteries and overridden in older ones.  The regeneration of batteries is conducted automatically without prior discharging.  Six charging channels with over-voltage and reverse-polarity protection, recognition of defect batteries, automatic float charge and self-protection disconnect.” 

This unit will keep my batteries working longer, plus tell me when one has totally died.  If I know a power outage is likely coming, as with a hurricane, this unit will quickly recharge batteries (much faster than the sun recharger), and I can start with freshly zapped batteries.  (The unit can be plugged into a car cigarette lighter and charge batteries, but if one has no gas, forget this method.)

I hope the above suggestions start your brain working to decide how you can best provide light, warmth, cooling, and battery power for your situation.

Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: MaineMerrie on February 05, 2011, 10:59:37 AM
Thanks again Victoria, I'm loving the thread.  Just a couple of things.  I buy my jar candles at AC Moore.  It is the only place that I shop on the day after Thanksgiving but I get there early and for the past 3 years they have had their large candles on sale for $2.50 each.  I have a large supply now but will return next "Black Friday" for more.

Also on powdered milk.  I buy the larger boxes as Sams Club and repackage the powder into 1 gal plastic bags to protect it from moisture.  I store the bags in plastic 5 gal buckets.  That seems to work well.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on February 05, 2011, 11:19:07 AM
MaineMerrie, good plan to keep adding to your candles.  I should have said only buy the big boxes of loose instant milk if one plans to re-pack it (and then does it).  You have done that extremely well by re-packing in plastic bags, then in a bucket.  I'm thinking you're an excellent prepper.  Let's all go live with MaineMerrie if TSHTF.   
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: MaineMerrie on February 05, 2011, 02:31:57 PM
Victoria you got me to thinking when you mentioned the book Eating Off the Grid.  It shounded familiar and sure enough there it was on my cookbook shelf.  Thank you for bringing it to my attention again it has been awhile since I have thumbed through it and I think it is time for a reread.
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Post by: Victoria on February 06, 2011, 11:55:58 AM
(psst - can we talk - personal sanitation)  Liquid and Solid Waste

After we traveled fifty miles west in the blackness of night to find power, I evaluated all that happened or didn’t happen.  If either of us had needed a bathroom stop, there wasn’t one.  So, I found a way to fix that.  I bought two travel toilet packages.  One is “Restop 1” for liquids, the other is “Restop 2” for solids.  Both packages are quite small to store in a car.  For both systems, liquid and solid, once either is deposited, it is instantly incorporated into odorless gel and stays that way to be deposited later in a trash container.  If circumstances required, the design is such that females and males could deposit liquid while in a car.  For solid waste, it can be used on the ground or attached to a toilet seat on a bucket.  Both liquid and solid models include toilet paper and antiseptic wipe for each individual bag.  “Restop 1” has 4 individual bags, “Restop 2” has 5 individual bags.

Loss of water for any reason means potties stop working.  Stored water can be used to push waste down the toilet, but that’s good water literally going down the drain.  If there’s dirty water around, like in a ditch, etc., that can be used, unless you need to filter it for drinking using a Berkey.  Eventually, sewers will back up and lower lying homes will get the backup sewage first.  Consider where you are in the lay of the land around you.  If you’re in a low area in regard to homes around you, it may be necessary, in the worst of circumstance, if the sewer backs up, to find where the nearest sewer connection is and cut it off.

Buy a shovel if you don’t have one as waste eventually has to be buried (I didn’t consider composting toilets.)  You know to bury waste where it cannot leak/travel into any water gathering area.

First, no matter which potty method you use, deposit liquid in one collector and solid waste in another.  Liquid promotes odor from solid waste.  Once solid waste is deposited, put some soda (large boxes of soda are cheap) or cat litter, on the waste to help dry it to cut down odor.  For liquid waste, after depositing, put in some drops of “Pine Sol” to prevent urine odor from developing.

1.  Simplest method: Use toilets in the house:
You need gobs of plastic bags.  Fit a bag into the toilet, securing it with the toilet seat down.  Use two toilets, one for liquid and one for solid.  When one needs to be changed, bury the bag.

2.  Two five gallon buckets with fitting toilet seats and gobs of plastic bags.  One can buy these buckets at Lowes or Home Depot.  Toilet seats to fit, plus the buckets, are found on the web at preparedness websites.  Use one bucket for liquid, the other for solid.  Fit a plastic bag under the seat so the seat holds it in place.  Once a bag is ready to be emptied, bury the plastic bag.  These can be transported easily if you had to leave your house for a period of time.

3.  Toilet chairs:
Home health companies sell these chairs for patients who can’t walk to a toilet.  If you don’t have one, you may have seen one in a hospital.  They are metal chairs with a toilet bucket underneath.  Put a plastic bag in the bucket so it can be removed easily and buried.  If that is used for solid waste, use another container for liquid waste to keep them separate.

4.  Chemical toilets:
Only use this toilet for solid waste.  This will allow for a longer time before having to empty it and make the store of chemicals last longer.  Use a different container for liquid waste.

(Now we have four ways for a husband to use a toilet - if he still insists on urinating off the back porch, he has potty training issues.)

Toilet Paper – how much to store:
Here’s what I did:  I put new toilet paper rolls in each bathroom.  At the end of the week, I evaluated how many rolls had been used; multiplied by 52 weeks in a year and there was my total for a year.  I did the same for kitchen paper towels, how much in a week, then knew a year.

Next is medical supplies.
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IF I REMEMBER RIGHT THE ACTOR WHO PLAYED THE LONE RANGER LIVED IN A FIRE watch tower and for sanation they used plastic shopping bags , then placed a paper clip on a runner wire down in to the forest to dispose of it.
 Great posts  Vicktoria
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Post by: Victoria on February 08, 2011, 01:06:37 PM
Hope to post medical section tomorrow - still working on it.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on February 09, 2011, 11:39:39 AM

Don’t worry about medical care if there is no power.  Hospitals have emergency generators and they come on line when power goes out - unless they don’t.  That is exactly what happened in my area when Ike brought down power.  This is a large regional hospital and the generator did not come on even though it had fuel.  A smaller generator kept lights on in the emergency area and that was it.  Critical patients had to be sent by ambulance to San Antonio, more than a five hour trip.  Operations could not be performed.  All patients in the hospital were in the dark in hot rooms. 

Where were repairmen to immediately fix the generator?  At home with their families hoping their roof wouldn’t blow off or a tree fall into their house (some roofs did come off and trees did fall into some houses).  Portable hand held house phones and cell phones did not work so unless the caller in the area and person called had a non-portable phone land line, no communication was going to happen (Communication is next). 

What does this mean to us?  It means always have your prescription medicines and over the counter medicines and supplies to treat wounds.  It also means do not take chances if power is out, for if you are badly hurt, unless you have a non-portable land line phone, you can’t call 911 (if they could get there) and if you have no gasoline, you aren’t going to an emergency room, whether they have power or not. 

True story:  I was prepared for Ike, knew I would lose power and had everything in place, except my body decided to tell me it was sick the morning of day it was coming in that night.  I also had a fever and needed to start an antibiotic right then -  couldn’t believe this bad luck.  I immediately put in a call to my doctor but I doubted he would call back as every person in the area was beginning to hunker down and stores were beginning to close.  I could see myself going to the emergency room and waiting for hours to get that medication with everyone there likely in a panic due to the approaching hurricane. 

Then, about 4:30 pm, the doctor called, then he immediately called our pharmacy very near us.  I waited about five minutes, then called the pharmacy.  The pharmacist said he was beginning to lock up and leave when he got the doctor’s call and he would stay until we got there, then he had to go home to prepare for the storm. Thankfully, my doctor cared enough to call me and the pharmacist cared enough to stay there, and I got the vital medicine at the last minute before everything shut down. 

After the hurricane passed, power was out and stores couldn’t open - it was a ghost town with police cars occasionally driving around shopping centers checking for vandalism.  If you needed over the counter medicine or wound/accident supplies from a drug store then, you weren’t getting them as drug stores couldn’t open and employees were long gone.
You can’t predict an illness that requires an antibiotic, but you can always have over the counter medicines you use, plus others you might need and medical supplies for injuries, if the elusive power, over which you have no control, goes off, and plunges your town into a ghost town.

Over the Counter Medicines:
What over the counter medicines should one store?  Let’s use parts of the body to help you decide as no one knows your body and your family’s bodies like you do:

Head:  Each member of  your family has a mouth, eyes, nose, ears, scalp, hair, and skin.  What has happened in the past to these parts and what over the counter medicines did you use to cure, or help cure, the ailments?  Whatever those were, get some.  For toothaches, Orajel can help deaden pain.  You’ll likely have to find a dentist, but the Orajel can give you some time with less pain or no pain before you have to get there.  There are over the counter ear drops to help stop earaches.  Eye drops are good to wash out debris that might get in an eye. 

A caution:  Eye drop tubes look very much like super glue tubes, Orajel tubes, and others.  I had a patient who was driving her car, pulled over, picked up her eye drop tube to put drops in her eye, but got the super glue tube instead, and was in major pain in seconds. Fortunately, she didn’t lose her eye, but let that be a lesson to always check the tube before putting drops in your eye even if you’re sure you have the right tube - look one more time. 

Likely, you have used decongestants and antihistamines for stuffed up nose/sinuses.  Be sure you keep some in your medical stash.  Benadryl could be a choice for an allergic reaction to a substance.

Neck:  Might you need a soft neck brace for neck pain - the drug store has them.  What about your throat?  Ah, yes, sore throat.  If you don’t have a favorite remedy for a sore throat, ask the pharmacist for a suggestion.  You’ve also probably had a doctor suggest gargling with warm salt water and you will have that if you have stored water and salt and have a way to heat/cook.   

Chest:  Congestion due to a cold or flu.  There are over the counter expectorants and cough suppressants and you likely have your favorites; if not, ask the pharmacist to suggest some.  However, if you suspect flu, try to get to your doctor fast to get an antiviral shot and prescription.  Flu can lead to pneumonia fairly quickly.  Talk to your doctor about getting a flu shot every year unless you are allergic to the vaccine.  If you are prone to pneumonia, talk to the doctor about a pneumonia shot which is different than a flu shot and lasts several years.

Stomach/intestines/kidneys/bladder:  Whatever you take now for indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea, constipation, store some.  If you have never used any, ask the pharmacist to suggest one for each problem.  Severe diarrhea can cause dehydration and loss of electrolytes. Pedialite and Gatorade are two liquids that will help replace electrolytes.  Easier for storage is Pedialite and Gatorade powder packages.  In case a kidney or bladder infection happens, consider having a box of over the counter,  “AZO Standard”.  The AZO will eliminate some of the symptoms so one feels better but go to a doctor if at all possible as an antibiotic may be needed.

Legs/feet:  Do you have a weak knee that might need an elastic knee support?  Even if you don’t use foot powder or have athlete’s foot now, have foot powder (Gold Bond is popular) and an athlete’s foot medicine.

For all the body:  Pain killers, for children and adults, the kind you likely already use, just make sure you have them.

If you don’t know CPR, you can find good instructions at (  Be sure to also read instructions for infants and children. 

Accidents during an emergency:
My number one caution:  Do not climb on anything if there is ANY possibility you could fall.  Breaking a femur (thigh bone), can rupture the femoral artery and you will bleed to death fairly quickly.  That artery is deep in the leg and it’s almost certain no one around you will able to stop the amount of bleeding that will happen - just pressure on the leg won’t stop it. 

No member of the family should climb when medical help is not available.  Men won’t take kindly to this, but they are the most likely to climb, fall, and kill themselves.  Young boys would likely be next.   

Besides arms and legs that could break from a fall, a head injury from a fall could be fatal. 

Suggestions about possible head injuries (assuming the patient is breathing): call 911 if possible and don’t move the patient as the neck could be involved.  Assuming you don’t have a neck brace, keep the patient still, one person get behind the patient and hold the head to keep the neck from moving.  If there is blood from a place on the head, do not push in on that spot.  If the skull is broken, and you push in, those pieces could go inside the brain causing more damage.  If you see blood, assume the skull is fractured there.   

A suggestion if the only way to get medical help is to transport the patient with the possible head injury, and you have no neck brace, one person should hold the head so the neck doesn’t move and, with others on either side of the patient, put the patient on a board of some kind to stabilize the body, strap the body down if possible with someone still holding the head still, then transport to a hospital with the head still being held immobile by the assisting person.  More injuries could happen if you move the patient so try your best to get medical help to come to the patient. 

Injuries from falling and head injuries from falling or other causes, are, to me, among the worst accidents that could happen in an emergency situation.  Avoiding those injuries is the best cure for them - don’t let them happen - don’t take chances. 

If you take an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) course, you would be able to help your family and others should the need arise.  There is also an ECA (Emergency Care Attendant) course that is less demanding but would still be of immense value to your family and others.

If a substancial wound happens, go to an emergency room if at all possible.  Suggestions for treating a wound (generally): 
1. If you’re outside and someone with you suffers a wound, apply pressure to stop or minimize bleeding and go inside to treat the wound.  Once bleeding has been controlled:
2. Wash hands thoroughly before cleaning patient’s wound (or wash, then use hand sanitizer).  Use sterile gloves if available.
3. Clean wound with sterile gauze pad and soap (liquid antibacterial if you have it) and clean water.  Rinse with clean water.
4. Apply antibiotic cream/ointment.
5. Apply bandage.
6. The next day, remove bandage and leave off if bleeding has stopped.  Wash with soap (antibacterial if you have it) and water every day and apply antibiotic cream.  A bandage is not there to conceal a wound; it’s there to absorb blood, help stop bleeding, and keep the dressing (antibacterial cream/ointment, sterile dressing, etc.) on the wound.  Once the wound is over the bleeding stage, leave the bandage off; there is more chance of infection if the bandage is left on plus the wound needs air to dry. 

If you can’t get to a doctor/emergency room immediately and the wound is a sufficient cut separating the skin, do the above to stop bleeding and do the cleaning and apply the cream/ointment, then pull the skin together and apply either Butterfly Strips or Steri-Strips to hold the skin together. Use enough of either strips to hold the skin together well.  Steri-Strips must be kept dry or an infection could start.  Butterfly Strips are more likely to come off, but the chance of infection may be less, and new strips may be applied.  Read the instructions before you use either kind, and follow them to the letter.  If it’s a severe cut that obviously needs numerous stitches, do your best to get to an emergency station.

For all wounds: Watch for infection in any wound and if you suspect one, do your best to get to a doctor/emergency medical station.

Medical supplies that are reasonable to have:

1.  Tubes of antibiotic cream/ointment to help prevent infection in a wound.
2.  Burn gel or burn pads.
3.  Instant cold packs.
4.  Boxes of sterile gauze pads to use for cleaning wounds.
5.  Antibacterial liquid soap.
6.  Bandages of different sizes from Band-Aid small ones (I like Walt Disney “Princess” and “Sponge Bob Square Pants”.  Oh, those are for kids?), graduating to larger ones up to the largest size available, and a box of individually wrapped Kotex Maxi-pads for large wounds.
7.  Rolls of good adhesive tape. 
8.  Butterfly Strips and/or Steri-Strips  (Butterfly ones are easier to find).
9.  Number of bottles of hand sanitizer.
10.  N95 masks, a box.  If used correctly, these masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer could prevent flu from going through the family.
11. Medical gloves, a box, fits all sizes.
12. Ace bandages for sprains or to hold a makeshift splint on an arm/leg or to wrap a wound tightly to stop bleeding.  Make sure you have a pulse on both sides of the wound whether it’s a broken limb or cut, before you wrap and check again after you wrap.  If you can’t find both after wrapping, release the wrap and re-try.
13. Wine and other alcohol drinks for adult pain killers -  I’m sure you won’t go overboard with this one, right?  I can trust you, right?

Writing this section was difficult to do without going into more detail and end up writing a book.  My suggestions are only that and result from my EMT training and I'm not a medical doctor and if you have questions about treating wounds or over the counter medicines or medical problems, talk with your pharmacist or doctor.  As for adding more to your supplies, take a walk around your drug store and see what’s available.  The more you have, the better off you are if you know how to use the products; always read and follow directions.

Communication is next.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Nicodemus on February 09, 2011, 06:59:45 PM
A quick note on medical gloves, if you don't know if you're allergic or if you expect to treat someone you don't know you might want to pick up nitrile or vinyl gloves instead of latex gloves.
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Post by: Victoria on February 09, 2011, 07:08:39 PM
Thanks Nico, good point.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Nicodemus on February 10, 2011, 06:31:40 AM
My pleasure, ma'am.  ;)
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Orion53 on February 10, 2011, 02:41:37 PM

Fantastic post!  Love the real world examples, and common sense approach to it all.  I also live in Southeast TX and was in the path of Ike.  We lucked out by being without power for only 8 hours, but learned fantastic lessons.

+1 from me!

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Post by: Victoria on February 10, 2011, 03:03:46 PM
Orion, you lucked out being only 8 hrs. without power.  It does change one's thinking, doesn't it?  Your world changes drastically and immediately.  As for getting sick hours before it came in, I was totally mad at my body, but it didn't care.  It's the unexpected that throws one for a loop.  Sick in the middle of a hurricane?  I had not planned on that one.
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Post by: Victoria on February 10, 2011, 06:16:29 PM

There you are - no power.  Just call someone on your cell phone - no, it doesn’t work.  Fine, call from your walk around house phone - no, it doesn’t work.  Turn on TV for information - no, it doesn’t work.  Turn on the plugged in swell radio/CD player - no, it doesn’t work.

Your next thought will likely be, when will power come back on?  How long will I be like this without the ability to communicate with anyone?  In most cases, you won’t get an answer to those questions.  That’s why “you” need to provide for communication and not leave it up to some nameless somebody out there in never, never, land.   

When power goes off in your whole town, it becomes very quiet, really, really, quiet.  If you’ve never “heard” quiet, you will then.  Your house is quiet, nothing is humming in the background - there is no sound in your house or outside.  It feels like you’re in a vacuum and something will happen to fill this vacuum, but it doesn’t happen, there is just quiet.   

I knocked that vacuum all to hell and stomped on that sucker! 

After Ike took out power, my phone worked, my radio worked, and I could hear Houston TV stations on that radio, and I had a TV that worked – but I had no electricity.

I’m hesitant to throw away perfectly good equipment that works even though more modern ones come about.  That’s why I had two “old time” cord phones that plug directly into the phone jack on the wall.  They are just phones, that’s all, and you have to stay where the phone is - no walking around unless you have a very long cord.  I used one of those phones during those days without power.  I was able make and receive phone calls, including receive our son’s call from overseas when he called to make sure we were okay after the hurricane passed.

These old time type plug into the wall phones are still sold.  Looked at Walmart website today, and, for $9.84, can buy AT&T White Trimline Phone, TL-210, that plugs directly into the phone jack on the wall.  Also saw some corded ones over $100 that would work without power, but the cheaper one would be fine.  I suggest you get one if you don’t have one of this kind.  It’s the difference between being not able to contact anyone by phone and being able to connect to the outside world.

Years ago, I bought a “crank” battery small radio - very difficult to find one then.  Over the years, products improved, including radios.  I have three crank radios now, but two of them are backups, including that first one.  Remember, I have rechargeable batteries and a sun charger, so I was going to have small battery power as long as I needed it and wouldn’t need a wind-up radio (but I wouldn’t give them up - they’re plan C and D if A and B fail.)   My main radio now is an Eton, model FR300.  It’s crank or three AA batteries and I used batteries.  This radio is AM, FM, NOAA Weather band, and VHF-TV.  Yes, I could hear two TV stations out of Houston on that radio.  The radio also has an emergency light, a DC jack, an ear phone jack and a phone charger output jack (however, without power, cell phones won’t work, anyway).  The Eton emergency radios are excellent.

So, how did I have a working TV with no electricity?  Enter engineer husband.  I had very small portable TV, think screen was 8 inches square.  He took the battery out of one of our cars, sat it next to my chair, and hooked the little TV to it, and behold, there was TV so I could follow what was happening.  At times, he would unhook the battery and recharge it with our car, to make sure it wouldn’t completely discharge.  Since then, TVs have changed, and the little TV won’t receive anymore. 

So, engineer husband searched the internet for a solution, and I now have TV software on my laptop, a new power inverter, plus the new type TV antenna to hook to computer.  Next time power is out for a period of time, there will be a marine battery next to my chair, power inverter hooked to that, and computer hooked to that, then antenna hooked to computer, and Houston TV channels will be on my laptop with much better, much larger, picture than I had last time.  Engineer husbands are very good to have in an emergency.  I suggest all single ladies get one as part of your preparedness.  Single engineers, please respond to the call.

There was no vacuum of silence in our house - we had our choice of vacuum stomping - the TV going or the radio with TV channels going or calling friends and family.

My engineer husband is special.

Next is Security.
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Post by: Nicodemus on February 11, 2011, 06:47:15 AM
It's good to have someone around in an emergency that can solve problems like that.

Most any time, except in the case of emergencies when information is vital, I enjoy that silence. For a little while anyway.

Thanks for the reminder about having backup radios, I need to purchase another. I have a hand crank Eton, which had lasted for almost a decade, but I broke the antenna off. I'll be able to repair this one pretty easily if I can get a similar sized antenna. That's definitely a weak point in their construction.
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Post by: Sarey on February 13, 2011, 04:58:20 PM

Thank you for such an amazing plethora of tips, idea's and hints.  Much appreciated!
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Post by: Victoria on February 13, 2011, 05:10:20 PM
Sarey, glad you got something worthwhile from the postings.  Am writing on security; hope to post it by Tuesday evening.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on February 14, 2011, 11:11:31 AM

I don’t have all the answers to security – there are many options, but here are some to get you started in the right direction. 

Personal security in your house, house security outside and inside, and around the immediate area – those need to be hardened as much as possible to feel secure.  My generation grew up with doors unlocked all the time.  I can remember when I started locking my car when I parked on the street.  Today, no one would leave a car unlocked and I would bet, if you don’t have children going in and out, you keep your front door locked. 

Personal Security
I’m speaking of personal security inside your house, not on the street or in the woods.  Your best approach to personal security, in my opinion, is to harden your house so a bad guy can’t get in, or it would take him so long to defeat the house, you could quickly stop him immediately and at a distance.  For information about guns for women, first go to “Weapon of Choice” on the women’s forum.  That is superior for women to gather information.  Then, women and men go to, “The Armory: Rifles, Pistols, and Other Weapons”.  Also read, “Best Home Defense Weapon if no Gun”.  If you’re a mother-in-law, ignore the jabs on that thread made about mothers-in-law – I’m sure they love us (but who cares).   

Self protection is a mind set.  If you think you are weak, you will be.  I choose not to be weak.  Once that decision is made, one has to find the proper defense mechanisms that will work in more than one type confrontation.  Most women have to make up for smaller size and strength.  I am 5’5” and of smaller frame, but if someone manages to break into my hardened house, I will win that confrontation because I will already know he’s there.

Being smaller, I know I have to keep the bad guy as far away from me as possible.  A gun makes that possible (Plan A).  Could you shoot someone?  If the bad guy has kept at it until he has defeated the hardened house, and entered, he will not hesitate to kill you.  In that case, in defense of my life, Plan A will permanently stop him.  In Texas, one may own guns and we have the right, by actual law, to defend our person and our household.  I can’t imagine living where one could not have a gun and defend him/her self.

One must also be ready to defend one’s self at closer quarters, should that arise.  I would still try to keep distance between the bad guy and me.  Plan B would be major pepper spray foam that sprays a long distance and stays on the face, in combination with Plan C, a police steel baton of some length, 20+ inches.  A baton is a choice if you know which parts of the body to hit for maximum effect (groin, knee, eyes) to take the assailant down and incapacitate him long enough for you to make another move (he needs to be down and I need to be standing).  If I had to do that, once the bad guy was down, I’d go back to Plan A if possible or use the baton until I was “totally” safe. 

Even closer quarters would require Plan D, a knife – a big, long one (a kitchen chef knife is a good thing) to make an incapacitating strike in only one strike.  If you don’t know how to grip a knife properly for that kind of defensive strike, I’m sure you can find it on the web or maybe in one of the threads of this forum. 

I think it helps to do mind practice.  Visualize various circumstances, and think through your actions until you know exactly what you would do in fast order; go through it over and over.  Then, should an incident happen, you’re not caught off guard, you’re not paralyzed with fear, you’ve done that before.  You also need to know exactly where your defensive weapons are and be able to get to them quickly.

House Security Outside and Inside
I’m assuming power is out.  If it’s a short term power outage, numerous houses may have candle light or flashlight light showing through windows.  After a period of time, there will be no light showing since people will have used up their few candles and their battery flashlights will be dead.  If you have blaring light showing outside then, you are a target for bad guys who want what you have.  It makes sense if you still have light then, you have other supplies. 

At that point, you must stop light showing.  Rolls of thick black plastic sheeting can be bought at Lowes or Home Depot.  This sheeting is much thicker than black plastic waste bags – those will not shut out light.  Even with the thick sheeting over every tiny part of the window, thick curtains still need to be pulled over the sheeting.  Another way is to buy a large block of thick plastic foam and cut it to exactly fit the inside of the window, cutting out all light with no need of curtains for another layer.  Whatever method you use, stop light from showing.

The outside of the house should inform bad guys the house is guarded and if they try to enter, alarms will sound and you will know it.  I want the bad guy to go to an easier target and leave me alone.  That way I don’t have to have personal confrontation.

1.  The Fake Way
Amazon has, for not much money, fake signs saying the house is protected.  These signs are to be put on windows and doors.  There are also fake cameras with fake signs for not much money, to be installed above your door or some other place where the bad guys can see the red light blinking and see the sign saying the house is protected by this camera and will alarm if they try to enter.  You could have lights that come on when motion is present.

The problem with the fakes, is, they are fake and if the bad guy says screw the signs and/or camera and lights, and kicks the door in anyway, you don’t know it and he’s in.

2.  Combine Fake with Real.
There’s nothing wrong with fake cameras/signs saying the house is protected.  That might be enough to send the intruder to an easier target.  However, the house needs to be hardened against a determined bad guy.  The FBI says most forced entries into homes are made by kicking the door in.  That really ticked me off – what about my two dead bolts?  Doesn’t matter, the soft wood of the door frame where the dead bolts go in, will split when given some good kicks and the door will open.  Surgery can be done on the door frame, reinforce it with strong metal that won’t give or it will take a long time to defeat it; one is StrikeMaster II Pro Door Frame and Hinge Reinforcement (about $100). 

Another, less expensive way requiring no major installation, is to reinforce the “kick area” from the inside.  From what I read, the Master Lock door jammer (very inexpensive) that fits under the inside door knob, is not strong enough to prevent the door being kicked open fairly easily. The Buddybar Door Jammer, at $60, also fits under the door knob, but is heavy duty steel and would be much harder to defeat.  It would take so much time to keep kicking that reinforced area, you would be alerted to attempted forced entry and could take action with Plan A.   

To add to the Buddybar, should the door move even a little, an inexpensive device made by GE, is a door stop that, once set in place and turned on, screams a sound as loud as a smoke detector if the door moves.   You would definitely know it if that went off and you could take immediate action with Plan A.

Your front door is the weakest part of your house unless you do something to reinforce it.

Next are your windows.  You need a way to slow down an intruder and alert you to the intruder attempt.  An intruder can break the window, reach in and turn the thumb lock on the window, raise it and get in.  That can’t happen at my house.  I bought inexpensive small window locks (I have aluminum windows) that are set in to prevent the window from opening.  They are locked in by placing them in the window, using an Allen wrench to lock them, so there is no thumb lock on those for the intruder to open if he breaks the window; the window isn’t going up.  My windows are in about 11x11 inch panes with metal strips between the panes.  Since the window won’t go up, it would take some time to break enough panes and then rip out the metal strips to gain entry.  Way before he got that done, I would know it, and Plan A would be in effect.  I actually think he would give up when the window wouldn’t raise, and go to an easier target. 

There are also key locked window locks – these have to be screwed into the window to install.  Another more expensive way is to install metal window bars.

Another layer to tell you there is an intruder, is motion sensors inside that go off with a loud alarm if motion happens in that area.  These need to be battery operated, not plugged in the wall in case power is off or need to be dual powdered so the battery takes over if power goes out.  There are inexpensive ones up to very expensive.
If you have a two storey house, and there is a way for someone to get to those windows, harden them.

Don’t forget your garage if it is attached to your house.  Most are easy to enter, and there is your door from your house into the garage.  Harden that door with a Buddybar or other method.  Never leave that door unlocked.  Is yours locked, now?  Don’t leave your garage door wide open.

Area Security
Where do you live in relation to others?  If bad guys came to your area, would you have any help from those who live around you?  Do you know your neighbors and their capabilities? 

I live in town in a hard to find, even if you have the address, very small gated community.  Most of us are older (although we have some younger ones) and that means we don’t want anyone messing around in our small area.  There are always people at home and that’s a good thing.  You know, older women seem to instantly know everything that happens in here.  I stay busy, so I don’t keep up with who is doing what, but they do – bet they can identify every car belonging to everyone in here.  One time several years ago, a guy managed to get in by climbing a very tall brick wall and getting in an older woman’s garden.  She saw him climbing over that wall, which took him some time; she called 911 and her neighbor lady and a guy here, then went out and grabbed him, marched him through her house into an open area and by that time, other women and men were there to help her, then the police arrived quickly and took him away.  That guy didn’t have a chance.  That’s the only time anyone has tried to climb those tall brick walls.

When Ike came through, our gate wouldn’t work, so was in the open position.  Some guys who don’t live here tried to walk in, and a few of our older guys caught them right there and made them leave.  The thing about older guys, is, many of them were in the military, and they don’t put up with ----.   I doubt there’s a house in here without more than one gun and I know these no nonsense people would use them.

Get a feel for your neighborhood so you’ll know what it might be like should an extended emergency happens.  Are your neighbors the kind to resist intrusion and help you should that happen to you?

Next is seeds, sprouts, drinks, recipes and whatever else I think of.

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Post by: Nicodemus on February 15, 2011, 07:46:02 AM
More great information, Victoria.

In addition to window locks, I'd like to suggest a few other options.

First there is window film. It is an adhesive film that attaches to the window that offers nearly the same kind of protection as safety glass in car windshields. When someone attempts to break the window, the glass cracks and shatters but it is held in place by the adhesive making it much harder to open up a space large enough to get a hand in. Even if the person manages a big enough hole, they've made a lot of noise and wasted a lot of effort trying to get in.

Second there are window sill spikes. While some are made to keep birds off of window sills in high rise buildings you can buy spikes that are much more durable and made to deter criminals. If you don't like the idea of these because they tend to look rather ugly, you can keep some glass bottles around and in the event of TEOTWAWKI you can break the bottles and line the sills afterward. The latter is done in some South American countries on exterior fences and walls. The walls there are often built with a channel on top to fill with shards of glass. While not as effective as razor wire, it can deter a burglar or home intruded in the midst of an act.

Window bars are probably the best protection, but I must admit they make me nervous especially if some bad people try to set your house on fire and you can't get the blaze under control with your fire protection. At that point they only need cover a few doors to catch you coming out if you can't get out of the windows.

Another option is to plant thorn bushes underneath windows that can be accessed on the ground floor. The problem here is if you need to make a quick exit out of a window in case of fire or in case someone manages to breach your home defenses.

Also, I'd think about hardening a room or two on the interior of your home in case you need to hold up against intruders who have made it inside.

Also, don't overlook dogs for home and even personal protection. They work without electricity. Even the small yappy types that wouldn't offer much in the way of a physical deterrent can serve as great alarms. Their eyes and ears are far more keen than a human's.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on February 15, 2011, 08:45:26 AM
Thank you so much, Nico, I didn't know about window film and it keeping the broken glass there - seems like the would be intruder would get his hands cut to pieces trying to get through the film after he breaks the glass.  Will search for film immediately. 

I've been to a number of countries and have seen broken glass set into concrete at the top of walls.  For my purpose, I think I should keep some empty glass beer bottles handy - that's the ticket - buy beer to stay safe.  ::)

Spikes would be a problem if one had to get out of the window, I'll go for beer glass, strictly for safety purposes, of course.

Most window bars these days are made to swing out so people can get out.  However, I think the locks and film should do the job much cheaper.  I used only one lock on each window to stop it from opening, and have an Allen wrench for each window very close, so a couple of turns with it and I can open a window.  I really don't want to climb out of a window and I will use every weapon I have before that happens.

I don't have a hard room, glad you brought that up.  I've known that is a weakness but haven't dealt with it.  Should have mentioned having a hard room in my post.  One not so hard kick, and my bedroom doors would open - lousy push button locks.  I need to fix the one for a bedroom that has an attached bath with no exit door from bath so only need to harden the bedroom door.  The door itself is of decent strength so will nag husband until a dead bolt gets on that door, plus will use bar under the door knob to harden that door more and will put simple provisions in that bedroom.  There's already a Plan A weapon in there.

I also should have mentioned having some provisions sitting where bad guys could easily find them and think that's it, that's all the provisions there and they take them and leave.  Bad guys want a fast in and out and those provisions would encourage them to grab and go if they managed to get past my barriers and get in and I'm in the hard room.

Please keep commenting on my posts, as I value what you know.

Dog:  I had a little Yorkie for 17 years and now she's gone. She knew someone was at the door before the bell rang or the person knocked and she let me know it.  She was a human being, just very small and a beautiful coat.  I do wish I had another (they are so expensive now).
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Nicodemus on February 15, 2011, 09:26:36 AM
Ah, good point regarding the swinging window bars.

Also, thanks for bringing up the problem with spikes. I had meant to mention that if someone were to use these that they should keep a piece of scrap carpet nearby in case they need to get out through a window. They just throw the carpet over the window spikes for protection. This can also be used as protection against glass shards.

Here is a video showing what window film can do. It also can protect occupants from flying glass caused by storms such as hurricanes or tornados. (
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on February 15, 2011, 09:36:40 AM
That security window film is awesome.  That guy isn't getting in.  Going to get some.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: TexDaddy on February 15, 2011, 11:37:24 AM
We have the security film on all of our exterior windows. Get the thickest you can afford.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on February 15, 2011, 11:47:19 AM
TexDaddy, thanks for posting - started looking and do see there are various thicknesses and prices accordingly.  I don't need to stop bullets, just slow down bad guy trying to get in and keep the glass in place if glass is broken.  Also see various companies make it.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: TexDaddy on February 15, 2011, 12:13:25 PM
Also, you can order the material and do it yourself, but...

It takes a little skill to get it each piece cut just right and installed just so, with all the air bubbles removed. If you or your husband are very handy, well go ahead. We elected to have it installed. Buying the material from the installer was no more than anyone else. The two guys who did ours did the whole house in about the same time I would have gotten two windows done. It does cost though. Right at doubled the price to have it done vs. doing it ourselves, but it was infinitely easier.  :D
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: elcoyote on February 15, 2011, 08:08:29 PM

Second there are window sill spikes. While some are made to keep birds off of window sills in high rise buildings you can buy spikes that are much more durable and made to deter criminals. If you don't like the idea of these because they tend to look rather ugly, you can keep some glass bottles around and in the event of TEOTWAWKI you can break the bottles and line the sills afterward. The latter is done in some South American countries on exterior fences and walls. The walls there are often built with a channel on top to fill with shards of glass. While not as effective as razor wire, it can deter a burglar or home intruded in the midst of an act.

It's the coolest thing to wander the streets of New Orleans, and see all the "homemade" window and fence spikes. Everything from nails to broken glass to fancy wrought iron spikes. So bizarre and yet so cool!
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on February 16, 2011, 12:20:28 PM

Are we having fun yet?  :) :D ;D ???

Once one reads an idea/suggestion, it’s in one’s mind.  I believe, if I counted right, this is subject post twenty-two.  If you have read one or more of those, some of the ideas/suggestions are stuck in your mind and you will take action on those that are the most meaningful to you.  That makes you better prepared than you were before and brings more peace of mind. 

Maybe you think you can stop preparing, now.  It doesn’t work that way – at least it doesn’t for me.  As time/years went by, I would see holes in my preps and I’d find new products, and I kept reading and finding better ways to accomplish this or that, than I had thought of before.  I also read fiction survival books – haven’t read any zombie books, however.  I find a fiction survival book on Amazon, click the button to buy, and it magically flies through the air and lands on my Kindle.  I always learn something from these books.  The last one I read was, “Lights Out”, by David Crawford.  He’ll have another out this summer, “Lost and Found”.   

Yesterday, I found a faster, cheaper, better way to shut out light coming from a house.  It’s on Amazon, “Redi Shade 1617201 Black Out Pleated Shade 36-by-72-Inch, 6-Pack” for $24.55 (about $4 per window), and there’s also 48 x 72 inch ones.  It’s just heavy, pleated black paper. There’s sticky tape to stick them up, but that’s not great to stay there, so people used thumb tacks to quickly put them up.  Another suggestion was turn the sticky tape down to the 4th pleat and stick it which creates a tube – then put a cheap tension rod through it and quickly put it up.  During the day, gather the pleats up to let in light and use the included clips to keep them up, then just remove clips at night.  These would take very little room to store and could be put up fast when they are needed.  I also found reasonably priced, for what it is, window security film.   

Washing Clothes
No power, no washing machine.  If you don’t have many clothes to wash, use your two kitchen sinks for “tubs” (naturally stop them up to keep water in there).  Don’t store clothes washing detergent like you use in your electric washing machine.  The violent action of the washer is needed for that detergent to work.  Your arms and your “new” washer will never swish clothes that violently.  Buy a toilet plunger for your “new “ washer.  I will use liquid dish washing soap, like you use now when you wash a dish at your sink.  It only takes a small amount to have gobs of suds to wash away dirt.  You could get fancy and buy Woolite or such, but don’t think jeans and shirts would know the difference.   Maybe buy a bottle of Woolite for something fancy you might wash.

You could have warm or hot water if you have a camp shower bag or two, and heat it, or them, in the sun.

If you have a pair of kitchen rubber gloves, put them on (must keep hands nice looking).  The clothes are in the sink.  Add water and a bit (very small bit) of dishwashing liquid and put your “new” washer to work, pushing down over and over and moving it around in the sink to get the soap into the clothing.  When you’re tired of doing that, wring out the clothing and put it in the rinse water in other sink.  Get soap off your plunger, and use it to move clothes around in the rinse water.  See, if you use too much dishwashing liquid, you’ll never get all the soap out.  Now, you have gotten “most” of the soap out, wring the clothes well and hang them on your clothes line.  Oh, wait, we don’t have a clothes line.

You can find a good one made by Coleman that is cheap and designed to tie to trees or posts or whatever you have outside, to made a tight clothes line.  Also, look at Walmart for various type clotheslines, plus various kinds of clothespins, and they may have the Coleman clothesline in their sporting goods section.  Buy whichever one is better for you, considering where you need to hang it and how many clothes you might need to wash at one time.  I also have a wood folding clothes dryer in my house.  It it’s raining or too cold to go outside, put the folding clothes dryer in your bathtub and hang the clothes there – it will not hold many clothes – if you’re really into washing in bad weather, you could have two folding ones if you have two bathtubs – don’t think two would go in regular tub.  If you have a large area shower, not tub, two would probably fit.

If you have too many clothes for the kitchen sink tubs, you’ll need two larger tubs.  They need to be sturdy to stand up to your plunger and not turn over.  Metal tubs would be the best – found at hardware stores.  Select the size your family needs.  Set the tubs up on something so you don’t have to bend to the ground to use the plunger.  Do the same thing with these two tubs that you did in the kitchen.

Don’t overfill your tubs if having water is a problem.  Conserve water wherever you can.

When it rains, just send everyone out in the backyard to stand in the rain with soap and wash the clothes they have on – no, I’m kidding.  ;D  Have everyone strip off for a bath in the rain?  Maybe not.  Wash hair in the rain?  I’d be tempted.  I see rain coming down as fresh water to be used every way possible, as well as captured in water barrels or kiddy plastic pools.

Don’t consider storing hybrid seeds; they only produce the true plant one time.  You need “heirloom” seeds so you can collect seeds from your plants and plant those the next year.  One can buy heirloom seeds from numerous growers, I use Terroir Seeds, Home of Underwood Gardens, (  I also have stored heirloom seeds from Walton.  There are books to teach one how to collect the seeds and store them for the next year.  Two of these, are, “Seed Sowing and Saving”, by Carole B.Turner, and “Seed to Seed”, by Suzanne Ashworth.

You can grow food in containers on your patio or balcony if you live in an apartment.  The seeds want good growing soil and they don’t care where it is located.  I tried an experiment last fall, but think it got cold too fast for it to work.  I read about this, and it sounds right to me.  A plastic bag of potting soil is a container of growing soil – right?  Plants should grow in that container of soil.  Punch some small holes in the bottom of the plastic bag for water drainage, and you have a container of soil with drainage.  No need to buy pots or buckets, remove the soil out of bag and put it in them.  I’ll try another bag this spring (if this cold ever goes away) and see what happens.  Any container you have that will hold soil, will grow plants.  Now, trying to grow tall corn in a small pot, is very likely to fail, so maybe you need a veggie gardening book to guide you.  That will also give you information about soil and fertilizers.

If there’s no water in the pipes and rain fails to come to water plants, those 55 gal. barrels of water will feed them.  The time we may be short of rain here, is usually July and August.  That’s also in hurricane season, so we could have a tropical depression come in with plenty of rain or it could develop into a hurricane.  No matter where one comes in, from anywhere on the coast of Texas through Louisiana, some of that disturbed weather will send rain to us.  During July and August, we usually want a tropical depression to show up but not it’s mother, the hurricane.

I didn’t cover drinks adequately in the food posts. 

Coffee: If you are a coffee drinker, figure out how much coffee you use in a month and store enough cans (I’ve read cans store for two years at least, but it won’t be a problem to rotate those if you really drink coffee) for whatever length you want – a year is comforting to me.  Use the Melitta single cup plastic filters and paper filters and/or the Melitta non-electric six or ten cup glass coffee maker and paper filters and keep it hot using a Sterno stove or a teapot warmer, which is a metal or porcelain stand with a tealight size candle under it.  Teapot warmers can usually be found on Ebay and on tea company websites.  I swear by the Melitta single cup plastic filters and your own cup.  That single filter isn’t going to break and that means no fail, ever, coffee.  They are so cheap, it makes sense to have them.  The Melitta glass ones are also inexpensive (on Amazon), so, if you want, get both the larger filter with glass pot and plastic filter so you can make individual cups or a larger amount in the glass.  Which you would use when depends on how much fuel you have to devote to coffee making and keeping it hot/warm.

Chocolate drink to flavor instant or powdered milk: 
Nesquick chocolate powder: will dissolve easily in milk and it has a few extra vitamins in it. 

Hot Chocolate:  There are many brands of hot chocolate mix to mix with hot water.  Some have sugar, some have no sugar.

Carnation Breakfast Essentials:  This is not the old Carnation Instant Breakfast. Breakfast Essentials is a powerful mix of vitamins and chocolate powder.  Comes in a large size can and I drink a delicious glass every day.  The vitamins and nutrients are too many to list.  Pick up a can at the grocery and read the list.  You’ll put one in your grocery cart to try out.  This is a good way to get more vitamins when using stored food, plus it will make instant or powdered milk taste just great.

Fizzy type coke drinks:  Stored some of those one time – eventually they go flat, taste bad and/or leak out of the can – both happened.  There’s no nutrition there, but if you can’t do without cokes, don’t expect them to last more than a few months – and they won’t be cold.  Sure, I’ll miss my diet coke when they’re gone.

Next is recipes.  Back when I was an associate school psychologist, every morning I put a simple recipe in every teacher’s box.  One morning I missed doing that and an irate teacher came to my office, said she was using those recipes every day to cook for the family and what was she going to do that day?  Well, she wasn’t as irate as she made it sound, and we worked through her mental problem for cooking that day.  The recipes I post will mainly be those I’ve searched out for emergency situations.  I can tell you this in advance, canned fruit pie filling is a blessing for dessert - just spoon it over everything.  :o

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Forgot sprouts.  :-[ Will put that in with recipes.
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I'm loving this thread!! You are certainly covering some of the major areas of survival. (Thank goodness for my big black lab, too. He's scared off one prowler already. Means I didn't have to shoot anyone. ;))

A couple of things - what if the power went down permanently? How would we get lamp oil as paraffin is a petroleum by-product? Do you know or is there anyone who knows how to make oil from animals/fruits/veggies/nuts that we can burn in an oil lamp?

You said:

At that point, you must stop light showing.  Rolls of thick black plastic sheeting can be bought at Lowes or Home Depot.  This sheeting is much thicker than black plastic waste bags – those will not shut out light.  Even with the thick sheeting over every tiny part of the window, thick curtains still need to be pulled over the sheeting.  Another way is to buy a large block of thick plastic foam and cut it to exactly fit the inside of the window, cutting out all light with no need of curtains for another layer.  Whatever method you use, stop light from showing.

You can use tin foil. Cheap CHEAP cheap. Easy. Can be done from the inside. Room for error - just don't make it too small!! Of course, it's a pain in the butt to uncover the windows.

And you mentioned stripping down and showering in the rain...  ;D  Well, if one was so inclined and didn't live in the city (because this would be very noticeable), one could build an outdoor shower stall with a large roof that slopes to a drain hole in the center for showers. Just put a rain barrel underneath when not in use! But really, brr. :o Well, someone might try it just for the helluvit!
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...You can use tin foil. Cheap CHEAP cheap. Easy. Can be done from the inside. Room for error - just don't make it too small!! Of course, it's a pain in the butt to uncover the windows....
Foil is not really an option here, where we have many days in a row over 100*F in the summer. This can cause the glass in many windows to get too hot and crack.
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GoingToDoIt, Thanks for your comments.  Your question about lamp oil: note in "Lighting" section, I stored the amount of lamp oil I wanted.  Plus, I use battery flashlight lanterns and have rechargeable batteries.  After that, I would go to stored jar candles.

To darken a house, I will use Redi Shade Black Out Pleated Shades, as they are fast to put up, easy to operate, inexpensive, and easy to store.
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Here are some recipes, but I’m not through with recipes.  None of these recipes come from “Eating off the Grid” although a few fry bread ones might be similar.  I hope you get the book if you don’t have it.

I try to stick to recipes that use basic storage foods and basic baking ingredients.  However, check the recipes so you can store more specialized ingredients if called for.  Cooking items to get and directions to help you:
1. Waxed paper
2. A tortilla press for corn/flour tortillas (and anything else you want to flatten).  You can buy these over the web but the good ones are heavy metal and you’ll know it in the shipping price.  If you live in Texas, go to a Fiesta Grocery Store and they have them.  To make corn or flour tortillas with a tortilla press, put waxed paper in tortilla press, put in dough ball and another piece of waxed paper, and press.  Or make them by hand as noted in the recipes.
3. If a recipe calls for an egg and you don’t have any, use egg substitute mentioned in an earlier post or powdered egg.
4. You may use reconstituted instant milk or milk powder in any recipe calling for milk.
5.  For fast puddings, can’t beat storing boxes of instant pudding, any flavor.  Add milk and stir, that’s it.
6.  Store canned fruit pie filling – all fruits available this way.  There are some with less sugar if you need that.
7. Baking cocoa powder is used in some recipes.
8. Light corn syrup is used in a few.
9. Along with regular sugar and brown sugar, store some powdered sugar.
10. I don’t have separate bottles nutmeg or ginger (they cost more like that).  If either is called for, I use Allspice.  Pumpkin Pie Spice also has all that in there.  If you don’t have cinnamon, use Allspice or Pumpkin Pie Spice and it’ll be great.

Looking for the easiest bread to make on top of stove has caused me to dump recipes over and over as I would find a faster, easier one without sacrificing taste.  These are the result of years of searching:

Hoe-Cakes plain or as breakfast with syrup
2 cups corn meal
1 teaspoon salt
2 cups boiling water
oil/shortening for frying
In a large bowl combine the corn meal and salt.  Pour the boiling water over the cornmeal and stir until combined.  The cornmeal will swell up, absorbing the water, making a very thick mash.  Heat 4-5 tablespoons of oil or shortening in a large skillet over medium high heat.  As soon as the mush is cool enough to handle, scoop up a little of the cornmeal mush (about 1/4-cup) and shape it into a patty.  Place patty into the hot fat. Continue until the pan is full.  When the underside is crispy brown, turn them and cook the other side.  When both sides are crispy and brown, transfer them to a plate to keep warm, and start another batch.  This recipe makes about 12 hoe cakes.  Serve Hoe Cakes as a bread with a meal, or by themselves for breakfast with syrup. 

Corn Tortillas
3/4 cup cornmeal
1-1/4 cups white flour
1 teaspoon salt
2 tablespoons vegetable shortening or oil
1 cup boiling water
Waxed paper
In a bowl, combine the cornmeal, flour and salt.  Stir it up while the water is coming to a boil.  Place the shortening in the bowl with the cornmeal and flour.  Pour the boiling water over everything and stir it up with a fork.  Stir and stir because it will lump up quite a bit before it turns into dough.  Allow the mixture to cool. Divide the dough into 10 lumps about the size of golf balls.  Use tortilla press or roll each ball out very thinly between sheets of waxed paper.  Loosen and remove the top sheet of paper, and lay the tortilla down on a hot dry skillet, with the bottom sheet of waxed paper still attached, and now on top.  After the tortilla cooks for a few seconds, the remaining sheet of waxed paper will easily loosen for removal. When the underside of the tortilla is dry with a few brown spots, turn it and cook the other side.  This recipe makes 10 corn tortillas. 

Flour Tortillas
2 cups all-purpose flour
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon baking powder
2 teaspoons to 1 tablespoon shortening
1 cup or less lukewarm water
Combine flour, salt and baking powder. Cut shortening in with fingers. Add lukewarm water gradually and mix evenly with fingers until dough is soft and pliable (not sticky or tough). Let rest for 5 minutes.
Pinch off 8 to 12 balls of dough.  Use tortilla press, or pat flat, then roll on unfloured board.  Roll from center out, concentrating on the thickest edge and flipping the tortilla about 1/4 turn with each roll and keeping hold of one edge or side, holding it firmly and slightly off the board. Roll and stretch until thin.
Heat a skillet or griddle as hot as possible. Fry tortilla quickly, flipping once. The faster you fry them, and the hotter, the softer and more tender tortilla. Place fried tortillas on towel. Cover and repeat until all are done. Let tortillas cool slightly, then place all of the tortillas in a plastic bag.  Makes 8 to 12.

Cherokee bread served hot with honey or syrup
1 cup flour
1/2 tsp. salt
2 tsp. baking powder
3/4 cup milk
Mix ingredients adding more flour if necessary to make a stiff dough. Roll out the dough on a floured board till very thin. Cut into strips 2 X 3 inches and drop in hot cooking oil. Brown on both sides. Serve hot with honey or syrup.

Indian Pumpkin Fry Bread
2 cps. all purpose flour
3 teaspoons baking powder
1 teaspoon salt
1 can pumpkin for making pie (not solid can of pumpkin)
¾ cup brown sugar
Oil/shortening for frying
Mix all ingredients together. Cut dough into 6 parts. Roll thin and fry in hot oil until golden. Note: if you use a solid can of pumpkin, mix in enough egg substitute for 1 egg (or use regular egg if you have it), ¼ tsp. cinnamon, ¼ tsp. nutmeg or allspice, ¼ tsp. vanilla.

Creek Indian Bread – to make buttermilk, add 1 tablespoon vinegar to 1 cup milk (regular or instant or powdered)
2 cups flour
1 cup buttermilk
1 tbsp. baking powder
1/4 tsp. salt
Sift flour, salt and baking powder then add milk and more flour to make dough stiff. Roll out onto floured bread board and cut into 4 X 4 squares with a slit in the center. Fry in hot cooking oil until golden brown. Drain on plate with paper towels.

Hot Water Cornbread
The cornbread is shaped into little cakes and fried. They are served with maple syrup over them. 
Serves six:
Prep time 5 min, cook time less than 10,
1/2 cup cornmeal
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon white sugar
1-1 1/2 teaspoon shortening
1/4 cup and 2 tablespoons boiling water
In medium bowl, combine cornmeal, salt, and sugar.
Add boiling water and shortening; stir until shortening melts.
Pour oil to a depth of 1/2 inch in a large skillet and heat to 375 degrees.
Shape cornmeal mixture into flattened balls using a heaping tablespoon as a
measuring guide. Fry each in hot oil, turning once, until crisp and golden brown,
about 5 minutes. Drain on paper towels. Serve at once with maple syrup or honey.

Easy Fry Bread
4 cups white flour
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon baking powder
Combine all ingredients. Add about 1 1/2 cups lukewarm water and knead until dough is soft but not sticky. Shape dough into balls the size of a small peach. Shape into patties by hand; dough should be about l/2 inch thick. Make a small hole in the center of the round.
Fry in about l inch of hot lard or shortening in a heavy pan. Brown on both sides. Drain on paper towels and serve hot with honey or jam.


Funnel Cake
1 egg
2/3 cup milk
2 tbsp. sugar
1 1/4 cup flour
1/4 tsp. salt
1 tsp. baking powder
1. In a deep skillet, heat about two cups of oil over medium-high heat until hot. Test the temperature by dropping a pinch of flour into the hot oil. If it sizzles right away without smoking, it's perfect.
2. Beat egg and milk. Mix all other ingredients in a separate bowl and slowly add to the egg mixture, beating until smooth.
3. Using a funnel, drop into hot oil working from center outwards in a web pattern. (You can use a gallon sized freezer bag instead of a funnel by pouring the batter into the bag, snipping off a small corner of it, and squeezing the batter into the oil.)
4. Cook for about 2-3 minutes, remove from the oil when golden brown and crispy.
5. Sprinkle with powdered sugar and serve.

Skillet Cobbler
Biscuit mix (if don’t have biscuit mix such as Bisquick, use any recipe to make up as much biscuit dough as you want and add as much sugar as you want)
Canned pie filling
Oil or Crisco
Cream if available
Prepare biscuit mix per directions on box. Add enough sugar to sweeten as desired.  Fry spoonfuls of dough in skillet. Heat pie filling in pot. Serve over warm, fried biscuits and drizzle cream on top, if have.

Easy Stovetop Peach Cobbler – I recently got this.  I would use any canned fruit pie filling instead of canned peaches/cinnamon/sugar if didn’t have canned peaches.  That just leaves canned pie filling and package yellow cake mix as the ingredients.
1 (29 ounce) can sliced peaches
2 teaspoons ground cinnamon
1/4 cup white sugar
1 (9 ounce) package yellow cake mix
4 teaspoons margarine (or butter flavor Crisco)
Discard 1/2 of the juice from the peaches and pour the rest into a saucepan. Sprinkle the top with cinnamon and sugar.  Empty the cake mix on top of the peaches (or use pie filling) in an even layer. Place the margarine on top of the cake mix in the center.
Cover sauce pan with a lid and bring to a simmer over medium-high heat. Once you see steam escaping the saucepan, reduce heat to medium-low, and continue cooking for 10 minutes. Do not lift the lid during this time! Remove from heat and allow to stand with the lid on for 15 minutes before serving. The cake mix should look like dumplings.

Quick Rice and Raisin Pudding
1 cup uncooked instant rice
1 cup milk or water
1/4 cup raisins
3 tablespoons granulated sugar
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon or nutmeg
Mix all ingredients in 2-quart saucepan. Heat to boiling, stirring constantly. Remove from heat. Cover and let stand 5 minutes.

Granola Squares
2 1/2 cups crispy rice cereal
2 cups quick-cooking oats
1/2 cup raisins
1/2 cup packed brown sugar
1/2 cup light corn syrup
1/2 cup crunchy peanut butter
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
In a large bowl, stir together the rice cereal and oats. Set aside. Grease a 9x13 inch baking dish with cooking spray or oil.
Combine the brown sugar and corn syrup in a small saucepan over medium heat. Heat just until boiling, then remove from heat and stir in peanut butter and vanilla until smooth. Pour over the cereal and oat mixture, and mix well.
Press into the prepared pan using the back of a large spoon. Allow to cool, then cut into squares.

This is from Quaker Oats Company:
3-Minute No-Bake Cookies
2  cups granulated sugar
8  tablespoons (1 stick) margarine or butter (or butter flavor Crisco)
1/2  cup low-fat milk
1/3  cup baking cocoa
3  cups Quaker® Oats (quick or old fashioned, uncooked)
In large saucepan, combine sugar, margarine, milk and cocoa. Bring to boil over medium heat, stirring frequently. Continue boiling 3 minutes, stirring frequently.
Remove from heat. Stir in oats. Drop by tablespoonfuls onto waxed paper. Let stand until firm. Store tightly covered.  If using old fashioned oats, cool mixture in saucepan 5 minutes before dropping onto waxed paper.

From Minute Rice Company
15-Minute Vanilla Rice Pudding
Prep Time: 5 min
Total Time: 15 min
Makes: 6 servings, about 1/2 cup each
3 cups milk, divided
1 cup MINUTE White Rice, uncooked
1/3 cup raisins
1 pkg. (4-serving size) JELL-O Vanilla Flavor Instant Pudding & Pie Filling
BRING 1 cup of the milk to boil in medium saucepan. Stir in rice and raisins; cover. Remove from heat. Let stand 5 minutes.
Meanwhile, prepare pudding as directed on package with remaining 2 cups milk.
ADD rice mixture to prepared pudding; stir. Cover surface of pudding with plastic wrap; cool 5 minutes. Stir. Serve warm or chilled.

Jello rice pudding without sugar/without fat
1 egg
4 cups fat free milk
1 pkg. Sugar free fat free cook and serve vanilla pudding
1 cp. Instant white rice
¼ cp. Raisins
¼ tsp. Cinnamon
1/8 tsp. Ground nutmeg
Beat egg (or egg substitute) and milk in large saucepan with whisk until blended.  Add dry pudding, beat 2 minutes.  Stir in rice and raisins.  Bring to full rolling boil on medium heat, stirring constantly.  Cool 5 min., stirring occasionally.  Sprinkle with spices.

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Here's a few more:


No Bake Cookies
2 cups white sugar
3 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder
1/2 cup margarine
1/2 cup milk
1 pinch salt
3 cups quick cooking oats
1/2 cup peanut butter
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
In a saucepan bring sugar, cocoa, margarine, milk, and salt to a rapid boil for 1 minute.
Add quick cooking oats, peanut butter, and vanilla; mix well.
Working quickly, drop by teaspoonfuls onto waxed paper, and let cool.

Toppings for any canned fruit pie filling
Heat pie filling. Distribute to dishes. Toppings:
Crushed or larger pieces graham crackers 
Any granola cereal (I’d use mainly oats based) or crushed up granola bars
Crumbled gingersnaps from box

If have none of the above toppings, here’s a crisp topping to make.  Double recipe for more:
Crisp Topping
3 Tbl. Butter or butter flavor Crisco
½ cup nut pieces
1/3 cup rolled oats
¼ cup brown sugar
Melt butter in a medium nonstick sauté pan over medium high heat. Stir in the nuts, oats and sugar. Cook while stirring constantly for 3-4 minutes. Pour the mixture onto a sheet of parchment paper. Spread evenly to create a single layer and set aside to cool.

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Ham Supper
This recipe is for today’s world (see below for emergency situation).  People will think it took you a long time to make it because it’s so tasty.
1. Bite size cut up ham pieces
2. Uncle Bens Original Recipe Long Grain and Wild Rice
3. Can of pineapple chunks
In 10-12 inch skillet, brown 2 cups (or more) cut up pieces of ham in 2 tablespoons butter.  You'll end up with some pieces browned and some not so much, but it doesn't matter. 
Add box Uncle Ben’s Original Recipe with included seasoning packet.
Drain syrup from pineapple chunks into measuring cup.  Add enough water to make 2 1/2 cups liquid.   Stir liquid into the ham and rice - cover and boil with medium to medium high heat until the liquid is absorbed.  Stir in the pineapple chunks.  Serve. 

Ham Supper in emergency situation
1.  Bite site cut up ham pieces
2.  Uncle Bens Instant Recipe Long Grain and Wild Rice, OR 2 cups plain instant rice
3.  Can of pineapple chunks.
In 10-12 inch skillet, brown 2 cups (or more) cut up pieces of ham in 2 tablespoons butter flavored Crisco.  You’ll end up with some pieces browned and some not so much, but it doesn’t matter.
Add box of Instant Recipe with seasoning packet.  Drain syrup from pineapple and use that syrup (with more water if necessary) to make up the amount of liquid called for on the instant box.  Go by directions on box for amount of cooking time.  Stir in pineapple chunks. Serve.
OR, if use plain instant rice:
Follow the above instructions, but substitute two cups of plain instant rice for the Instant Recipe box.  Drain syrup from pineapple – that should be two cups of liquid – if not, add enough water to make two cups.  Bring to a boil and boil two minutes, then take off burner and let sit 5 minutes.  Stir in pineapple chunks. Serve.

15 Minute Chicken & Rice Dinner
4 servings
1 lb (or less) cooked chicken pieces
1 can (10-3/4 oz.) condensed cream of chicken soup
1-1/2 cups water
2 cups Minute White Rice, uncooked
Put all in pot and bring to a boil; boil for a minute or so, then set off burner for 5 minutes, then eat.

For today’s world, because it’s really good sauce and easy for special occasion (like Super Bowl) or just because:
Bourbon Little Smokies
14 oz. ketchup
1 cup cheap bourbon or whiskey
1 cup brown sugar
Combine in sauce pot.  Bring to a boil, turn heat down some but keep it lightly bubbling until sauce thickens some (longer you boil it the thicker it gets).  Add two 1 lb. packages of Little Smokies and simmer until they are hot.  Can put in chaffing dish to keep hot for a crowd.  Provide toothpicks or little skewers to pick up Smokies.  If these are for the family, not a gathering, put some in small bowls and enjoy.
(In emergency situation, if you have some bourbon/whiskey, make the sauce for whatever type meat you have.  Spoon it on top of meat.)  This sauce is safe for kids; the alcohol burns off leaving just a great taste.
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+1, this is such good common sense advice. I thought I was prepared in many areas and yet I have gotten many, many ideas from your posts. I love your style of presenting information; straightforward and humerous!

Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge/exeperiences with us.

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swoods, it has been a pleasure for me to do this.  I appreciate your writing to tell me it has helped you.
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My sister is totally cuckoo for no bake cookies.  :D
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Hi, Nico, I think the bourbon/whiskey barbecue sauce would be your cup of tea.  Some guys have told me they'd like to just drink it - forget the Smokies.
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Hi, Nico, I think the bourbon/whiskey barbecue sauce would be your cup of tea.  Some guys have told me they'd like to just drink it - forget the Smokies.

I think you're right. I'll have to give those a try!
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on February 18, 2011, 09:29:09 PM
Yes, make them and report how you liked them, or didn't.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Foxfire on February 22, 2011, 12:51:55 AM
Victoria...I'm so loving this thread.    Do you happen to have a good Spanish rice recipe?  I have some tomato powder and I was thinking that it might be good in a Spanish rice dish,  along with dried bell peppers, onions etc.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Nicodemus on February 22, 2011, 06:04:38 AM
I missed the Flour and Corn Tortillas for one reason or another. I appreciate you writing up the recipes for those, Victoria. Thanks!
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on February 22, 2011, 08:23:32 AM
Using canned, stored dry food, and dehydrated food such as tomato powder, green pepper, etc., causes one to adjust recipes to fit what one has.  No recipe is made in stone - they can all be changed.  Here's a possibility for fast Spanish Rice.

Quick Spanish Rice
2 cups Instant Rice
1 1/2 cup chicken broth (either canned or made with two chicken bouillon cubes and 1 1/2 cup water)
1/2 cup tomato sauce made with tomato powder
1/4 teaspoon garlic powder
enough onion powder or chopped dried onion (or real onion) to make 1/4 cup chopped onion
1/2 to 1 teaspoon chili powder
reconstituted green pepper - as much as you want.
Put it all together, bring to a boil, boil 1 minute or so, take off burner, cover, let sit 5+ minutes.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on February 22, 2011, 08:27:12 AM
I know, with your ant mentality, you store food.  You need a tortilla press.  Hate to think of you without one if TSHTF.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Nicodemus on February 22, 2011, 10:16:51 AM
First a grain mill, then the tortilla press!  ;)
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: 4bull on February 22, 2011, 04:09:12 PM
I have a hamburger press i use for small tortilla's. Everything has 3 or more uses.
keep up the great work Victoria, thanks
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on March 07, 2011, 11:43:52 AM
SPROUTS and PARACORD – I know, strange combination, but I forgot to mention Paracord earlier.

Before a veggie grows up to be an adult, it begins as a tiny sprout.  That sprout is packed with every nutrient needed to grow an adult plant.  By the time it’s an adult, it’s already used most of the nourishment of the sprout.  You only eat the left-overs when you eat the adult.  Eating one tiny sprout is eating an abundance of nutrients and anti-oxidants – not the left-overs, and sprouts are easy to digest.  If you eat a sprout, then, you eat more nutrients, more anti-oxidants to help prevent disease, than in the adult plant.  Am I getting through to you? 

Why are you eating those worn out adult plants and not the nutrient packed sprouts that make those plants?  Well, I don’t know, maybe because you didn’t know how nutritious they were, or you don’t know where to buy them, or because someone said they were “health food” and you didn’t want any part of health food.  If you’ve never eaten one but are sure you don’t like them – be brave and try some. 

You can grow fresh green veggies in the form of sprouts in four to seven days in your house and have a fresh salad packed full of nutrients.  You don’t need dirt or fertilizer or pots or sun. 

In an emergency situation, using stored food, sprouts give you fresh greens anytime you want to grow them.

So, how does one grow sprouts – must be complicated, right?  No, it just takes a container in which to grow them, and rinsing/draining them everyday for not many days – that’s it.   

The most nutritious of the sprouting seeds, to me, is broccoli sprouts.  No, they don’t taste like full grown broccoli – they’re crunchy, tasty, little green plants.  They have more anti-oxidants than any other sprout.  I make a small salad of cut up tomatoes, cubed avocado, honey mustard dressing, and broccoli sprouts that I grow in my kitchen.  I use a Sproutmaster, put the seeds in there, rinse/drain everyday and I’ve got spouts in 4-5-6 days, whenever I want to stop their growth.  They store well in the fridge for days in their container (putting in fridge stops their growth at that stage).  If there was no fridge available, I would stagger “planting” smaller amounts to keep some ready to eat and some still growing.   

I have stored sprouting seeds of all kinds and combinations.  They can also be stored in a freezer for as long as one has a freezer.  This assures fresh greens/vitamins/anti-oxidants will be available to have with stored food.  There are many sprout companies on the internet from which to order sprouting seeds and get information about each one.  I also have broccoli sprouting seed from Walton.

In your planning, consider sprouts for nutrition with stored food.  If you have children, let them grow sprouts.

Do you have rope if something needs to be tied together or tied down or fixed with rope?  I saw a TV program where the guy used Paracord to fix something and realized I had no rope of any kind.  How dumb was that – no rope at all.  Then, I read about Paracord and knew that was the rope for me.   Mine is made by a certified US Govt. Contractor (actually made in the US), 500 lb. test, 7 strand core.  I’m sure you guys know about Paracord, especially if you were in the military.  If necessary for the job, the rope can also be taken apart and each stand used – this is the most versatile strong rope for any job requiring rope.  If for no other reason, it ties down outside equipment/chairs, etc., before a storm/hurricane hits here.   I kept trying to get it at a local Academy and they were always out, so got it from Amazon.

The Times In Which We Live
When I began writing these articles, a gallon of gas was a reasonable price – now it isn’t and it’s going up almost every day - so is the price of food and everything else we need to have in order to live.  I have stepped up preparing, completing what I know I need to do.  I just saw on Fox News that Saudi Arabia has started arresting protestors.  That is an ominous sign.  I believe our future will not be as easy as it has been for the past fifty or more years.    Consider your present and prepare to sustain that as best you can.  I wish the best to all of you. 
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: monkeyboyf on March 07, 2011, 09:26:21 PM
Dear Victoria, Was beginning to worry about you. I so enjoy your posts, was hoping you were on vacation or something like that.  We are never to old to learn, and have learned a bunch from you.  Glad to have you back posting.  May just have to try sprouting, now. I have eaten them for years, just never tried to do them my own.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Ali-K on April 02, 2011, 06:38:55 AM
Hi, Victoria.  This is my first post, and I just wanted to tell you how how helpful this has been for me.  I really appreciate it.  I'm very new to prepping and this has given me a lot of useful information.  Thank you!
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on April 02, 2011, 10:21:13 AM
Ali-K, thanks for making your first post here; I'm glad you have begun prepping.  We buy auto insurance in case we're in an accident; buy house insurance in case our house is damaged; buy life insurance in case something happens to us; it makes sense, then, to buy insurance in case our lifestyle is threatened by a natural disaster or man made disaster.  This insurance, after having a place to live, is making sure we  have a source of potable water, food, way to cook, light, warmth, cooling, home medical care, security and communication. 

We need to provide our own life style insurance so we don't have to depend on someone else to provide it in an emergency situation.  You are beginning to do that and will feel better with every prep you make.

Our country and the world is changing for the worse and it seems to me the pace is picking up.  The more preps you make now, the better off you will be.  Good luck on your journey.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Ali-K on April 04, 2011, 04:58:44 AM
Thanks again, Victoria.  I appreciate the encouragement.  It seems like everyone I know thinks I've lost my mind, but I can't understand how they don't see what I see.

I have saved your posts to a Word doc and I am going to print them out and use them to help me plan and organize my preps better. ;D
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on April 04, 2011, 08:34:58 AM
Ali-K, you are smarter than your friends.  A smart person can identify problems more than a less smart person can.  In other words, the dumber a person is, the happier they are because they can't identify problems.  This also means the smarter you are, the more worry you have since you can identify problems.

I've always thought if there's a problem, I can fix it, just have to find the solution - so I'm a problem solver.  You're a problem solver, too - you have identified the problem, and you're solving it.

You can read on this forum to keep giving you encouragement, and maybe talk less about this to friends.  If you have family living close to you and they think you're nuts, you can set aside some rice, dried beans and bean seasoning for them, with or without telling them, and know you have them covered for some food.  I did this for a widow living next to me and she never knew I had food for her.

Keep preparing, you smart person.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: sunnisusie on April 04, 2011, 07:38:48 PM
Wonderful Post!  Learning so much!
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on April 04, 2011, 07:45:42 PM
Hi, sunnisusie, you're another smart person.  Glad you posted here.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Wrangell on April 17, 2011, 07:03:23 PM
This has to be one of the most informative posts I have read here. Thank you so much Victoria for your common sense take on things. For some odd reason, when I am reading your posts it seems like I am listening to a family member. Why that is I have no idea. Looking forward to hearing more from you.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on April 18, 2011, 09:42:58 AM
Hi, Wrangell.  You said, "For some odd reason, when I am reading your posts it seems like I am listening to a family member. Why that is I have no idea." 

I write like I'm talking to you, which I am - welcome to my "family" of readers - and stay warm in Alaska with your stored provisions.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Roundabouts on June 18, 2011, 09:37:16 AM
Victoria just love all you have shared.  Wish this was the first thing that I had read as it would have made everything seem less overwhelming.  I can't express how helpful this has been. Thank you Hugs
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: BadgerAngel on August 06, 2011, 08:16:26 AM

Thank you so very much.  This is like re-reading the old Foxfire books my mom used to have, except kind of better, because this is all stuff that I can do now.  I may not be able to go out and get all of the dehydrated stuff and whatnot, but I can buy another plunger and put it away, I can buy a can of tuna/chicken/ham every weekly trip to the store and whatnot.  Thank you!

Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on August 06, 2011, 09:12:24 AM
Roundabouts and BadgerAngel,
I'm glad the articles helped both of you.  My husband is in the hospital dying from cancer.  I'm glad I wrote these articles before this happened.  I'll come back to the forum when I can.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: TexDaddy on August 06, 2011, 09:15:20 AM
Victoria, It makes me very sad to read this. All of my good thoughts are heading your way.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Nicodemus on August 06, 2011, 12:23:17 PM
I'm very sorry to hear this news, Victoria. My thoughts are with you and your family.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: BadgerAngel on August 06, 2011, 01:02:10 PM
Oh, I am so very sorry.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: flagtag on August 06, 2011, 02:52:32 PM
My prayers are with you and your family. God bless you.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Docwatmo on August 07, 2011, 08:37:32 AM
I'm so sorry Victoria.   Many thoughts and prayers headed your way.   
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: monkeyboyf on August 08, 2011, 08:56:27 PM
You and your husband are in my prayers.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: NWBowhunter on August 08, 2011, 09:09:20 PM
I'll keep you in my prayers as well.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Roundabouts on August 09, 2011, 05:36:12 AM
Sending you love hugs and warm thoughts.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: LibertyBelle on August 11, 2011, 09:03:04 PM
I'm so sorry to hear that, Victoria...keeping you both in my prayers.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: LvsChant on August 15, 2011, 08:36:53 AM
And from me, Victoria...
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Canadian on September 01, 2011, 01:43:40 PM
Victoria, you have my utmost support and positive thoughts.  I HAVE BEEN IN YOUR SHOES.  Take some time.....keep in touch.....this is your biggest challenge yet.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: cdnshooter on September 01, 2011, 03:26:55 PM
Prayers sent,

Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: antsyaunt on September 01, 2011, 08:30:25 PM
Victoria, I am so sorry that you must endure seeing your loved one go through this.  I hope you feel our support.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: JanuaryJones on November 28, 2011, 06:58:10 PM
Victoria-I am so sorry for your situation with your husband. I also want to thank you for your posts. I'm a newbie prepper and your posts gave me alot of good information-love your writing style too. You write as a friend.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on January 08, 2012, 07:50:03 PM
I have come back to see what's happening on the forum. The format looks different - have to figure it out.

Bill died last August 12 of lymphoma (cancer) in the brain.  I thank all of you for your comments regarding his illness.

I have added a family member, a Yorkie puppy named Prissy.  She is five months old.  I'm trying to get it across to her that the house is not food, nor is it a chew toy.  I hope the house lasts until she figures this out.

I'll be back with another article as I have found some new "stuff" to tell you about.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: TexDaddy on January 08, 2012, 08:50:53 PM
I am saddened to hear of your loss Victoria.

Welcome back to the forum. I have missed learning from you.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: LvsChant on January 08, 2012, 09:41:51 PM
So sorry to hear about the death of your husband, Victoria. We are really glad to have you back here on the forum and hope you are doing OK yourself.

Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Docwatmo on January 09, 2012, 05:20:13 AM
I'm so sorry to hear of your loss Victoria. 
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Mr. Bill on January 09, 2012, 08:33:46 AM
My condolences, Victoria.  Good to have you back.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Roundabouts on January 09, 2012, 10:30:09 AM
So glad to have you back and may I offer smochies and belly rubs to Prissy.  Of course a big hug to you.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: TexasGirl on January 09, 2012, 10:38:05 AM
Hi Victoria,

Glad you are back, it's a joy to read your tidbits!  I'll be keeping you in prayer...

Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: LibertyBelle on January 09, 2012, 02:02:18 PM
My condolences on the loss of your husband, Victoria.
We've missed you and it's good to have you back.
You're gonna have to post pics of little miss Prissy, you know.   
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on January 09, 2012, 02:53:29 PM
Prissy, Christmas, 5 mths. old

Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: LibertyBelle on January 09, 2012, 02:58:41 PM
OMGosh!  She is soooooo adorable!  I love her!  ;D
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on January 09, 2012, 03:08:25 PM
Prissy, Christmas, 5 mths. old Yorkie
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on January 09, 2012, 03:34:55 PM
LibertyBelle, Sorry for the huge picture.  I didn't know how to upload pictures, went to Photo Bucket, joined, figured that out, then posted the pic. but didn't know it was going to be that huge.  Tried to cancel that big picture post and thought I did.  Went back to Photo Bucket and re-sized it and added picture frame. 

So, I do all that and click back on the thread and there's that huge picture still there.

The way I got her was both terrible and wonderful.  Saw there were Yorkies available not too far from me, but it was way down in the sticks.  The road got to nothing and there was nothing around.  Began to wonder if I should be there alone.  Finally found the house.

A man came out of the house and I went upon the porch.  He started to open the door, then stopped and asked, "Are you afraid of dogs?"  I said, "Not if they are Yorkies."  I had no idea what was about to happen.  He opened the door and 44 Yorkies bounded onto the porch.  As we went in these Yorkies of all ages, were jumping, barking, some snapping at my heels, they were totally out of control.  I was a new "thing" and they had gone nuts. 

I wasn't afraid they would bite me - Yorkies won't do that unless there is danger and I was not danger to them.  They were just all over me.  These 45 Yorkies live in that house - in the house.  We went in the kitchen with them still yapping all over me and I sat up on a stool to get out of them.

Then, the wife brought this little female Yorkie out of a room (she was not in the 44 that ganged up on me).  She was number 45, the newest one, 5 weeks old.  The woman handed her to me and this little puppy stuck her head into the corner of my elbow and didn't move.  I had the strongest feeling she was saying, "Get me out of here!".  I had two requirements, she had to have a lot of hair and a proper Yorkie face.  She did.  I paid cash, got the papers, and we left.  Put her in a pink carry case in the car and we were gone.

When I got her home, put her in a pink puppy bed and she was home forever.

Forty-five dogs in a house was worrying me.  I hated that place.  Prissy would never have made it with that many older dogs - she would always be the last in line for water or food.  The woman told me she was different than the others - that she wouldn't sleep with the older dogs - she got by herself on a pad by the fireplace and stayed there all night.  Well, no wonder - she weighed less than 2 lbs. and they were monsters!

I didn't know she would turn out to be so beautiful when I saved her out of that mess, but her coloring now is so lovely and special.  The top of her head is turning all silver and her legs and paws will be all very light blond.  Her facial hair is still turning, not sure what the final hair will look like.

Yorkies are the only dogs that has the gene to turn their hair color.  They are all black and tan when born, then they start changing color about 4 mths. old.

Prissy is a wonderful little girl with all the advantages a precious puppy should have.

Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: LibertyBelle on January 09, 2012, 08:06:36 PM
What a heart-wrenching literally saved her life!  But that's all behind her now and she will have a wonder life from now on.   I love happy endings (or rather new beginnings) like this.  :)           
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Roundabouts on January 18, 2012, 10:42:49 AM
oh my gosh I could just smooch on her all day!!!  love hearing the story.  thanks for sharing  :)
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on January 18, 2012, 11:17:09 AM
Well, friends, my eyes have had it.  I have cateracts on both eyes and changing the prescription of my glasses had worked so far to keep me driving and seeing  They have reached the point I can't drive at night and the doc doesn't want me driving, period.  My husband used to do all the driving, but now it's up to me to do it.

I'll have one eye surgery a short time from now, then the other one done two weeks after that.  I don't know what to expect as regards typing on my computer, so I'll have to see what happens as I go along.

When one eye has the operation and it sees right, what happens when one sees out of both eyes then -one right and one still screwed up?

When this gets fixed, I want to write an article that includes propane stoves to use in the house.  Yes, there are some of those now.

I'll be back when my eyes are just swell (the doctor assures me they will be great).  I didn't want anyone cutting on my eyes until it was necessary and now it is.

Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: LibertyBelle on January 18, 2012, 11:34:24 AM
I'll be back when my eyes are just swell (the doctor assures me they will be great).  I didn't want anyone cutting on my eyes until it was necessary and now it is.

Don't'll do great!  My father-in-law had his cataracts removed last year (first from one eye, then two weeks later the other) and he couldn't be happier with the results. He went from being near blind and not seeing well enough to drive even during the day (had a handyman who helped him in exchange for rent), to now driving all over the place, day or night, and only needing a pair of cheap drug store glasses to read the newspaper. 
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Roundabouts on January 18, 2012, 11:39:36 AM
Oh Victoria sorry to hear that.  I am sure you will be better than ever.  Take care of yourself and your pup.   
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on January 18, 2012, 11:40:44 AM
LibertyBelle, what was his sight like after one eye was done and the other wasn't done?
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: LibertyBelle on January 18, 2012, 12:40:39 PM
LibertyBelle, what was his sight like after one eye was done and the other wasn't done?

After a couple of days, he ended up putting a patch over the eye that still had the cataract, as it was easier to see out of just the good eye than trying to focus with both eyes since they were so different. But he only had the patch on for just a few days, then he got the second eye done and has been good to go ever since.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on January 18, 2012, 01:05:49 PM
Thanks, I had a feeling I would have to block out the un-fixed eye.  I hate this interruption in my eyesight. I'll be back to tell you how it's going.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: chickchoc on January 19, 2012, 05:53:17 PM
Hi, Victoria, fellow Texan --

I just found this thread and have really gotten a lot out of your posts.  Thanks!

I'm so sorry to hear of your husband's passing.  The body passes, but the spirit lives on, I believe.  You will see him again.

What a cute puppy Prissy is!  Her breeder sounds like a puppy mill.  If she is pedigreed (with papers), you should report the breeder to the AKC and possibly the Humane Society.  There is no way a reputable breeder would keep dogs in that condition.  How on Earth could they even tell who sired puppies?  How could they keep track of illnesses and heat cycles?  I pray that Prissy is a healthy little girl who will love you for many, many years.

Regarding cataract surgery:  My mother-in-law had severe cataracts and was scared to death of the surgery to fix them.  Finally, when she was about 95 she decided to have the procedure.  The day of surgery she went to the office, was placed in a chair, drops in her eyes and waited a few minutes.  The doctor came in, stayed about 5 minutes, then left.  She thought he was just examining her eyes.  Later the nurse came in and Mom asked, "When will the doctor do the surgery?"  The nurse answered, "Why, it's already done!"  Mom realized that all that worrying was for nought. 

I'm sure your surgery will be just as quick and easy.  BTW, Mom didn't even use the pain meds she was prescribed.  Her vision was so good she no longer needed glasses!!
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Mr. Bill on January 19, 2012, 06:36:52 PM
My dad had cataract surgery a few moths ago.  Went well, no problems.  In between, when only one eye was done, he was able to muddle along and even to drive (although I don't think he ought to have done that!).  So you'll just have to see how it affects you personally.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Bradbn4 on January 20, 2012, 05:22:22 PM
Thank you for sharing - that is one wonder little pup.

My had just finished having his second eye worked on (cataracts)- one thing he did indicate that colors were more vivid, and he has to go back into reading glasses.

Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: GearingUp on February 14, 2012, 01:13:17 PM
Oh thank you so much for all of this!! Taking extensive notes  ;)
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on February 14, 2012, 03:44:18 PM
GearingUp, I'm glad these articles are helping you prep.

There are many dangers to our country now, including the middle east ones that will likely affect our country, too. 

I'm going through my list and building up those items I feel are necessary.  I suggest everyone take preparing seriously now.

About eyes, everyone: Left eye will be done March 1.  Getting medical tests done now in preparation for that surgery.  I will be glad when this is over for both eyes - I don't have time for this aggravation.
Title: basic TV reception
Post by: oktheniknow on February 15, 2012, 10:42:13 AM
Take good care of yourself. Know you'll be glad to get beyond the cataract surgery.

One item of note I'll add about TVs. We have had cable TV for several years. Don't watch it really, and what we do watch are local channels. So what we did was get rid of cable at a savings of $300 a year. Bought an indoor HD antenna from for $35. Now we get 12 local channels in HD, all the networks, plus a couple of educational ones. Realize this won't work for many as they live too far out. We live about 25 miles outside of a major town.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: oktheniknow on February 15, 2012, 10:50:55 AM
We have the security film on all of our exterior windows. Get the thickest you can afford.
That's a great idea, thanks! Also Victoria, you are a Godsend for many. Thanks for your posts!
One extra tip for bolstering doors that I saw recently is to replace the plate screws in your doors with 3 inch long screws instead of the small ones that come with door knobs/locks.  Takes more effort to screw in, but the length of the screws will be so that they'll go into your wall studs making it much harder for someone to kick in a door. Listen to your deadbolt and make sure it engages fully with a click. If not it may not be fully engaging and going out as far as it should (a piece of wood may be rubbing up against it inside the door frame). The other measures mentioned are very useful as well. 
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Sarey on February 27, 2012, 02:35:15 PM
Great Post!

Being prepared is a great feeling. I feel sad for those rushing around trying to scavenge what is left at the chain stores. Even now so few of the "sheeple" are listening to what is going on in the world.

Situational Awareness should be an advertising campaign!

Great idea about hitting the smaller local stores and the shower camp bag: well that is a better solution then the adaptation I had the man make from one of those prepper books I read (I think it was Lights Out) great idea with the painting the 50 gallon water barrels black and putting some kind of shower attachment to it.

Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on July 11, 2012, 02:32:16 PM
This is July 11, 2012, and I'll be making another post very soon with new items that are available now.

I've gone throught the eye surgeries and see well now.  Best to all of you.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Roundabouts on July 11, 2012, 09:01:34 PM
Hey Victoria so glad that your surgeries went well.  I have been wondering how you were doing.  So glad to have you back!  Hope Prissy is doing well to. 

Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: monkeyboyf on July 11, 2012, 10:06:50 PM
So glad your eyes are better.  Glad to have you back on board.  So many newbies for you to train and help.  ;D
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: ncjeeper on July 12, 2012, 12:19:54 AM
I've gone throught the eye surgeries and see well now.  Best to all of you.
Thats good to hear
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Nicodemus on July 12, 2012, 03:04:56 PM
Glad to hear it and welcome back, Victoria.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: LibertyBelle on July 12, 2012, 08:55:18 PM
I've gone throught the eye surgeries and see well now.  Best to all of you.

That's wonderful news, Victoria! Glad to have to back. :)

Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Docwatmo on July 16, 2012, 12:27:45 PM
Awesome news on the eyes.  Glad to hear your back at it.  Can't wait for the next installment.

Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on July 16, 2012, 02:57:39 PM

Most of us have a plan for our day.  That doesn’t work when one comes downstairs and the floor is covered with a layer of water.  It was a thin film with some puddles here and there.  It covered the whole floor.

My beautiful, almost new, Pergo floor was covered with water last week.  Forget what I was going to do that day – my plan was shot.

I got towels and dried a small center part of the room so I could let Prissy out of her bedroom (which is the downstairs bathroom) and that bathroom didn’t have water, thank goodness.

Then, I sat down with my coffee and a cigarette (yes, a cigarette, get over it, okay?).  The water had to be removed fast to save the Pergo planks if they could be saved.  I didn’t know how long the water had been there – when in the night/early morning did this happen?

I had never had water in my house, where did this stuff come from?  What was my first thing to do?  First, it’s hard to get over the shock – I had a frozen brain right then.

If your house floods in day time hours, you see it happen and you react to do what you can.  But, when you wake up and there is water all over, it’s hard to think quickly.

I thought of my friend who has four boys.  She is sometimes in Austin for meetings, and I hoped she was not gone.  She was home.  Score one win.  You bet, she would come with a son and two of his friends who were with him, plus she brought her teen age daughter who is a sweetheart.  Score another win.  And, I hadn’t eaten, was working on the water, so she brought me food.  Score another win.

They arrived and I had gathered every towel I had except the expensive ones, and they moved every piece of furniture in this room and the water started going away.  After a period of time, my friend went to a large barbecue place and bought what everyone wanted to eat and drink.  They ate outside on the patio where there was a table and chairs as there was no place in the room as furniture was everywhere with a small path through it.  Even the piano had to be moved as there was water under it.

What has this got to do with prepping and an emergency happening?  Here it is:  you need true friends and we haven’t talked about this in terms of prepping.

I have stuff, I am prepared.  But, none of that meant anything in this emergency.  It was an emergency and I couldn’t fix it on my own and my little Yorkie, Prissy, couldn’t help either – she wondered what was happening in her house with these people here and her furniture everywhere.  You see, she owns everything here and she lets me live with her.

Do you have at least one friend you know you can count on – someone who would drop everything and come to your aid?  If you don’t have at least one friend or family member who is also a friend, get one.  Several is better than one, but you must have at least one.

A friend or friends should be on your prep list and no, I didn’t have any names on mine.  It was in my head but I hadn’t thought how important it is.  Now, if you have a compound defended by numerous guys with assault weapons, you have friends.  If you are like the majority of us, you live in your house carrying on your daily life as you have done all your life.  If you are older, your kids likely don’t live with you and they may be spread all over the country.  My son lives in London, England, so he can’t help me on short notice.

Down to brass tacks on this, if your friend or friends are older, too, they likely can’t move furniture, can’t do physical labor.  Think about it – do you have a friend or friends who are physically capable or know people they can get that are physically capable?

The closer they live, the better.  If the SHTF and you have an emergency like this or other emergency, can a friend get to you?  I had friends in the Texas hill country and family in Corpus Christi, and the son in London, and none of them were close enough to get here.  If there is no gasoline, no power, what will you do in this type emergency?  Someone you know that is close by, is a major asset in an emergency.

I would bet your brain is working this problem right now.  You’re putting together a mental list of those you can count on to help you and who can get to you.  That is the purpose of this article.

Yes, I found the source of the water problem.  Something has happened in my chimney and water is flowing into the chimney wood box surrounding it outside and the water is getting in.  We had six inches of rain during the night and early morning of the day the water came in.  Enough water built up inside that box that it came in.  There was major flooding in this area but I wouldn’t have had water except for this dumb (read that as “damn”) chimney.  Repair will start tomorrow.  I may have to replace some Pergo planks.

Think about your real friend list.  If you don’t have one, cultivate one where you hang out – church, work, next door, anywhere (local pub?).

Next article is new items I found in securing the outside of the house, self-defense, warming the house, fast good food using little fuel.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Roundabouts on July 16, 2012, 03:23:19 PM
Way to go Victoria as usual great post!  I have to say that I have been in a situation earlier this year where I really could have used someone.  Well other that hubby.  It hit me like a ton of bricks that I had let all my contacts die with the closing of my business.   My closest friends that I had, you know the ones that you can really count on have either passed away or moved across state. 

Over the last 4-5 yrs I found myself not knowing one person to call besides my hubby.  The kids are spread all over the world so I understand that part.  I always have had lots and lots of contacts and people to count on.  Some how over time that list has disappeared one by one without me really noticing until the day came when I had a need.  I don't know if I was more sad or scared.  How could I have let this happen?  How did I not notice it? 

When I talked to hubby about it he hadn't really realized it either.  He does have some people I bet he could call if need be from work.  But that is really not the same as friends that you KNOW will be there.  I do not know these people at all.  That would do me no good.

So I started going through old contacts clients and people I had had something in common with and could at least speak with if I ran into them in the store.  Now we can add at least one person to that list.  He also knows we can be added to his.  Makes me feel better.  But still it use to be I could draw on several dozen people at least.  Have a long way to go.  But at least I am aware of the problem now.   

Jack says all the time no man is a island that is very true.

Over the years I have moved to other states or areas where I knew no one.  It is amazing how many complete strangers are willing to help if just asked.  Saved my butt a few times.

Thanks for posting this I can get wrapped up in everything I am doing and easily let this one slide under the rug. 
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on July 21, 2012, 06:37:26 PM
Roundabout, change always happens and friends move and once one leaves a job, few of those contacts remain.  I’m not a highly social person and that won’t change but we all need a few good friends we can count on.


Well, you know how I am – have Plan A and B and C and probably D.  Nicodemus has commented about my having numerous ways to do something.  I’ll just admit to overkill and keep doing it.

So, I have a heavy 38 revolver in a drawer on my bedside table.  Let me stop here and say if you have children between toddler through teen age, make sure they can’t get to your guns.  In an emergency situation, however, you don’t want them locked up or disassembled where it is hard to get to them.  If you can’t get to them quickly and be ready to fire, you have a problem.  I do not have children at home.  This Colt 38 is old and belonged to my husband.  I can get it in a second.  The first bullet is filled with buckshot that will slow down the intruder and the rest are hollow point bullets and the intruder would be dead.

That Colt stays in that drawer but I have a two story house.  I wanted a lighter gun I could carry on my person all day if TSHTF.  I discussed this with my friend who lives in another part of Texas.  I researched guns on the web, too, and read and read and read.  So, with that background, I go to my close Academy store to talk to one of their gun guys.  I had read about a certain gun for women, and I asked about that one.  He said I didn’t want that and showed me one.  It was a pistol and I couldn’t pull back the slide.  He took it and he couldn’t pull it back, either.  We dumped that pistol.

This salesman was late middle aged and knew guns.  He took out a “Ruger LCR 38 Special” revolver and said that was the one I needed.  I found out later that a number of  policemen use this gun for their backup weapon.  The hammer is inside the gun so the hammer can’t catch on something, and the gun is fairly light weight – it’s easy for a cop to hide.  It’s double action so it’s doubtful the trigger would be accidently pulled through two stages to fire the bullet.  I easily had the strength to pull the trigger and there was no slide to pull back as with a pistol.  It was the right gun for me.

These Rugers are expensive.  One will mostly eat up a $500 dollar bill.  Men who have several guns have invested a lot of money.  The only thing I can say about the cost of a gun is, who is going to eat all your stored food if you have been killed by someone who had a gun and you didn’t? 

Then, I asked myself how was I going to wear this gun on my person?  I looked on Amazon for fanny packs.  I didn’t know jack about fanny packs so I educated myself.  I settled on one by “Galati Gear” for about $25.  This is called the small one and there is also medium and large. There are two zippered pockets on the front, and another larger zippered one on the top.  The gun fits in a pocket in the back and that closes with strong Velcro.  It looks like a usual fanny pack and will carry all important items you need if you go shopping.  Think about it – you would have two free hands, no purse to carry, if you used this.  Also, there is no purse snatching if you wear this. These are not gender specific, a man still looks like a macho guy with his fanny pack.  There are many fanny packs on Amazon but not a huge number for a gun one but there are still plenty to choose from.

You absolutely cannot tell a gun is in this fanny pack.  If you had to use your gun, just jerk down on the Velcro and the gun is in your hand immediately.  In a SHTF situation, just wear the fanny pack at home and your gun is with you no matter where you are.

This Ruger 38 special is not a large gun – it’s on the small side which, in my opinion, fits a woman’s hands better.  If your gun is larger, you need a larger size fanny pack.  Customer comments on Amazon talk about which guns fit in which size.  Those comments took me to the small pack.  I have stopping hollow point bullets for this gun plus two fast loaders for it.

I have another new gun.  I did not have pepper spray.  So, I searched around and found “Mace Pepper  Gun”.  You can get them in various colors, so I got pink.  It doesn’t look dangerous since it is pink and that’s why I got that color.  It’s effective up to 20 feet.  When you pull the trigger, a LED bright red light comes on to tell you if you’re on target.  They also provide a water cartridge to practice using the gun.  It says it delivers a powerful stream of super strength pepper.  I also got the usual small pepper spray small enough to go on a key chain but the one for home is this pepper spray gun.  I bought a few extra cartridges so think about doing that if you get this gun.  I don’t recall the price of this gun but it was very reasonable – not a high dollar item.  If you have children do not leave this pepper gun where they can get it.

Think about your personal security – do you have a gun, know how to shoot it, and can you get to it from anywhere in your house?  I can do that now that I have that fanny pack.  I’m pushing fanny packs  - got a fanny pack – it may save your life.

Next is hardening house security in case zombies come to your house.

Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Marianne on July 28, 2012, 06:44:35 PM
Hi Victoria – It is great to have you back! When you appeared on the scene back in January 2011, I had just gotten interested in prepping. My oldest son had returned from a tour in Iraq after having served in the Army for ten years. He came home with a healthy interest in prepping and had extensively researched the topic on the internet while he was overseas. He suggested several forums to me. His interests are somewhat different from mine obviously, so I went looking for my own sources of information. I stumbled on The Survival Podcast Forum and happily found the Women Survivalists board. Then out of the blue, there you were - a voice in the wilderness! Immediately, with your first post, I was hooked. Something about your humor, straightforward writing style, logical presentation, authentic life experiences, and extensive knowledge encouraged me to get my act together. I definitely needed help.

At the time I didn’t have matches or lighters in the house, barely any batteries, very little bottled water or food in the pantry, no cash on hand, only a couple of candles, three rolls of toilet paper and no gun. As a fine example of being ignorant of one’s ignorance, I had put myself at risk should there have been an extended power outage, or a financial collapse, or if anything happened out of the ordinary. Your opening line hit me hard, “When trucks stop, it’s over.” I get it. Trucks can stop suddenly and stay off the road for a long time.

Many women are in the same boat with me. Working hard and saving our pennies has been our primary mode of survival.  Since 2005, there are now more single than married women in the United States.  Women are less likely than ever to have husbands to depend on when times get rough. We have to depend on ourselves and think about the basics of survival. I am old enough to realize that things have changed dramatically in the last 50 years. There is something in the air that is unsettling – uneasiness about the future, a lack of confidence in the sanity of the world, which many of us are feeling. In order to sleep well at night, I must do something – preparing for whatever is the answer for me. As a “mature” single woman, condo living in the middle of huge city, with no family in the state, I face obvious limitations and challenges.

My closest friend with a house is 35 miles away and my sons live in another state eight hours away by car. Yes, if there is time, I must at least go to my friend’s house in the suburbs and take as many of my preps with me as I can load in my car should something weird happen. No way can I run off to the hills where I would have to live alone, even if I was able, grow my own food, split wood, hunt and fish. Let’s get real – I am old! And being old, I know my generation will be the most vulnerable in a major prolonged disaster. It is just a fact. But I won’t go down easily or stupidly just because I was not prepared!

Victoria, your “theory of three” and alternative suggestions for solving various issues have inspired me to get off my duff and do what I can to help myself during times of crisis. Still, all this prepping stuff requires thought, research, time and money. Knowing that you are OK, that you are coming back from your trials and tribulations of the past year, is reassuring to probably more people than you realize. I for one thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your knowledge, experience and encouragement. You’re the “bee’s knees!”

Susie (Old Urban Ant)
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on July 28, 2012, 07:21:53 PM
Dear Solo in the City, Susie, we are in the same boat – older and alone (I’m probably older than you).  You are in a condo, I am in a smallish townhouse I own.  I wish I were as strong as a man, but I’m not.  Whenever an able bodied man enters my house, he gets a job to move or lift something I can’t.  Never let a strong man go to waste.  :)

I’m glad you are doing something to prepare yourself for an emergency.  I’ll write another article tomorrow about affordable security measures I have taken since I wrote the previous articles.  I have also put together a fast way to provide good tasting food for a week or more before getting into more grocery store storage and long term stored food.  This will easily work for area power outages for any reason (like the storms that have hit the northeastern part of the country), or days without power due to hurricanes.  My area won’t be out of hurricane season until the month of September is over.   

So, check back late Sunday or for sure, Monday.  We’ll just keep going and going and going.  Thanks so much for your post.   
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on July 29, 2012, 12:57:23 PM

About zombies generally:  It is my personal opinion, that in case of a “real” – whatever that is) dead zombie invasion, putting broccoli around your house will keep them away as no one but me likes broccoli.  This article, however, is about live zombies (bad guys), trying to get in your house.

More is better for house security.  As usual, I added more ways to accomplish a purpose if TSHTF.
If there is no power, batteries work and plug in the wall doesn’t.  If zombies appear, I want to stop them before they get in my house.  I want to know they are trying to get in – I want zombie alerts.  So, I did research for zombie security alerts.

There are two types of alerts.  One is motion detectors.  The other is vibration detectors.  These items aren’t expensive – none over thirty dollars and most are less.  I can’t give you the exact amount because I don’t remember.  You will find all of them at Amazon.  Don’t buy the Master Lock bar window alarm there – use the company listed farther down in this article where that item is discussed.
Motion detector for the backyard:

“StrobeSecurity System” (there is no space between “Strobe” and “Security”)
This system is for indoors or outdoors if protected from weather.  For me, it is under a roofed deck.

“The Motion Alarm is built with a Passive Infrared (PIR) sensor to detect motion within 110-120 degree angle and a 25-30 ft. radius.”  It has a loud alarm and a strobe light starts.  The zombie can’t turn it off as it is controlled by a small remote you will have inside the house.  The zombie will likely leave then.  Let’s say he doesn’t and keeps coming to your back door with that alarm still screaming.  Here is the backup alarm on the door or sliding glass door if you have that which I do.

“Techko S184s”  This is a VIBRATION alarm.  It starts screaming if it senses a vibration.  It has a hanger so you can attach it on the door knob or, which I think might be better, tape it somewhere on the door.  It has an “off” switch but by the time a zombie could get through the door the alarm would have been screaming for some time and you would already be there.

You may find a motion sensor or vibration sensor on Amazon you like better than these two, but I read about every single one on Amazon and determined these were the best to do the job.  There are a number that takes the little round batteries and I dumped those because I wanted to use regular batteries that are easily found.

Sensor for Windows:

For front windows a zombie could reach.  My windows have the vibration sensor attached.  If the glass is touched, the vibration sensor will scream.  I also put a window bar at the top of the lower window that is wedged against the top of the window enclosure.  That prevents the window from being pushed up.  In large red letters that point outward, it says, “ALARM”.  This is made by Master Lock.  It’s expensive on Amazon, $59.99, but you can go to “Top Tool” website and find "Master Lock 266D Window and Patio Door Lock with Alarm", for $17.50.  That company on Amazon is outrageous for their price.

So, if an zombie is outside, he sees those big red letters, ALARM, on that bar and he will likely go somewhere else.  If that doesn’t stop him and he touches the window glass, the loud vibration alarm goes off.  This zombie is sunk, can’t raise the window, can’t touch the glass.

We have already talked about front doors.  You could hang a vibration sensor on the door knob.  I have a heavy duty Buddybar I’ve mentioned before to keep the door from being kicked in, plus a wedge that goes under the door and screams it if is moved so technically that one is a vibration alarm.

If you have a door in your garage that allows entry into your house, consider a vibration alarm on that door on the side in the house.

Think about being alerted to zombies, alive or dead, by adding motion and vibration sensors to your yard and your windows and doors.

P.S. If these are dead zombies, you must shoot them in the head or whack off their heads, in order to stop them.  Hollow point bullets are good for this job and a machete works best for lopping off heads.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: monkeyboyf on July 29, 2012, 05:47:04 PM
As always, your informative article sprinkled with rib-splitting humor has left me feeling better than I have in days.  Having the contacts online to go to has really helped me. I do already have hollow points in bulk and a sharp machete. Thanks again for this info. ;D
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on July 29, 2012, 08:37:44 PM
Glad I made you laugh and feel good - you never know when a zombie will appear and want to eat your brains.  You must have good brains because you are a Reagan guy.

I have another article almost ready to post.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: monkeyboyf on July 29, 2012, 09:50:59 PM
Lol, I really need to put it in my sig line that I am an old female, but a Reagan female. ;D
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: TexDaddy on July 29, 2012, 09:53:20 PM

I just showed my wife the vibration detectors and the buddy bars.

She's on it.

Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on July 29, 2012, 09:58:38 PM
Okay, monkey, you're a girl.

TexDaddy, good for you to protect yourselves from the zombies.

I'm posting another article right now.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on July 29, 2012, 10:08:34 PM

I found there are now propane heaters that are safe to use in your house.  If your power goes off in the winter, just get your Mr. Heater out and light it.  It has an oxygen sensor and will turn off if the oxygen level in the room begins to lower.  If knocked over, it turns off.  Just follow the directions and use it safely indoors.

I got the small one that heats 200 sq. ft. and uses one small propane bottle.  One that size will be fine for me and Prissy to stay warm during the day.  I won’t use it at night.  If it’s really cold at night, I’ll put the sleeping bag on the bed and zip her in there with me.  I got several small propane bottles.  The heater is $79 at Lowes.

The larger Mr. Heater uses two small propane bottles and is $139 at Lowes.  It will heat up to 400 sq. ft.

True story:  My sister-in-law and her husband came to visit.  He is an engineer and very vocal and knows how everything in the world works.  Well, he saw this box that had “Propane Heater” on it and went ballistic.  “You can’t use this!  This will kill you!”  There was nothing to do but wait until the verbal explosion detailing how I would die, stopped.  Then, I said, “It’s safe to use in the house – read on the box.”  He saw in big letters, “SAFE FOR INDOOR USE”.  He said, “Okay”, walked away and said nothing else.  I gather a lot of people don’t know about these safe to use indoor heaters.


I keep thinking about that next hurricane and no power.  What would be the easiest, but tasty, food I could put together using little fuel?  I found it - Progresso creamed soups.  These are thick soups with wonderful spices.  They are so thick they don’t eat like soup.  Open a small can of meat to add more meat to the thick soup, and it’s more like a casserole than soup.  You probably don’t believe me.  I might not believe it, either, except I experienced it.  Open a can of fruit for a side dish and enjoy.  Really, buy one of these creamed soups and see what I mean.  Whoever decides what spices to put in these soups, is a winner.  In an emergency with no power, fire up canned heat in your Sterno stove, put soup in small pot and heat and eat with fruit on the side.  Here are the varieties:

Rich & Hearty Chicken Corn Chowder, Rich & Hearty Chicken Pot Pie Style, Rich & Hearty Creamy Chicken Wild Rice, Rich & Hearty Loaded Potato with Bacon, Rich & Hearty Savory Beef Barley Vegetable, Rich & Hearty New England Clam Chowder, Traditional Chicken Cheese Enchilada Flavor, Vegetable Classics Cream Mushroom, Vegetable Classics French Onion, Hearty Black Bean flavored with Bacon, Hearty Tomato.

For the few soups that have no meat in them, put whatever meat you want in there. 

To have one or more cornbread pancakes with your casserole soup, make them fast by making your batter however you make cornbread batter except leave off some of the liquid so it’s thick rather than runny.  Pat it into circles the size you can handle and put it in a hot skillet with a little oil and cook each one like a pancake.

I’ve added other prep items, but I have to check my brain to see what they were.  Oh, yes, I remember one now.  I’ll think of the others, and write another article about these.

Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: LvsChant on July 31, 2012, 06:01:33 AM
Love your articles, Victoria... thanks so much for sharing. (I've really got to get myself a machete for the zombies...)
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: TexDaddy on July 31, 2012, 08:26:16 AM
...I've really got to get myself a machete for the zombies...
We have HIS and HERS.  8)
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on July 31, 2012, 12:00:01 PM

Buy one or two ($19.97 each).  Why should you buy one or two?  Because each one is 100 gallons of your good water in a small package.  The small package just sits in your house until you need it.  If you know a disaster is coming, like a hurricane or a predicted ice storm or other storm that might wipe out power so water won’t be in your faucets or that water could be polluted, unfold the food grade heavy duty plastic WaterBob, place it in a bathtub, use the connection it has to hook to your tub faucet, fill it up and seal it.  There is a syphon pump with it so you can get water out of it when you want it.

My WaterBob package sits under a sink in the bathroom.  I can have 100 gallons of water quickly by filling this up.  If you don’t use a WaterBob and you just fill up your bathtub, you have whatever crud is on your tub in that water (soap scum/dead skin cells/remains of cleaner, etc.).  That unclean water is fine to use to flush a toilet (however the water will slowly drain out of a tub), but the WaterBob gives you good drinking/cooking water.

When I found this WaterBob, just as hurricane season was starting this year, I immediately tried to buy one – the company is in Florida.  They were out, wouldn’t have any more until the next month.  I checked back that next month and they still didn’t have them – the date was pushed to the next month. No place on the web had one – they were waiting to get them from the Florida company.  I kept looking and found one place that had a few.  This company is located just down the street from the company that makes them.  I ordered one.

When the Florida company got a new batch, they were immediately sold out. I figured they had so many orders from companies for resell, they sold them all immediately.  The cheapest price for these great WaterBobs is   You won’t find a price cheaper than this $19.97.  If you want this, buy it/them now.  If a hurricane forms before this season is over, this Florida company will be sold out.

I like that package sitting in that bathroom – I know I’ve got 100 gallons of good water in the short time it takes to fill that bag. 

A disclaimer:  I have no connection to any company.  I look for the lowest price of items, and choose whatever company that is.  If I see an item on Amazon, I then search the web for a lower price and if I don’t find it, I use Amazon. 

Solar light for inside your house:
There is a company that makes a solar light for use inside a house.  These are used in countries that have no other power or they have trouble finding kerosene.  US organizations who work in these third world countries, take these lights with them, use them, then donate them to the people when they leave.

One sits the light in the sun during the day, then brings it in at night and it lights a room.  I got two of these lights plus the one that concentrates light into a sort of small spotlight for reading or doing other close work.  These lights are at   The lantern light is d.light S10 Solar Lantern $15.95 USD.  The concentrated light is d.light S1Compact Solar Lantern $11.95 USD.  The lights were charged when I received them.  I put one in a window to leave it there so it would stay charged.

Instant Screen Door:
This is a lesson I learned after Hurricane Ike.  I don’t have a screen door at my front door or for my sliding glass door on the back of house.  When power was out, I couldn’t leave these doors open for air circulation or mosquitoes and other bugs would come in.  I didn’t want mosquito bites all over me and in Texas that would surely happen.

I searched for attachable screen doors.  There are a number of these but most are junk.  The two I got are “Instant Screen Door” brand – according to customer comments, they work and stay in place.  They are in their small boxes ready to be put up.  One just uses the tension rod included, and places it at the top of the door frame and it’s in use.  If it is too long for your door, just fold some around the tension rod until it’s the right length.  I got these from Amazon.  Please don’t buy the junk ones – you don’t want the screen falling down or not sealing property with the magnets on the two panels that meet in the middle.  Don’t get the ones with sticky stuff on them to use to hang them up – they will fall down.  You could use thumb tacks to keep those up but you will have spaces between the thumb tacks where bugs could likely get in.  Besides, I’m not strong enough to push thumb tacks into wood.  If you put them in sheetrock they will come out.  Avoid all that trouble, and get the ones with the tension rod included.

Now, I have to think to remember if I’ve added other emergency items since my last articles.  I need to do better for you and start a list to add items when I get new preps.

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Okay, I have three important medical items I added.  I'll get that info. together and post that. 
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“Stops bleeding fast.”  That is the reason you need to get this.  If there is a severe bleeding wound and you can’t get to a doctor, this will save your life.  It is also recommended for people who take blood thinners as they will continue to bleed more than others and it’s harder to stop their bleeding.  This is the lifesaving material used on the battlefield to stop bleeding.

I have friends in the Texas hill country and they live on top of a mountain out in the boonies.  He takes blood thinner.  I made sure they got Celox for him as anytime he bleeds is an emergency if it is anything more than a scratch. 

The package I got from Amazon has ten packets in it.  It was $29.69.  That might sound expensive for ten packets but each packet can save a life.

You can also buy small sheets infused with Celox to place a sheet over a wound but I read extensively about this and the sheets aren’t as quick to stop blood, plus they cost more.  If you were hiking in the wilderness, the sheets make sense as they would be easier to use.  However, at home, you open the packet and pour it into the wound.  The clotting starts almost immediately.

So, Celox is for right now if you need to stop bleeding, and it’s essential if you can’t get to a doctor.  If TSHTF, you need Celox.

These are cheap on Amazon.  I’ve mentioned these in the medical article.  They hold a wound together better than butterfly strips.  I haven’t found them in drug stores, only butterfly ones.  If a wound is gaping, laid open, the skin needs to be pulled together.  Clean the wound, apply an antibiotic cream or ointment, pull the skin together and apply steri-strips all along the wound to hold the skin together.  If you can get to a doctor, this wound will likely require stitches.  If there is no doctor, at least the skin is together.  You can buy stitching needles and suture thread but I’m not about to stitch skin without being able to dull the pain of doing that.  I’m using steri-strips in an emergency situation.

You will have to make a decision about this one.   I kept reading about fish antibiotics and read an article by a doctor saying these are the same antibiotics used for humans and are made by the same companies that make antibiotics for humans.  I looked at many fish websites but didn’t find any that had Cipro but thought my fish needed it.  :)  Through reading, I found one company that includes Cipro along with the rest.  The website with all these antibiotics is .  If the SHTF and there is no other way to get these antibiotics for your fish, perhaps you should store some, whichever type your fish might need.  You can check out this website and determine if you want any of this product for your fish.  Many preppers have these.

As an interesting aside, I read that people used to buy antibiotics for dogs and take those.  Then, the CDC made dog antibiotics only available by prescription.

My next article will not be about products.  It will be what I think about our country’s situation now and how that affects us.
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Note, I didn’t say solving THE world’s problems, I said solving YOUR world’s problems. 

I used to instruct in Texas Election Law to Republican county chairs and Republican election judges and clerks.  Guess what – I’m not talking politics in this article.  I do not care if you are Republican, Democrat, Independent, whatever.

Neither you nor I can “fix” the world or this country – it’s too far gone.

We can blame this or that political party; we can blame Iran or China or Russia or Greece or Spain.  We can blame radical Islamists; we can blame terrorists from any country.  We can blame Obama (okay, let’s do that).  Obama, however, is just speeding up the inevitable collapse of our country.   

Benjamin Franklin correctly saw our nation's destiny when he said, "When the people find they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic."  From 1776 to 2012 is 236 years.  It took that long for us to vote ourselves and others enough money to destroy the country because that money was borrowed and cannot be repaid and we’re spending more than we take in now, so the debt grows larger every day.  The country is already bankrupt so we keep borrowing more money to keep the country’s lights on.  One day in the not distant future, banks will fail, money cannot be exchanged, and that causes trucks to stop.  That is the biggest and most likely threat we face as a country.  Within a few days of that happening, people start dying and I don’t want you to be one of them.

You can add other possible destructive happenings like EMP, terror strikes, etc., if you want, but they all lead to the same thing – collapse of the monetary system in the country and no trucks.  (I didn’t give you an option of blaming global warming – if you believe that, see me about sea shore property in Arizona.)

If you are going to grieve over the collapse of this great country, do it now.  I have already done that by researching where the country is and whether it can survive and I have determined it can’t, and I felt sad about that.  How could this country fall, not this country, not this great country.  This country is held up by Styrofoam posts and they are sinking in quicksand and it can’t be stopped.  I kept reading and thinking until I could accept the fact that this country is over.  Historically, no country has stayed on top.  I read history to understand why every leading country failed.  Over extension of services took Rome down – they were ruling too many countries and over extended, which means not enough money to keep going.  The same thing happened to England – they got too big ruling too many countries and over extended themselves.  Now, over extension has happened to us – not enough money.

When the country implodes, your world is all that matters.  The rest of the world will keep doing something but we don’t care at that time because our private daily world needs to keep going IN A GOOD WAY.   Yes, a good way.

I do not want you freaking out and depressing yourself.  Let’s solve depression right now.  Note, I said “depressing yourself”.  Unless you have a chemical imbalance in your brain, the only person who can make you depressed, is you.  No one can get in your head and punch buttons.  Only you can do that, so you are the one in control of your mind.  It’s not what happens to you that makes you depressed, it’s what you do in your mind about what happened, that causes you to depress yourself, or not.  Since you are in control of your mind, if you want to depress yourself, set a time limit for being depressed.  “Do I want to depress myself for a day, or two days, or a week, or a…”  Since only you can depress yourself, only you can put a limit on how long you want to depress yourself.  See, you have control over your mind and that’s great.  I just gave you total control of yourself and that’s a good thing (send $65 for this counseling session - that’s a cut rate from $100).   

The point is, you can make YOUR personal world the way you want it to be because you are in control of it – no one else.  That is what preps are all about – creating your world when the larger world collapses.  You are also prepared for regional disasters from weather or other reasons.

I sit here and look out on my world and it’s working just fine.  The bank on the corner is open, people are civil and at their jobs, buying groceries, going to restaurants and movies – everything is just perking along swell.  This is normal.  You need to think about “not normal” so you won’t be surprised when “not normal” happens.

Many people can’t get past “normalcy”.  Mentally, they won’t accept “not normal”, so they cling onto normal and do nothing.  If they do nothing, then they mentally stay in normal.  To accept “not normal”, is too upsetting for them.  These will be the people who have nothing when “not normal” happens.  If a physical emergency happens, they will be the first to die because they can’t move – they are stuck in place hanging onto normal when it is not there.

Think about this:  The power goes off in your house – what is the first thing you will do – the very first thing?  Will you stand there not moving because you can’t think of the first thing to do?  Normalcy just left you and you are stuck in place.  The faster you get out of being stuck, the better chance you have of surviving anything.

If you read about my first floor flooding with water, you read about being stuck in normalcy.  It was a shock and I had brain freeze and it took some minutes before I could react.  What did I do – I sat down with coffee and cigarette and viewed my world and I didn’t want that water there – I wanted it to be gone as though it didn’t happen, but it was still there.  I could not wish it away.  It was going to stay there UNTIL I TOOK ACTION.  If I had stayed in normalcy/denial, I would be wading through water today.

There is a battery small lantern on the table next to my chair.  If power goes out after dark, my first action is to grab that lantern and punch it on.  I just got rid of the dark and I can move to do whatever I need to do.  Arrange your world so you can respond quickly.

Mental practice of putting your world together when the outside world crashes for whatever reason, will make you better able to move quickly.  By this, I mean to think of your house in operation when “not normal” happens.  Think of being happy that you can put your world together.  You will have good water, good food and be fairly comfortable.  Revel in this good place.  It doesn’t matter what’s happening in Washington, D.C., or some other state, or the rest of your state or the rest of your county or the rest of your town.  You have your world put together and you are proud of it.  You rule your world because you made it that way.  Mentally live in your house with your preps working.  Visualize how it will look, how it will feel, the tasks you will perform.  If you mentally practice this, you will move when an emergency happens because you have already done it in your mind.

You are not going to be in denial and mentally freeze.  You see the situation as it is and you know what to do.  You have preps to make this work. 

Prepping your body:
You know what – I didn’t want to have that eye surgery on my eyes.  What if I had put that off, seeing worse all the time, then the country collapsed and I couldn’t get it done.  Why, I might have depressed myself if that happened. ;D

Consider the health of all your parts.  Are you putting off something you couldn’t get done if trucks stopped, making doctors stop?  You must be able to see and your arms and legs need to work.  If you have arthritis that affects your arms/hands or your knees/legs, and you haven’t done anything about that, see an arthritis doctor, called a Rheumatology doctor.  Is there something wrong with your feet?  Something a Podiatrist could fix?  Get it done.  Get your body working as well as it can.

Now we have fixed your mind to accept what may come (you can be happy because you are prepared) and you are going to fix your body. 

The next article is to give you tips on how to navigate a hospital to get what you want for yourself or a loved one.  These tips are based on the psychological mindset of the people working there.  I have used these methods over and over in hospitals when my husband was there over the years.  One tip also works in restaurants when you are in line to be seated.

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This article is not about emergency preps. for a disaster.  It is about medical emergencies that happen at any time between now and including during a disaster if the hospital is open.

Most of these suggestions are based on the psychological mindset of doctors/nurses/attendants who work in emergency rooms and in and around regular hospital rooms.  If you want to be super nice and not bring attention to yourself or your sick loved one, don’t bother reading this.  If you want the best outcome for your sick loved one, you need to harden up and do what it takes to get the best outcome for the sick person.  You most probably won’t know the medical people at a hospital, but you do know your patient.  Your loyalty is to your patient, not those working at a hospital.  When your loved one leaves the hospital, you’ll never see those exact hospital personnel again, so keep your patient as No. 1, whatever you have to do to get him/her the best care.  First, we’ll consider emergency rooms, then consider regular hospital rooms.

Emergency Rooms
My husband’s health was poor for a number of years and required a number of emergency trips to the hospital.  You have probably experienced something like this – the emergency health problem happens when you can’t get to your doctor – that means after doctor hours, during the night, and on the weekend.  There are two choices to get to an emergency room – your car or an ambulance and I’ve done both a number of times.  Navigating the system in emergency rooms is an art to learn. 

First, don’t go to an emergency room unless it is a genuine emergency.  I am defining “emergency” as something life threatening (suspected heart attack, breathing difficulty, patient unresponsive), severe accident (bone broken, cut that needs stitches), or terrible pain you can’t stop no matter what is causing it.

Have you been to an emergency room lately, as in the last several years?  I have experienced those rooms in two different hospitals over and over.  Let’s say you decide to drive your loved one to the emergency room rather than call 911 for an ambulance.  If you are on Medicare with supplemental insurance, do not drive there – call 911.  Medicare will pay for the ambulance and your loved one will not experience the waiting room as ambulance patients are taken directly to the back where the doctors are.  There are problems in the back but we’ll go over those shortly.  If you are not on Medicare, the cost of the ambulance is roughly $600+.  You would need to check your insurance to see what portion of that you would have to pay.

Let’s say you drive your loved one to the emergency room – I’ve done that.  Now, you have to get your patient from the car into the emergency room.  If the patient can’t walk to that room, you have to leave the patient in the car, go inside and request help, which would be a wheelchair and someone to help you get the patient in the chair.  All this takes time and the patient isn’t getting any better during this time. 

You will see people in that room, waiting for care for colds/flu, all types of bacterial and viral infections, and minor accidents of all types.  Most do not have insurance and that’s why they are there.  Now, if one came in bleeding from an artery, that person would be taken back immediately for care.  In other words, if the event is life threatening, the person won’t be sitting in that room.

If you have to wait there with your patient, put the patient as far away from those waiting as possible.  That room is full of disease.  People coughing with flu, send those germs through the air and you do not want to be in the path of those germs.  If you pick up germs and get sick, you can’t give proper care to your patient and you don’t want the patient to catch these diseases.  Don’t touch any surfaces unless you have to.  If you see anti-bacterial wash for your hands (that stuff is everywhere now, on the counter where an attendant talks to you or on the wall around that area), put it on your hands and do that just before you leave.  You do not want germs to get on your car steering wheel or pass these germs to your patient.

Now, you have to navigate the attendant in the window to try to get your patient to the back as fast as possible.  The attendant has guidelines to follow to determine when your patient gets to the back.  Look as concerned as you can, short of panic or not.  You have to show insurance cards, oh, you have insurance – that is a plus for the attendant – you’re not a freeloader like most of the rest in that room.  When you describe what is wrong with your patient, make it sound as horrible as you can.  The more horrible, the faster you get to the back. 

Okay, you have given the information and the horrible thing/things wrong with your patient.  What do you do now?  If your patient is in a wheel chair, place that chair as close to the attendant window as you can and you look anxious and stare at the attendant and don’t stop staring at that person as you sit there by your patient.  If patient isn’t in wheelchair,  put chairs where you can see the attendant and do your staring.  You want that attendant to become uncomfortable and to get rid of that uncomfortable feeling, the attendant will concentrate on getting you out of there to the back.

People react to someone staring at them and they will get that person away from them as soon as possible.  That is what you want.  This also works when you go in a restaurant and sign your name on the waiting list.  Do not go to the bar to wait – that assures you aren’t getting in for a while.  You are spending money for the drinks and you are out of sight of the attendant.  Stay where the attendant is, and stare at the attendant with a pitiful look if you can manage that.  You will get seated by the attendant as soon as possible to get you out of her/his sight.

Now, we’re back at the emergency room and you got to the back where doctors are.  Patients who came by ambulance are already there.  Just because you got back there, doesn’t mean your patient will get immediate attention.  There are a number of patients there and, to the nurses and doctors, you are just one in a line.  We have to fix that, do something to call attention to your patient.  Your “room” is likely a space with curtains on all sides to make the “walls”.  If you sit behind those curtain walls, you are invisible and so is your patient.  Stand outside the curtains and stare at all who are close by.  The doctors/nurses do not want you standing there.  You are messing up their plan (that’s what we want to do).  If there is a counter with nurses behind there, or you see a doctor, speak up.  Say something like, “My husband/wife needs help right now – I think he/she is dying!”

The operative/magic word is “dying”.  One of those medical people will go to that room right then.  That starts your patient’s care.  The medical people entered the room, now they have to deal with it.

One of my actual experiences:  My husband had horrible pain.  Had to get him to emergency room.  Got in the back, and no one was doing anything for this patient almost screaming with pain.  I left that area to get better cell phone reception, plus I didn’t want those medical people hearing my call.  I called our doctor’s office which got me to the answering service.  I said, “This is Dr. (my name), and Dr. (our doctor’s name) and I have a patient at the emergency room and I need to speak with Dr. ___ right now.  Answering service person took my name and number, and I hung up and Dr. ____ called me in less than 5 minutes.  I told him the situation and no one was doing anything for husband.  He said he would call there right now and get something done.  Then, he said, “How did you manage to get to me?”  Told him what I did and he said you can’t do that.  I said I’ll do it again if I need you.  He said, no, don’t do that, here is my home number.

You see, I didn’t care what anyone said or thought of me, I was going to get his pain stopped one way or another.  You have to have determination and I had it in spades that day.  When I got back to his fabric room, they were already giving him an IV with morphine to stop his pain.  Eventually, he was taken to a hospital room.

After that experience, I thought about a way to cause these hospital people to pay attention to me so I could get what husband needed.  I had a lovely pin that had Dr. (my name) in black letters on it so the name stood out.  I was not a medical doctor, was an education type, and I never professed to anyone to be a medical doctor.  I put that pin on a white shirt.  The next time husband had to go to emergency room, I called 911 to get him to the back.  I put on my white shirt with the pin, and drove there behind the ambulance.

I walked in the back like I belonged there, no one questioned my going through that door, and he got help immediately, helped due to that shirt/pin.  I said nothing about it.  Think about the mindset of hospital people – they are geared to white – white gets their attention.  Anyone less than a doctor who works there, knows doctors are god and they better treat doctors like gold.  Doctors themselves know they are in a class by themselves and everyone who is a doctor is in their club.   The doctor who came to treat husband, told me every little step he was taking and I would say, “Good, that’s the thing to do” and statements like that.  To him, I was in his club and his instant friend.

You can increase your odds of getting medical help, if you wear a white shirt with any name plate on it.  They will likely think you work there in some capacity.  You could also buy hospital type pants and shirt (called scrubs), the kind they wear in hospitals.  You will likely get accepted fast as one of them and get good service.  If someone asks you why you are dressed that way or where do you work, you say that’s what you wear around the house because they are comfortable.  See, you are not claiming to be anything, you are just playing into their psychological mindset.

Regular Hospital Rooms
This also works in regular hospital rooms.  There are the nurses at the desk and they respond to white and scrubs so they will want to help you. 

How To Get Out Of A Regular Hospital Room Faster
Your loved one is ready to go home.  The nurses don’t care when you leave as they are through with you.  There is a lot of paper work to be done before a patient can leave.   The nurses see no reason to push doing this, so they are lax about getting it done.  You, on the other hand, are waiting, waiting, waiting, for the paper work to get done.

Here’s what I did:  Husband is ready to go, in wheelchair, wanting to get out of there.  I’ve packed up his stuff that was in the room.  We wait and wait.  Finally, I had enough.  Told him I was rolling him out to the nurses’ area, and he should ask for a Coke.  We went to front of nurses’ desk.  He asks for a Coke.  A nurse had to go get it.  Husband got Coke and I stared at the nurses.  I said to nurse, “It’s getting about time for lunch.  Should he have lunch here in the chair or should we go back to the room?”  A nurse took off with the paperwork and came back and we left.

You want to be an irritant, cause nurses to be uncomfortable.  They will get you out of there so they don’t have to deal with you anymore.

Final note about this:  If you think any method I used was “harsh”, then don’t do it.  Do remember them so when you are in these situations, you can use them.  I don’t regret one thing I did and would do it again (any nurse reading this likely doesn’t agree with me and I don’t care).  It’s the hospital/doctors with many patients, and you are just one person trying to get help for your loved one.  I will use every advantage I have to cut through the maze of hospital/doctors and help my loved one.
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These are amazing articles. thank you
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Sometime tomorrow, I’ll post an article on how to get medical records from private doctors and hospitals as the two systems are different.

This note, however, is to tell you I am really hurt by what you did.  One or more of you went to my Kroger store and bought every can of thick, swell, Progresso Hearty Chicken Corn Chowder soup.  I insist you take those cans back to my Kroger along with an apology for buying them ALL.  ;D

I now have to wait for a truck to bring more.  What if something happens to stop trucks and I never get another can of Chicken Corn Chowder?  I was going to store some of this soup and now I am bereft of that particular soup.

[ bi réft ]
deprived: deprived of somebody or something loved or valued
lacking: lacking in something desirable or necessary
feeling sense of loss: filled with a sense of loss”

See, I am bereft.  I’ll let you know when I find that soup again at my Kroger store.
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I solemly swear I have never purchased a can of Chicken Corn Chowder from Kroger or any other source.  ;D
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"I solemly swear I have never purchased a can of Chicken Corn Chowder from Kroger or any other source." 

OK Tex, you are off the hook.  You can't return it if you didn't buy it.  However, you should try it or any of the other Rich and Hearty Progresso soups. :)
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Actually, I have a pretty good stash of Progresso soups. Mostly kinds with beef in them, though.
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Then, I asked myself how was I going to wear this gun on my person?  I looked on Amazon for fanny packs.  I didn’t know jack about fanny packs so I educated myself.  I settled on one by “Galati Gear” for about $25.  This is called the small one and there is also medium and large. There are two zippered pockets on the front, and another larger zippered one on the top.  The gun fits in a pocket in the back and that closes with strong Velcro.  It looks like a usual fanny pack and will carry all important items you need if you go shopping.  Think about it – you would have two free hands, no purse to carry, if you used this.  Also, there is no purse snatching if you wear this. These are not gender specific, a man still looks like a macho guy with his fanny pack.  There are many fanny packs on Amazon but not a huge number for a gun one but there are still plenty to choose from.

You absolutely cannot tell a gun is in this fanny pack.  If you had to use your gun, just jerk down on the Velcro and the gun is in your hand immediately.  In a SHTF situation, just wear the fanny pack at home and your gun is with you no matter where you are.

I just found this thread and started in on the 7th page.  I look forward to reading the rest of it! 

I must say though - a fanny pack screams gun.  While yes, you can not actually see the gun, 100% of men and 90% of women wearing a fanny pack are carrying a gun.  When you wear a fanny pack everyone knows whats in there. 

I think the fanny pack may actually beat out the "photo journalist" vest for the top honors of concealing a gun from view while advertising to EVERYONE that you have a gun. 

I think the ruger light weight .38 is a fantastic choice for a carry gun.  I urge you to look at better methods of concealment such as (in no particular order: ( ( ( (

And I assume from the little I have read that you are a woman over 50.  Woman over 50 styles of clothing is very often conducive to regular old hip carry - either inside the waist band or outside the waist band.  I often see older women dressed vert stylishly and think I could conceal an arsenal under that... 

And my last bit of advice is to apply your own advice to buying a handgun to buying concealed carry gear - Don't go cheap on stuff that may some day save your life.  Cheap carry gear just sucks.  Its not comfortable.  It typically has poor gun retention.  And it will not last long or work that well.  The only exception to this is the $12 glock sports holster, but even that needs to ride on a sturdy belt. 

I hope you find this helpful. 
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Mark132:  Thanks for your post.  If someone thinks I may have a gun in my fanny pack, that person is going to leave me alone and that's a good thing.
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In the last few years, I have dealt with six hospitals and multiple private practice doctors and records had to go between doctors in private practice and from hospital to hospital.  This article depicts what I learned about medical records.  As the statement goes, “Your mileage may vary” when you have to do this.   

There are two types of medical records.  One type is made when you go to your regular doctor.  The other type is a hospital record when you have something done there. 

Medical records made when you go to your regular doctor:
If you have to change your regular doctor and get a new one, sign a release at the new doctor’s office and they will get your records at no charge to you.  If you get those records yourself from your old doctor, you have to pay an amount of money for each page.  Let your new doctor get them.

Hospital records:
Let’s say your loved one has to have a procedure done at a hospital, then you need those records to go to another hospital or doctor.  You have to get them yourself and hand carry them to wherever you need them to go.  So, you go to the hospital records department.  You get a sheet of paper to fill out to request the records.  You put the patient’s name on it along with address, birthdate, etc..

Then there is a list to choose what records you want – a really long list.  Aha!, there is a box to check “All”.  Wow, just check that box and you’re done.  DON’T DO THAT.  You have to pay for each page.  That cost consists of paying for the time someone takes to copy the records, plus the cost of all that paper and you won’t know the total cost until you pick up the records because you won’t know the total number of pages until then.  You definitely don’t know how many pages are in “All”. 

From the time you first enter a hospital for a procedure or illness, a record is made of absolutely everything until you leave that hospital.  What is everything?    Numerous records are made when you check into the hospital and records made when you get in a room.  A record is made every time a nurse comes in your room to do anything such as give you a medication, check your vital signs, everything is recorded every time, page after page.  When you have the procedure if you have one, a record is made by anyone assisting in that room.  The antitheist makes multiple records as does the doctor or doctors assisting, before they ever touch you.  Records are made during the procedure.  Records are made after the procedure.  Records are made when you are taken back to your room.  Records, records.  A record is made every time your doctor enters your room.  Dismissal records are made.  You can easily have hundreds of pages of records before you are out of that hospital. 

Experience getting hospital records: 
I looked at that check sheet to get records, and saw that “All” box.  I almost checked it.  Then, I thought better of that and looked at the list of records I could check individually.  This particular time, I needed to take these records to MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston.  I chose the records I knew I had to have – records as to how he was when they took him to surgery made by the doctor and antitheist, records made during the  procedure and the records made by the surgeon after the surgery.  He had two procedures which took two days and the procedures were done by two different surgeons. 

The records would be ready the next day.  When I got them the next day, the cost was something over $100.

What happens when you check “All”:
When I was there deciding which records to check, an elderly man came in and was handed a sheet of paper to check to get records.  He looked ill, was shaky and moving very slowly.  I thought he must have checked, “All”, because he was done almost immediately filling out that paper and hobbling out.

When I got there the next day to get the records, that elderly man was there and sitting down with a distressed/shocked/dismayed look.  An attendant from records was standing by him.  There was a huge stack of paper there, about 12 inches high and I heard the attendant say the cost and it was well over $1,000.  I felt so sorry for this guy.  Why didn’t they give him direction when he was filling out that paper for records?  I left the room with him still sitting there with that huge stack of paper and the attendant standing by him. 

After I left, I thought the elderly man should have thrown that huge stack of paper at the attendant because they should have helped him when he filled out the form.  I also thought I should open an office in front of that hospital and counsel every person before they entered the hospital – tell them pretty much what I wrote in the other emergency room/hospital article before this one, and tell them about records.

Because I was dealing with numerous hospitals and doctors, I made a copy of those records when I got home.  Now, I could deliver records to numerous doctors and hospitals because I always had an extra copy.  Never give away your only copy of a record. Always make another copy.

Tips about your personal medical records: 
Maybe you say you don’t have any.   Yes, you do, you just haven’t put it on paper. 

Medicine sheet:
Make a list of all medicines you take.  Type it and save it on your computer.  If you don’t have a file called “Medical” or something like that, make one to save your medical information.  On your medicine list, at the top of the sheet, type your name AND birthdate, and the name of your pharmacy and the phone number.  List every medicine, the strength of the medicine and how often you take it, even over the counter ones you take, and after the prescribed medicine, type the name of the doctor who gave you that prescription.  After you have listed all the medicines, add any allergies you have.

Doctor sheet:
If you have multiple doctors, type a sheet with your name AND birthdate at the top, and list each doctor on there and their address and phone number and type a short note saying what that doctor treats for you.   One word could do it, such as “Diabetes”.

Medical history sheet: 
Every time you go to a new doctor or you have to go to the hospital, there is that stack of papers you have to fill out.  Somewhere in those sheets, they want to know every procedure you ever had – they want a year and what it was.  How can you possibly drag those dates of years and everything you have ever had done, out of your mind at that time?  While you are at home with no pressure, so you can think about it – make a sheet called, “Medical History” with your name AND birthdate at the top.  Then, list the most current year and procedure you had done or the illness you had.  Under that, list the year and procedure of another treatment.  Keep doing that, until your medical history is all on there.

Print a copy of all these sheets.  Print two copies of your medicine sheet and one doctor sheet and one medical history sheet, and put them in a folder and carry that folder every time you go to a doctor.  There is another reason to have this folder.  If you have a medical emergency and have to go to the emergency room, you have your personal medical records with you and they want to know all that.

Now, before you next go to your doctor, take a look at your medicine sheet – have you changed any medication or added one, to that list?  Print two new copies if you have to change it.  When the nurse comes in to do your blood pressure, she will look at your records and asked about medicine – hand her your up to date medicine sheet.  When the doctor comes in, he’s going to look at your medicine sheet.  You also have a copy because you made two copies and you can talk intelligently about your medicines.

When you go to a new doctor and have all those sheets to fill out, just use your medicine sheet and medical history sheet and write, “See attached sheet”, in those sections of their paperwork that ask for that.  You may also need to include your doctor sheet if they want the names of all your doctors.

Now, you know about records and I feel better because you know it.

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I'm working on a "Gadget" article.  I got gadgets - you got gadgets?  Gadgets will make your life easier when TSHTF.
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I got gadgets – you got gadgets?  Gadgets are smaller type tools that make doing a task easier.  Always thinking there won’t be power when the SHF, battery powered gadgets and non-powered except your hand, gadgets, move up in importance.  Generally speaking, gadgets aren’t expensive, likely none over $20.00 and most cost less.

Some of these gadgets came about as I got older and had less strength in my hands so they weren’t bought as a prep item, but they are.

Ring Pull Can Opener:  
The first gadget I think of is my lid puller for cans with the ring you grab and peel off the lid.  If I try to pull that lid off using that ring, it hurts my finger because I have to pull like crazy to get the lid off and am likely to spill some of the contents when the lid finally gives way.  In my opinion, those rings were made for a manly man to pull.  This gadget is just a piece of hard plastic with a curved end with a notch in it.  Put that end into the ring and pull back and off comes the lid.  I looked on the Walmart website and couldn’t find one but that doesn’t mean they don’t have it and they probably do.  These lid pullers are really cheap. There is one on Amazon for seventy-six cents but shipping is $4.99.  Look at Walmart first if you want a lid puller.  If you don’t find it at Walmart and there is a Kitchen Collection near you, try there as they have many gadgets.  Target is another option to try.  Many soups now have this pull off ring as do other cans. 

A Kitchen Collection store is to a woman as Home Depot/Lowes is to a man.  When I would buy something at Kitchen Collection, I would tell husband just like he had to have the right tools to build/repair, I needed the right tools in the kitchen to cook.  He would laugh and that was that. Say that to a husband who wants to give you trouble about buying something at Kitchen Collection. 

Regular can opener:  
If you use an electric one, it is useless without power.  Must use hand power to remove a lid or something that works with battery.  Prices for a manual can opener, go from maybe one dollar to as much as $20.  You don’t want one that is so cheap it’s hard to stay with it to open a can and it hurts your hand to do it.  Get one that is easy on your hand and cuts the lid easily.  I have two good ones and one is in my fast leave the house bag (BOB), and the other is in a kitchen drawer.  There is also one of the very cheap ones in the kitchen drawer and I don’t know how many years I have had that thing, but I don’t throw it away as it IS a can opener plus it has a bottle opener on it.

Another can opener and a bottle cap opener: 
I have a battery powered “One Touch” can opener for regular cans.  You put it on top of the can and punch the button and it opens the can.  Also have battery powered “One Touch” bottle cap opener.  Let’s think of a lid on a preserves jar or a lid on a bottle of spaghetti sauce.  Once again, most of the time, it takes a manly man to open those.  You put this bottle lid opener on the top of the bottle and punch the button and it opens that bottle cap.  In an emergency situation, I wouldn’t waste a battery on the can opener as I would use the good manual can openers, but I would keep a battery in the bottle opener because some bottles I just can’t open.  These two openers are of the “As Seen on TV” items.  Walgreens and Kitchen Collection carry these.  I feel sure they are also on Amazon but haven’t looked for them.  Each one will be $19.99.  If you have real trouble opening bottles, consider the bottle opener one.

Final choice of can opener:  
All the rest of your can openers don’t work or you are away from your house and must open a can.  Let’s just carry a can opener on our key chain or in our pocket or in a purse.  Wow, must be a heavy dude, right?  No, they aren’t, weigh next to nothing, and I bought 10 of them for $4.82 on Amazon.  Guess what my friends are getting for Christmas.  These are military can openers used by our military for many years.  They are GI P51 can openers.  Be sure to get the P51 as the P38 is smaller and more difficult to use due to being smaller.  There is a little notch on this opener and put that notch onto the rim of the can, then with a rocking motion, open the can.  There is a hole to put on a key ring or on something around your neck or attach to your backpack, etc.  No matter what happens or where I am, I have a can opener and you will, too, with this opener.  If you give them as Christmas gifts, be ready to tell them what it is and how to use it.

I have two kinds of special gloves – these gloves are not gadgets, they are serious preps.  One pair is to use when you are near a fire tending to the fire or food.  These are heavy suede gloves that come up the arm to protect your hands and arms from the heat.  They are 17.5 inches long and the brand name is SR.  I think I got them at  www.BESTOFBARBECUE.COM (that website name is on the package).  I remember I had to search for a long time to find some that would really work.  The other gloves are for handing hot meat, like a whole chicken or big chunk of meat, brisket, turkeys, etc.  Appears I got these at Best of Barbecue, too.  They are called, “Insulated Hot Food Gloves” and there is a picture of Steven Raichlen on the front (whoever he is).  They look like big, long, rubber gloves.  They can be washed off after using them.  I don’t remember the cost of either pair of these gloves.  If you have to deal with a fire and/or hot meat, these gloves will keep you from burning yourself.

Swiss+Tech UKCSB-1 Utili-Key 6-in-1 Keychain MultiTool $7.89 at Amazon:  
I was thinking of more Christmas gifts when I came up with this.  This will be on my key ring and one will be a Christmas gift.  The Leatherman multi-tool is a good thing but it is heavy.  This “Key” gives you fast tools you can use in an emergency.  It looks like a key and numerous people have gotten on airplanes with this but a few do get noticed and the passenger has to give it up.  It attaches to a key ring easily and is taken off easily.  You pull the key apart and there are the tools. Here are it’s tools:
1.   Straight knife blade
2.   Serrated cutting surface
3.   Flat screwdriver
4.   Phillips screwdriver
5.   Micro-sized screwdriver
6.   Bottle opener
Weighs 0.5 oz.
Don’t give this to a child or a grown-up who is a klutz.  When you pull the key apart the sharp knife is on one side and you have to be aware of this. 

CRKT Eat’N Tool, $6.17 at Amazon: 
Another Christmas gift but got one for me, naturally.  These come in silver or black non-stick stuff.  Here we have an ergonomic spoon combined with short-tined fork, bottle opener, screwdriver blade which is also a pry tool to open a canister,  three metric wrench openings.  Has a carabiner to snap onto a pack or whatever or carry in pocket or purse. It is four inches long and weighs 1.5 oz.  You will always have a spoon/fork/bottle opener/screwdriver with you.  How about you are using a plastic fork or spoon to eat fast food in your car and it breaks – no big deal because you have a solid spoon/fork with you.

The next article is about updating my BOB (bug out bag).  I did this before hurricane season got here this year and made it better.

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This article became long, mainly because I put in personal experiences.   I think when I do that, it gives you more perspective as to what can go wrong and what can be done to make it better.

I have three bags, two are Live Gear’s Wings of Life backpacks and one is a rolling bag.  Your BOB will contain whatever you need for your particular needs, based on the emergencies you perceive would befall you.

I am not going to live in the woods, but I might have to leave my house fast which I have had to do before and I wasn’t prepared to leave.

My biggest danger is falling trees when a hurricane comes through.  There are two huge oak trees behind me but not on my property.  To me, they are as tall as the Empire State Building and the most weight of the trees is facing my house.  If one or both fall in a hurricane they will smash my house because they are so tall, hitting my bedroom first.  When Ike came through I was really worried about those trees.  A woman in this town was killed in her bed when a tree fell during Ike.  Survey your property to locate possible trees that could hit your house; try to determine where they would first hit your house so you will be aware.  If a tree on your property could hit your house, consider if it makes sense to remove that tree to eliminate that threat.

I have given this thought, and I will leave the house next time, going to a hotel a few blocks away, until the hurricane goes through.  Then, will go back to my house, hoping it doesn’t have trees in it.   If one or both trees fall, the electric wire will be taken down with the trees as that wire is in the path of the trees falling so there will likely be a live wire on the ground.

Live wire – true story:  Years ago, I lived farther south which means closer to a hurricane coming in at Galveston.  The electric wire serving my area went along the back of my house lot. A hurricane came through.  If you have been in a hurricane or know about them, you know the winds come from one direction, then there is a period of nothing happening, then the winds return coming from the opposite direction.  The living area in my house had a large expanse of glass along the back side, so I could see the whole back yard.  I was standing in that room looking out when there was a loud, cracking sound.  The electric wire had split and a loud whipping sound happened and those wires whipped around like crazy due to the tension suddenly being gone.

The end of the wire down on the ground on my lot appeared to be dead.  I could see the other end was live and it was hitting the top of the garage of my neighbor, whipping back and forth with massive sparks/fire flying off.  I thought it’s going to catch that garage on fire.  In a fairly short time, there was a fire truck outside that house.  It didn’t stay long and left.  The lull in the hurricane was there so the winds had died down.  I walked over to the neighbor and he was beside himself.  He said the fireman told him they couldn’t do anything until the garage actually caught fire and to call them if it started burning.  They said call the electric company.  Calling the power company made sense but it didn’t seem right the fire truck left when the garage could start burning any second.   

He had called the electric company.  I went back home so I would be inside when the winds started again.  Some time passed with the wire still whipping around on the garage, then there was a knock on my front door.  It was the electric company and they had to go through my house to get to the line on the ground behind my house.  These electric wiremen took over my house.  The front and back doors stayed open as they went back and forth dealing with the wire out back.  They had cut the power to the live line that was on the garage.  The garage was saved.

You never know what can happen during a storm/tornado of any kind if there are strong winds.  You know to watch for live wires and don’t let your children charge outside as soon as a storm is over if your power has gone out.  Survey the area for live wires before letting children go outside.  I was glad the live wire was next door instead of the one on my ground being live.  I would have been a nutcase if that one had been live whipping around.

The other danger I have is a tornado close to my house which would do the same thing the hurricane would do if it took down those trees.  Of course, if my house was badly damaged by wind and not trees, or a tornado tore it up, I would have to leave.

These are my dangers, what are yours?  What could happen that would force you to leave your house?  What would you need if you had to leave?
The first thing I did was buy two Life Gear backpacks.  I found them sold on the Walmart website for a cheaper price than anywhere else.  They were $67.74 each.  I got one for my husband and one for me.  I keep one of these backpacks in the trunk of my car and one is in a safe room bathroom.
When there is a tornado warning, I grab big cushions, put those in that bathroom and grab Prissy and in we go and shut the door.  What is it that kills more people in a tornado than any other reason?  A head injury.  Under the sink in that bathroom is a motorcycle helmet for me to put on if this is a severe tornado warning and I have done that a few times.  Protect your head in a tornado and get where broken glass cannot get to you.  Why is a bathroom safer than any other regular room?  It is the pipes in the walls and/or overhead that make that room stronger.  Of course, a basement is the ultimate place but here in Texas we don’t have basements.  Our water table is close to the surface and digging underground will give you a water well instead of a basement.  Perhaps that is not true in west Texas but I think they don’t have many basements.

Where should you hunker down if you don’t have a safe room like a bathroom with no windows?  I studied that and if you crouch behind a large piece of furniture, like a sofa, if something falls down from above, the item hits the seat or the top of the sofa and it is deflected from that space directly behind the sofa.  I saw demonstrations of that and that space stayed clear.  I actually did that when I went through a tornado.  There was no safe place in that house, so I crouched behind a sofa.  The noise was definitely like a train roaring through.  I had another Yorkie then and she stayed in my lap not making a sound.  Finally, I thought the wind wasn’t as bad, but I knew it was okay to get up as the Yorkie started moving to leave the back of the couch.  She knew it was over before I knew it.  That was the worst one I’ve been through and there was much damage to houses and a number with trees in their houses.  The house I was in had shingles stripped from the roof. 

Back to the backpack.  What items came in this backpack?  Here is the description of the bag and its contents by the manufacturer:

Life Gear's Wings of Life survival backpack provides the ultimate in survival preparedness. It is a complete three day survival kit with food, water and essential survival gear. The food and water have a shelf life of five years, and can withstand a temperature range of -40 to +120 degrees F. Detachable wings of life help keep things organized, accessible and easy to find in stressful situations.

Life Gear Wings of Life Survival Backpack

Sleeve system for storage of food and water
Cell phone/walkie talkie carrying case
Water reservoir pocket
Multifunction tool sleeve
Cushioned shoulder straps
Lightweight ergonomic design for children and adults
Back ventilation system for cool air flow
See-through pockets for quick access to items
Ring hooks for added attachments
Two side pockets for storage of a personal safety device and bottle
Durable construction for long life
Backpack includes:
Waterproof tarp
Thermal blanket
All weather poncho
Hygiene kit
First aid kit
Multifunction tool
Leather work gloves
Respirator mask
Signaling whistle
Red emergency flasher
Waterproof document/cash bag
Signaling mirror
Writing pad & pen
6-page disaster preparedness action guide
Emergency food rations:
Made in USA
Meets US Coast Guard standards (160.046/23/0)
Meets Department of Defense regulations (SOLAS 74/83)
5-year shelf life
Non-thirst provoking
Withstand temperatures of -40 to 300 degrees F
Ready to eat: each package contains 9 pre-measured 400 calorie meals
Individual portions eliminate messy breakup
Contains no cholesterol or tropical oils
Enriched with vitamins and minerals, exceeding RDA requirements
Emergency water packets:
Made in USA
US Coast Guard approved
No oxygen transfer (no chance of bacterial contamination)
Pre-measured packets make water easy to dispense
Easy to transport; no cups needed
Withstand temperatures from -40 to 210 degrees F
5-year shelf life
Model No.  LGDLBPK01   
Shipping Weight (in pounds): 10.2   
Product in Inches (L x W x H): 13.0 x 6.0 x 19.0   

What needs to be added to one of these backpacks?  There is enough room to add a change of clothes, medicines, make-up, other small items, and a flashlight or small battery lantern of some kind.  Their hygiene kit has toothbrush and toothpaste.  It also has toilet paper but I have mashed a roll and stuck it in there.  There is a place to put your water bottle on the outside of the pack.  I got a water bottle from them that has a light in it so you can find the bottle in the dark.

Between the two packs, there are enough small water packages for six days.  I would empty  water packages into the water bottle to make it easier to use.

For my purpose of staying away from my house until a hurricane passes, I would have the backpack that is already in the trunk of my car, and I would have the one in the bathroom and take that one.  This would be staying in a hotel until the hurricane passed.  If the house was damaged so badly I couldn’t stay in it, then that is a longer hotel stay.  That hotel is not going to have food available – a hurricane is coming!  I’m taking everything I need for me and Prissy until the storm passes and enough for days after that if the house is badly damaged.  At the point I can get back in the house just to get supplies, I can get more stored food out of there.

Food:  Those backpacks together have enough food bars for six days.  I don’t want to eat cold food bars unless it’s absolutely necessary.  That is why I have a rolling bag to also take with me.

In one of these articles about food, I said I didn’t have any MREs because they are expensive and I didn’t need them.  I also said the only reason maybe to have them was to have if one had to leave his/her house.

So, when I re-did my rolling bag this spring before hurricane season, I decided to get MREs with the heater included in each box.  I got 12 of them (3 a day for 4 days) and they are in the rolling bag.  Twelve of those together are heavy.  I couldn’t carry them if I didn’t have the rolling bag.

I just looked up the company where I got the self-heating MREs.  It’s  Twelve cost $58.95 for the “EX” model.  The “EX” means it has extended storage.  I just got one out of the bag.  It is Southwest Style Chicken with rice and beans (I also see corn in the photo).  These MREs mean a hot meal instead of a cold food bar.

I must have coffee, right?  There are two cans of canned heat and the small folding Sterno stove in the rolling bag.  There is a small can of regular coffee, the Melitta plastic filter and paper filters and small plastic bottle of creamer.  Packages of instant oatmeal are in there as well as a small pot to heat water.  There is a plastic bag with plastic spoons/forks/knives.  But, I also have the metal spoon/fork gadget for definitely having a spoon/fork at all times.  I took some paper towels off a roll and put those in there.  There are paper plates, bowls.  There is a plastic bag with Purell sanitizing packets and the two restroom potty packets, one for liquid and one for solids.

There are doggie potty pads, and dry dog food.  I need to put a couple of small doggie toys in there.

There is another box, a metal one that is fire resistant, in the safe bathroom.  All important papers are in that box.  That box goes in the car if I have to leave.

Oh, yes.  After I got Prissy, because she would need water if we left, I bought a box of individual small water boxes.  Think there is 24 of those.  That box also needs to be taken to the car.  That, along with the water packets in the backpacks will be enough water for a number of days.

The total is 4 items to put in the car: backpack, rolling bag, case of water boxes, metal box.  And my purse with cash and change in it and the usual items it has in it including two cigarette lighters.  The small metal spoon is in there, military can opener is in there, and the key with tools is on my key chain.

I never let my car get less than half a tank of gas in it.

Are you ready to leave your house right now and have what you need for several days?
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Thanks Victoria.

Between you and cedar I've learned a lot
About prepping, thank you, for helping me help myself.
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Chad, I'm glad the articles helped you.  It's easier to prep when you know how others did it so you can make your own plan.  Happy prepping.
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I did it - got a portable oven.  Tomorrow, I'll write about why I did it, tell you about the oven, and write two stories of foul ups - one I didn't do and the other I did.  Please, no laughing when you read the foul-ups - stuff happens. :D
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Victoria, I've very much appreciated everything you've share (so far) in this thread. Thank you.

And now I'm looking forward to reading about this oven...
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
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If you still lack having most of the preps you need to be secure, don’t buy an oven as an oven by itself can’t keep you alive but your water and food and other necessary items will.  As you have read, there are numerous breads to cook on a stove top so you can do fine without an oven.

Years ago, I had a portable oven and it was the only kind available.  It sat on whatever type grill was available but it was inefficient and was dropped off a high porch and that destroyed it.  I gave up the idea of an oven then.

I have two rather expensive items and one is useless without an oven and the other one was bought with an oven in mind.  I got these back in 1998.

Family Grain Mill:
$140 today at Pleasant Hill Grain – this is the hand crank model.  If I bought wheat, which is fairly cheap at Walton Food, sealed for long storage life, 20-25 yrs., I could grind it with the mill and have good flour – and I could bake bread if I had an oven.

Back to Basics Dough Maker:
I can’t find this on the web anymore.  I think I got it at Lehman’s those years ago.  I believe it was about $60-$70.  It was, and is, used by the Amish.  This is a 10 qt. metal bucket with a hand crank that kneads the dough.  Crank from 3-5 minutes and the dough is kneaded.  Then, it’s left in the bucket to rise.  I don’t know about you, but my kneading skill is the pits.  That’s why I got this dough maker.  Ha, ha, just turn the crank and it’s done!  There are hand cranked dough makers today but they look more modern than this big bucket.

See, I had the mill and I had the dough maker, but I didn’t have an oven.  So, toward the end of last week, I started researching portable ovens available now.  There is the Coleman Camp Oven, but it’s one of those to sit on top of a grill.  That cannot be heat/fuel efficient and a fluctuating heat isn’t going to bake bread very well.  That is my opinion and I could be wrong but I don’t trust that method for bread.  I also wanted the oven to be self-contained, not having to depend on a grill being present.

I wanted a small oven that would bake efficiently and bake a loaf of bread and other baked goods like pies, casseroles, cakes and cookies so it had to be big enough to do that.

I decided on the Camp Chef Junior and it uses a small bottle of propane or it can be hooked to a larger tank.  I got it from Walmart on line because it was cheaper there.  The cost was $116.52 with free shipping.  I saw this unit on other websites up to $170, which is ridiculous.

I’m listing the oven description because it is meaningful to understand it’s capabilities:

Camp Chef Oven Junior:
Portable oven
Cooks easily with 9" x 13" pan
Bakes pizza, pies, bread and more
Completes any camp kitchen
Removable baking rack
Glass window
Built-in temperature gauge
Uses 1 lb. propane bottles
Can be adapted to bulk tanks with optional HRDSP hose
Inside dimensions: 10"L x 16"W x 10"H
400 degree max temp
3,000 BTU output
Weighs 18 lbs.
Model# COJR

Note the dimensions are the inside ones for the unit is larger than that due to insulation to hold the heat in and keep it steady.  Also note it reaches 400 degrees which is excellent.

What does it look like?  It looks like a toaster oven with the glass in front.  It’s bigger than a toaster oven but the configuration is very similar.  It weighs 18 lbs. so it’s not light weight like a toaster oven.  This is a serious piece of equipment.

I should have this oven next Tuesday or Wednesday.  I’ll hook it up and bake a cobbler and send you a bowl of cobbler for you to evaluate.  I can send a bowl through email, right?


Here are two stories to add some “humor” time.  The first one was not my fault and was years ago.  The second one was my fault and it happened last week.

The phone line years ago: 
Sometimes things just screw-up on their own.  I was in my home office working and got a phone call.  It was 911.  The guy wanted to know my emergency.  Said I didn’t have one.  He said I did as I just called 911.  Said I didn’t call 911; he said I did.   He finally believed me and hung up.  Then, my husband returned home from work at his office.  He had an older daughter and called her.  I didn’t know he called her as I was still in my office.  Then, I got another call.   

It was 911 and the man said, “Please tell your husband to stop telling dirty jokes as calls from your house are being broadcast over speakers in the police department, 911, and fire department.”  I was stunned and speechless.

He said the phone lines must have malfunctioned and a crew was going out to dig up the line and fix it.  He said not to call out until he called me back when it was fixed.  When we hung up, I went in the next room and told my husband he needed to clean up his jokes as they were broadcast over speakers in the police department, 911, and fire department, and don’t make another call.  He started laughing and thought it was great.  Men.  I never knew what joke he told because I didn’t want to know.  The moral of this story is – there isn’t one, it was just a freak happening.

Okay, you can laugh now.

Emergency services last week:
Since I now live by myself with my little dog, my family is sure I’m going to fall down the stairs or somewhere else in the house and need an ambulance with medical people to help me.  I had a system that would call 911, but it wasn’t hooked up.  There was a pendant for me to wear in case I needed to punch the button for the unit to call 911.  The engineer husband of my sister-in-law got right on the job with this unit and set it up the way he wanted it.  Along with calling 911 and my voice telling 911, I need help and giving my address, it calls my friend in this town so she will know something is wrong. 

The pendant to wear around my neck has two buttons on it.  Punch the larger button and the base unit calls 911 and calls my friend.  If you accidently punch the larger button, punch the smaller button and it turns the thing off so 911 isn’t called.

So, that night I watched a late night movie and went to bed at 3 am.  At least, I tried to go to bed.  I took the pendant off and dropped it on the bedside table like I always do.  In a few minutes the phone rang.  It was my friend and she was in Austin.  She asked me what was wrong.  I said I was fine and why was she calling me?  She said she got an automated call telling her to call me.  Oh, no, the pendant must have done it.  I apologized for her getting a call at 3 am, then said I hope the ambulance wasn’t called.  We hung up, and I started downstairs thinking the base must have called 911.  I had the pendant in my hand.

I was half way down the stairs when there was a loud knock on my door.  I hurried to the door, and opened it.  Oh, my, what a sight outside my door.  Bright lights were everywhere on numerous emergency vehicles.  There was a fire truck, two police cars, and an ambulance and about 10 emergency people standing there, ready to charge into the house.  It looked like Christmas out there with all those lights rotating on those vehicles. 

I held out the pendant and said, “I am so sorry.  I dropped the pendant on the bedside table and it must have hit something that punched the button.” Once they were sure I was okay, the procession of emergency vehicles began to leave.

I felt so bad about that.  Because I dropped the pendant on the table instead of carefully sitting it down, I woke up my friend in the middle of the night in Austin, and my house was assaulted with emergency people ready to break in the door to save me.

My friend thought it was funny and now I am Comedy Central for her to tell the story over and over.

The base unit is downstairs and I was upstairs so I didn’t hear it call 911, didn’t hear the 911 person answer, so the 911 person thought I couldn’t talk and I must be a serious condition.  If I had been downstairs, when 911 answered, it’s automatically on a speaker and I can speak to the 911 person from anywhere in the room.  I could have stopped the response then, but I was upstairs and didn’t know 911 had been called.

The moral of this story is: DON’T DROP THE EMERGENCY PENDANT!  Be very careful when you sit it down.

Okay, you can laugh now.

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Post by: monkeyboyf on August 24, 2012, 09:04:26 PM
As usual, your post really hits home.  I simply have to have one of those ovens. Your experience with the emergency alert pendant just cracked me up.  My family keeps suggesting I get one since I am so far out in the country. Can you imagine a 911 call from  that thing sending emergency crews from 30 miles away (45 minutes) because I screw it up?  He,he, I think I'll take my chances with my ever-present cell phone and calling my nearest neighbor.  :D
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Monkey, then make sure the cell phone battery stays charged and always carry it around the house on your person.  The first time you don’t, that will be the time you break your hip.  Story about hip:  when I was training to be an EMT, I had to work in an emergency room for a period of time.  I had learned in class how to know if a hip was broken, but I saw it myself there.  A woman was brought in and her right foot was turned completely on its side, flat on the table.  Try to do that and you can’t – unless your hip is broken.  She had no control of that leg/foot due to the broken hip and it was flat on its side.  I immediately knew this woman’s hip was broken.  She wasn’t leaving that hospital until she had hip surgery.  She had fallen at her house and she wasn’t going to walk again until the hip was fixed.

Maybe I need to write an article about “balance”.  Why we have balance instead of toppling over and what can happen so we don’t have proper balance anymore, so we fall.  Yes, I’ll write about that.

I felt bad when all those emergency people showed up, but I’m in the middle of town so they didn’t have far to go to get here.  I would have felt better if I could have offered them some fresh hot coffee or something to make up for that fast trip here.   If I lived where you do and they have to travel that long distance, I think I would have hidden under the furniture.

I wish you lived closer so we could have a drink (and I’d have a cigarette, too), and we could solve the world’s problems or decide they aren’t worth solving.  I guess we need to meet in some state and everyone who has posted on this thread could show up.  Technology is a wonderful thing to be able to talk to people anywhere on this planet.

Nicodemus hasn’t posted on this thread in a while but I know he’s out there.
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Waiting for your post on balance. That should be a good one. Oh, I live about 5 hours from your area, so some day we will have to meet for that drink and many smokes, I smoke,too,lol.I talk to Nico on chat every few nights.  He's been made a Global Moderator.  Big shot now,hehe.
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I don't know the pecking order on this forum so don't know what a global moderator does.  Nico has a good sense of humor and I'm sure he will do well with that responsibiity. 

I'm working on the balance article.  Falls send older people to the hospital more than any other reason.  A fall during an emergency would be tragic.

Something else:  As I thought, the Florida WaterBob company who makes WaterBobs is sold out.  Isaac was coming to Florida so people bought all the WaterBobs.  The other company, where I bought mine, still has some.  Many people in Florida are without power.  That may be restored today.  As this storm comes into the other states, power is going to go away there.  Power is man made and nature events can wipe it out.  I don't trust man made anything to work so I have back ups when it doesn't.
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I know a lady who, if she stands up and closes her eyes, she will fall on the floor.  Even with her eyes open, she cannot walk a straight line.  When she walks, she veers to the right.  If you are on her right side, she will walk into you.  If she uses a cane, she will walk almost straight.  If she wears shoes with a heel over an inch, she will fall.  If she looks up, she will fall.

If a cop stopped her car and decided to give her a sobriety test, he would put her in jail because she can’t walk a straight line at all – she is going to fall if forced to try that.  If the cop said close your eyes and touch your fingers together, she couldn’t do it because she would fall when she closed her eyes – forget putting her fingers together, she would be on the ground.

Who is this person with these balance problems?  It is me.  I began to fall all the time in my house.  I documented what I was doing at the time when I fell.  Then, I did research to find out why I was falling. 

The next time we went to our pain doctor for my husband’s appointment, I explained what was happening.  He had me stand up and close my eyes.  I said okay, but I’m going to fall.  He said he would catch me.  I closed my eyes and tried my best to figure out where up and down was, but I felt like I was floating in air and had no idea where up and down was, so I fell.

I am not falling now because I know my limitations and what will make me fall and how I can prevent it and I know the reason for my falling.  I would still fall if I did what I wrote in the first two paragraphs.
The above is why I know about balance.  I had to find out why we have balance and why it can go away.  I had to do that in order to help myself.

Does any of the above sound like what you do?  Do you lose your balance and have to grab something to keep from falling?  Is your balance not as good as it used to be?  What changed to cause this?  We need to go back and understand why we had balance and could walk straight in the first place.

A baby learns to pull up on something and stand.  Eventually, the baby tries to stand without holding onto something and plops down on the floor.  Body parts that contribute to balance are gradually being coordinated so the balance parts work together and the baby can stay upright and walk without holding on to anything.  That’s about the time of the “terrible twos”, when the baby is now a toddler and he/she wants to take everything in the world apart and eat it.

Main balance parts:  inner ear, eyes, touch, bottom of feet, deep sleep, connected by nerves to the brain which coordinates the systems.  If any of these parts fail, your balance is off to some degree – either just a bit or a lot. 

Inner ear:  The inner ear helps you know where up and down is.  If you get an inner ear infection, you experience dizziness and your balance is off.  You have probably experienced this in connection with a cold/flu.  You’ll probably be in bed until you stop feeling dizzy and you have to hold onto furniture to help you get to the bathroom.  There is medicine to help you get over this problem.  Also, as you get older, the vital parts of the inner ear may not function as well as they used to and you may get dizzy and lose balance.

Eyes:   Your eyes reinforce where up and down is – your eyes see large pieces of furniture or other large objects and that communicates where up and down is.  Your eyes see your large car and that reinforces where up and down is.  You see houses and buildings and that tells you where you are in relation to other objects.  If you close your eyes, that reinforcement is gone but you have the other senses that keep you upright.

Touch:   Touching a piece of furniture like a table or chair or other stationary object reinforces your brain to recognize stability.  You feel “grounded” (center of gravity) when you touch something large that is steady/not moving.

Feet:   The bottom of your feet are sensitive to what is under them – you can feel your shoes that are on the floor and know that is down.  You know feet are sensitive because someone in your life has tickled or tried to tickle the bottom of your feet – there are many nerves there.  Your feet help you feel grounded – they tell you where down is.  If the bottom of your feet have become numb for whatever reason (diabetes or fibromyalgia, etc.), you can’t use them to find down.  Your other senses keep you upright. 

Deep Sleep:    If you don’t sleep, you will die.  I won’t go into all the phases of sleep but there is REM sleep where dreams occur and REM is thought to reinforce, in the brain, what you learned that day.  Deep sleep is different than REM sleep.  Deep sleep is rejuvenation/repair sleep that keeps body parts working and that includes nerves.  Without enough deep sleep, nerves can have electric “shorts” in performing their task.  Balance can be affected if nerves don’t transmit signals properly.

There are various diseases that can affect balance parts such as a tumor in the brain, Parkinson’s disease (neurological), multiple sclerosis (neurological), and Fibromyalgia (neurological ) and others.  I have neurologist diagnosed Fibromyalgia.

Fibromyalgia has made the bottom of my feet mostly numb.  Fibromyalgia kept me from getting deep sleep – my brain would not shut down.  My inner ear seems to be okay because I’m not dizzy.  My touch is okay.  My eyes are okay.

I keep from falling by using my eyes and touch.  I can hold onto something and close my eyes and not fall but I cannot stand by myself and close my eyes because I fall.  So, I can’t walk into a dark room because my eyes can’t tell me where up and down is and I fall.  I can hold onto something solid and look up but if I look up without holding onto something, I hit the floor.

I now take a mild sleeping pill that allows me to have deep sleep.  My balance got better after I started having deep sleep.  I sleep from 6-7-8 hours a night now getting deep sleep.  I take two meds – one calms down nerves from firing all the time, and another does that plus helps keep muscles from contracting too much which was causing tremors.

Looking at me, you wouldn’t see anything that says my balance is screwed.  However, if we walk into a dark hall and I can’t see, I’m not going in there until I am standing by the wall and touching it.  I will keep touching that wall until I am in the light again.  I know totally dark means I’m going to fall unless I use touching to keep me upright.  I could also use a cane and walk through the dark hall.  The cane touching the floor tells my brain where down and up is.

Now to you.  Are you falling?  Do you know why you fall?  Have you checked to be aware of what you were doing just before you fell?  Can you stand by yourself and close your eyes and not fall?  I remember what I did to check that.  I stood by my bed and closed my eyes and I did fall on the bed.  Put yourself in a safe place when you check that so if you fall you don’t injure yourself.  Or, if someone lives with you, have that person stand by you to catch you if you fall.

Older people tend to fall in the shower.  Why is that?  Because they close their eyes and shut off a sense to tell them where up and down is.  I never close my eyes in the shower unless I am touching the side of the shower with my arm so I know where up and down is.  If you do that, you likely will not fall in the shower.

Are your feet slightly numb, mostly numb, or completely numb?  If so, your feet can’t do their job of telling you where you are.  It has become automatic with me to glance at my feet to see where they are.

Use all your senses to stay upright.  Don’t go downstairs without holding onto the bannister.   That is touch to reinforce your stability.  If you are not sleeping well, see your doctor to determine if a sleeping pill will help.  You must have quality sleep.

Story about falling that would have meant total embarrassment :  My husband and I went to Austin to the governor’s mansion as we were having a Republican gathering there.  So, it is outdoors under a big tent.  The grass was cut high and I couldn’t see my feet.  The only thing solid under the tent were a few small tables not where we were.  I was standing a few feet from my husband, and on my other side the state attorney general and the governor and a few other state office holders were standing.  I didn’t know where up and down was, couldn’t see my feet, had nothing to touch, and fell into my husband.  He grabbed me which kept me from falling directly in front of the state office holders!

I had him walk me to a chair and I didn’t move until we left.  When we left, I held onto him until we got out of the grass onto concrete so I could see my feet and know where down was.

When we would go where a large group would be walking in the same area, such as a state convention, in the halls, I took one of my canes so I would walk straight and not bump into people.

If you have a tendency to fall, get a cane.  See if using the cane helps you stay upright.  When the cane is on the floor and your hand is on it, signals go to the brain transmitting where down is.  If I had taken a cane to the gathering in Austin, I would not have fallen if I kept it on the ground.
In summation, if your balance is off, do some evaluation to determine why you are falling and use your other senses to stay upright and use a cane if that helps.  If you need to go to a doctor, do it.

Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
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Thank you! Excellent info.  Very helpful. We treasure you so much for all your posts.
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Post by: EOTS on August 28, 2012, 05:52:09 AM
(another) excellent post Victoria. Thank you.
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Other balance suggestions:

Don't walk around your house with houseshoe slide on slippers on.  Only use those a short time in your bedroom at night and in the morning.  When you dress, put on regular shoes that are comfortable.  Slide on shoes come off easily and you are more likely to fall wearing these.  If you slightly lose your balance and lift your foot quickly to move to grab something, that slide on shoe can easily come off or your foot can slide sideways in the shoe and you will likely fall.  Don't go down stairs with slide on shoes on.  Wear a pair of regular shoes that will stay on your feet.  That helps your brain feel grounded and feel solid on the floor.

You have on shoes that won't fall off.  Now, you are going down the stairs.  You hold onto the banister, but you are not doing that right to prevent falling if you trip on the stairs.

Hold the banister the US Navy way.  I learned this from the engineer husand of my sister-in-law.  He was positive I was going to fall down the stairs.  Remember, he is the one who set up the 911 unit for me and insisted I wear the pendant all the time.  He found out how to go downstairs without falling from a US Navy guy.  There are many stairs on a Navy ship and sailors have to go down these stairs fast and they can't afford to fall and have injury.

Here is how the US Navy hold works:  Right now, you are putting your hand on the banister with your fingers facing DOWN to the bottom of the stairs.  If you trip some how on the stairs and fall forward, your hand will be jerked off the banister and down you go.  Change the way you put your hand on the banister -place your hand so your fingers are pointing UP the stairs.  That will feel awkward to you for a while but do it anyway.  If you start to fall forward, you have a grip on the banister with your hand facing up the stairs and your hand won't be jerked off the banister, so you don't fall.  It works for the US Navy and it will work for you.

PS:  Thank you "hoarders" for taking back the cans of Progresso Chicken Corn Chowder soup to my Kroger store.  I went there yesterday and there were many cans of that soup so now I have some.
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Next is MONEY AND BARTER.  Maybe I'll have that ready to post tomorrow afternoon.
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I need more time for the barter part.  Through the years, I've kept lists of things to use for barter and I have many items.  The question is, to barter or not?  It could mean risking your life to barter.  One needs to know the risks of bartering when you are faced with a long term emergency.  I promise to get this written by tomorrow or the next day.
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Take your time. It will be worth it.  ;)
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Bartering is an interesting subject, and I look forward to seeing your take on it, Victoria.

I started bartering a lot recently, and I'm beginning to find out that a lot of folks are currently in it for "The Big Score". This is a situation where a person is trying obtain something that is many times the value of what they themselves are trading. While such a thing may work in an economy where they never have to deal with the same person twice and barter isn't necessary, this kind of trade ethic could cause problems in an emergency situation. Word will spread that the person is not worth dealing with and someone will step in who is willing to barter in a friendlier manner.

Someone is always going to get the better deal in a barter situation, but as long as both parties walk away satisfied that they made a good deal it won't be an issue.

In the current situation we live in as long as you barter for something considered of equal value, there's no need to involve the tax man.
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Thanks for all the updates, Victoria... I have been busy lately (we're building a house), but am trying to catch up on all my favorite threads...

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Do you have any cash money on you or in your house now?  I was in the habit of not carrying cash.  It wasn’t a conscious decision, I just had no use for it and change would be heavy in my purse if I did use cash.  My money was in plastic cards so I had money but couldn’t see it.  If I did need cash, an ATM machine would give it to me.

I carried a couple of checks and one deposit slip in my purse just in case I needed those, plus both types had my account number on there  and I don’t know what it is unless I have a check or a printed deposit slip to tell me.  Have you stored your bank account number in your brain?  If you have, you’re in better shape than I am – I need to do that.  Checks are also money but I can’t see that money.

I just didn’t think much about cash and change.  There was one special happening that would make me think of cash and change.  When  a hurricane was coming, I would go to the bank and get small bills because I knew power was going off and there would be no cash money to be had and no ATM card would work, either.

I think it was when the last hurricane, Ike, came through that I gave some thought to cash.  Why did I wait until a hurricane was coming, to get cash?  Why didn’t I always have cash in case power went off for some other reason?  That had happened one time when power went off and no one knew why and we left the house.  My husband had cash money.  He was the opposite of me – he carried cash and every day dumped change in a decorative ceramic “house” I had on a shelf fairly close to the front door.  That ceramic house change would amount to several hundred dollars eventually and he would take it to the bank and run it through a machine and get dollars. He isn’t here now so very little change gets put in that little house.

I had to adjust my ways.  I had to get cash so I would have some.  I keep some in my purse and some in my house now – it’s a reasonable amount, not a huge amount, mainly ones, a few fives, and change, mainly quarters.  How much cash you need is up to you as your circumstances and need wouldn’t be the same as someone else’s.  However, cash money may not be able to buy much in the circumstances we are considering.  When stores start functioning again, may be the time you need cash before everything is just swell again.

If you have no cash right now, fix that as soon as you can.  It’s an easy thing to put off doing.  I had to make myself think of doing it and then do it.  My bank is right next door to me on the corner, just a short walk if I wanted to do that.  If power goes off, it doesn’t matter if it is that close to me – I can’t get money out of there.

After Ike came through, there was one place to spend money and you had to have cash.  Shipley’s Donuts place cooked with gas so they were still turning out donuts and rolls of all kinds.  They had candles for light in the place.  Their parking lot was full.  It was a short distance from my house so my husband was the same as the other guys showing up there.  We had hot coffee due to canned heat and a Sterno stove and the Melitta filters, and warm cinnamon rolls from Shipley’s.  If you had no cash, you got no rolls.

Paying bills when there is no power in a long term emergency:
Paying bills?  How do you pay, say the electric bill or phone bill or water bill, if there is no power?  If you have them on automatic pay, the bank isn’t open to process it.  You can’t mail checks because mail won’t be delivered.  You can’t go to the power company, phone company, water company, and pay, because they aren’t open.  It would be the same with any monthly bill.  See, without power, the whole economic web fails.

You can’t use cash to buy groceries after a very short time, like one or two days, because there aren’t any left to buy.  The grocery stores were emptied fast and no trucks can bring more.  The food in your house and everything you have is what you have until this long term emergency is over.  You might barter for some goods later.

Is your money safe if you leave it in the bank during a long term emergency?   I don’t know.  I do know history tells us when a bank is known to be going under, a rush starts as people take all their money out.  People did that in Greece a few months ago.  That is a personal decision.  If you don’t trust that money to still be there after banks come back (how long would that take? I don’t know), then take out your money before everyone else tries to do that.  What do you do with it?  Find a place to hide it.  Macho guys tend to put it in a box and bury it.  Don’t come to my house and start digging up my back garden because I don’t have any in a buried box - the money is still in the bank and I won’t be into digging holes.  Actually, a bank doesn’t have a lot of money there.  The amount of my money and your money is written on a computer – they don’t have enough money to cover all the money people have put in there.  That is why a run on the bank is a bad thing for a bank – they have to get actual cash delivered to them to pay everyone.

Consider all the above when determining how much cash you want to have.


Bartering in general, when to consider it: 
When a major emergency begins, stay where you are if that is your house or you have gone to your bug-out location (if you have one).  At the beginning of such an emergency, there will be panic and you don’t want to be in that or near it.  Check your preps, getting them started such as having your guns where you can get to them, wear one on your person, get your backup light started, your cooking method in place, etc..  Let the lawlessness happen without you in it.

How long will lawlessness last?  It depends where you are.  Lawlessness in cities and towns will begin shortly after the emergency happens.  The lawless will loot stores and kill each other.  After finishing off the stores, they go to houses.  I think, in Texas, when they start going to houses, many bad guys will be shot and killed.  Most people here have guns and we have a law that says a person can use deadly force if the person feels his/her life or property is in danger.  If your state does not allow you to have a gun, bad guys are going to be around longer.  Here,  I think the lawless will leave cities/towns sooner rather than later after stores are stripped, and head to rural areas where they mistakenly think food is growing behind every house and the places have water.  Most people in rural areas don’t grow gardens (the grocery store is their garden) and if they have a well, it takes electricity for it to work.  Unless these people are preppers, they have little for bad guys to get but the lawless may kill you anyway.

So, lawlessness will start soon after the emergency starts in the cities/towns and will start later in the rural areas.  If you live within a gas tank away from a city/town, you will be hit with the lawless when their car runs out of gas.  If you live more than 10 miles away from the last tank of gas, it will take a while for bad guys to get to you.  If you live many miles away from the last tank of gas, it could take months for bad guys to find you.  There will also be less bad guys at your place because, by then, many of them will be dead.

Consider where you live and estimate when you might have “company” you don’t want.

After a period of time, there will be a “new normal”.   Many people will be dead, both good and bad people, and there will still be some lawless around so one still has to be aware of his/her surroundings.  At this point, bartering might be considered.
It is my opinion, there are two types of bartering.  The types are, bartering with people you absolutely trust, and bartering with people you don’t know.

People you absolutely trust, you thought:  Let’s say you know the “Smiths” down the street really well, you trust them to be good people.  However, they are happy go lucky people with no preps.  You have preps.  If they have no water, they will attack you in three days and they don’t care if you die – they have to have your water to stay alive and if they have children, you can double their determination to get water.  Hmm, the bar just got raised to determine who you absolutely trust. 

You can (probably) absolutely trust other people who have enough preps to stay alive for a year (I’m leaving out the six months people just in case).  If they have done that, they are responsible people.  Note, I stuck in “probably”.  It is impossible to know how someone will react until you see the behavior.

Personally, I don’t trust people who NEED stuff, as opposed to WANT stuff.  If they don’t have an item that is vital to life, they likely need a lot of vital things.  If you have what they need, desperate people will take yours.  People who are prepared, may like to have an item they don’t have and barter could happen with these people.

If you barter, don’t do it inside your house.  What you have inside your house is no one’s business, plus you don’t want a gun battle inside your house if things go sour with the bartering. 

If the area has some order, there may be bartering areas set up.  This should be fairly safe as a place to exchange goods.  Maybe there will be some kind of security there.  However, be aware of your surroundings, who is there, how they are acting.  Keep your gun easy to get to.  At this point, I don’t think concealed carry laws will be observed.  It could be, everyone there has to check their guns and pick them up when they leave if this is an organized, safe place.  Make sure you are home before darkness comes.

Consider people who have no food:  If you give them food, they will come back for more.  Now, you are in trouble.  You cannot feed the world so you don’t want to give them food at your house.   

Items for Barter:
Years ago, when I began to study barter items, ammunition was almost always at the top of the list.  As years went by, I noticed ammunition started dropping off the list.  Many lists still have it there.  I would not give anyone ammunition unless it was someone helping me defend the “fort”.  You give bullets to someone and those bullets may come back to kill you.  You make the decision, whether you know this person well enough to give him “a” bullet.  I have not put ammunition on the list.

The cost of barter goods:  I’ve lost count of the number of articles I have written here but most of them involve cost and when you add it up, it’s a lot of money.  Don’t spend a bunch of money per item for barter goods – use inexpensive ones that people will want and the item will have more value than you paid for it because it’s not being made/sold anymore.  You see, value changes in this situation.  You don’t think of the cost of a cup of water when you drink it now – how much will a cup of clean water be worth then?  If a person is dying from not having water, how about he gives you his house for that cup of water?  His house is worth nothing to him if he is dead.  You have to adjust your thinking when considering barter goods.  You will note nothing (except liquor), is a higher dollar item on this list.

1.  A skill to use for trade.
What can you do that would have value to someone else?  Maybe a skill you learned due to your job.  Maybe a housekeeping skill.  Maybe a hobby skill that has value to someone.  You know what skills you have.  Try to turn that skill into trade if you want certain goods.  Hopefully, you won’t need an item that you must have to live as you have prepared for that.

2. Food stuffs:
I am listing Maruchan Instant Lunch cup first in food.  Why?  Because at my Kroger store, it is 28 cents and it’s probably cheaper at Walmart.  What is it?  It’s a packaged Styrofoam cup with noodles and a few dried veggies and a bit of soy protein.  Fill the cup with hot water and you have a substantial amount of food to eat.  If you have no water, it can be eaten dry.  You get a bit of protein and lots of carbohydrates to give you energy and it is tasty, has flavor.  Doubt you can feed a person for less money than that.  I guarantee you, if these cup packages are for barter, people will want to trade stuff to get them – it’s easy to carry food, easy to fix, and has taste.  That 28 cent or less investment will turn into a high value item.  They are easy for you to carry around for barter as they aren’t going to break or come apart and spill.

These cups traded at a bartering place don’t tell anyone you have a large amount of regular food at your house.  That makes them fairly safe to trade.  The selection is Roast Chicken Flavor, Chicken Flavor, Beef Flavor, and two types of Shrimp Flavor.  If you want a fast food item at your house to eat, here it is.

Other food stuffs (don’t trade anything you may need later):
Tea bags
Instant coffee
Quick 5 min. oats
Powdered milk – 1 qt. package
Instant rice
Instant mashed potatoes
Hard candy – candy has sugar which is energy.
Vegetable oil for cooking
Add any inexpensive food you think should be on this list.  (I didn’t put dry beans on here as that requires a good bit of water to make.  Add them if you want as some people could have plenty of water and want them.  Small packages of beans would work.)

3. Non-food Items:
Hand sanitizer packets
Band aids
Fishing line and hooks – buy small rolls of fishing line and hooks - a person
can feed him/herself if there is any body of water with fish around.
Kitchen trash can size plastic bags – trade by individual bag.  The use of these is many – even a way for a person to carry their “purchases” from the bartering center.
Men’s throw away razors.  They won’t be automatically thrown away anymore.
Ladies sanitary pads – These pads, individually packaged, are used by EMT people for large wounds.  If you don’t have some, get them.  Only trade these items if you have plenty.
Needles and thread
Pencils, paper, note pads
Toilet paper
Tooth paste
Soap – these would include little soaps you got at hotels plus you can buy cheap travel size personal items at Walmart.
Shampoo – from hotels and small travel bottles at Walmart.  This is liquid soap – people can use it for hair, clothes, dishes.
Body lotion – from hotels and travel bottles at Walmart.
Duct tape
Aspirin – trade per individual aspirin
Liquor  - This costs a fair amount of money.  Don’t store beer for trade as, over time, it goes flat.  Hard   liquor lasts forever but it has a fairy high cost compared to these food stuffs.  It’s your choice to buy liquor or not for trade (small bottles).  You need some for your own consumption as a pain killer or just because.
Large coffee filters – people can use these to filter dirty water as well as for coffee.
Manual can openers – buy a bunch of military openers at 10 for $4+ dollars on Amazon.
Aluminum foil
Paper towels
AA batteries
Bleach – used for purifying water
Baby wipes
Disposable lighters
Plastic sheeting
Nails and screws
Vegetable seeds (heirloom)
Men will likely trade large tools for other large tools, hand tools for other hand tools

You will probably think of other cheap items to add to these lists.

Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on September 03, 2012, 11:00:06 AM
I just found out the elder President George Bush said he is falling all the time - that he is "always looking for a good place to fall".  I'm writing another article on balance/falling and why older people are discarded as knowing nothing when they become old.  At what age does "old" start - when are you discarded on the dirt heap of old? 

If we have a long term emergency, it will likely be older people who will live better than younger people.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: monkeyboyf on September 04, 2012, 11:00:57 PM
I too have noticed the attitude of the general populace of discounting the value of the older folks.  Having just turned 69 in August, it seems as if everyone thinks my life is suddenly fragile. My health is good, other than smoking too much, but suddenly it seems people think I am ready for the ash heap, lol. Family worry that I can't take care of myself, suddenly. We just have to do things smarter and a little differently.  Being helpless is not in my plans. Thank you, Victoria, for addressing this for us seasoned citizens. :)
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on September 05, 2012, 03:58:35 PM
Was out yesterday getting annual car inspection sticker.  Have spent all day today on dirt heap of old - will finish it tomorrow some time.  Being determined to be old is what other people see and think, plus when the federal governemnt determines you to be old, and those two measures of old may be totally different.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on September 06, 2012, 11:45:13 AM

A few days ago, I saw a short film of the elder President George Bush and was surprised to hear him say he is falling all the time.  He said he was always looking around ‘to find the best place to fall”.  I suppose he meant he would walk toward that place so maybe that’s where he would be when he fell.  It was sad to hear he had resigned himself to falling as though there was nothing he could do to prevent it.

He said he has Parkinson’s disease (neurological disease) in his left leg.  Also said his Secret Service men help him and he can lean on them.

Based on what we know about balance now, wouldn’t you like to know if he has any feeling on the bottom of his feet?  Is his right leg okay since his left is not?  Does he have trembling anywhere else besides left leg, due to the Parkinson’s?  Would he fall for sure if he closed his eyes?  Is his inner ear okay (it probably is or they would have found that due to the dizziness it causes)?  His touch is probably intact unless the Parkinson’s has numbed his fingers.

If we knew the answer to those questions, we might be able to help improve his balance by suggesting how to use his other senses to keep him upright and explain why a cane would help – not just to lean on it but for his brain to know where down and up was by his touch on the cane – to use it every time he stands, not just when he walks. 


The above thinking is why older people keep falling.  It is my opinion, the medical community has that mindset – if you are old, you’re going to fall and that’s just the way it is.  You and I know better than that.  There has to be a reason why a person falls and it’s not just old age – it is a part of the body used for balance (knowing where down and up is) not working right and when that is identified, sometimes it can be helped with medication based on what part isn’t functioning correctly, and balance can be helped by using other senses to stay upright.  It is true as a person gets older, some of these balance parts may not work as well, but it’s not “old equals automatic falling and nothing can be done”.

My husband was in the hospital one time last year when I saw signs everywhere in the hospital that said, “Don’t Fall”.  They were meaningful to me due to what I had gone through with falling.  I asked a hospital nurse why those signs were everywhere.  She said they were having “Don’t Fall” month at the hospital.  I didn’t talk to her about falling, but I thought they could put up a million signs and they would mean nothing.  That also told me the hospital people didn’t have a clue about falling.

When I was falling a lot in my house (that started in 2003) before I knew why, if there had been a person standing there yelling, “Don’t Fall!”, I would likely have hit that person over the head with a lamp – I didn’t have a choice to fall or not at that time.  If I had a choice, I wouldn’t have fallen.  Telling me not to fall when I had no idea where down and up was, would surely have gotten that person a lamp in the head.


I don’t know why I came up with the words, “dirt heap of old”.  I think I was so ticked off about the junking/discarding of someone because he/she is thought to be old, that those words fit for me.

I live two lives.  In one, I’m accepted as “not old”, am a person of worth and my words are to be considered, and in the other one, I’ve been junked on the dirt heap of old.  Because I’m in both worlds, I am very aware of the different treatment.   

Not Old and Old:  Looks vs. Federal Government

My “not old” life:   I don’t look old.  A dermatologist told me it had to be genes, plus I stayed out of the sun.  The first time I went to him, he was shocked I was that old (I had heard it for years so that wasn’t new to me).  My skin hasn’t wrinkled.  My hair is blonde, not gray, but I do use a blonde 10 minute hair color to prevent the gray showing.  People think I’m in my 50s.  It ticks me off because people treat me as a real person and someone younger than I am (but they have some wrinkles and some gray or white hair), as someone with little worth.

Two stories:  Several years ago, I had knee surgery.  I had to get an EKG before the surgery.  So, this lady technician  had my body bare from abdomen to my head.  Now, I hadn’t had an EKG for many years and I wondered, and was a little concerned, if my heart was okay. 

The technician hooked me up, turned on her machine which she kept watching, except one time she did stare at me for a period of time.  Then she looked back at something and said, “No one would believe it!”  I thought, well, I’ve had it, my heart must be a wreck.  I said, “What’s wrong?”  She said, “No one would believe you are this old!”  I thought well, I know that, been told that many times.  I said, “So, my heart is okay?”  She said it was fine.  The woman scared me to death and it was just my skin to which she was reacting. 

A few years ago, guess I was 76 then, I stopped at a Subway to pick up a sandwich on my way home.  When I got to the money register, I saw a sign that said seniors got a discount.  When it was my turn, I said I was a senior.  The man said I would have to show my driver’s license because he didn’t believe I was 65.  I asked him how old he thought I was.  He said I didn’t look as old as his aunt, who was 60.  There was a man behind me who was listening to this.  As I was getting out my license, I said, “I am 76.”  The man behind me burst out, “No way!”  I was carded at age 76 to prove I was at least 65.

My family doctor (don’t have this one now) would laugh about this because I didn’t look like what I was.  He knew the secret, that inside my body I’m 79, will be 80 next month.  I told him I’m running for Miss America when I’m 90.

So, I am a fake out in public - I walk around in disguise.  What they see is not the real me but they treat me as one of them – not old.  The public reacts to what they see and they have a predetermined idea of what “old” looks like.  If they see a person with a wrinkled face and some gray or white hair, that person is old and they treat that person as such.  Normally, they are very kind to these “old” people.  However, their kindness is due to the fact they have the predetermined mindset that “old” people are washed up, done, finished, addled, confused, to be pitied, and dead but not certified dead yet, and they mentally send these people to the dirt heap of old.  The word for their treatment of the supposed old person, is “patronizing”.   They don’t give your words much consideration because you can’t possibly know what you’re talking about.  Numerous times I’ve been in a check-out line and people perceived to be old are treated one way, and I’m treated another way.

If you have played golf for years in the sun, you may have a wrinkled face at 40 and if you have some gray or white hair, you’re old in the eyes of the public – you are prematurely sent to the dirt heap at 40.  And, if, looking like that, you use a cane for a recent sprained ankle or something, you are ancient and definitely sent to the dirt heap of old.

So, the public reacts to your looks to determine if you are old.

My other life – the “old lady” on the dirt heap of old:   My family doctor left to go to a new group and I had to get another doctor.  This was just a few weeks ago.  I got a form letter about this and I was without a doctor that day.  If I got sick that day or had an accident,  I had no doctor.  I called my friend and asked about her doctor.  She gave me his name and I called that office.  Things were going great with this office person.  Then, she asked me what insurance I had.  I said Medicare and a Medicare supplement.  She said she was sorry, they don’t accept  Medicare.  I was suddenly old – tossed on the dirt heap of old.  I hung up from that call and was totally ticked off.   

At that moment, because the federal government said I was old, I had been dumped – I still had no doctor.   Due to a retired doctor I knew, I called the one he suggested and thank goodness, that one accepted Medicare.  That doctor would take this old lady who was on the dirt heap of old.

Anytime I deal with anything medical for myself on the phone, the person sees “Medicare patient” and I have to project being a strong minded person who makes sense because their first reaction is to know I am federally stamped “old” so must not have a brain left. 

If I am there in person, for the first time, they get confused because I don’t look like what I am.  I am not kidding, they will double check the paper work to make sure they have the right file, that I am that person with Medicare.  When they are sure I am that person, and old because I have Medicare, I get the patronizing responses from them.  It goes something like this:  “Now, Hon, we need you to fill out this form.  It’s not hard to fill out.  Your name goes here and make check marks here, then sign you name right here.  If you have trouble, I will help you.”  I’m thinking, “I can think circles around you, little girl.”

So, a Medicare card is the determining factor for “old” in medical care.  The most important service you need is medical care and if you are 65 or older, you have no other option for insurance except Medicare.  Medicare doesn’t pay doctors much (so not all doctors take Medicare – can you say “discrimination”),  so when you go to one, you are generally rushed through with little time with your doctor.  They need to get Medicare patients out fast so more patients with regular insurance which pays more, can be seen.

So, as a Medicare patient, you likely won’t get adequate time with your doctor as you are on a Medicare conveyor belt to get you out fast.  That is one reason why you need to have your personal medical records with you.  We covered that in an earlier article.  And, if you have numerous questions for the doctor, have them written down beforehand or you will surely forget some of those questions as you are hurried through the visit.

I am sure there are some doctors who will spend more time with you and I hope you have one like that if you are on Medicare.  I also hope if you are falling, your doctor will spend enough time with you to find out why you are falling.  You may be able to tell HIM why you are falling if you have evaluated what is happening when you fall.

Another story to make a point:  My husband was in a rehab. hospital one time last year (one of 5 hospitals he was in last year) and it was also a retirement home for people who needed care, and when I would go there, I saw many old ladies in wheelchairs.  One day it hit me I was older than some of these ladies, maybe many of these ladies.  I thought they were old and I was not.  Realizing that, I was thankful that I could walk/run, I was moving, and they were not.

Old according to what people think about themselves:  Just as I thought the ladies in the wheelchairs were old and I was not, most people think they are not old, no matter how many years old they are, but they think other people are old.  How many times do you say, “that old lady”, or “that old man”, and you are older than person?   I have done that many times.  I am very likely older than any of you reading this.  Please do not dump me on the dirt heap of old.


Just because you are older, does not mean you can’t think, that you are mentally addled, confused and know nothing anymore. 

Older people preppers are my favorite preppers – why is that?  Because they know stuff no younger person knows.

I would rather be with an older person during an emergency than a younger person.  A younger person would require teaching but an older person would not.  An older person would know of the days when there was no fancy running water, no air conditioning, no fancy gadgets like a microwave.  They would know hand skills and the younger person wouldn’t.  The older person is likely to have better gun skills than a younger person as older people are more likely to be ex-military.

Here is an example of one thing, one small thing, I know because I am so old I experienced it.  There was no power in my grandmother’s house in Arkansas when I was a small child.  It was bitterly cold in the winter when we would go there Christmas.  There was no heat in the bedrooms.  They would heat iron flatirons (used to iron clothes), in the fireplace, then wrap cloth around them and put them in the bed where I was going to sleep.  The flatirons warmed the sheets, then I went to bed in a warm bed.  In today’s world, heated bricks would work just the same.  Would a younger person know how to warm a bed?  The electric blanket isn’t going to work.

An older person will adjust faster when all modern conveniences are removed.  They are also less likely to depress themselves. 

Finally, really, how many years does it take to be “old”?  I will be 80 next month and I AM NOT OLD.  Have you got that – I AM NOT OLD.

Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on September 06, 2012, 04:18:53 PM

No matter how you look, how old you are, how much stuff you have or don't, who becomes President of the US or doesn't, whether or not the world's poles flip on Dec. 21, or what you get or don't get for Christmas, the US is about to collapse on so many fronts I labeled it "everything".  Now, I have to prove it to you.  No problem.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: monkeyboyf on September 06, 2012, 08:19:05 PM
OMG! As usual, out of the ballpark with that one. I keep telling people in this body is a mean 12 year old trying to get out,lol.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on September 06, 2012, 08:53:27 PM
"I keep telling people in this body is a mean 12 year old trying to get out,lol."

It's a paradox - one part looks old (based on the public perception of what looks old) but the mind that people can't see, is totally active, so that doesn't compute.  All the valuable learning you got during the years is up there in your brain.  That is so valuable and the public automatically dumps you and that valuable information, based on what they see.  When a person dies, so much valuable information is lost.  It took a lifetime to aquire that and then it's gone.  It is especially gone if no one aquires it from that person before they die.

I appreciate what is in an older person's brain and maybe that's why I get so upset when I see them treated as less than the person they are.  (And, I'm NOT OLD).
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on September 09, 2012, 07:39:34 PM

This article is going to be long and the first action from now is September 12-13.  Therefore, I will write this article in segments so I won’t write about something after it happens.

Every day, unless I have to leave the house for something, which I try not to do in this Texas heat, I sit in my recliner, most of the time with Prissy on the chair with me, and use my computer to read and study what’s happening in the world and that includes economic news/reports. stock market, political news, farm news, fuel news, religious news, and foreign news regarding Israel, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Gaza, Egypt, Russia, China, India, Greece, Spain, and European countries. 

I also check the news articles on the Free Republic forum.  Plus, I watch or listen to Fox News and CNN news for various views on whatever, and I check the Weather Channel for weather across the nation.  In my spare time, I read books on my Kindle – prep books and fiction disaster books.  I also watch movies.  If there is a disaster or zombie movie, I’m watching it, but I do watch other kinds. 

With all that input of information, what have I learned?   I can say the news in all those areas is volatile every day.  Steady and predictable no longer exists and that isn’t “normal”.  Rats, that means we must be in “not normal” times.  Where have we heard about “normal” and “not normal” (known as the “normalcy bias”?  Oh, yes, I wrote about that.

When I fold the facts together from all those sources, some radical changes may/will soon happen bringing the country closer to reaching critical mass - chaos.  What is the final flap of the butterfly wings that stop trucks from delivering life sustaining goods? 

First, let’s look at when chaos happens – when critical mass comes together, creating chaos that can’t be stopped.  It’s called flaps of butterfly wings.  A very small thing happens, no different than one flap of butterfly wings, so no one gives it any thought.   That small happening happens again, then again, then again, over and over until critical mass is reached and the explosion happens creating chaos.  Chaos is defined as “disorder: a state of complete disorder and confusion”.  That’s when trucks stop.

I have watched, over the past few years, the compilation of butterfly wings flapping until I think critical mass is near.

Starting from right now, what is the next butterfly wing about to flap to add more weight to the mass of butterfly wings we already have?  It is the Federal Reserve.

The Federal Reserve meets September 12-13, this week:    
What is the Federal Reserve?  It’s some men who think they can direct the monetary system of the US so that everything is hunky dory (that means fine).  Ben Bernanke runs the Federal Reserve.  Due to poor job creation in this latest report plus other poor economic trends, it’s thought by economists that Bernanke will advise the Board to announce another “quantitative easing”, or “QE3” at the end of this meeting.

Quantitative easing is another way of saying put more Federal Reserve Notes (that’s money) into circulation.  I started to write that circulatory system and decided against it – the point is, more money is available for borrowing and buying goods of all kinds.   More money to lend to businesses.   

What’s wrong with that?  More money is good, or maybe it isn’t.  Each piece of money is worth less than it was before since there is more of it.  Because it is worth less, businesses, including your grocery store, and fuel companies, raise their prices.  That is called “inflation”.  Your money now buys less than it did before.

This mass confusion of moving money around is kind of, sort of, something like this: if the Fed does this,  they buy US Treasury notes to get this money to distribute.  They can sell these treasury notes to other countries, like China and others who still have some money left.  We pay these countries interest on these notes – that’s why China and others buy them, to get that interest and have a safe place for their money.  Our debt is now 16 trillion and grows by millions every day due to that interest. 

At some point, China and others aren’t going to trust the US to pay them back, so they will stop buying that debt paper.  They can also sell the mega amounts of paper, many trillions of dollars now, back to us and there isn’t enough money for the US to pay it.  That’s like a run on a bank.  That is a final flap of the butterfly wings - can you say “US bankruptcy”?  Critical mass has been reached and chaos happens.  It won’t be long after that until trucks stop.

We are already bankrupt, but to stave off the bankruptcy, we keep borrowing money every month (again from China and other countries) to pay government bills, like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, the military, etc., etc.  If foreign governments stopped today buying our debt paper, the government would stop running in a month or two. 

What a feeling – our government doesn’t have enough money to pay our monthly bills.   If you had to borrow every month to pay your bills and couldn’t pay back the money you were borrowing, pretty soon the bank or wherever you borrowed, would stop lending you money.  At that point, you have debt and bills you can’t pay because you can’t get any more money.  Our government is still able to borrow but one day, no one/country is going to buy any more debt paper.  That is the last flap of the butterfly wing – there is chaos.  You may not get your Social Security check, your disability check, your food stamp money card, you may get nothing.  Medicare can’t pay your doctor.

When people’s food stamp cards can’t have any more money put on them, those will likely be the first people to riot and rush grocery stores to get food.  That makes total sense.  If you aren’t working for whatever reason (you can’t work, you don’t want to work) or your income is so low you qualify for food stamps, and the only way you can have food is that food stamp card, called an “electronic benefits transfer” card, an EBT card, you are going to do something to get food.  The store has food and you will get it by walking out the door without paying.  Then the store erupts in a riot.

As of June this year, there are 46.7 million on food stamps – 1 in 5 adults.  Since October, 2008, the number on food stamps has gone up 51%.  You can’t miss being around people using a food stamp card.  There is no way to know how many people who frequent your food store are using them.  If you could tell, you could estimate what your level of threat might be if these cards didn’t work. 

There are nice people and bad people (just like our regular population) using food stamps so this is not a complaint about people being on food stamps – the concern is what behavior do they have when those cards no longer work?  As described above, it would not be a good thing to be in stores when this happens.  Be aware of your surroundings when government programs stop. 

Which states get the most government money which would cease if there was no more money in the US Treasury?  This list is of today.  Of these ten states that get the most money per capita, the state at the top gets the most and it goes down from there.

1.  Alaska
2.  Virginia
3.  Maryland
4.  Hawaii
5.  New Mexico
6.  Kentucky
7.  Alabama
8.  West Virginia
9.  Connecticut
10.  North Dakota

It stands to reason, these states would be hurt more than other states if federal dollars didn’t get to these states.  There may be more public disruption in these states.

We will see this week if the Fed decides on QE3.

I have company coming on Tuesday and leaving late Thursday, so it will be Friday before I can start the next section which is about the Palestinians and Israel.  We have the Palestinian government asking for statehood at the UN in September.  We have Israel considering when to attack Iran and that could be in September.   We need to look at these possibilities and what that could mean in terms of more butterfly wing flaps.  These flaps keep building up.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: oktheniknow on September 09, 2012, 09:59:53 PM
Great post as usual Victoria. Glad to see that Texas wasn't on that list. Course, that doesn't mean that those on food stamps aren't all around here as well.
Bet that cobbler turned out great.
Wife and I bought a sun oven over a month ago and love it. Use it 3-5 times a week. Have cooked chicken, pork loin, soups, veggies, cornbread, cobbler, etc. Doesn't heat up the kitchen and should pay for itself within 6 months from not using the regular stove. Course, one can make a sun oven as well but it doesn't heat as high or last long term like the one the Sun Oven people make. Just another option for people to think about if the grid ever went down long-term. 
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on September 17, 2012, 12:18:05 AM
I wrote the last article on Sept. 9.  There have been massive amounts of world happenings since then.

Information was changing by the minute and I wondered when we would know what really happened in Libya, then the whole world began rioting/protesting AGAINST US.

I've been putting the pieces together and the pieces kept changing, but I'll start writing what all this may mean for the future and it could be the NEAR future as opposed to the FAR future.

Do you feel safe in your home tonight?  I hope we all stay as safe as we are this night.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on September 17, 2012, 11:31:29 AM

First, let’s deal with the Federal Reserve.  Chairman Ben Bernanke and the board, did vote to print money, buy bonds, so banks would get that money.  They want banks to lend that money for mortgages so people will buy houses.  Good luck with that as banks’ rules for borrowing are very high now and many people can’t qualify for a loan of any kind, much less a house loan.  Plus, one can’t buy a home if one has NO JOB.  They will put 40 BILLION new dollars out EVERY MONTH.  They are already putting in 45 BILLION EVERY MONTH, so that is 85 BILLION every month.

Can you get your mind around 85 billion new dollars every month?  Expect every commodity we buy to go up in price.  Paying more for fuel means you cut back on buying physical goods which hurts companies you would help if you bought those goods.  The same with food, pay more, taking that money from other goods buying.  Your kid needs shoes, however, that kid needs food to eat.  Which do you put off buying?  Buying food to store for an emergency, will cost you more very soon.  If you are buying long term food items, buy them now or pay more in a few months or less.  Buy any non-food items now as they will cost more, too.  Everything will cost more.  Our country is committing financial suicide.  Which month does our economy finally collapse?  Besides our being bankrupt as a country right now, the world situation may push that collapse date closer if Israel attacks Iran soon as that could start a world war.  We’ll talk about that after we look at world happenings in the past few days.


(An aside:  I am going to try to grow tobacco – have a friend who will give me seed in November.  Will keep you updated about the process so you can decide if you want to be a tobacco grower and, if you don’t smoke, use it for barter – will be worth a fortune.)
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on September 17, 2012, 01:51:17 PM
Hmm, something happened with posting that article.  It's not all there.  I'll post it again now.
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Post by: Nicodemus on September 17, 2012, 01:56:07 PM
Part of your previous post was removed intentionally, Victoria. Please don't post it again.

We will be contacting you shortly on the reasoning.
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Post by: Victoria on September 17, 2012, 01:58:52 PM
Okay, Nico, whatever you say.  You are the boss.
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Post by: Marianne on September 18, 2012, 06:28:42 PM
The Moderator owes the readers of this forum an explanation for the censorship of the last post.
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Post by: Victoria on September 18, 2012, 11:44:07 PM

I’ve been researching medicine for two days.  What is the state of our medicine supply and will you have it when a collapse/emergency of any kind happens?  What can you do to help yourself obtain a supply for more than one month, two months, three months, or more?

I should be through with this research by Thursday.
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Post by: Mr. Bill on September 19, 2012, 11:36:23 AM
The Moderator owes the readers of this forum an explanation for the censorship of the last post.


Moderator actions are based on what we think is in the best interests of the forum.  The details of those decisions are for the moderators to discuss.
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Post by: Victoria on September 20, 2012, 04:12:03 PM

You’re probably like I was, would hear or read something about medicines being made in foreign countries and you dismissed it because your prescriptions always got filled at the drug store and that was that.

Within the past six or seven months, I had three instances when they were not totally filled at Walgreens drug store, and one that wasn’t filled FOR A MONTH.  The first time it wasn’t bad, was a Thursday and they would have the medicine that coming Monday and I had enough to get me to Monday.  The next time, a different medicine, and it would be a week before they got it.  Again, I had enough to get me to that date, but I wondered why it would take a week.

The next time, this past April, a different medicine, they put their last two pills in a bottle for me and said they wouldn’t have any more FOR A MONTH.  Stop right there – this got my attention really fast and meant something and maybe those other two times meant something and I didn’t click to those when they happened as they were resolved fairly quickly.

I’ve been thinking on that since then.  I remembered a number of years ago, I read something about insulin being produced in only one overseas country and none being produced here, but I didn’t need insulin, so I ignored it.  Insulin was available to buy here, so no big deal.  Now, it’s produced in more than one country, but none produced here that I could find.  There is a reason for this.

A couple of days ago, I decided to find out “where our medicines are”.  It took many hours over two days to trace medicine and to find credible sources to believe.  I copied information as I would find it and I did this over and over.  I didn’t copy anything someone said on a blog, because that is not credible enough.  I say that so you will know I was looking for truth, not opinion.

Here is an interesting tidbit – The FDA considers the country of origin of a drug to be confidential information.  I believe that to be true, because I couldn’t find the country of origin of a drug (except insulin) and I searched to do that.

I could sum this all up with this statement:  “More than 80 percent of the active ingredients for drugs sold in the United States are made abroad, …mostly in facilities in China and India that are rarely visited by government inspectors, who sometimes cannot even find the plants.”

That 80% includes brand names.  That was a shock as I thought brand names would be made here in the good old USA in swell, clean, hygienic, drug company plants that developed these brand names.  We can also add more percentage to that 80% by adding Carolina, Puerto Rico, for manufacturing drugs for our country (an Eli Lilly large plant is there manufacturing drugs including insulin).  Also, Eli Lilly has a new facility in China and their emphasis is insulin. 

How did this over 80% of meds made out of our country happen?

In the extreme early days of our country, everything we ate and used was made locally.  Meat animals were grown locally or shot in the forests.  We did import tea from England but our patriots dumped that in the ocean one day.  Before glass companies started up in New England, our dishware for the colonies were brought from England.  Glass companies began early on the east coast to provide what the settlers needed.  I know about early glass and china because my house is full of it and learning the history was part of that collecting.

As advancements were made in travel, food and products began to be carried to other areas.  Products and food began to be shipped even to other countries.  Today, you go to the grocery and see a fresh pineapple with a tag from Hawaii.

Companies were listed on the stock exchanges and making profit for stockholders became the emphasis for companies.  After a period of time, communication from country to country was easier, and companies began to make spreadsheets of profits available in this country using our workers, and profits available if they moved their manufacturing to other countries as they would pay employees there less money, meaning more profit.  Today, with the internet and other means, companies can keep up with their overseas locations almost as if they were there.

Profit is why your medicines are made in foreign countries.

That is where our medicines are, that is where they originate – that is brand names, generics, and over the counter meds – almost everything.  If something such as regional or world war, or loss of power, or collapse of currency, caused China and/or India and/or Puerto Rico, to stop exporting to us, millions of people here would die without their heart meds, blood pressure meds, antibiotics, the list goes on.  In this case, it’s not trucks stopping, it’s ships not getting to our country in the first place for whatever reason.

Two companies produce almost all insulin – Eli Lilly and Novo Nordisk (Novo Nordisk headquarters is in Denmark – two offices in the US, can’t find any production facilities in US – the company is in 75 countries).  Your insulin is made in foreign countries. As of last year, Lilly also opened a large manufacturing plant in Puerto Rico and insulin also comes from there.  For interest, take a look at Eli Lilly from their website:

“We are comprised of more than 20 countries, including the United States and Japan, the world’s two largest pharmaceutical markets – along with Australia, Canada and Europe (known as the ACE region).”
“A heritage more than 135 years strong: company founded on May 10, 1876
Headquarters located in Indianapolis, Indiana, U.S.A.
Approximately 38,000 employees worldwide
More than 7,400 employees engaged in research and development
Clinical research conducted in more than 55 countries
Research and development facilities located in eight countries
Manufacturing plants located in 13 countries
Products marketed in 125 countries”

Note manufacturing plants are located in 13 countries and I could not find one of those manufacturing plants in the USA. 

Drug Safety:
I read reports that the FDA doesn’t have the manpower to go overseas often to inspect plants.  I read instances where some of our drugs were contaminated in Chinese plants and Americans died due to that before the contamination was discovered.

I take 5 little pills in the morning after I eat and take another 5 little pills at night.  I don’t take pills unless it is necessary, and I don’t want to be without these 10 small pills.  Based on my research, they all have to come from overseas since I can’t find any made here.  Also, based on my research, I wonder if one or more is contaminated?  If you read the laws on inspecting drugs and read the info. put out by the FDA, your medicines are totally safe because they are inspected for quality control, etc.  My comment to that is, “hogwash”.   They make infrequent trips overseas to inspect but they don’t have their inspector there in all these plants all the time.

How to have drugs for a year stored:
The first time I went to my new doctor, I told him some things about myself so we could get acquainted.  I said I was a “prepper”.  He said, “What is a prepper?” I told him and he laughed and said, “I’ll give you a prescription for a year’s worth of medicine.”

If you ask your doctor for a prescription for a year’s worth of medicine, he/she can do that.  Here is the problem:  If you have insurance and use it, they aren’t going to approve paying for more than three months medicine at a time.  That doesn’t mean you can’t get the medicine for that next nine months.  What it means is, you have to  pay the total cost of the drugs when you don’t use insurance.  Not using insurance, and having the prescription, you can buy the whole nine months’ worth at one time.

Consider your medicines – which ones are critical to keep your heart beating and your blood pressure low enough you don’t have a stroke?  We’re talking life and death here – which ones are critical to stay alive?  Consider buying those for that nine months not using your insurance.  If you can’t come up with that much money at one time, maybe you could buy two or three months at a time each month until you have all of it.

To have the max amount of meds in your house right now using insurance:
Re-fill your three month prescriptions (using insurance as usual), as soon as insurance allows - not when you have just a few pills left.  That way you will have more pills available all the time.

If you are like me, I can’t keep up with when each med can be refilled.  I am signed up on line with my Walgreens, and as soon as a med can be refilled, it is automatically refilled and waiting for me to pick it up.  Consider doing this with your drug store if you want automatic refill as soon as it can be processed.

It is regretful our medicines are not made in this country.  That is one product, one life and death product, that, in my mind, should have never left this country so it would be available and safe - even if it meant less profit.

Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: TexDaddy on September 20, 2012, 06:12:20 PM
Umm, Puerto Rico is not exactly a foreign country, being a territory of the U.S. and all.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on September 20, 2012, 06:33:07 PM
OK, a territory, no problem, skipped my mind it was a territory.  It's still not within the mainland so takes more effort and time for the FDA to get there for inspection of drugs, plus getting ships with drugs out of there to here in a long term emergency is still problamatic.  If people can't get insulin, there will be millions of deaths.  The number of diabetics here has exploded and insulin is one of those life and death meds.

Thinking of forgetting territory, poor state of Hawaii.  In a long time disruption/emergency, I would not like to be on any of their islands (been on two twice), surrounded by water and needing medicine.  That is too sad to think about.

Thanks for posting, TexDaddy.  On the day the edit was done, I did not see the small print that you edited that post.  I thought it was a glitch. If I had seen that, wouldn't have done the second post.  Sorry that happened.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on September 20, 2012, 06:53:18 PM
I just checked - Puerto Rico is 1,000 miles east south-east, of Florida.  It's that 1,000 miles that brings up questions of frequency of inspection and getting the meds here in a time of trouble.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on September 20, 2012, 08:30:41 PM
"Yet it is closer to Florida than Hawaii is to California. It is closer to Florida than Texarkana is to Los Angeles. And it is closer to Florida than Dallas is to Orlando."

In a long term emergency, no medicine is going to any of those places. :)
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: monkeyboyf on September 20, 2012, 10:04:33 PM
Thank you so much for more important research.  I'm sure most people had never thought of where their lifesaving meds were made.  Unfortunately, fish do not take blood pressure, heart meds, and insulin,lol :D
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on September 29, 2012, 08:27:12 AM
In the past couple of weeks, I have added more prep items.  I'll post those later today or tomorrow.  Prepping never stops.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on September 30, 2012, 03:26:49 PM

Zircon 63931, Leak Alert Electronic Water Detector 3 pack, $24+  (Amazon):
As you have read earlier, my first floor flooded a number of weeks ago.  Someone suggested water alarms to me.  Say what?  I didn’t know about water alarms.  These are electronic devices that sound an alarm if moisture gets to them.  It’s like a smoke alarm but for water instead of smoke.  They are much smaller than a smoke alarm.  The ones I got are about 5 inches long and 2 or 3 inches wide:  The three pack was about $25.00.  I bought three – three packs which gave me 9 detectors.  The alarm is loud and it is the SOS signal.  Each one takes a 9 volt battery and those are included.

I never want to find a floor flooded again or, which hasn’t happened yet and is too terrible tro think about, the downstairs ceiling falling in due to a leak upstairs.  I put a detector upstairs wherever water could leak..  There is one in the attic by the hot water heater, one under each potty in two bathrooms and one under each sink.  Downstairs, under clothes washer, under kitchen sink, under downstairs potty, and one where the water came in the living area. 

These water alarms will give you peace of mind - if you are at home, you will know if there is a water leak and you can get it fixed before damage to your house.  If you are in an emergency situation, you don’t want flooding in your house adding to the stress of the emergency situation.


Igloo 70-Quart Ice Cube MaxCold Roller $44.88 (order Walmart):
I had a 150 qt. Ice Chest, no wheels.  It was huge and I couldn’t deal with it by myself.  We used it after hurricanes.  Two people could manage it, but not me by myself.  It was taking up a large amount of room in my laundry room, and I pitched it.  It was not a MaxCold.  A MaxCold is a super insulated Igloo product.  It will keep ice for five days.  It won’t last that long if the chest is outside in the sun.  Mine will be inside after a hurricane or other emergency.  It does have wheels so I can pull it where I want it. 

When power goes out due to hurricane or whatever, one can save frozen items and items out of the fridge such as milk, butter, etc.  I also have an Igloo MaxCold water cooler and there was still ice in it five days after no power.  We always had cold water to drink during that time.  To me, the MaxCold ice chest and water cooler are major needed prep items to keep food/water cold for five or six days, not sure food would be cold after that; the water should still be cool but maybe not cold.  After that, if you can’t get/make ice, they will just be useful containers until ice is available again. 

Shakespeare Two-Piece Ladyfish  Complete Kit Combo $24.27 (Amazon):
Due to certain happenings, I had no fishing gear.  This was upsetting to me since every person should have a way to catch fish.  There is a large lake not far from my house and I had nothing to catch a fish.  That was unacceptable.  I didn’t need the best in fishing gear, but I needed something.  I bought the “Ladyfish” as the handle part of the rod is smaller for a woman’s hand.  It also has some pink on it, so if you are a woman, a man likely wouldn’t want your gear and that is a plus.  There is a filled bait box with it but it is a minor one but has what one needs to catch fish and that was the goal.  The whole thing comes sealed in bubble plastic, and I left it that way and stored it in a closet.  No matter if a man or woman, you need to be able to catch fish.

Disposable Penlite – 1 pack of six, $5.85,  BP Medical Supplies (Amazon):
I read an article by a man who had to live in a war zone with his family.  He spoke of needing “low light” for moving around at night when war was going on in the streets.  I had not thought of this.  Everything I had was bright light.  If you need to move outside your house at night for some reason, say to find something in your backyard, all you need is a bit of light, a pinpoint, to know where you are.  The objective is to have low light so it won’t be seen, or noticed, by others.  He suggested pen lights as one option. 

I bought disposable pen lights that medical people use.  If you used one continually, it would last several months before the battery would die.  A six pack should last years since one wouldn’t be using these all the time.  These also have an eye pupil guide on them.  Medical people use them to check eyes to see if they are reacting correctly.  If you get these on Amazon, be sure it is the BP Medical Supplies company.  There is another company selling these on Amazon and they say it’s 6 pens, but they only send one and you can’t do anything about it.  Many customer comments said they only got one and got no response from that company.  So, only order from BP Medical Supplies. 

When you press the pen clip, the light comes on but doesn’t stay on when you release your finger.  There is a clear plastic sleeve on the pen and if you slip that sleeve under the clip, the light stays on.  If you wanted to conceal your presence as much as possible, just press the clip to see where you are, remove your finger and it goes out, and press it again when you again need to check where you are.

Women’s tactical pants and tactical shirt:
I got these pants because they have several pockets to stash bullets, gun clips, speed loaders, etc.  The front side pockets are large with large openings so you won’t miss the pocket with your hand, and down from that pocket is another large pocket closed with strong Velcro – can you say gun clips, speed loaders, etc..  There is a pocket under each knee to put knee pads (not included) so if you have to stay on your knees, say hide during a “bad” situation going on around you, they are cushioned.  I got them due to the pockets. 

There are numerous types on Amazon and I got 511 New Fit Tactical Pants.  I don’t recommend these as they ride low on the waist.  They are okay for me, but I wish they were at the natural waist instead of low slung.  These are wearable out of the dryer or drying on a line – there are wrinkles but they are not severe.  If you think tactical pants would be good in an emergency situation, look through the various ones on Amazon or on survival companies that sell these and bypass the New Fit 511. 

I also got a tactical shirt for women.  The brand is Magnum but I don’t recommend this shirt.  It is not wash and wear so it is very wrinkled when it comes out of the dryer and it is rather heavy.  It is long sleeved with the ability to roll up the sleeves and snap them to be short.  It has a pocket on each side where bullets or clips could be stored.  It is designed with mesh and gaps for air to circulate to be cooler.  I have ordered a light weight vest to hold gun stuff so any shirt could be worn under it.  I’ll let you know if it works to be the holder of what one would need in a “bad” situation and give you the details at that time.

Baking utensils for Camp Chef outdoor oven (Amazon):
In another article I wrote about getting the Camp Chef outdoor oven.  I read the material about this oven, and it will have an extra hot area where the burners are.  Remember, this oven uses small propane bottles.  Due to the way it heats, don’t use glass baking dishes in this oven as they could crack.  Also, non-stick coating may bake off.  Well, I use a glass 13x9 in my house oven, so had to get metal for this outdoor oven.  My other metal bake pans had non-stick coating.  I searched for the best, heavy (so they wouldn’t buckle), metal pans with no coating on them for this oven – also had to consider the size to make sure it would fit in this oven.  I chose these:

Airbake  by WearEver Ultra Oblong 13x9, $12.99
Chicago Metallic Commercial II Traditional Uncoated Small Jelly Roll Pan, 12 ¼ x 8,  $10.49

Fox Run Set of four English Muffin rings $5.38:
I want to bake biscuits in this oven and don’t want to do the rolling out, cutting, etc., so I got baking rings for drop biscuits.  Drop the dough in these rings and bake them and you have regular looking biscuits.

(not for the oven) Norpro 994C Silicone Egg Pancake Ring Round, Blue $5.61 (Amazon):
Baking rings were new to me and after I chose the rounds for the biscuits, I saw egg and pancake rings.  These are for the top of your stove in a skillet, of course.

These would make a rather spread out egg so smaller rounds might be better for eggs (or not, try them first before deciding and I haven’t done that).  Using these for pancakes would give you pancakes of all one size.  I will use them for pancakes.  With these rounds making all one size pancakes, you wouldn’t freak out when the husband makes the pancakes (if you can get him to use these newfangled devices).  In my experience, husbands tend to “overdo” the size of the pancake – as in LARGE.  If he doesn’t want to use the pancake rings, tell him to hush and cook them – good luck.

I don’t know what is next – I’ll have to ask my brain.

Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: ncjeeper on September 30, 2012, 07:27:10 PM
I like the extreme series by coleman for coolers. They have more insulation and keep things colder longer. For the money they are hard to beat. If I was rich I would buy some Yeti's.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on September 30, 2012, 07:40:00 PM
That's what Igloo MaxCold does - more insulation and stays cold longer.  I also wanted wheels so I could move it around.  With ice and food, it wil be quite heavy.

"If I was rich I would buy some Yeti's. "  What do Yeti's have to do with cold?  Isn't that Star Wars or something?  If you have time, explain to the older generation.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: ncjeeper on September 30, 2012, 08:51:46 PM
Top of the line coolers.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on September 30, 2012, 09:05:03 PM
I looked at the Yetis.  They are built as strong as trucks and cost up in the hundreds.  However, none have wheels for us weaker folks.  I guess these are meant for serious strong men.  Thanks for mentioning these as there may be some super men (with plenty of money) who would be interested in these.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on October 05, 2012, 11:52:14 AM

Some think there will be riots election night and/or the day(s) immediately after the presidential election.  There is no way to know who will win the election and what the populace will do after the candidate is elected.  Unless you live under a rock, you have probably heard about and considered this riot possibility.  What should one due to prepare for this possible occurrence?   One suggestion is to fill up your car a few days before election day and have enough of everything you need for several days, maybe a week to be on the safe side.  If you can, stay home the day after the winner is declared and listen to your favorite news station so you will know what is happening around your area and know if it is safe to leave your house.  These suggestions are just allowing for the possibility of unrest among the populace.  I’d rather take a few precautions than find myself in a dangerous situation.

I take you along with me as I prep.  You may like some of the purchases I make or you may not.  If an item would make your life better if we had a long term emergency, you have a choice to get that or not.  There are many hot spots in the world today that could impact us, plus there is our economy/banking that is in serious trouble.  I have never seen the US in such trouble in all my long life.  Never have I thought the entire country could fail but now I see it’s more likely to happen than not.  I am more serious about prepping than I have ever been.  Then, there is December 21, when the whole world is supposed to collapse, maybe the poles magnetic pull totally switching.  I think the main risk about this is what some people may do as we approach December 21 and what they do on that date.  Be aware of what is happening where you live as many people are frightened about this date and may act irrationally.

Back to Some Preps to Consider for a Prolonged Emergency:

What is the condition of the clothes you wear around the house?  Is it jeans and a shirt?  Do you have enough if those are not available to buy anymore?  Jeans I wear around the house are really old, so I got three new pair.  Yes, the label says “Made in China”.  If goods from China can’t get here anymore, our lifestyle is going in the dumper.  What a terrible thing to have to say.  Our living style depends on China – that is totally gross but is the truth.  (And, as we found out, if ships can’t get here from foreign countries and that material distributed around the country, we have no medicine.  Too awful to think about.)  Think about your everyday clothes and if you need to add to that, do it while you can.

Are the shoes you wear around the house for working, falling apart?  If they are, consider getting another pair or two.  They are likely made in China.  I wear casual, comfortable SAS shoes since they have narrow sizes.  They are made in San Antonio, Texas – imagine that – not made in China.

The Igloo MaxCold 70 qt. cooler with wheels is here and I’m glad I pitched the huge one I couldn’t move around and it took up too much space.  This new one is a valuable improvement for the next hurricane or whatever.

Rocket Stove:
I got a Rocket Stove from .  It has been delivered.  All Rocket Stoves are not equal.  I think Rocket Stoves from this company are the top of the line – the best.  A Rocket Stove is a new type stove and is small (but heavy duty) compared to most outdoor stoves.  It is highly efficient, will burn twigs or sticks or any biomass – even sea shells.  Water/any fluid, can be boiled quickly.  I call this the last resort stove because you can find fuel anywhere and it only takes a small amount to last a while as it is designed to totally burn the fuel down to a few ashes at a hot temperature.  This is the finest emergency stove.  If you read about cooking and fuel earlier in these articles, you know I have canned heat and Sterno very small stoves, for use inside a house.  I stick to that as a way to cook inside. 

Outside, this heavy duty Rocket Stove is the best choice when propane or wood logs are gone, or is the main stove to start with if you have no other outside stove.  Think about around your house or apartment.  Do you see twigs anywhere?  That’s efficient fuel for this stove.  I’m wondering if places that deal in wood, such as Lowes or Home Depot, have wood trash around – small pieces of wood left over when they have to cut wood of any kind.  A lumber yard should have trash wood around.  If one could get some of this wood trash, that’s a supply of fuel to have.  Also, there are trees in my townhouse complex and I would bet there are twigs/small limbs on the ground. 

When you read their website, you will read about other biomass fuel one can use.  “Biomass” means don’t put plastic in it.  Only put what nature made so it can be burned completely up down to a few ashes.  A chemical log would not be “biomass” as that is manmade.  The door or doors if you get a two door one, cannot take a large log.  It’s designed for small fuel sources.

Description from their website:
“StoveTec Stoves are perfectly suited for camping, hunting trips, a day at the beach or just to have handy in case of emergency. With a StoveTec Stove you can easily boil water for drinking, cook a stew for dinner or prepare freeze dried meals in case of an emergency all with very little fuel that can be found just about anywhere!  StoveTec Stoves are made of the highest quality materials and are engineered to burn wood or any biomass fuel efficiently and cleanly.  A StoveTec Stove utilizes completely natural fuel sources so there is no need for expensive and potentially dangerous fossil fuels like gasoline, kerosene, propane or lighter fluid.”

There are several models of this stove and there is a video that explains the difference between the models.  The cheapest one is in the 80+ dollar amount.  I got the Eco Ceramic with one door.  If you are interested in this small but heavy last resort stove, watch the video to decide which model is best for you.

Other items are on their way here and I’ll report on them when I get them in the next few days.

Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Marianne on October 05, 2012, 06:16:08 PM
Victoria - Do you think the stove could be place in a fireplace and used inside to at least boil water?
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on October 05, 2012, 06:18:06 PM

5.11 #80008 Poly/Cotton TacLite Pro Vest - Black $37.25  free shipping (Amazon)
(If you get it in Khaki color, it is $68.65)

Naturally, I got black and it came today.  Let’s talk about size:  This is a man’s vest.  I saw size dimensions somewhere, and Medium is a man’s chest size 40 inches.  A male customer said they run small so he suggested get the next size up.  He had to return his for that next size up.

Can we talk?  Women have a bust size.  A woman should measure bust/chest size.  If your size is a 38, getting a 40 chest size, a Medium that runs small (probably a 38), would be snug, maybe snugger than you would want.  This vest is not for show – it’s for storing items relating to your gun – clips if you use those, speed loaders for revolvers if that is your gun.  And extra bullets.  Plus, anything you want for defense – maybe you have a pepper spray unit – I have a pepper spray “gun” – it’s a plastic gun (in pink so it looks like a play gun) that shoots 20 feet with heavy duty pepper spray, plus it has a laser red light to target the face so you don’t miss.  This gun is also going in this vest.  It you have the pepper spray one that goes on a key chain instead of the gun type, put that one in the vest where you can get to it fast.

Based on what I read about size and it running small, I got a Large.  I figured I might have to send a Medium back for being too small to zip it up and have plenty of room to be comfortable, but could probably use the Large (chest size 44) even though it would be too large (running small it is probably more a 42) – I wasn’t going to walk down a model show runway showing off a tight vest, and I wanted plenty of room in the vest for it to be comfortable.  The Large was a good choice.  If you are a larger woman, up to a 42, the Large should fit well.  If your chest is 43 or more, maybe get the Extra Large.

On each side, there are snaps to make it smaller around and I did that – that made it two inches smaller around in the waist/hip area.  For a better fit for me, it could stand another inch  taken off each side in that area, but I don’t care – I’ve got plenty of room which is what I wanted. 

Front Pockets:
On the front, your left side sort of at the top: a zipper pocket – the zippers are heavy duty metal, not plastic.  Under that pocket, two gun clip pockets closing with heavy duty Velcro flaps.  Under that pocket on the side is a space where you can put a gun if you are left handed.
On the front, your right side: a pocket with heavy duty Velcro flap, and under that pocket, a large pocket with heavy duty Velcro flap.  Under that pocket on the side is a  space to put a gun if you are right handed.

The front has a heavy duty metal zipper.  At the top before the zipper starts, there is a heavy duty metal snap.  If you are in a hurry to move, you could snap that closed, which would keep the two sides together, and ignore the zipper.

The Back of the Vest:
There are two splits down the top part of the vest, for ventilation.  Under those splits is a very large, deep, pocket with a heavy duty Velcro flap.  Behind that pocket with the flap, is an open very large pocket.
On either side of that deep pocket are smaller pockets with elastic at the top of those pockets.

Inside the Vest:
Don’t think we are finished – now we go to the inside of the vest:

On your left side, inside the vest is a very large, deep pocket closed with heavy duty Velcro .
Next to that pocket is a strap with a metal snap.  I don’t know what that is for.  It can’t be to take the vest up there as there is no way to do that since it is a vertical strap/snap.

In the center of the inside of the vest, there is a huge, wide pocket closed with a Velcro flap.  Under that huge pocket, there is an open huge pocket the same size as the one on top of it.
Next to that huge pocket is another strap with a metal snap.  Again, I don’t know what that is for.

On the right side inside the vest, there is no pocket.

Let me see if I can explain this:  The vest is made of double fabric, one on top of the other and sewn together.  Where there are pockets, there is a third layer of fabric.  On the inside of the vest there is a Velcro closing on each side.  You can put your hand through one side and go completely through to the other side and come out that side where there is Velcro closing that side.

The vest may be machine washed in cold water with like colors and dried on low heat.

This vest is an excellent buy to hold all your gun needs plus any other defense weapons and supplies.  Once you put on the vest, you have what you need on you.  Unfortunately, it won’t hold a Cold Steel brand self defense bat (looks like a baseball bat but it isn’t).  If you have one of these, maybe put it fairly close to your front door (that’s where mine is).

Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on October 05, 2012, 06:34:24 PM
Solo in the City, if you had the flu open in the fireplace, yes.  Since you are burning natural products, it's just like burning wood in your fireplace.  I also read the combustion is so high, there is not a huge amount of smoke, however it would need to be in the fireplace because it is using oxygen to burn the wood or other natural fuel and the smoke needs to go up the chimney.

These Rocket Stoves are new and this company is the one who did the research and scientific study to make it work correctly.  These are being used in third world countries now since they heat so hot with little fuel.

After I wrote that article, I went outside in front of my house and it dawned on me I've got massive fuel for the stove right there.  I have huge Azalea bushes and Holly bushes on either side of my house.  These bushes are like hedge because they are so thick.  I saw a small dead branch that had broken off and thought that is fuel for the Rocket Stove.  I broke off a small piece of a live branch and it broke easily.  I looked around and other houses also have hedge but none are as large or thick as mine.  I could walk through the townhouses and have as much fuel as I wanted.  Then, there are other small blooming trees, can't think of the name right now, and those limbs would break off easily , too and they branch close to the ground, are not tall trees.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on October 05, 2012, 07:37:24 PM
Solo in the City, you can use the stove to cook anything, not just boil water.  The top is designed to use just like a stove top. 

I did more reading, and large rocket stoves are made to heat a room, putting the big rocket stove next to a fireplace with a pipe going into the fireplace chimney to take the carbon monoxide out.  That carbon monoxide is why you have to put it in your fireplace plus let the small amount of smoke get out.

I wonder where this technology will go in the future.

I just got the rocket stove today and that company is sending them with free shipping right now which is a good thing as I was surprised how heavy it is. 

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Post by: Victoria on October 14, 2012, 05:39:56 PM
Next is short wave radio receiver and new info. on rechargeable batteries.  I’ll finish this by Tuesday for sure.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Marianne on October 15, 2012, 10:00:47 PM
Just got my RocketTec Stove with free shipping, which was good since the thing is heavy. Haven't used it yet, but I am definitely impressed. It is very well made. Any ideas on cookware to use with it? My small aluminum pots won't work. I am thinking I should get a cast iron skillet, as well as an enamel coffee pot to heat water. Thanks for the heads up! Since I am leery about storing propane or gasoline in my house, this stove is the solution I needed, particularly since I'm surrounded by woods with tons of twigs.   
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on October 15, 2012, 10:15:30 PM
I'm glad you wrote at this time.  I am bogged down in writing about new Sanyo rechargeable batteries - deciding what to put in the article as there is so much information.  These new batteries are fantastic, so much better than any before.

The Rocket stove is simply the best answer to an emergency stove outside and inside if you have a fireplace.  I'll use my canned heat and Sterno stoves inside and use the Rocket stove outside.  It will cook much hotter and faster than the canned heat.  I expect I'll use the canned heat for coffee in the morning and for warming food, and the Rocket stove for serious cooking.

Yes, since it burns so hot, I'd use Lodge cast iron - look on Amazon for Lodge.  I got some there last year.  In some year, I got an enamel coffee pot at Walmart in sporting goods.

Thanks for writing and I'm glad you got the stove.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on October 15, 2012, 10:30:20 PM
Solo, I know Walmat has Lodge cast iron cookware, but think they will have common pieces that may be larger than you want.  The larger the heavier and if you don't need large pieces, like a big skillet, you will find various sizes on Amazon.  That's why I ordered from there.  I have a smaller size skillet and a smaller pot with lid and the lid fits the skillet, too.  There are combinations like that on Amazon.   
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on October 16, 2012, 09:57:02 AM

Toward the end of last year, I added a short wave receiver radio for long term emergency use.  One advantage it has, is, short wave cannot be regulated by our government.  They can’t turn it off or manage its content.  As of last year, the government can turn off TVs and regular radio stations whenever they want.   They say this capability is necessary for communication to everyone in a wide scale emergency.  They tested this capability and found they had a little more work to do to make it totally successful. 

When I heard that last year, I thought they just took my TV and radio away from me, that I no longer controlled it and that is the truth.  Right now, they are “allowing” me to have my TV and radio.   If they decide to stop my use of it, they can.  Well, if they can take over my TV and radio, they still can’t take over my short wave receiver capability.

Plus, let’s say power goes out for a long time for some reason.  There goes your TV and radio stations when they run out of generator power.  Individual short wave operators (called Ham operators), on the other hand, will still be there to communicate (using smaller battery power), what is happening where they are and they are everywhere in this world.  I found I could put Ham Club in search on the internet, and there they were listed.  I’m sure there are many individuals not in clubs that aren’t listed anywhere but they are out there.

Based on the above, I went on an extended search to find the best short wave receiver.  The very best one I could find is:
Sony ICF-SW7600GR AM/FM Shortwave World Band Receiver with Single Side Band Reception - $146.43 (Amazon)

Look on Amazon for its facts and reputation among users.  The husband of my sister-in-law is an electrical engineer and he is also a Ham operator and if an emergency happens in his city, he heads to the hospital where he is the head of their emergency communications due to his Ham capability and overall knowledge of communication and electricity.  He volunteered for that non-paying job as he works as an engineer elsewhere.  The first time he visited me after I bought the radio, I handed it to him to set up however he thought best.  He agreed that is an excellent radio to receive short wave communication. 

It makes me feel better that I can get news even if our government takes over TV and radio and if both those go down for any reason, I can still get news from Ham operators.

To experience ham radio communication, put “listen to ham operators” in internet search, click on one that comes up, and listen to operators communicating now.   You decide if you need/want this radio to be independent of government intrusion in this part of your life.


I have three cheaper solar chargers to charge A/AA/AAA/C/D batteries.  That’s all they do – charge batteries.  I have three due to the fact it takes many hours 8-10, a day, two days, based on amount of sun, to fully charge a battery using solar.  It is a slow process but batteries will get charged.  These cheaper chargers will not charge any device, they only charge batteries.  I need them to charge batteries.  Now, there are better rechargeable batteries and those are discussed later in this article.

I have books on my Kindle I haven’t read.  If a long term emergency happens with no power, I’d like to be able to read those books (even short term with no power, say 10 days).   I’d like to be able to charge my cell phone.  Maybe it wouldn’t work, but if I can’t charge it, it’s for sure not going to work.

I have spent days searching for a solar charger that would charge Kindles.  It is a morass quagmire trying to sift through the sells claims to find the truth of how powerful a charger is so it charges Kindles.  I have nearly gone bleary eyed reading and dumping chargers.

If a charger will charge a Kindle, it will charge the most powerful cell phones and IPads, Mp3 players, etc., too. 

I have found the right charger:

Goal Zero 19010 Guide 10 Plus Black/Silver Small Adventure Kit  $119.95 Free shipping (Amazon)

There is a Goal Zero Guide 10 that is not the “Plus” and it doesn’t have enough power to charge a Kindle or higher end phone or Ipad, not sure about an MP3 player.   Do not get this one unless you have a simple cell phone and also want to use it to charge batteries.

This “Plus” kit has a fold out light weight sun display.  Fold it out and attach the charger unit with the four AA rechargeable batteries in it (included), and in THREE-FOUR hours in full sun, the battery pack is charged.  I found none that charge this fast.  Remove the battery pack, and plug the USB cable from the Kindle or Ipad or any cell phone or MP3 player, into the battery pack and it charges in just a few hours.  The Ipad took two hours. It didn’t give the time for a Kindle but I expect it would be much like the Ipad.  A flashlight is also built into the unit.  You can use this unit to charge AA batteries and charge AAA batteries as the AAA holder is included.

When folded up, the whole sun charger is about the size of a novel.  The kit consists of:

Guide 10 Battery Pack, Nomad 7 Solar Panel, Ultra Charge Solar Cord, 12V cigarette adapter, AA rechargeable batteries (4 pack), AAA insert, manual and warranty.

Note there is a cigarette adapter to plug in any device you now plug in to a cigarette adapter, plus there is the USB port on the AA holder to plug in devices.

You could charge a cell phone directly by the sun, bypassing the battery pack, but I wouldn’t do that.  I don’t want my phone out in the sun charging as the sun tends to destroy/melt plastic.  Charge the AA battery pack and that can be used anywhere to charge your devices.  You couldn’t hook an Ipad or Kindle directly to the sun array as there isn’t enough power there – the power is upped through the charged batteries giving enough power to charge the Kindle/Ipad/high end phones. 

As with all equipment, read the manual before you charge a device.  You will find many reader comments on Amazon and a number of them are written by an employee of Goal Zero as he answers questions from customers.

This unit is so fast charging, one could use these solar panels to fast charge all rechargeable batteries one had, one set after another, both AA and AAA.  This charger is a “smart” charger and will not overcharge (and ruin) your batteries.


I have some rechargeable batteries I’ve had since 1999.  I was told I need to dump these and get new ones.  That lead me to find an improvement in rechargeable batteries.  The best rechargeable batteries are:

“Sanyo NEW 1500 eneloop Ni-MH Pre-Charged Rechargeable Batteries”  (free shipping if over $25.00)  (Amazon)

These batteries can be recharged 1,500 times.  That is amazing.  They have low self-discharge, will maintain 75% charge after 3 years of non-use.  That is amazing.  They come charged and ready to use.  If you don’t need to use them now, you can just store them and know you have plenty of charge in them even after 3 years of non-use.  No other battery out there is this good.

Recharge up to 1500 times
Low Self Discharge: Batteries maintain 75% charge after 3 years of non-use
Pre charged and ready to use
2000 mAH power
No memory effect

I’m giving the url because on this one page you can order any size/package/set of these batteries.  There are some places that are selling fake Sanyo batteries.  If you don’t buy the batteries here, be sure to look for “NEW 1500 eneloop” to assure it is a genuine Sanyo battery.  This is also the second generation of these batteries and the “1500” identifies they are the second generation ones.

If you will look at customer comments, you will see a huge amount of information from an engineer who took his time to explain these batteries and AC chargers and answer questions.

Note on this Amazon page, you can buy a combination set of “x” number of any size battery INCLUDING A SANYO AC PLUG IN CHARGER.  Some chargers are called “dumb chargers” – they will keep charging a battery even after it’s charged and heat will build up and ruin the battery.  The Sanyo charger offered here is called a “smart” charger and will stop charging a battery when it’s charged and heat begins to build.  You need a “smart” one in order to protect your batteries.  The engineer who comments explains the difference between dumb and smart chargers.

If you know an emergency is going to happen, such as a weather event, use the Sanyo AC charger to charge your batteries as it is faster than a solar charger.  Use the solar one where there is no power to use an AC one.

Note there is a weird set offered concerning D batteries.  I need D batteries to run my battery fans and two battery lanterns.  You will see a set with two AA batteries and two empty D cases.  Evidently, you install a AA battery in a D case, and it works like a D battery.  I am no electricity expert and I don’t get how this works.  I thought a D had more power than a AA.  I am buying this set and showing it to my electrical engineer family member when he comes here Thanksgiving.  He will explain to me how this works.  If it is acceptable to do this and get the same charge as a regular D battery, I will order more of these.  Evidently, Sanyo does not come in a regular rechargeable D.

I urge you to read about these batteries and read the engineer’s comments.  There is more information on rechargeable batteries on this page than any human can stand – your brain will go into “overload”.

Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on October 16, 2012, 11:31:58 AM
Solo, I am remembering, a couple of years ago, I had to buy a new griddle as mine warped - it was aluminum.  I got a Lodge 10 inch griddle at Walmart.  Iron is heavy and I don't do well with heavy.  I can handle that 10 inch griddle but would have trouble dealing with a larger one.  The edge is slightly upturned, so small amounts of fluid wouldn't flow off the griddle.  It's great for pancakes and grilled cheese sandwiches, cooking eggs, etc.  Anyway, Walmart did have the 10 inch.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on October 17, 2012, 08:18:28 PM

Somewhere in these articles, there is information about a WaterBob.  I’m bringing this back up due to Christmas approaching.

A WaterBob is 100 gallons of good water in a smallish box.  I have such a box stored in a bathroom.  If a weather event (or anything) is about to happen that would threaten having good water or cause a loss of water, I will open the box and put the food grade plastic container in a tub and attach it to the tub faucet.   One hundred gallons of water flows into the container.  I close the valve and it’s ready to use for drinking or cooking, anywhere I need good water.  There is an enclosed pump to hook to take water out as you need it.

If you just fill your bathtub without using a WaterBob, that is not good water for drinking or cooking.  That water has residuals of soap scum, cleaner, sloughed off dead body tissue, dirt and perhaps bacteria.  It could be used to fill a potty for flushing but that’s about it.  You need as much clean/potable water as you can get, not contaminated water.

The cheapest place to buy a WaterBob is at:  for $19.97

For that almost $20, you have 100 gallons of good water.  That is such a good bargain – 100 gallons of water in a smallish box.

About a month ago, my sister-in-law was here and saw the box in the bathroom.  She and husband don’t store water or food and think nothing is going to happen and they live on the coast where hurricanes can come.

She asked about the box, what it was, and I told her it’s 100 gallons of good water.  Her husband, the smart engineer, was listening.  The sister-in-law said she wanted one of those boxes so she could have good water if they needed it.  I said, “How about I give one of these to your husband for Christmas?”  He’s getting the box for Christmas, along with other survival items I will give them.  I have ordered and received the WaterBob.  I feel better they will at least have good water.

If you don’t have a WaterBob, please get one (do it for me so I won’t worry about you, OK? :) )  Then, think of your friends and family you give presents to, and give them a WaterBob – a gift of life.   
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Docwatmo on October 18, 2012, 06:03:15 AM
I made a makeshift waterbob out of a large plastic drop cloth (For painting) during an emergency a couple years ago.  I got the call that they were cutting off water in 2 hours and it would be off for 24 to 48 hours and there would be a boil alert for water for the next 2 to 4 days afterword.    I didn't have anything fancy.  So I took a 15 x 20 plastic dropcloth ($2 or $3 bucks at walmart I believe). and placed it in the tub (Because I wanted potable water).  And filled it.  I cut off a piece of 1 inch plastic tubing about 6 feet long and stuck that down in and then I pulled the ends up and tied them around the tube.  I was able to push down on the plastic, which pushed water out the tube, to fill a gallon bucket for flushing toiled AND still fill 2 of our 1 gallon refrigerator water containers for drinking and we used a 1 gallon mixing bowl to collect water for cooking.   Luckily they had the water back on the next morning with no boil order.  But we could have run quite a long time like that.

Good call on the water bob!!!

Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on October 18, 2012, 08:17:23 AM
Dear MacGyver Docwatmo, glad you figured out a MacGyver answer for fast filing the tub and being able to fairly easily get the water out.  Thanks for your feedback.

It's a warm, fuzzy feeling to hold that WaterBob box in my hand.  The box is quite light in weight, and I look at it and think, "Wow, 100 gallons of good water right here."

The company that makes them is in Florida (can you say hurricanes) and they sell out of these every spring through summer.  If I could get people to buy them for Christmas when they are in stock, people will be so prepared to have good water any time something happens to that water in the faucet.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on October 23, 2012, 12:17:05 PM

Because this presidential election is so important and I read so many wrong opinions people have about how elections work, and many think elections are “rigged”, I am writing an article to explain how elections work. 

After the Florida election problem in 2000, between Gore and Bush, the government passed a number of election laws to help standardize the election process from state to state.  There are no more voting machines that create hanging chads - those were outlawed.  Those machines across the country were junked, so if you read an opinion that these machines will create fraud this year, they can’t because they no longer exist.

I instructed Texas Republican county chairmen and election judges and clerks, in election law, for ten years.  During the Florida election mess, people kept telling me to go to Florida and fix it.  Their problem was military ballots.  I did speak with their state Republican chairman and the attorney representing Katherine Harris, their secretary of state.

I’ll cover voting machines in this writing and write the rest after this one.

First misconception:   Many people think voting machines are connected to the internet and someone can hank into those machines and change them.  THEY ARE NOT HOOKED TO THE INTERNET.  No computer hacker can hack into these machines.  They are dumb machines that register votes for candidates and that’s it.

Second misconception:   Someone can change the votes of the machine.  No, they can’t.  There are two or three (according to the company who made the machine) backup counts inside the machine and no one involved in the election can get inside the machines to change those redundant counts.  Only a technician from that company can access those redundant counts.

Third misconception:   They are rigged from the beginning – no they aren’t.  This is how voting machines are put in service:

Each machine is checked for accuracy before it is put in service.  A Republican, a Democrat (usually the county chairs), and the agency conducting the election (could be county clerk or elections administrator), meet together and a sample ballot in the machine is voted – then the count the machine did, is checked to ensure it counted that ballot correctly.  If it did not, that machine cannot be used until it is corrected.  Every machine is checked for accuracy.

Once the machines are checked, they are locked in a room.  Only one person has a key to that room – the county sheriff.  If he is on the ballot that year, the county judge has the key. 

Early on election day, the machines are delivered to the polling places by sheriff deputies or other law officers.  At that point, they are the responsibility of the election judge.  The judge must check the machine to prove it is set at 0, meaning no ballots have been counted.  People vote.  At the end of election day, each machine spits out a paper calculation of the vote.  That is to ensure the total right then does not change between the location of the precinct and the judge’s travel to the central counting station, and that the count doesn’t change later.  A law enforcement officer must follow the judge to the central counting station to make sure there is no contact with machine totals or any documents during that travel. 

There are just a few companies that make these machines, and one company’s machine may be slightly different than another company’s machine in operation and method, but each machine has backup totals inside that only a technician can get to.

Once the votes have been totaled for the county or parish, the machines are once again locked in a room for a certain amount of days in case a problem arises and a machine (or machines), needs to be opened for the backup totals.

As you can see, it would be very difficult to commit fraud with these machines.  It would take numerous people in a conspiracy to defeat the process.

Next is the polling place – how election judges are chosen according to political party and the polling place process in general.

After that is voting by mail ballot which is the most likely process for voter fraud and how to stop it.

Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on October 24, 2012, 10:14:37 AM

In my opinion, I believe most people in the country have no idea there are state election laws that set out how to run elections and state laws have to conform to federal election laws.  I think many people believe it all happens by chance and no one is policing the election process and it’s all crooked.  This is incorrect but they believe it because they haven’t been introduced to the election process as required by law.  Are there bad guys out there trying to corrupt the process?  Sure, but it’s difficult to do, and especially on a large scale. 

The Secretary of State of every state is responsible for making sure election laws are followed in the state.  The county clerk or elections administrator in every county/parish is responsible for making sure election laws are followed in their county/parish.  Every election judge is responsible for making sure election laws are followed in their voting precinct.  You see by this, there are laws to require order and there are people responsible down the line for following the law in the election process. 

You may go to your Secretary of State website and access your state’s election laws.  You may buy an election law book with all your state’s election laws in there.  These laws are not hidden away, anyone has access to them.

On election night, you may go to your Secretary of State’s website and watch election results come in from every county/parish in your state.  The first election numbers that are posted after the polls close, are early voting totals plus voting by mail totals.  These totals are posted together as one report, in other words, they are not posted separately.  Those totals are everyone who voted before election day.

The voting precinct process:    There are a few states that have gone to only voting by mail.  Washington State and Oregon are two.  These states would not have voting precincts as everyone voted by mail.  This overview is for states that have voting precincts. 

Each voting precinct has a judge and an alternate judge.  If the state governor who won that precinct in the last gubernatorial election was a Republican, the judge is a Republican.  If a Democrat won that election, the judge is a Democrat.  The alternate judge is from the opposition party of the judge.  That way, both parties have officials there to oversee the election.  If the judge cannot serve for some reason, the alternate judge becomes the judge.

The judge selects the election workers and it is suggested they be from different parties but they do not have to be, but the alternate judge must be from the opposing party of the judge.

When the judge checks the machines before they are used, the alternate judge is with the judge and they verify in writing the machines are set at 0. 

Early voting ended before election day.  A list of voters is provided to the judge by the county clerk or elections administrator and those who voted early or voted by mail are marked on that list.  That is to prevent someone from voting twice.  There are occasions when judges have caught voters who have tried to vote again on election day.  Those people have to leave the polling place.  This process assures voters are prevented from voting twice.

Poll Watchers:  A poll watcher has a document supporting the fact he/she is a poll watcher and that form must be given to the judge when the poll watcher arrives at the polling place.

Laws spell out what watchers may do and may not do and when they may enter and when they may leave.  A poll watcher is not allowed to question a voter or interfere in any way with a voter.  The poll watcher must converse only with the judge. 

Qualifying to Vote:  If a voter does not have his/her voting card with him/her, the voter must provide some proof of identification the voter is the person the voter claims to be.  If the voter has no ID, the voter may leave and come back with ID proof.  This is not connected with the argument of requiring picture ID.  The voter could go home and get a driver’s license, electric bill, water bill, or telephone bill or passport, something that identifies this person.  There are numerous documents that would serve this purpose and the voter is given that list so the voter may go home and get documents.  You see the sense of this:  one cannot just walk in any voting precinct anywhere in the country and have no ID and vote.

If a voter does not have a voter card, but does have ID and the voter’s name is not on that precinct list, the judge may use the address of the voter and tell the voter which precinct to go to so the voter may vote.  If the voter insists that is the voter’s precinct, the voter may vote a Provisional Ballot but the judge will tell the voter that ballot will not be counted since the voter is voting in the wrong precinct.  This is one example where the voter must vote a Provisional Ballot, but there are other reasons why a voter must vote a Provisional Ballot. 

Counties/parishes may use paper ballots for Provisional Ballots and those are put in a box with a lock.  All Provisional Ballots are sealed and the Early Voting Ballot Board, consisting of a judge and Democrats and Republicans, go over the Provisional Ballots (usually the next day) and determine by using county records and the master voting list, whether a Provisional Ballot is accepted or rejected.  Reviews have shown few ballots are accepted by that board as records prove the ballot should be rejected.  For instance, the example above was a voter whose name was not on that precinct voting list and the address of the voter placed the voter in another precinct.  The master voter list would prove where that voter should have voted and if it was not that precinct, the ballot would be rejected by the board.

Voting by mail is next.

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States have laws a county/parish must follow with mail ballots.  These laws will likely vary state to state but the system is there.  This is a description of how it works in Texas and I doubt other states are significantly different.  States that only vote by mail are not included in this as everyone in their state votes by mail but I’m sure they have laws that govern how to qualify those ballots to be sure they are legal ballots.

Voting by mail is the hardest way to vote.  The voter must sign their application for a mail in ballot.  If the voter doesn’t sign it, it will be sent back to them with another application, if the county clerk/election administrator does his/her job.  That is the first thing that could go wrong for the voter.  The voter must also check a reason listed for wanting a mail ballot.

Let’s talk about the county clerk/election administrator and mail ballots.  When an application comes in for a mail ballot, the county clerk/election administrator checks the name with the master voting list to assure that person is registered to vote.  If the voter is a registered voter, the election officer puts the name on a list of people who have requested a mail ballot.  See, there is a system to be followed with mail ballots to prevent voter fraud.  If the voter didn’t sign the application, it is sent back with another application.

Having a signed application and the voter is a registered voter, a ballot “packet” is mailed to the voter.  If you haven’t seen a mail ballot “packet”, when the voter receives the packet, there is a white envelope inside the packet to put the ballot in and seal it.  There is also a larger green envelope inside to put that ballot envelope in and mail back.  On one side of that green envelope, there are instructions and a line where the voter signs after sealing that envelope.  The voter MUST sign.  If the voter doesn’t sign, that ballot will be thrown out as it could be a fraudulent ballot.  Note:  the colors I described are colors Texas uses.  I suppose other states could have different colors.

On the green envelope that is mailed back with the white ballot envelope inside, there are also lines for an “assistant” to sign, also PRINT their name and print their address.  An assistant is someone who helps the voter vote.  Normally, this is because the voter is elderly and needs help to get this paper work done.  An assistant may help only one voter unless the assistant is related to more than one voter who needs help.  This is usually a son or daughter helping elderly parents vote.  If the assistant doesn’t fill out every line they are required to do (maybe they leave off their address or don’t sign and also print their name), the ballot is rejected.  This is another check to prevent fraud in mail ballots.

Now, it’s the day or days, to qualify these mail ballots.  The Signature Verification Committee, consisting of a judge and Democrats and Republicans, are delivered the mail ballots sealed in boxes.  The judge removes the locks and has a way to check that the main lock is the same one first put on the box so the box was not opened after it was first sealed before any ballots were put in the box.  Normally, that is a wire lock/seal.  A wire lock/seal can only be used once as it has to be broken to get it off and it can’t be put back together.  That wire lock number must be the same wire lock number first put on the box.  If it isn’t, that means someone opened that box and put on a new wire lock and that is a violation of law.  That is another step to prevent voter fraud in mail ballots as ballots cannot be removed once they are in the box.

The ballots in their green mailing envelope (plus the administrator put the application with the mailing envelope) are taken out of the box.  Now the committee compares the signature on the application with the signature on the mailing envelope.  If they don’t match, the ballot is thrown out.  If a signature is missing, the ballot is thrown out.

Now, the green envelopes go to the Early Voting Ballot Board that has a judge and Republicans and Democrats on it.  Their job is to examine the green mailing envelopes to make sure all the required information is on that envelope, that they indicated a reason why they wanted a mail ballot on the application, and that the voter is a registered voter on the master voter list, and that voter fraud didn’t happen as a result of the green envelope information being incorrect..

If the judge has training in the law covering this, suspect ballots may be thrown out.  I was the judge of the Early Voting Ballot Board and our board also verified the signatures as that is an option instead of having two committees. 

Fraud in nursing homes:   As an example, let’s say the person running the nursing home is a rabid Democrat or Republican, and he/she has a building full of patients who have some form of slightly diminished mental capacity or they can think fairly well but they are used to following the orders of the administrator.  The administrator or someone the administrator tells to do this, goes to each patient and “helps” them fill out the ballot but they actually told/showed the patients what circles to fill in.  The administrator or person he/she is using to do this, signs the green envelope as the assistant.  All those ballot envelopes have that one name on them as the assistant.  What is the law?  An assistant may help only one person unless the assistant is related to the others the assistant helps.  Well, it is most doubtful the assistant is related to say, 100 patients in the nursing home – that doesn’t happen.

Also, remember the law that says an assistant has to sign and print his/her name AND print the address of the assistant.  People who do this illegal act, “helping” numerous people, don’t know the law, and they seem to always fail there, leaving off required information.  They just want to get the job over with as soon as possible and don’t know jack about election law and that’s why they get caught.

The Early Voting Ballot Board tosses out all the ballots that are signed by the assistant because there is more than one or two if related, and tosses ballots where the assistant didn’t sign/print his/her name and print his/her address.  There go the fraudulent ballots as the board can’t prove the voter him/herself actually filled out that ballot since the “assistant” broke the law.  Those ballots violate the law and must be rejected.

I was that judge of the Early Voting Ballot Board for ten years, and Democrats hated my guts because I messed up their hold on nursing homes, threw out those ballots that violated the law, and reversed actions they had been doing illegally when they had the Early Voting Ballot Board to themselves.

Within a certain number of days, the judge must send a letter to everyone whose mail ballot was rejected and list the reason the ballot was rejected.  That was not a fun thing to do, but I had to do it.  We used to laugh that maybe I should leave town before the voters got that letter and not come back for a while so I wouldn’t get phone calls from angry voters whose mail ballot had been rejected.

Well, I didn’t leave town.  I used every call I got to help the voter know what to do the next time so his/her ballot wouldn’t be rejected. 

True Story:     With this story, I don’t mean to say that Republicans are always right and Democrats are always wrong.  My experience happened and I was a Republican.  It could also happen the other way around.

However your political leanings are, do vote.

The Democrats wanted me out of the Early Voting Ballot Board judge job so badly, the Democrat District Attorney sent me a letter saying I couldn’t be that judge since I was married to the county chair and I should resign to save the county money from going to court about this.  Someone gave a copy of that letter to the newspaper editor the same day I got the letter, and she called that night saying it was going to be in the paper the next day and did I have anything to say?  She was also a rabid Democrat.  I said it would be hard to resign since I hadn’t been appointed.  There was silence over the phone.  She said, “You’re not the judge?”  I said, “No.”

The next day the headline read, “(My name) Asked to Resign Before Appointed.”  I’m sure the District Attorney was red in the face.

I was appointed by the county chair (my husband) and the Asst. District Attorney said he would have me arrested if I showed up at the Early Voting Ballot Board.  So, I made an appointment with the District Attorney and showed him in the law where I could be that judge as the chairman, my husband, was not on the ballot in a general election.  He was elected at the primary, not the general election and this was a general election.  He said he still didn’t believe I could be the judge.  I said fine, but I will be that judge and if anyone shows up to try to arrest me, I will have him arrested as the judge can have anyone arrested that interferes with the judge doing her duty.  He backtracked and said he wasn’t talking about having anyone arrested.  I said well, you better reign in your assistant district attorney because if he shows up to interfere, I guarantee you he will be arrested.  The constable was a friend and I had him stand outside the door when I convened the Early Voting Ballot Board.  No one showed up to hassle me.

I will tell you this – if you are going to play a game, you better know the rules.  I was playing the political game and I learned the laws to play by and I won every contest when they tried to stop me using the law, and those were several.  The District Attorney also did not know the election laws.

Well, he didn’t stop.  He wrote the Texas Attorney General to try to remove me (that Attorney General was John Cornyn, now our US Senator).  He was basing his argument on the word “or” (as opposed to Clinton’s “is”) in a certain sentence in the law.  I knew he was wrong on his premise, not just the interpretation of that word (which he had wrong). 

Now, we were with the State Attorney General with this thing.  This was not my desire, but I had to keep going.  I wrote a “brief”.  How could I write a legal brief if I wasn’t a lawyer?  One does not have to be a lawyer to know law and I knew that law and I wrote that brief.  I sent it to the State Elections Administrator and she called me and said she was going to use some of mine in hers, as she had to write a brief (she was a lawyer) to give to the Attorney General.  She told me not to worry, that I was legally that judge.  Told her I knew that.

That opinion took six months to come down from the Attorney General’s office.  During that six months, the main Democrat in the county and the Asst. District Attorney at times, were writing letters to the editor about how I shouldn’t be that judge.  I was sick of that and wrote a letter to the editor saying they threatened to put me in jail if I was that judge, and I was just a grandmother trying to help my county.  That did it – the county turned against both of them – that is a small county and many older people live there/retire there, and they didn’t like some big ole men being unkind to a little old grandmother helping her county, much less threatening to put her in jail.  I didn’t like walking by newsstands with the local newspaper headlines staring at me.  Every time they could think of a headline about me being that judge, it was there.  The county judge, also a Democrat, wanted me to give up as it was causing him trouble with his Democrat friends wanting him to get me out.  He said if I just quit, his trouble would go away.

When the opinion came down after the six months, it was naturally in my favor as I knew it had to be.  I called the newspaper editor and said my name had been in headlines for months and I didn’t ask for that, but now I wanted a headline.  She said I would get it.  The next day the headline was, “(My name) Right, (name of District Attorney) Wrong”.  The Democrat District Attorney was defeated by a Republican in the next election.  He blamed me for losing that election, but I stayed out of that, said nothing about him during that campaign.  He lost that all on his own but I’m sure the county remembered what he did just months ago to a little ole grandmother helping her county.

That State Attorney General opinion with my name on it will forever be, I suppose, on the internet on the Attorney General’s website.

You know, I don’t like confrontation, I hated that whole thing, but there are times when you have to stand up and hold your ground, defend your position, or be taken down by evil.

When it is important, don’t give up.

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Did you see this?  People are voting for Romney but then the vote is logged as Obama!  UGH!
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I have read about a few cases.  A few also happened in Texas I believe.  Every machine gives you a summary of your ballot before you hit the "vote" button.  The ones I read about didn't hit the "vote" button but notified the judge and the ballots were corrected, then the vote button hit or that ballot was cancelled since it wasn't voted and the voter used another machine.  Always look at the summary of your ballot before you hit "vote".  The judge will take a questionable machine out of service and have it recalibrated and tested before putting it back in service. 

A polling place has Republican and Democrat workers so the process is worked by both parties to make sure everything works correctly, and if it isn't, to fix it quickly.

I've also read about people being upset because they saw a bus taking voters to the polls, but that is entirely legal.  Both parties want their people to be able to get to the polls.  That's called "get out the vote" and that means make sure people can get there.  Each party in a county has a list of people who voted for their party in the primary and they contact these people to make sure they can get to the polls.

I will be glad when this is over.  I'm sure you can guess how I want it to come out, but we may not know who won the presidential election that night.  Hopefully, we will know who won other offices down the ballot.
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I will be glad when this is over.  I'm sure you can guess how I want it to come out, but we may not know who won the presidential election that night.  Hopefully, we will know who won other offices down the ballot.

I know, me too!  I am very nervous.  When this is over I will either be filled with hope or pretty depressed.  My husband works in the defense industry and the upcoming defense cuts will be devastating.  There have already been major layoffs every year for the last 4 years. 

I will be one of those people up all night getting the results but you are right it may take a few days to find out who our next president is. 
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I've seen elections come and go during my long life, but never has there been one like this.  Most people in this nation won't sleep next Tuesday night.  If we do know who won that night, be aware of your surroundings Wednesday if you leave your house.  Listen to your local TV station before you leave your house.  There are posts on Facebook and other net places where "bad guys" are talking of riots if Romney wins.  We will all be with you Tuesday night - waiting, waiting, waiting.
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Don’t freak out if you see TV reports of voting trouble in Texas.  Reporters try to make a voting problem as huge as possible to hype the story and they don't know what is being done to resolve the problem.

There is a Texas State Republican Ballot Security Team keeping watch on every county in Texas today and a voting problem is reported to this team by Republican workers.  I am on this team.  We respond immediately to the reporting person to detail what to do.

I am sitting at my computer all day until after the polls close today to respond to voting problems just as others of the team are doing.

Don’t stress about Texas today.  If you are a Democrat, we want a fair election and both parties should want that.
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Thank you for serving.  It's not Texas I'm worried about, unfortunately there are a multitude of problems nationwide with poll shenanigans. We know nothing will be done about them. Keep the faith....
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The election has just been called for Obama - another four years for Obama.

I hope more people become preppers as I think the country's economy will collapse in the not distant future.

Right this minute at 10:30 p.m. central time, the Romney camp is not conceding the election to Obama.  They want more vote results to come in before Romney concedes.
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Sad day :(
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How do you feel due to the outcome of the election?  Are you swell because your guy won?  Are you depressed because your guy lost?  What are you going to do about it?

You have my permission to be depressed for a couple of days if you own a business or your employment will be affected in some way due to the candidate who won.

The healthcare law will go into effect big time in 2014.  Businesses with a certain number of employees or more, must provide healthcare or pay a penalty per employee.  The number of employees must be reported in March of next year.  That is 2013, not 2014, but the law says that is the date the number of employees must be reported.  Have you noticed how suddenly since the election, businesses are closing or laying off workers or dropping working hours for workers?  The list is long and more is happening every day.  I was surprised when this suddenly started happening, but I knew it had to happen.  Businesses knew the Republican candidate was going to repeal the healthcare law so they waited until the election was over to see who won, however, they had their plans already made to either close or lay off workers if the Democrat won.  That happened, so they immediately put their plan in action to close or reduce the number of employees they have to report in March, 2013.

I hope you aren’t a casualty of your company closing or being laid off right now and I hope it doesn’t happen to you before March as this is going to keep happening until that report date.

You have probably heard that Smith and Wesson and Ruger gun companies have seen their stock go up – that started the day after the election.  Gun selling companies are getting guns in and selling out fast.  Ammunition is flying off the shelves.  Why is this?  People fear the future – they don’t know what is going to happen to this country and they are stocking guns, ammunition, water, food, the whole of what they need to survive.

Maybe you think the whole population of the country is prepared to get through an emergency.  I wish that were true, but it isn’t.  I saw a figure of only 1% of the population are preppers.  In a country wide emergency, like an economic collapse, banks not open, etc., the vast majority of the country will be like those in the northeast Sandy hurricane large area.

Never depend on the government to save you.  If those northeast people didn’t have preps to exist on their own, they had to go to a shelter and I read about one of those:

The people were in a high school shelter and they were told they had 30 minutes to get their stuff together and get on a bus where they would be taken to a hotel and they would have privacy and heat, a warm shower, and food and water.  They boarded the bus and were taken to a tent city, not a hotel.  That was so bad, some began to take pictures and send them by their phone.  The ones running the shelter didn’t want that to happen, so they took away the connections to repower their phones.  There were guards inside and outside.  You had to show your ID to a guard to go outside in the cold to the potties and show it again to get back inside.  It was cold inside and I saw a picture of them wrapped in blankets trying to stay warm.  There were the children also wrapped in blankets.

I was furious they were told where they were going (a hotel) in order to get them on the bus, then dumped them to live in cold tents and be treated like prisoners.  In fact, one person got a message out that said she felt like she was in prison.

Those people would not have gone through that if they had been preppers.  The prepper “rules” I have about this are:

1.  Don’t live close to a large body of water.  Water wants to go everywhere and if something happens to allow that water to go somewhere else, it’s going and you can’t stop it if there is enough force behind it to make it move to you.

2.  If you are close enough for a large body of water to come to you, GET OUT as soon as you know it may come where you are.  Put your precious pictures and insurance papers, any other important papers, and whatever else you think is vital to you, and prepper supplies, in your vehicle, AND LEAVE.  Keep cash in your house so if you have to leave, you have cash.  Doing this saves your life, your important items, and your vehicle.  Go where it is safe and stay there until you can go back to your house.  Don’t stay in your house because you think looters may come – a dead you can’t fend off looters.  Hopefully, you have insurance to replace whatever is stolen if it is stolen.  Your house could also be totally destroyed and you don’t want to be in it if that happens.  Some people died who stayed in their houses.

During the Ike Hurricane, some people living on a peninsula in the Galveston area, stayed in their houses and their houses were totally destroyed and their bodies were washed out to sea.   No house/furniture is worth your death.  Get your priorities straight – your life comes first.

Back to the election:  It is over and you can’t change it.  All you have control over is you.  Continue to prep so your world works even if the country collapses.  You see, it wasn’t up to me to have the election turn out the way I wanted.  However, I knew I would be okay no matter who won.  I am okay and will stay that way.  You are okay too, if you have preps and keep it up.  Repeat after me, “I am okay.”

I may have some new prepper items.  I’ll check that and report.

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Rechargeable batteries – I’ve done research on these AA rechargeable batteries that go inside an empty D battery shell.  Battery companies you are used to, like Energizer and Duracell, are ripping us off.  They have dropped the power of a D rechargeable down to AA power inside but are still charging us the same price of a high power D.

I’ll explain this and post an article either today or tomorrow.

There is a new bread mix in a box that requires no kneading.  That’s for me.  I’ll tell you about this, too.
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Looking forward to this knowledge.  Seems everyone is cutting corners these days.  What ever happend to pride in doing a job right.
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Bennington, I was stunned to find out the power inside a D rechargeable, is now only the power of a AA.  I'm working on the article now.
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I did research on using a AA rechargeable battery in a D shell/spacer.  Remember, put a AA inside an empty D shell/spacer, using it as a D battery.  I didn’t understand that concept since a D battery had more power than a AA.  Well, I found out new D rechargeables from the makers you see in stores like Duracell, Energizer, Rayovac, have changed the power of the Ds and they are only as powerful as a AA inside now.  From my reading, the batteries before these were more in the range of 5000 mAh.  AA rechargeables are in the range of 2000-2500 mAh. You can still find the more powerful Ds but they are from more hi-tech companies and now they are expensive.

I used the cost from Amazon for these batteries so cost elsewhere should be comparable.

Energizer rechargeable D is $4.66. 
It is 2500 mAh inside, same as a AA rechargeable.  Can be recharged only 100 times.  You will find the other brands you see in Walmart, other stores, are the same thing – AA power inside.

Rayovac has another rechargeable D they call, “Rayovac Platinum Low Self Discharge NiMH D Size”.  It is 3000 mAh, and can be recharged 300 times.  That is barely above a AA in power.  I don’t know if stores like Walmart would carry this one.  The cost is $5.16 each.

If you want a high mAh rechargeable D, you have to go to other companies.  I chose one on Amazon to illustrate and I’ll likely buy these (I’ll explain my choice below):

Tenergy rechargeable D is $8.49 each. 
“In addition to longevity, they sport substantially increased capacity over other D rechargeables (8000mAh). Very slow self-discharge maintains 85% residual capacity after 1 year of storage and 70% residual capacity after 2 years of storage.”  This battery can be recharged 1,000 times.  Has no memory effect.

The Tenergy ones cannot compare to the Sanyo rechargeables as the Sanyos hold a charge of 75% for three years and can be recharged 1,500 times.  Sanyo, however, does not make a D rechargeable so that doesn’t serve the purpose for a high performance D.

Why do I want a high performance D rather than a AA inside a D shell/spacer?
If I was using these for a child’s toy or other rather non-important devices, I would use the AA inside a D shell/spacer and keep changing/recharging the batteries.   However, we are talking about an emergency and it could be a long time lasting emergency.  I don’t want my battery lanterns going out fast and don’t want my battery fans going out fast.  I want enough power in those to assure me I can get through a night with a fan going or that I’m not going to lose light in the house quickly with a newly recharged battery and have to keep charging those batteries that last a short amount of time.

I reject the idea of a AA battery amount of power in an important emergency device that uses a high amount of power to work a decent amount of time.

Tenergy also makes a 10,000 mAh rechargeable D.  However, I found in my reading that a solar charger will not charge to full strength a battery with 10,000 or more mAh.  It makes no sense to pay a lot more for that much power if I can’t charge it up to that power, and I would be using a solar charger.

FLEISCHMANN’S NO KNEAD BREAD – Shelf life one year.

Finally, a regular kind of risen bread that doesn’t require kneading.  These can be found in most grocery stores.  In the Walmart close to me, each is $2.28.
There is Country White, Multi-Grain, Italian Herb, and Stoneground Wheat.  In less than an hour, you have bread.  The only thing you add is a cup of warm water.  A yeast package is included.  The directions are simple:  Mix, let rise, shape it on a greased baking sheet, bake at 400 degree oven for 25-30 minutes and it’s done.  You can also make dinner rolls and cinnamon rolls with this dough.  Read the directions on the box.  You can print a coupon for it (but it didn’t print for me) at:
I will have an oven in an emergency, so I can make this bread.  You could also bake it in a Dutch Oven if you have no regular type oven.  I’m wondering if one doesn’t have an oven, what can be done on a stove top with this risen dough?  Could we fry it?  It’s something to think about.

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Note:  After over an hour, my printer suddenly printed out the bread coupon.  Very strange.  It is 75 cents off a box.
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My electrical engineer relative came to my house for Thanksgiving.  Sooo, I have ANOTHER article to write about rechargeable batteries.   When I asked him about what he thought of these D rechargeable batteries with the inside being only a AA, he said, “They are useless.”  That is what you will get at your local store when you buy D Rayovac, Duracell, Energizer – useless rechargeable D batteries.

I am also researching siphon and battery pumps.  Why do we need these?  To get water out of 55 gallon water barrels if you have those, and I do, plus we will likely have to transfer gasoline from one container to another, or from a car into a container, or gasoline from a container into a car.  Never use a plain tube to siphon gasoline with your mouth – if you get gasoline in your lung, you could die.  I cringe every time I see a macho man on TV using his mouth to start gasoline flowing into a tube – invariably he spits gasoline out of his mouth.  In an emergency situation, there may be no working doctor or hospital – do not pull gasoline into your mouth.  Do you hear me?  Don’t do it!

Plus, I am researching gasoline cans.  I think I’ve found the right one to buy right now as long as they are available to buy.  The company that makes 75% of all gas cans in this country, just went out of business last week – they are in Oklahoma.  As you know, companies are going out of business right and left since the election or laying off many thousands of workers.   I think we don’t give much thought about what these companies produce, but some of these companies are going to directly affect us and this company is one of them.  The people affected by Hurricane Sandy bought every gasoline can in that area and those cans would bring a high price if one had some to sell.  That’s bad enough, but now the company has gone out of business. 

I should have this article done by late Sunday or Monday some time.
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I know, I’m tired of dealing with these D rechargeable batteries, too.  It’s not my fault it’s such a mess – battery companies are evidently cutting costs and they cut back the power in Ds to AA power.  I just wish they said that somewhere on the D packages.  When I read customer comments, I found customers didn’t realize that until they had bought them and now they were stuck with these low charged D batteries. 

I’m not putting these low charge Ds (2,000 to 2,500 mAh) in my battery fans or my lanterns.  I’ll buy the Tenergy 8,000 mAh.  Those are about $8.49 a piece on Amazon, but I’ll check other places on the web for a better price.  If you do that, too, be sure to check the mAh of any battery before you buy it.


The solar panel to charge AA and AAA, Goal Zero 19010 Guide 10 Plus Black/Silver Small Adventure Kit I talked about in the article about solar chargers, is excellent to charge the AA battery pack and disconnect it to charge your small electronic gadgets like your cell phone and Ipad and Kindle, but it will not charge D rechargeable batteries. 

I have two small box type solar chargers that will charge various sizes of batteries including Ds but it takes from one to two days to charge a D and that is with optimum sun.  I need to charge Ds faster than that.  Electrical Engineer agreed that won’t get the job done in an emergency when depending on Ds for light and fans.  We have to go to a larger capacity solar panel to charge in several hours, like four or five hours.

Dealing with the electrical engineer, my relative, about solar arrays went on for a few hours.   I believe most electrical engineers are like he is – they want to build a charger from scratch (they want to build ANYTHING from scratch).  It went something like this:  “Buy this array on the net, then attach this cord you need to buy, then splice that cord and attach an extension cord, then do….. then, buy a …. and attach that, then A marine deep cycle battery….., then….., then……”  At that point, I yelled, “I’M NOT DOING THAT – I JUST WANT TO PLUG THE BATTERIES INTO A DEVICE ALREADY ATTACHED TO THE PANEL AND CHARGE THE DAMN BATTERIES!”  He laughed and said, “I see where you’re coming from.”

Then, we started over but he would still try to start from scratch at times and I’d bring him back to MY reality – simple, think simple.  My relative is a true genius and there aren’t many of those, and he enjoys battling with my brain so we go at anything brainy for some time.   We covered wattage, how it worked, and how much we had to have – it was sort of going back to how a light bulb works but we didn’t go through the life of Edison and how he developed the first long lasting light bulb (thank goodness).. 

All this boiled down to,  “20 Watt Solar Battery Charger for AAA, AA, C, D & 9V Batteries” (Amazon).  $159.95 with $8.74 shipping.  I found it cheaper at $149.95 with free shipping at .
(It is Sundance that has it on Amazon but it’s cheaper on their website with no shipping charge.)

Twenty watts means this is a strong solar panel.   I couldn’t find the dimensions on any website that had this panel/charger.  Here is the description: 

High quality crystaline 20 Watt solar panel.
Includes smart battery charger for AAA, AA, C, D, and 9V batteries.
Plug charger into solar panel and put in full sun!
Charge 4 AA's in about 3 hours of sun.

“Great battery charger for solar charging all your AAA, AA, C, D or 9V rechargeable batteries. Will charge 2 or 4 batteries at a time, NiMH or NiCD batteries only. Charges AA, C & D batteries at 850mA max. charge rate, AAA's at 400mA and 9V at 15mA. This means you can charge typical AA's in about 3 hours. Smart charger circuitry prevents batteries from over-charging. 20 Watt solar panel comes with female lighter socket and 10 foot cable. Use solar panel to charge your smartphones, iPod, iPhone and more. Charger comes with male plug to connect to solar panel or car lighter and also comes with 120V AC charger.”

Note there is a 10 foot cable.  That will allow the charger to be more than 10 feet away (that 10 feet plus the length of the cord attached to the charger) from the panel so maybe you can get the charger in the shade with that much cord.   In my case, it if still isn’t long enough to get the charger in the shade, there is a small table outside I can sit over the charger to put it in the shade created by the table.  Don’t want the charger to melt by being directly in the sun.   

That’s it, I’m not dealing with D rechargeables again.  I’ll get this more powerful 20 watt panel with charger and that will keep my lights on and keep my fans charged with high power D rechargeables.


Blitz U.S.A. made 75% of the gas cans in the US.  They have been in business in Oklahoma for 50 years.   They have closed their business.   All gas cans were sold out in the northeast after Hurricane Sandy went through.  You probably saw film of people lined up at gas stations with their gas cans, hoping to get gas before that station ran out.   Since only 25% production of gas cans will be available in a short time, perhaps you should consider whether you need to buy gas cans.

When I was researching gas cans, I read a number of customer comments about how difficult it is now days to transfer gas from one of these cans.  I read that happened due to the EPA afraid you would pour gas like a dummy machine and get it all over you and anything around you, so they made it very hard to get the gas out.  I remember metal gas cans my father had – it had a cap, period, screw it off and there was the gas in the can.  He never set anything on fire – not himself, not the machine, not the car, not the house, nothing.  It’s amazing how much dumber we have gotten not to be able to be the master of a gas can – well, gee, the government must be right, we must be protected from ourselves.

Gas cans, then, are still available on Amazon at this time.  I do not have a gas can - hadn’t thought about one.  A galvanized metal 5 gallon one is in the range of $35-38.00.   The plastic ones are not much cheaper than that – they are in the mid-twenties.  Since that company went out of business, I think a study metal one would be the best buy – and buy a strong funnel to have available when you pour out gasoline (or buy a siphon pump listed below).   I do think we will have a shortage of gas cans – 75% of them aren’t going to be made anymore in this country.  Perhaps if you wait awhile, China will deliver some to us – or not.


Gasoline:   At some point in an emergency, you will likely have to siphon gas from somewhere to somewhere else.  In my reading, I found gasoline cannot be siphoned from modern cars.  A safety something or other has been put in the gas line to the tank in your car so gasoline cannot be siphoned out.   You could siphon from older cars but not modern ones.  I read a customer comment that the siphon pump didn’t work because he couldn’t get the gas out of his car tank.  Actually, it was the car’s fault, not the pump’s fault.

To siphon from a tank of some kind or a gasoline can into your car, the tank/can must be higher than your gas tank for the siphon to work.  All siphon pumps are like this.  The receiving vessel must be lower than the giving vessel. 
There are several siphon pumps with a hand pump attached, on Amazon.  These range between $25-$30.  Use these with a hand pump for gasoline.  Be sure the pump is approved for gasoline.  On Amazon, the description tells you if it can be used with gasoline.  Some cannot, so check before you buy.  Buy this to prevent your using just a tube and sucking gasoline into your mouth.  Again, don’t do that!

There are siphon pumps that use a battery – I wouldn’t use these for gasoline.  A battery is an electrical device and I wouldn’t get that close to gasoline.  One spark somehow might be generated and the gasoline explodes with brilliant flame.  Some of those battery ones may say it’s safe for gasoline, but it isn’t their face that will be burned off, it will be yours.  You decide if you trust the battery type.

Water:   To transfer water, you have to have a pumping device that has a long enough tube to reach the bottom of the water barrel.   I didn’t see any using a battery that were long enough for a water barrel.  There are three or four on Amazon that use a hand pump and they are $20 or less.  Put “water barrel pump” in search on Amazon and you will see them.  They are all for barrels with bung holes.

If you have a water barrel with a removable top and no bung hole, like mine, there is one siphon hose with a brass gadget on one end and you put the brass gadget down in the water and move it up and down fairly rapidly holding the hose to do that, and water enters the hose and can’t go back down due to the brass gadget thingy - keep moving it up and down for a number of seconds and you will see the water fill the tube and start draining the barrel.  Once it starts draining, you don’t have to do anything else, it will keep draining.  To stop it just lift out the tube.  That water barrel siphon hose is $8.95 and is at

I don’t know what is next.  I have to rest up from the face off with my beloved electrical engineer.  I fed him well while he was here and we had a lovely time – he is the husband of my sister-in-law and she was laughing throughout the time we were dealing with the solar panel problem/D batteries.
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Post by: Victoria on November 30, 2012, 10:08:54 AM

Do you remember, or did you know, “survivalists” are on a list Homeland Security suggests could be possible domestic terrorists?   But, on their website, they want people to store three days of food and water.  If you store more than that, at what point are you suspect as maybe being a domestic terrorist?   Is it three days is good, but four puts you in the possible terrorist group?  You and I store way more than three days and that’s good for Homeland Security because if an emergency happened, FEMA, that is a part of Homeland Security, wouldn’t have to help us – their MREs, bottled water, etc., could go to others as we wouldn’t need their help.

I think all who read here want to be prepared for whatever happens, nature or manmade events, so we can protect ourselves from hunger, thirst, illness, and attack from bad guys if a disaster happens.

There is one group that has more protection, the best underground bunker in the country, more food, more water, and more medical help than any other in the country.  There is even a surgical suite with a surgeon available.   This group is so well prepared, I wonder if they are on the suspect list Homeland Security has. 

We would all like to have that wonderful bunker guaranteed to keep us safe and well fed and healthy.  Who would have that much money to build that?  You and I did.  We paid for it.

There is a tunnel under the White House that leads across the street and down the street some and ends in a large bunker.  There are bedrooms, food for a very long time, water is the same, and a surgeon would be there to operate in the surgical suite if necessary.  The President’s  family would be protected, as would all on the “who would be in line to be president if the President couldn’t act anymore.” 

The Vice President and family would be there and the Speaker of the House and family would be there.  I don’t know if others down the line in succession would be there.   I don’t know how many members of congress would be there.  Don’t know if the Supreme Court would be there.  There may be a separate bunker for congress, I don’t know.

The government thinks these people should be saved.  Where are the bunkers to save the citizens?  Well, citizens, meaning you and me, aren’t that important.   Say what?  I’m as important as the President in my world and so are you in your world.

Yes, we paid for that bunker and everything in it.  And, we took our personal money and made preps for ourselves.  We did just as the government has done, provided a safe place for us with water and food and other lifesaving preps.

So, continue to prepare, and if someone says you are nuts for doing that, tell them the government is the biggest prepper in the country so it must be okay for its citizens to prepare.


This is fact:  England raised taxes on the rich to gather more money to run the country.  When they did that, the rich left England rapidly and did not come back.  Tax collection tanked because the rich were gone.  They are now trying to get the rich back.

If the Democrats get taxes raised on the rich before this year is over, I think the rich will bail out to another country before that tax rate starts.  It is so easy and fast for them to leave.  They have mega money and just get in their own airplane, or rent a plane, and leave.   Then, the tax rate doesn’t apply to them as they have a different country address and they took their money with them. 

Have the rich already made their plans to leave and they are just waiting to see if their taxes are severely raised, and if they are, they split right then.

If you had mega amounts of money and your government was about to take a bunch of it, would you take your money and split?  You would still live a luxurious life no matter where you lived.   Your children would inherit all your money instead of much of it going to this country. 

If this tax goes through, the inheritance tax on very wealthy people is raised to 45%.  That is taking almost half of your money when you die.   It’s your money and you decide where it goes, not some law the President got through congress, so you leave in order to keep your money for your children.

Also, if the rich leave, and they already pay most of the taxes, tax collection will tank just as it did in England.  That brings about the economic collapse of this country fairly fast.  I would be concerned about next year and certainly 2014. 

Watch the rich in the news.  If they leave, the country is toast and you want to be ready for an economic collapse.
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Post by: LvsChant on December 06, 2012, 12:26:53 PM
Victoria... you continue to be a source not only of information, but inspiration... +1

Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
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Thanks for the +1, LvsChant.  You have been with me since I started these articles.  I appreciate your support, it means a lot to me.
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I have good friends that live in the Texas hill country. The husband recently had a heart cath and a stent put in, so he's not a healthy individual.

A few days ago, he took cans or something to the recycle place in their county.  He uses a camera in his work and it was in the low storage place on the driver's side door. When he got out, his shoe caught in the strap of the camera and he fell flat on his face. He was in a big fancy truck so he fell some distance to the concrete.  His chin had a messy cut and his glasses cut places on his face.

Someone called 911 and they x-rayed his ribs and they were bruised but not broken. His chin required stitches. He was just getting over a cold so he wasn't feeling great to start with. His day stopped right there when he fell.  He will have a painful chest until the bruising around the ribs is gone.

Accidents happen so suddenly and nothing is the same in your world immediately after the accident. I think we don't give enough thought to what can happen "accidentally" and what we would do about it if there was no help available.

If no help was available, what would you have done if a member of your family was the one who had this accident and you were the only one to take care of him/her? How will you close the wound on the chin? Since you don't know if there is a broken rib, how do you handle that problem? Remember a broken rib can puncture a chest cavity/organs if the person moves around to cause that to happen if it hasn't already happened due to the fall.

Your family member is going to be in pain until the bruised area around the ribs repairs itself. What would you give your family member to help dull that pain?

And, check what is in the storage place of ALL the doors in your car/truck. Is there anything that could catch a foot and throw a family member to the ground?

How safe is your car?  If you are trapped inside the car due to whatever reason, maybe a car crash, and the windows won’t open, do you have a tool that is made to pop/break the window so you can get out?  If you are trapped by your seat belt and can’t get it open, do you have a device to cut the straps?  I have such a tool in the storage place on both front doors.  The tool will cut straps and pop/break a window.  I got those several years ago and don’t remember the name/brand (I gave them to my husband one Christmas – don’t let a good survival gift idea go to waste).  I will look them up – there should be some on Amazon. 

Do you have some water, food, blanket(s) of some kind, in your car in case you are trapped by snow/ice or something else is wrong and the car won’t move (maybe you slid into a ditch) and you are out in the boonies where other cars/drivers aren’t around very often? 

What can happen to kill you if you keep the car running to stay warm? 

Do you have a charger for your cell phone in your car?  You can’t make a call for help if the phone battery is dead. Do you even carry your cell phone or is it back at the house?

Think about how you would handle these various problems, and I’ll be back with some suggestions and where you can get that vital tool to get yourself out of a car.

Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on December 09, 2012, 12:31:23 PM

I found the type escape tool I have.  It’s “Life Hammer Escape Hammer (Orange), 2 Pack $28.95 & this item ships for FREE with Super Saver Shipping from Amazon.”   Another choice is $14.95 for one Life Hammer.  Made in the Netherlands.

I believe it’s a better hammer than the “Seatbelt Cutter Window Breaker Escape Tool” for  $15.94 for  two, or $9.95 for one.   Made in China.   (I’d rather give my money to The Netherlands than China especially since I think the one from the Netherlands is better.)

The Life Hammer will be easy to find as it is orange and stands out.  There is a holder for it so you can mount the holder but that requires drilling a hole and I’m not drilling my car.  I have one in the storage holder on each front door.  You could put just one in the console between the front seats then both the driver and passenger can access the tool and that sounds like the a good place to store it. 

Some are putting them in the glove box but that is too far away from the driver – I would have a problem reaching that far, then have to open the glove box. 

Some are putting it under the seat but no way am I doing that because it could move about plus my arms are barely long enough to reach the beginning of the underneath of the seat. 

One other way is to get heavy duty Velcro that has stickum on the backs of both tapes and stick one part where you want it, then stick the other part on the hammer and attach to the strip you stuck on the car.  One fellow has his that way and it was stuck on the left side below the steering wheel and that’s a good place to store it, just reach forward and rip it off the Velcro.  That sounds ideal – one movement and it’s in your hand.

It seemed most customers bought these after they heard of someone dying because they couldn’t get out of the car.  The driver either drowned or burned up because they couldn’t get out.

This tool, like all the rest, WILL NOT BREAK A WINDSHIELD.  That glass is different than glass in the doors.  One strike from the tool on a side window and the glass breaks but that will not happen to the windshield. 

You can’t call for help in your car if you don’t have your charged cell phone in the car.  I don’t use my cell phone except when my sister-in-law calls my cell because I don’t give that number out.  I only use it if I have to call outside my area code.   It stays plugged in and I wouldn’t remember to take it with me when I left the house.   So, I stuck a post-it note on the back of my front door that says, “CELL PHONE” so I’ll see it before I go out the door.  That way I get it.  If you have this problem, too, stick a note on the door.  I do have its car charger in the car (a lot of good that would do me if I didn’t have the phone with me).  It will be charged when I leave the house since it stays plugged in.

You need a first aid kit in your car.  I went to Walmart some months ago with the express purpose to buy travel sizes of various products like shampoo, soap, hair spray, etc., thinking of those as barter items.  Among the travel size items was a Johnson & Johnson first aid kit in a small plastic box (it’s 3 ½ inches square and 1 inch deep).  They were so cheap, I bought several, thinking of those for my purpose and for barter.  I put one of those in the car glove compartment.  I haven’t even read on the plastic box to see what is in it.  I now have one in my hand and it says on the front, “Goes with your gym bag, backpack, luggage, purse.”  It says there are 12 items in the box.  The contents are: 2 hand cleansing wipes, 4 first aid gauze pads, 2 flexible adhesive bandages (3/4 inch x 3 inch), 4 flexible fabric adhesive bandages (5/8 inch x 2 ¼ inch), and one durable plastic case.  There is extra room in the case to add several more items.  I need to put an envelope of Celox (blood stopper) in there. That little case is not much, but it is something if you have nothing now and it’s cheap and in the travel size items at Walmart.  A large size first aid kit in the car is great if you can do that.

The accident that happened to my friend caused me to think of a body wrap to help prevent the body from moving.  If you recall, he had bruised ribs but you wouldn’t know if the ribs were broken.  A fairly tight body wrap around his rib cage (but not tight enough to push broken ribs around) would tend to stop the body from twisting/moving to prevent further damage if ribs were broken and we know now, the area around the ribs on one side was bruised, no broken ribs, so a wrap preventing movement might/should lessen his pain.

Several days ago, I almost threw away multiple body wraps and bandages of all sizes.  I have been “cleaning out” to get rid of things I don’t need anymore.  I have a stack of sheets representing many years of buying sheets and I don’t use most of these anymore.  Right now, they are stacked on a bed for me to go through to get rid of the ones I will never use again – except now I’m not throwing them away. 

Those old sheets can be cut into any size bandage/arm wrap/leg wrap/body wrap, I might need.  Easy to cut an arm sling when needed, elevate a leg or arm and use a strip of sheet to hold it up.  I’ll put these  in the back of my closet so they will be there for a short time/long time emergency. 

I’ll also put one in my car along with a pair of cheap scissors and DUCT TAPE so I can cut what I need if the occasion arises.  In my friend’s case, I would cut a wide strip, the length of his chest and long enough to wrap around him, to lessen movement, and I would secure it with the duct tape.

There is no doctor, no medical clinic, so you have to do something about this cut chin.  I would use pressure to control the bleeding chin until I could get the patient home.  I’ve said before I’m not stitching a wound as it would be too painful without anesthetic.  A chin is not a straight line exactly, there are curves.  First, of course, clean the wound of blood, use hydrogen peroxide if you have it.  If the chin is still pouring blood, put Celox on it to stop the bleeding.  If you don’t have Celox, order it right now.  I have spoken about Celox in another article, saying where to get it.   After bleeding is controlled, put on antibiotic ointment, and in this case, I’d use Steri-Strips to close the chin wound (pull the two sides of the skin together) as those strips are flexible and will move with the chin.  Put on enough strips to seal the cut from end to end well.  A solid bandage can be put over the wound to keep out dirt, etc., and the solid bandage should be taken off after a couple of days so air can get to it to dry it out.

The other method I have to close a wound is a stapler (I think that would be awkward on a chin and believe Steri-Strips would be best).  I don’t think I have written about a sterile stapler and a staple puller and no, it’s not your usual stapler you use at home.  Here is stapler/staple puller information:

There are multiple surgical sterile skin staplers and staple removers on Amazon.  Put in “surgical skin stapler” in their search and they will come up.  Each one is in a sterile package and the stapler must be thrown away after one use as it will not be sterile if used again.  One stapler is about $7.95.  You may also buy a kit of multiple staplers plus a staple remover included.  There are also single staple removers.  You may use the remover over and over.  Determine which stapler and remover is right for you.

A decision of yours would be what pain medicine to give your family member with a painful cut chin and painful chest.  You have some kind of pain reliever now, over the counter and maybe you have a prescribed pain reliever for a family member.  Consider the family member’s age and amount of pain and safety of the medicine for that individual before you make your choice of a pain reliever.  Tylenol and aspirin and Naproxen (like Aleve), are over the counter meds to have in your pain reliever arsenal. 

What is in your car to save your life if you find yourself in a desolated area and the car won’t run for whatever reason?  I have a backpack that stays in the car trunk (Life Gear’s Wings of Life), that has water, food, a thermal blanket and many other items needed in such a situation.  In this accident case, the thermal blanket could be used if the family member in the accident, was cold or in shock. 

Thermal blankets are cheap - keep enough in your car for each family member to have one.  These are on Amazon:  “ER Emergency Ready Thermal Mylar Blankets”, Pack of 4, $5.76.  Here is the description:  (84 x 52),  “Provides compact emergency protection in all weather conditions by reflecting back and retaining 90-Percent of a survival victim's body heat.  Can be used to prevent and counter hypothermia by reducing heat loss from a person's body.  Can be used to cover injured victims in order to help reduce shock.  Can be used in a hot environment to provide shade as a shelter barrier.  Reusable, waterproof and windproof.”   

See, leave off buying a large Starbucks café latte coffee with extra foam, for one day and you will likely have the $5.76, to buy FOUR blankets.  Sorry, I just took $5.76 from Starbucks, but they can afford to lose that money and you can’t afford to be without a blanket for each family member.  If you feel badly for Starbucks losing this money, the next time you go to one, thank them for your thermal blankets.   :)

When your car is traveling down the road, carbon monoxide gas is coming out of the tail pipe - that carbon monoxide is moving away from the car as it goes down the road.  If you are stranded and keep the car running to have the heater on, and there is a leak of carbon monoxide in your exhaust system, you can end up with that in your car and it is odorless, you can’t smell it.  You will get a headache and symptoms get worse from there.  Therefore, have a window cracked to let in fresh air.  You will be tempted not to do that as that air is cold, but it’s important to protect your life and anyone else in the car, so deal with a little cold air when the car is stopped but running for a length of time.

I recall a true story about being poisoned by carbon monoxide getting in a car and the situation was this:  The fellow was stuck in a snow drift and he kept the car running to stay warm.  The snow drift outside the back of the car was right up to the exhaust pipe and that forced the gas to drift forward, the only way it could go and it got in the car.  That was like running your car in a closed garage.  It was an unlikely scenario but it happened.  I think I remember the man died.  He couldn’t smell the gas and didn’t know that was happening to him.

Natural gas has no smell, either.  However, now a smell is infused into the gas so one can smell it.  In 1937, I was four years old.  I heard my parents talking about an explosion that just happened at New London School in Texas which was about 15 - 20 miles from our house.  My parents put me in the car and we went there to see what happened.  I remember seeing clothes hanging on fence posts as we got within a few miles of that area.  The closer we got, the more clothes I saw everywhere.  That part is what I remember – all those clothes.  There had been a gas leak but no one knew the gas was building up since it had no smell.  A huge explosion happened and 425 students and teachers were killed – the school was laid open, destroyed.  There is a large monument in New London with all the names of the children/adults killed that day.

It is that explosion that caused a smell to be put in natural gas.  If you have natural gas in your house, those children/adults being blown up is the reason you can smell that gas.
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I have company until January 6.  I'll be back after that with articles.  Do you think your gun could be taken by the government?  Are you worried about that?  Do you think a "gun free zone" has no guns in it?  Do you have a so called "military style" weapon?  Do you have a cartridge/clip that carries more than ten bullets?  Do you like Englishman Piers Morgan?  Did you recently buy more ammo and/or guns?

I just added a red laser to my handgun.  Now, I know exactly where that bullet is going to hit the target.  Lasers are swell. 
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Post by: Hilltopper on January 01, 2013, 01:46:06 PM
This is the most valuable thread I have ever read,  thank you for this Victoria, it is going to truly help my family and friends .   
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on January 01, 2013, 02:19:36 PM
"This is the most valuable thread I have ever read,  thank you for this Victoria, it is going to truly help my family and friends ." 

Hilltopper, that makes my day - you are another person helped (plus people you help) along the way to  prepare your personal world to survive well whatever happens in the rest of the world.  The more you prepare the more secure you feel and the happier you are.  Some say preppers are a depressing bunch and that is so not true.  I will be going through another hurricane season starting next June and I don't worry about it because I will live well when the power goes out.  I do not have to depend on those power lines to have power.

I do not have to depend on government FEMA lines to give me water and an MRE.  You are the person who cares for yourself and your family - FEMA does not know your name and there are over 300 million people in this country.  I'm glad you will be prepared. 
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I’ve been watching and reading about these deadly “assault” weapons for a few weeks now.  This morning at Obama’s last gathering of reporters before he starts his next term, he said he would tell the nation what steps he will take against “assault” weapons later this week.  Included in that will be what steps he will take by writing executive orders.  I personally think they are already written and will be presented this week.

First, we have to know what an assault weapon is to determine if we have one.  The definition seems to be a semiautomatic rifle is an assault rifle.  Okay, what does semiautomatic mean:  it means every time you pull the trigger, a cartridge fires.  It means you don’t do anything except pull the trigger to make it fire.  A non-automatic rifle is one where you can fire one cartridge, then have to do something to put another cartridge in the rifle.  A bolt action rifle works this way: fire a cartridge, then reposition the bolt before you can fire another cartridge.  There is also the rifle where the barrel breaks apart to put in one or two cartridges depending on the rifle, to fire, then break it apart again to load another cartridge or two.

Any rifle you have that fires every time you pull the trigger, is an assault weapon according to Obama (and VP Joe Biden).  The majority of you likely have an assault rifle and you didn’t know it. 

The worst kind of assault rifles: 
A semiautomatic rifle feeds cartridges one after another into the firing mechanism.  The cartridges are held in a magazine inserted into the rifle.  Some of these magazines hold as many as thirty or more.  Put one of those into your rifle and you can pull the trigger a long time to use up those cartridges.  Now, your assault rifle has become a really bad assault rifle.  A ten round magazine is usually the lowest number of cartridges in a magazine for a rifle.  To make your rifle worse, then, have a magazine that holds more than ten cartridges.

Now, let’s make your assault rifle even worse:
Get a black one because a black one is scary looking.  It doesn’t work any differently than the others, but it “looks” more dangerous.  See, if you have a nicely finished wood stock on it, that doesn’t  look so dangerous.

Well, I didn’t have a semiautomatic rifle I could use as what I have is too heavy for me.  I started searching for a semiautomatic rifle I could handle and looking for a magazine that held more than the ten magazine that comes with the rifle.  I was determined to get this before they were outlawed and  before magazines holding more than ten were outlawed and before Obama would force registering a newly bought rifle, on a federal list. 

I spent two weeks searching for this rifle and hollow point cartridges.  Let me tell you, they can’t be found unless you search like I did.  I had already bought the magazine and those can’t be found now.   I wanted a Ruger 22 long rifle Carbine – why a 22 and why a Carbine?  Because I can handle a 22 easier as it’s not as heavy as a high caliber rifle and also they are much cheaper than the high caliber ones. I wanted the Carbine because it is shorter and lighter for a woman.   I had a list of every gun company I could  find on the web and I went to every one of them every day, until, Eureka!,  I found one!

Please don’t flip when I tell you about this Ruger 22 semiautomatic rifle.  It’s called a “Dealer Exclusive” which I think means it’s not standard issue, that it’s different in some way.  Well, yes it is.  It works exactly as the others, it’s length and weight is as the Carbine which means a little shorter than average, is designed for a woman, and IT IS PINK!

Yes, it is PINK!   It suddenly showed up on Kentucky Gun Co. website  that I was watching every day, along with many others, and suddenly they had this rifle in stock.  I couldn’t grab a credit card fast enough to buy it before it was gone.  Yesterday evening, they were still listing that rifle in stock.  Go get it if you want one.

According to the Obama/Biden definition, I have a pink assault rifle.  And, it’s true I have a twenty-five round magazine for it.   I failed to make it really scary and get a black one, but, guess what, pink works like black.  Maybe they would think this pink one can’t do any damage because it’s pink.  Let’s just let them think that, okay?

Then, during this searching time, I was also looking for hollow point ammo for it.  I think I now know every brand of ammo and what each one they make is designed to do.  One cannot find hollow point ammo in any cartridge size – they are gone.  Why are hollow points gone?  Because they mess up what they hit better than other ammo.  They go in the target and spread out, causing much damage.  I finally found yesterday from Cabela’s, Remington 22 LR hollow points with delivery in one to two weeks and I got three 50 round boxes.  Other places, one could only do a backorder with no date it could be sent but most won’t even allow that as they don’t know when they will get another shipment.  Cabela’s  knew that ammo was coming in or they wouldn’t have stated it would go out at that time.
Do you have a semiautomatic handgun?  More murders happen with handguns than with semiautomatic rifles.  Say, what?  Then, why aren’t we going after handguns instead of semiautomatic rifles?  Because the last several killings of people in a group were done with a scary looking black semiautomatic rifle (which is no different than a semiautomatic handgun, it is just longer).

Handguns will be the next target on Obama’s list – he’s going after rifles now due to the school shooting.  Once that is done, suddenly semiautomatic handguns will be next to go – anyway, when he does away with magazines that hold more than ten cartridges, that may apply to handguns, too, as many have magazines that hold more than ten cartridges.   

I have described my experience in order to make a point.  It is my opinion, our country is under siege to remove our right to own guns or any kind.  They can’t do it by changing the constitution, but Obama is bending words to give him the power to do it.  He controls the ATF (firearm division of the federal government), and controls Homeland Security, and the FBI (Holder), and controls the Treasury.  He can write executive orders to them to do “x” and “x” and “x” about firearms, magazines, ammunition, and they will do it.

Any rifle or handgun you have is now precious.  The cost of any kind of gun has risen to double what it was before Obama made his move and ammo costs more than before this started.  Thieves now want to steal guns from houses since they are now so valuable.  Thieves don’t want your mother’s silverware any more, instead they want your guns to re-sell them.

Make sure you lock windows and doors when you leave your house in order to keep your guns from being stolen and put them out of sight when you leave. 

I haven’t addressed the newspaper that put out the map with people’s names on there who have a gun permit.  They are in much trouble for doing that and hopefully other entities will see how that one turned out and not do it.
If you have a semiautomatic rifle with a many cartridge magazine and a bunch of hollow point cartridges, be thankful as those rifles may be outlawed and certainly those magazines will and the amount of ammo you can buy at one time may be limited.

Let’s see what Obama tells us later this week about our firearms.

Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on January 14, 2013, 07:02:25 PM
Today, Biden told Democrats on the hill that Obama will sign 19 executive orders regarding guns.  Don't know if he can be believed, but that's what he said.  Nineteen orders. 
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on January 16, 2013, 11:12:41 AM
Obama issued 23 executive actions (orders) today, January 16, 2013.   What is lacking is how he would carry these out – the devil is in the details.  I will work on the 23 orders today to explain what critical words in these orders mean and will post that tomorrow. 

When reading law and these executive orders, each word is important because one word can change the meaning from what you thought it said, to what it really says. Some years ago, I instructed Republicans on the Texas Election Code and I first had to explain how to read law, how important each word was.  If a law says, “may”, that means you can do it or not. If the law says, “must”, that means you have to do it. There is a list of such words other than these two that determine if you may or you must.   This is just one example of how one word has power to change meaning.

I have checked the government website and there are no rules yet that explains exactly how he will accomplish these 23 orders.  In other words, orders translate into taking action and we don’t yet know what his actions will be.   Even so, I can clarify what each order means.  Check back tomorrow.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Gene.243 on January 16, 2013, 01:58:10 PM
 Thanks for a lovely thread.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: EOTS on January 16, 2013, 05:33:53 PM
I'm going to thank you again myself, Victoria. DH & I are waiting to read what you post tomorrow.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on January 16, 2013, 06:34:38 PM
EOTS:  I just found Obama’s actual moves he will take to accomplish each of the executive actions he has listed.  It makes more sense when one can read exactly what he will do.  I haven’t had time to read all of them yet but I think it covers most of the 23 actions listed. 

This makes the article longer but I will post the ones I have done by noon tomorrow.  Then, will start again in about an hour and post in the evening those I have finished.  Will do the same the next day if I’m not through by tomorrow evening.

Our security depends on being able to defend ourselves and when Obama and Attorney General Holder get together, it’s seldom good news for preppers. 
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on January 16, 2013, 09:39:07 PM
Gun Violence Reduction Executive Actions

I have copied, from the White House, Obama’s plans to carry out “Gun Violence Reduction Executive Actions”.  I have put those plans under each action relating to that plan.  I believe your medical insurance rate will go up as Obama has made new rules as to what an insurance company must provide that they are not doing to that extent now.  It’s probably a surprise to you that some gun safety/gun violence programs are now part of your medical insurance once these rules are written.  Remember he wrote rules to have insurance give free birth control to women.  He could do that and he can write these new rules and no one can stop him. 

There are also a number of multi-millions of dollars programs Obama wants congress to approve to fund what he wants to do in regard to gun safety and gun violence.  I had no idea he would spend so much money on new programs and we will have to borrow to fund this.  Perhaps the congress won’t fund this.  I don’t have a problem some of the programs but we don’t have the money.  I heard his presentation today and not a word was said about spending money.

This is long and I won’t make comments about any of this until I get all of this posted for you to read.  Comments will come after so you won’t confuse what he says and what I say.  His carry out plans are in “quotes”.

January 16, 2013
Gun Violence Reduction Executive Actions

 Today, the President is announcing that he and the Administration will:

1. Issue a Presidential Memorandum to require federal agencies to make relevant data available to the federal background check system.
 “Some federal agencies also have relevant records. The President is issuing a Presidential Memorandum holding agencies to requirements that they identify these records, make them available to the background check system, and regularly report that those records are complete and up-to-date.”

2. Address unnecessary legal barriers, particularly relating to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, that may prevent states from making information available to the background check system.
 “Some states have cited concerns about restrictions under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act as a reason not to share relevant information on people prohibited from gun ownership for mental health reasons. The Administration will begin the regulatory process to remove any needless barriers, starting by gathering information about the scope and extent of the problem.”

3. Improve incentives for states to share information with the background check system.
“States are a critical source for several key categories of relevant records and data, including criminal history records and records of persons prohibited from having guns for mental health reasons. The Department of Justice will invest $20 million in FY2013 to give states stronger incentives to make this data available. The Administration is also proposing $50 million for this purpose in FY2014, and will look for additional ways to ensure that states are doing their part to provide relevant information.”

4. Direct the Attorney General to review categories of individuals prohibited from having a gun to make sure dangerous people are not slipping through the cracks.
“The background check system is designed to keep guns out of the hands of those forbidden by law to have them. But we need to make sure our laws are effective at identifying the dangerous or untrustworthy individuals that should not have access to guns. The President will direct the Attorney General, in consultation with other relevant agencies, to review the laws governing who is prohibited from having guns and make legislative and executive recommendations to ensure dangerous people aren’t slipping through the cracks.”

5. Propose rulemaking to give law enforcement the ability to run a full background check on an individual before returning a seized gun.
“When law enforcement recovers a gun during a criminal investigation, they can trace that gun’s path from its manufacturer, to the dealer who sold it, to its first purchaser. This gun tracing process helps law enforcement solve violent crimes by generating leads in specific cases and can reveal gun trafficking patterns when large amounts of tracing data is combined. However, not all federal law enforcement agencies are uniformly required to trace all guns they recover and keep in custody. The President will issue a Presidential Memorandum requiring them to trace all such firearms.”

6. Publish a letter from ATF to federally licensed gun dealers providing guidance on how to run background checks for private sellers.
“Private sellers can already choose to sell their guns through licensed dealers so the dealer can run a background check on the buyer, and the Administration is calling on them to do so. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) will send an open letter to licensed dealers giving them guidance on how best to facilitate these checks.”

7. Launch a national safe and responsible gun ownership campaign.
“The Administration will encourage gun owners to take responsibility for keeping their guns safe with a national campaign. The campaign will promote common-sense gun safety measures like the use of gun safes and trigger locks, separate storage of guns and ammunition, and the reporting of lost and stolen weapons to law enforcement.”

8. Review safety standards for gun locks and gun safes (Consumer Product Safety Commission).
“We also need to make sure that gun locks and gun safes work as intended.
Several gun locks have been subject to recall due to their failure to function properly; that is not acceptable. The Chair of the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) intends to review the effectiveness of gun locks and gun safes, including existing voluntary industry standards, and take any steps that may be warranted to improve the standards as well as to protect the public from unreasonable risks of injury or death that arise when those products within the CPSC’s jurisdiction fail.”

9. Issue a Presidential Memorandum to require federal law enforcement to trace guns recovered in criminal investigations.
 “When law enforcement recovers a gun during a criminal investigation, they can trace that gun’s path from its manufacturer, to the dealer who sold it, to its first purchaser. This gun tracing process helps law enforcement solve violent crimes by generating leads in specific cases and can reveal gun trafficking patterns when large amounts of tracing data is combined. However, not all federal law enforcement agencies are uniformly required to trace all guns they recover and keep in custody. The President will issue a Presidential Memorandum requiring them to trace all such firearms.”

10. Release a DOJ report analyzing information on lost and stolen guns and make it widely available to law enforcement.
“The Department of Justice will publish an annual report on lost and stolen guns to ensure that data collected by ATF is available. This report will include state-by-state statistics about guns reported as missing. Making this data available will provide valuable information to law enforcement about how to target its resources, and give states and cities the information they need to pass laws and take other effective steps to make sure that lost and stolen guns are reported. The Department will also identify best practices that are working today and encourage states and cities to follow those models.”

11. Nominate an ATF director.
 “The ATF has not had a confirmed director for six years. There is no excuse for leaving the key agency enforcing gun laws in America without a leader. It is time for Congress to confirm an ATF director.”

12. Provide law enforcement, first responders, and school officials with proper training for active shooter situations.
“In the unthinkable event of another school shooting, it is essential that schools have in place effective and reliable plans to respond. A 2010survey found that while 84 percent of public schools had a written response plan in the event of a shooting, only 52 percent had drilled their students on the plan in the past year. We must ensure that every school has a high-quality plan in place and that students and staff are prepared to follow it.”

“The Departments of Education, Justice, Health and Human Services, and Homeland Security will release by May 2013, a set of model, high-quality emergency management plans for schools, houses of worship, and institutions of higher education, along with best practices for developing these plans and training students and staff to follow them. In addition, the Department of Homeland Security, in coordination with the Department of Justice, will assist interested schools, houses of worship, and institutions of higher education in completing their own security assessments.”

“Congress should provide $30 million of one-time grants to states to help their school districts develop and implement emergency management plans. But schools also need to take responsibility for getting effective plans in place. Going forward, Congress should require states and school districts that receive school safety funding from the Department of Education to have comprehensive, up-to-date emergency plans in place for all of their schools.”

13. Maximize enforcement efforts to prevent gun violence and prosecute gun crime.
“The Attorney General will work with all United States Attorneys to continue to ensure that every appropriate resource is focused on preventing gun violence. To this end, the Attorney General will ask all U.S. Attorneys to consider whether supplemental efforts would be appropriate in their districts, in areas such as prosecutions of people who have been convicted of a felony and illegally seek to obtain a firearm, or people who attempt to evade the background check system by providing false information.”

14. Issue a Presidential Memorandum directing the Centers for Disease Control to research the causes and prevention of gun violence.
“The President is issuing a Presidential Memorandum directing the Centers for Disease Control and scientific agencies to conduct research into the causes and prevention of gun violence. It is based on legal analysis that concludes such research is not prohibited by any appropriations language. The CDC will start immediately by assessing existing strategies for preventing gun violence and identifying the most pressing research questions, with the greatest potential public health impact.  And the Administration is calling on Congress to provide $10 million for the CDC to conduct further research, including investigating the relationship between video games, media images, and violence.”

“To research gun violence prevention, we also need better data. When firearms are used in homicides or suicides, the National Violent Death Reporting System collects anonymous data, including the type of firearm used, whether the firearm was stored loaded or locked, and details on youth gun access. Congress should invest an additional $20 million to expand this system from the 18 states currently participating to all 50 states, helping Americans better understand how and when firearms are used in a violent death and informing future research and prevention strategies.”

15. Direct the Attorney General to issue a report on the availability and most effective use of new gun safety technologies and challenge the private sector to develop innovative technologies.
“Despite rapid advances in technologies in recent years, there are few readily available firearms that utilize these new technologies to help guard against unauthorized access and use. The President is directing the Attorney General to work with technology experts to review existing and emerging gun safety technologies, and to issue a report on the availability and use of those technologies. In addition, the Administration will issue a challenge to the private sector to develop innovative and cost-effective gun safety technology and provide prizes for those technologies that are proven to be reliable and effective.”

I’ll stop here for tonight and start again tomorrow.  The big money spending is in the next actions.  That is money for police, schools, mental health – there are many programs.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on January 17, 2013, 11:21:33 AM
16. Clarify that the Affordable Care Act does not prohibit doctors asking their patients about guns in their homes.
“Doctors and other health care providers also need to be able to ask about
firearms in their patients’ homes and safe storage of those firearms, especially if
their patients show signs of certain mental illnesses or if they have a young child or mentally ill family member at home. Some have incorrectly claimed that language in the Affordable Care Act prohibits doctors from asking their patients about guns and gun safety. Medical groups also continue to fight against state laws attempting to ban doctors from asking these questions. The Administration will issue guidance clarifying that the Affordable Care Act does not prohibit or otherwise regulate communication between doctors and patients, including about firearms.”

17. Release a letter to health care providers clarifying that no federal law prohibits them from reporting threats of violence to law enforcement authorities.
“Doctors and other mental health professionals play an important role in protecting the safety of their patients and the broader community by reporting direct and credible threats of violence to the authorities. But there is public confusion about whether federal law prohibits such reports about threats of violence. The Department of Health and Human Services is issuing a letter to health care providers clarifying that no federal law prohibits these reports in any way.”

18. Provide incentives for schools to hire school resource officers.
“COPS Hiring Grants, which help police departments hire officers, can already be used by departments to fund school resource officers. This year, the Department of Justice will provide an incentive for police departments to hire these officers by providing a preference for grant applications that support school resource officers.”

19. Develop model emergency response plans for schools, houses of worship and institutions of higher education.  (This is also under No. 12)
“The Departments of Education, Justice, Health and Human Services, and Homeland Security will release by May 2013, a set of model, high-quality emergency management plans for schools, houses of worship, and institutions of higher education, along with best practices for developing these plans and training students and staff to follow them. In addition, the Department of Homeland Security, in coordination with the Department of Justice, will assist interested schools, houses of worship, and institutions of higher education in completing their own security assessments.”

20. Release a letter to state health officials clarifying the scope of mental health services that Medicaid plans must cover.
“Medicaid is already the biggest funder of mental health services, and the Affordable Care Act will extend Medicaid coverage to as many as 17 million hardworking Americans. There is some evidence that Medicaid plans are not always meeting mental health parity requirements today, an issue that will only become more important as Medicaid is expanded. The Administration is issuing a letter to state health officials making clear that these plans must comply with mental health parity requirements.”

21. Finalize regulations clarifying essential health benefits and parity requirements within ACA exchanges.
“The Administration will issue final regulations governing how
existing group health plans that offer mental health services must cover them at parity under the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act of 2008. In addition, the Affordable Care Act requires all new small group and individual plans to cover ten essential health benefit categories, including mental health and substance abuse services. The Administration intends to issue next month the final rule defining these essential health benefits and implementing requirements for these plans to cover mental health benefits at parity with medical and surgical benefits.”

22. Commit to finalizing mental health parity regulations.  (covered in No. 21)

23. Launch a national dialogue led by Secretaries Sebelius and Duncan on mental health.
“The sense of shame and secrecy associated with mental illness prevents too many people from seeking help. The President is directing Secretaries Sebelius and Duncan to launch a national dialogue about mental illness with young people who have experienced mental illness, members of the faith community, foundations, and school and business leaders.”

More actions regarding guns and ammunition:
“The case for prohibiting high-capacity magazines has been proven over and over; the shooters at Virginia Tech, Tucson, Aurora, Oak Creek, and Newtown all used magazines holding more than 10 rounds, which would have been prohibited under the 1994 law. These magazines enable any semiautomatic weapon to be used as an instrument of mass violence, yet they are once again legal and now come standard with many handguns and rifles. Congress needs to reinstate the prohibition on magazines holding more than 10 rounds.”

“It is already illegal to manufacture and import armor-piercing ammunition except for military or law enforcement use. But it is generally still not illegal to possess or transfer this dangerous ammunition.  Congress should finish the job of protecting law enforcement and the public by banning the possession of armor-piercing ammunition by, and its transfer to, anyone other than the military and law enforcement.”

“The shooters in Aurora and Newtown used the type of semiautomatic rifles that were the target of the assault weapons ban that was in place from 1994 to 2004. That ban was an important step, but manufacturers were able to circumvent the prohibition with cosmetic modifications to their weapons. Congress must reinstate and strengthen the prohibition on assault weapons.”

“Today, criminals can easily buy guns from unlicensed dealers, or acquire them with the help of so-called “straw purchasers” who pass the required background check to buy guns from licensed dealers. But there is no explicit law against straw purchasing, so straw purchasers and others who traffic guns can often only be prosecuted for paperwork violations. We cannot allow those who help put guns into the hands of criminals to get away with just a slap on the wrist. Congress should close these loopholes with new gun trafficking laws that impose serious penalties for these crimes.”

“Law enforcement should never be put in the position of unknowingly returning a gun to an individual who is prohibited from having it.  Currently, when law enforcement must return firearms seized as part of an investigation, they do not have the ability to conduct a full background check on the owner. The Administration will propose regulations to ensure that law enforcement has access to the database needed for complete background checks.”

“ATF is required to authorize the importation of certain “curio or relic”
firearms, and outdated regulations include all firearms manufactured more than 50 years ago in the definition of “curio or relic.”  But today, firearms manufactured more than 50 years ago include large numbers of semiautomatic military-surplus rifles, some of which are easily convertible into machine guns or otherwise appealing for use in crime. Congress should get rid of restrictions that prevent ATF from changing this definition, enabling ATF to ensure that firearms imported as curios or relics are actually of interest as collectibles, rather than letting these rules be used as a way to acquire fully functional and powerful military weapons.”

More actions regarding police officers:
“One of the best ways to minimize the loss of life in a mass shooting is to make sure law enforcement, first responders, school officials, and others are prepared to respond to an active shooter. The Administration will immediately expand access to federal training, and federal agencies will ensure that protocols for responding to active shooter situations are consistent. And Congress should provide an additional $14 million to help train 14,000 more police officers and other public and private personnel to respond to active shooter situations.”

“One of the most important steps we can take to reduce gun violence is to keep police officers at their posts in our neighborhoods and communities. The President is calling on Congress to act on the Administration’s $4 billion proposal to help
keep 15,000 cops on the street in cities and towns across the country.”

More actions regarding schools:
“Put up to 1,000 new school resource officers and school counselors on the job:
The Administration is proposing a new Comprehensive School Safety program, which will help school districts hire staff and make other critical investments in school safety. The program will give $150 million to school districts and law enforcement agencies to hire school resource officers, school psychologists, social workers, and counselors. The Department of Justice will also develop a model for using school resource officers, including best practices on age-appropriate methods for working with students.”

“School districts could also use these Comprehensive School Safety Grants to purchase school safety equipment; develop and update public safety plans; conduct threat assessments; and train “crisis intervention teams” of law enforcement officers to work with the mental health community to respond to and assist students in crisis. And the General Services Administration will use its purchasing power to help schools buy safety equipment affordably.”

“With technical assistance from the Department of Education, 18,000 schools have already put in place evidence-based strategies to improve school climate. These strategies involve certain steps for the whole school (like consistent rules and rewards for good behavior), with more intensive steps for groups of students exhibiting at-risk behavior, and individual services for students who continue to exhibit troubling behavior. The Administration is proposing a new, $50 million initiative to help 8,000 more schools train their teachers and other school staff to implement these strategies. The Administration will also develop a school climate survey, providing reliable data to help schools implement policies to improve climate.”

“Students who are suspended or expelled are far more likely to repeat a grade, not graduate, or become involved in the juvenile justice system. As a result, effective school discipline policies are critical to addressing school and community crime and violence issues. The Department of Education will collect and disseminate best practices on school discipline polices and help school districts develop and equitably implement their policies.”

“We need to train teachers and other adults who regularly interact with students to recognize young people who need help and ensure they are referred to mental health services. The Administration is calling for a new initiative, Project AWARE (Advancing Wellness and Resilience in Education), to provide this training and set up systems to provide these referrals. This initiative, which would reach 750,000 young people, has two parts:

Project AWARE includes $15 million for training for teachers and other adults who interact with youth to detect and respond to mental illness in children and young adults, including how to encourage adolescents and families experiencing these problems to seek treatment.

Project AWARE also includes $40 million to help school districts work with law enforcement, mental health agencies, and other local organizations to assure students with mental health issues or other behavioral issues are referred to the services they need. This initiative builds on strategies that, for over a decade, have proven to decrease violence in schools and increase the number of students receiving mental health services.”

“Efforts to prevent school shootings and other gun violence can’t end when a student leaves high school. Individuals ages 16 to 25 are at high risk for mental illness, substance abuse, and suicide, but they are among the least likely to seek help.  Even those who received services as a child may fall through the cracks when they turn 18. The Administration is proposing $25 million for innovative state-based strategies supporting young people ages 16 to 25 with mental health or substance abuse issues.”

“Twenty-two percent of 14 to 17year olds have witnessed a shooting in their lifetime. Research shows that exposure to community violence can impact children’s mental health and development and can substantially increase the likelihood that these children will later commit violent acts themselves. To help schools break the cycle of violence, Congress should provide $25 million to offer students mental health services for trauma or anxiety, conflict resolution programs, and other school-based violence prevention strategies.”

“Experts often cite the shortage of mental health service providers as one reason it can be hard to access treatment. To help fill this gap, the Administration is proposing $50 million to train social workers, counselors, psychologists, and other mental health professionals. This would provide stipends and tuition reimbursement to train more than 5,000 mental health professionals serving young people in our schools and communities.”

Next, we'll look at how these actions may affect us directly.  Hopefully, I'll get that written tomorrow.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: AlaskaGrover on January 17, 2013, 01:34:46 PM
I currently do not have a gun.  My father and brother, who I live with both have several guns.  I am not sure what types they are but I definitely appreciate those guns when they are needed.  (Chase bears out of hen house... etc)

I do have a re-curve bow and my 10yr old has a compound bow.  We shoot together and both are getting better.  If the government steps in to regulate guns - to the extent that they are deemed too dangerous for the public to own them or keep them in their homes, will our arrows and bows be next?  I have seen a broad head arrow pierce through armor which would stop a bullet!  Perhaps I am more dangerous than a woman with a gun??  Will my pediatrician ask if I have arrows in my home or knives?  What about a baseball bat or short piece of 2x4 lumber?  What about the sword in my closet?  If I say yes will I need a background check to keep them??

Oh I forgot... I am clearly a dangerous individual who is teaching her child to be violent by providing weapons for her and training her to use them effectively. Just ask those folks who are supporting gun control. 

Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on January 17, 2013, 03:03:03 PM
Hello Alaska,

I have an answer ready for a doctor who asks if I have a gun.  I will say, “I wish I could tell you but I can’t.  You see, anyone who reads that sheet would know I didn’t have one and I could be a victim with someone knowing that and if I had one, I don’t want bad guys to know it.  But, let’s get back to I have the flu (or whatever is wrong with you).”

There is nothing further my doctor can say about guns.

For right now, the only question is about guns, so don’t volunteer information about your bow and arrows.  Modern day bows are lethal as you know.  Keep practicing.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on January 18, 2013, 01:38:17 PM

I assume you have a gun but if you don’t, you will still be affected by these actions.  Perhaps you noticed Obama left banning “assault” rifles and magazines holding over 10 shells, to congress.  Laws in this area would take GUNS AWAY FROM YOU as they would be outlawed to be sold.  Likely congress won’t be able to vote these bills into law.   Well, that’s great, the threat is over.  Not really.  I read a piece from Coach is Right website and writer Doug Book  has also figured out what Obama’s words mean.  Book is a thinker, I’m sure.

Remember, “Words mean things.” Obama is smart and one has to look carefully to see exactly what he is doing as he can hide his real desires behind nice sounding words.  The eight actions below are designed to take YOU AWAY FROM YOUR GUNS.  Do you see the difference between taking guns away and taking you away from the guns?  In other words, guns will still be here but you are not allowed to have one and the ones you already have will be taken from you.  How on earth could he do that?  Read these eight actions again and then we’ll talk:

1. Issue a Presidential Memorandum to require federal agencies to make relevant data available to the federal background check system.
2. Address unnecessary legal barriers, particularly relating to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, that may prevent states from making information available to the background check system.
3. Improve incentives for states to share information with the background check system.
4. Direct the Attorney General to review categories of individuals prohibited from having a gun to make sure dangerous people are not slipping through the cracks.
5. Propose rulemaking to give law enforcement the ability to run a full background check on an individual before returning a seized gun.
6. Publish a letter from ATF to federally licensed gun dealers providing guidance on how to run background checks for private sellers.
16. Clarify that the Affordable Care Act does not prohibit doctors asking their patients about guns in their homes.
17. Release a letter to health care providers clarifying that no federal law prohibits them from reporting threats of violence to law enforcement authorities.

He can do all of the above without congressional approval, so he will do it.  Now, let’s see how he can do this:

He controls all the above federal agencies and also Obamacare, also controls regulations for private insurance companies.  These eight actions remove all privacy of your medical records.  Your medical records will be in a national database for his agencies to survey to find out if you should not have a gun.  It was his goal to have medical records in one data base so various doctors could access the records.  This was to save money and time.  Now, that data base takes on a new meaning – a way for government to decide if you should have a gun.  You see, these rules are made by his agencies, mainly Att. General Holder, Homeland Security, and Health and Human Services I would think, to determine who can’t have a gun, and if you fit into one of their rules/categories, they take your guns. 

Your physical medical records, the medicines you take, and now if you see a professional counselor/psychiatrist/psychologist, they will know it as soon as the data base is ready to roll.  Have you been determined to have ADD or ADHD, Depression, Bi-polar Disorder, any mental disorder of any kind?  Are you taking an antidepressant, tranquilizer, psychotropic medicine for a mental disorder, sleeping pills, pain killers, any medicine that states mood changes may be a side effect, high blood pressure medicine, etc..?  If Obama’s rules say people with mental disorders and/or taking certain medicine, cannot have a gun, your guns will be taken.

Notice he is up front with this as the first six actions set this out plainly.  I would bet you sort of skimmed over these first six actions.  That’s because the words sounded okay.  Now, reread how he will do it which is written under the action.  Read how your personal medical information will be available to them – he even gives money to states for an incentive to open that information to the federal government – to me, this is a bribe – you give us this sensitive material and we give you money.

Doctors will likely ask if you have guns in your house and/or do you carry a gun?  I put a response to that question on a post just before this one.  Here it is again:  I will say, “I wish I could tell you but I can’t. You see, anyone who reads that sheet would know I didn’t have one and I could be a victim with someone knowing that, and if I had one, I wouldn’t want bad guys to know it. But, let’s get back to I have the flu (or whatever is wrong with you).”  I have told the truth because I believe that and it shuts the doctor down.  No doctor needs to know that information and Obama says the doctor can tell them what you said.

A word about mental health professionals:
All mental health professionals must follow an ethical code and laws that require the professional to report certain information:
1. If the patient seriously threatens the life of a person or persons, it must be  reported to police. 
2. If the patient reveals he/she is committing child abuse, that must be reported to police and social services. 
In my practice, I told each patient before beginning counseling these two reasons for revealing confidential information and the patient had the choice to reveal it or not. 

Look at No. 4. “Direct the Attorney General to review categories of individuals prohibited from having a gun to make sure dangerous people are not slipping through the cracks.”What are these “’categories’ of individuals prohibited from having a gun.”  Since Eric Holder is in charge of this, he evidently can set up categories.  There would be no reason to “review” the fact a felon cannot buy a gun.  The existing categories are plain and evident – so what’s to review?  Well, he will have new information reported by searches of people’s medical and mental health records.  I think he will add categories based on this new information:

Is a prepper/survivalist a category of individuals who should not have a gun?  Homeland Security has said in a report that preppers/survivalists are suspect for domestic terrorism.  Homeland Security also says military veterans are suspect for domestic terrorism.  Due to his wanting guns taken away, it’s reasonable for him to think why in the world are these suspected domestic terrorists allowed to have a gun?  It doesn’t matter he and Homeland Security are wrong about preppers and ex-military, I think Holder could use these two categories to make the case their guns should be taken – it’s for public safety and Homeland Security would agree.

The next article will be about Obama’s “parity” actions.  That’s a nice sounding word but I think it has to make your medical insurance go up.

Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on January 19, 2013, 12:01:32 PM

There is some good news at the end of this article.  Continuing to decipher what Obama’s firearms actions mean to us:

Where you keep your guns:
Your home is your castle with a moat around it and no one can enter unless you say so and you can do whatever you want in your castle.  Well, not exactly.  Law enforcement may enter if they have a warrant.  An aside:  I saw a rug on Amazon for in front of your front door which says, “COME BACK WITH A WARRANT”. Another says, “GO AWAY”.   My sentiments exactly

No. 7 is below and I get antsy when Obama starts addressing what is in our house.  It is not his business to know how we store our guns.  If you did the below, your gun(s) would be useless which is what he wants.  Under the guise of “safety”,  the below says store your guns in a safe with a trigger lock and store the ammunition somewhere else.  If you did that, you would have to have a conversation with the bad guy who got in your house.  “Have a cup of coffee Mr. bad guy, while I get my ammunition out of the attic, unlock the gun safe, unlock the trigger and I’ll be right with you.”  The bad guy has safety and you do not.

I do not want to see a federal law telling us we must do “x” with our guns at home or we are breaking the law.  The action below has a warning word and it’s “’encourage’ gun owners to take responsibility…”  What starts out as “encourage” can end up being law – that’s encourage to its extreme.  My guns are loaded and easy to access.  If you have young children, put the guns up high so the child can’t reach them or somewhere else that is handy but they can’t get them.  You know your children and how to keep your guns close but away from children.  You do not need a law to force you to do “x” inside your house.  Here is No. 7 for you to read again: 

7. Launch a national safe and responsible gun ownership campaign.
“The Administration will encourage gun owners to take responsibility for keeping their guns safe with a national campaign. The campaign will promote common-sense gun safety measures like the use of gun safes and trigger locks, separate storage of guns and ammunition, and the reporting of lost and stolen weapons to law enforcement.”

Mental Health:
Note the word “parity” in the last line of No. 20.  Note the word “parity” three times in No. 21.  Note “parity” once in No. 22.  I have put the word, “parity” in quotes in those actions.  What is “parity”?  It means “equal”, “the same”.  Your medical insurance right now limits the number of visits a month or year you may go to a mental health professional.  Why is there a limit?  Because you could go every day if allowed and rack up huge expense for the insurance company, so they have a limit on visits. 

Obama says,  “The Administration intends to issue next month the final rule defining these essential health benefits and implementing requirements for these plans to cover mental health benefits at “parity” with medical and surgical benefits.”

Medical benefits allows you to go to a doctor when you need to there are no limits how often you go and there is no limit for visits for a surgical need.  “Parity” for mental benefits just changed to go as many times as you want.  I guarantee you, your insurance rates are going up.  Obama says the new regulations will be written.  He is in charge of regulations and those regulations apply just as a law applies.

No. 23 guarantees more people will seek mental health professionals.  Health and Human Services Secretaries Sebelius and Duncan are to encourage people to go to those professionals.  So, more thousands/millions go to those professionals as many times as they want and your medical insurance goes up to pay for it.

Will expanding mental health services to be in “parity” with other medical benefits, stop mass shootings?  As a mental health professional myself, I doubt it.  Loner types tend to be the ones who kill, and they don’t go to mental health professionals because they are loners.  The ones who do go to one, aren’t going to tell the counselor they are going to kill multiple people tomorrow.  The vast majority of mentally ill people do not kill people. 

The people who know a person is dangerous to others, is usually a friend of the killer.  Even a loner will have one person he talks to.
Here are the actions we have been discussing:

20. Release a letter to state health officials clarifying the scope of mental health services that Medicaid plans must cover.
“Medicaid is already the biggest funder of mental health services, and the Affordable Care Act will extend Medicaid coverage to as many as 17 million hardworking Americans. There is some evidence that Medicaid plans are not always meeting mental health “parity” requirements today, an issue that will only become more important as Medicaid is expanded. The Administration is issuing a letter to state health officials making clear that these plans must comply with mental health “parity” requirements.”

21. Finalize regulations clarifying essential health benefits and “parity” requirements within ACA exchanges.
“The Administration will issue final regulations governing how existing group health plans that offer mental health services must cover them at “parity” under the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act of 2008. In addition, the Affordable Care Act requires all new small group and individual plans to cover ten essential health benefit categories, including mental health and substance abuse services. The Administration intends to issue next month the final rule defining these essential health benefits and implementing requirements for these plans to cover mental health benefits at “parity” with medical and surgical benefits.”

22. Commit to finalizing mental health “parity” regulations.  (covered in No. 21)

23. Launch a national dialogue led by Secretaries Sebelius and Duncan on mental health.
“The sense of shame and secrecy associated with mental illness prevents too many people from seeking help. The President is directing Secretaries Sebelius and Duncan to launch a national dialogue about mental illness with young people who have experienced mental illness, members of the faith community, foundations, and school and business leaders.”

Certain states are standing up for their citizen’s 2nd Amendment rights.
Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott says he will arrest any federal official who comes to Texas to take anyone’s guns.  Says he will arrest them as soon as they enter Texas.  There is a bill in the legislature that says these federal agents who try that will be arrested and put in prison for 5 years.  That bill says that any federal law to limit a person’s right to have a gun is unconstitutional and won’t be enforced by Texas.

Oklahoma, Wyoming and Missouri have similar bills in their legislature.  I tried to find all the states that have spoken out and written bills but it’s happening right now and hard to find every state in that process.

Find out about your state – search for it on the web.  It will bring joy to your life to know your state isn’t going to go along with Obama’s gun grab.

If you live in New York state – move to another state as that state has just essentially outlawed guns and the amount of cartridges a magazine can hold (7) and your guns are going to be registered.  Leave there and get your castle and moat back and buy a magazine that holds 25-30 rounds just to show New York you can.  That New York state law is unconstitutional.  The second amendment says, “…the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”  New York state has infringed on the people’s right to have a gun.

The next article will be about clocks, yes a clock that tells time.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on January 20, 2013, 02:07:15 PM

Obama’s gun executive actions does not cover ammunition.  That does not mean he is leaving ammunition alone.   He can certainly add ammunition control to any gun legislation he wants congress to pass.  Right now,  I can’t think how he would add control of ammunition to his executive actions, but his mind could think of a way to add it.  One wouldn’t have thought medical insurance would be affected by his gun actions but it is, so he could attach ammunition restrictions to something in his gun executive actions.

The New York law limits ammunition and a bill in Massachusetts also limits ammunition and that bill restricting guns is worse than New York’s if that is possible.   If you want the ability to protect you and your family, move from Massachusetts.  I found it laughable that if you have a weapon Mass.  calls an “assault” weapon, you must take it to a government facility and store it.  It is against that law to have it in your house.  These government people have no idea an “assault” weapon is just a rifle that fires a bullet when you pull the trigger and that bullet is not a large one like a shot gun.  The caliber bullet an AR 15 fires is reactively small. 

The AR 15 is black – oh my, it’s black so it must be really, really bad.  It is light weight compared to other rifles so that makes it a fun gun for target practice.  It is not the rifle a hunter wants to take down an elk or moose.   That takes a serious rifle of a larger caliber.

These laws to limit the purchase of  ammunition are varied but in these two states so far, you have to go through an FBI check to buy ammo. and your finger prints are taken and the amount you can buy is limited.   The bills in those two states have not taken effect yet, for sure Mass. is not in effect now as it hasn’t been passed yet.  I’m not sure about the New York law as I have heard it both ways – it is in effect or will be in March.  I would say buy all the ammo you can now if your gun hasn’t been outlawed in these bills.  If your handgun has a magazine that holds over 7 cartridges, you can’t have that gun after these bills go into effect – that gun is outlawed and you can’t have it in your house. 

For other states, buy ammo for your guns now – as much as you can afford.  If a federal law passes to limit ammo, your gun store has to follow that law and limit your ammo and take whatever measures that law says, like an FBI check, etc..

We are under federal government and state government assault for our weapons and ammo..  A state can say your gun can’t be taken, but if there are ammo controls, the state can’t avoid federal law regulating ammo.   

Ammunition is scarce right now.  You can still buy it on the web so search gun sites looking for the ammo you need and keep checking as eventually they will have more.  I expect buying ammo over the net may also be outlawed.  It will be if FBI checks and fingerprints have to be done.  Or, it will become like buy guns over the net – the ammo will be sent to a gun store and you pick it up there to allow the FBI check and fingerprints to be done.   Imagine, you couldn't buy a box of ammo with going through all that paper work.

I wish we could go back to the days of Daniel Boone when your gun was yours and your ammo was yours and that was it.  Unfortunately, the government now regulates our lives – so far they haven’t limited the number of times you may breathe per day.  Buy ammo. while you can without any restrictions on it.


Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on January 21, 2013, 08:58:00 AM

A few days ago, I saw a picture of a wind up clock.  It hit me, at my house there is not  one clock that doesn’t require a battery or being plugged in the wall.  If there is no power, I don’t want to use a battery to know what time it is.  I’ve been lucky so far when power was out that the battery clocks kept going.  How long has it been since I changed those batteries – I have no idea.  When power is out, there are important items that need batteries during a time like that and a battery for a clock takes away a battery and there are wind up clocks to fix that, right?  Are you old enough to remember when wind up clocks were all we had?  And, when electric clocks came in they were expensive so we kept winding our clock.  Those clocks were dependable for years but I found out that is not the case now.  We have “progressed” to the point our wind up clocks are the pits.  When did that change?  Think China.

I began to research wind up clocks.  The wind up clocks you remember that worked, are now made in China and they are basically junk.  The bodies are plastic instead of metal as they used to be and the insides will quit working soon.  Which ones will fail soon?  The answer is all of them – Westclox  (Big Ben, Baby Ben),  Advance, Bulova, Chaney,  La Crosse.   One version of Westclox has the turn keys in back too close to each other and it’s difficult to use those but the clock will fail anyway. 

The prices of these throw away clocks are low – from $7.99 to the mid $20s.  Customers are buying one and throwing it away and buying another and throwing that one away and buying another.   This  is  ridiculous.   Our problem with a long term power outage is we don’t  know when it will be back, therefore we need a dependable wind up clock.   In case of a hurricane, one doesn’t know how long it will take to get power back.  After Sandy,  power was out for weeks to a month or more and I don’t know if there are still some without power.  A tornado is the same as it takes out power lines and the poles.  A battery clock is going to stop at some point and so is your battery wristwatch.  When will the battery stop – it will stop at the point you need it the most – isn’t that the way with most everything?  Just when you need something, it doesn’t work. 

One has to leave China to find a dependable wind up clock.  I found one that is dependable and will be with you from now on and work – Sternreiter wind up alarm clock.  I could not find another company that makes a quality wind up clock.  You can find this on Amazon (although I searched the web and you can buy one there but when you add in shipping, it’s cheaper on Amazon by a bit).  It is $54.95 with free shipping and you have it forever.  You can find it here (if they are out, find it on the web). 

This is from the Sternreiter website :

“Mechanical brass movement, made in Europe
Mechanism features solid brass plates, brass gears, and steel shafts and pivots
Loud alarm bells
Offset seconds and alarm dials
Easy-to-read Arabic numerals
These traditional pieces are all metal, with a high-quality mechanism. The loud alarm will wake even the deepest sleeper.
The Sternreiter alarm clocks are sought after worldwide for their quality mechanisms. Most clockmakers stopped using these quality materials 50 years ago because it was too expensive in a competitive market. Sternreiter alarm clocks are inexpensive and can be maintained and passed on to your grandchildren.”

This clock has a tick sound that is not quiet.  If it bothers your sleep, place it across the room – even put something over it if it bothers you.  In an emergency situation, you may have it in your living area for time telling and the tick sound wouldn’t bother you.  Some customers say the tick sound helps them go to sleep, so this is a personal choice to deal with the tick.  The alarm is loud and will surely wake you up.  If you don’t have to get up at a specific time, don’t set it to come on because it will wake you up.  With this clock, you will have “time” without plug in or battery.

Valentine’s day is coming up – give this clock to your  spouse.   It will last and roses or candy won’t (but buy the candy anyway along with the clock).  In case you alive alone like I do – buy yourself  a Valentine present.

Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on January 30, 2013, 11:09:54 AM

You can click on any of these bills listed below and read the content, however, some do not have the wording yet posted under the bill.  That was yesterday.  Once a bill is introduced, the wording is sent to the Library of Congress for them to print.  Once printed, it appears on line, so those without the wording yet, will have it shortly.

You will note each bill was sent to a specific committee.  It’s not known which bills will get out of committee and likely a number, or most, will not get out of committee so will die there.
Do not expect any criminal with a gun to follow any of these laws.  These laws are for law abiding citizens – wait, if they are for law abiding citizens, why would such citizens need these laws?  I have no idea, ask the fellow who resides in our White House.  I have read that New York state citizens who own guns have come together to resist registering their firearms as their new law says has to happen.

Which federal/state/county/city/agency knows you have a gun right now?  
NONE unless you have registered it yourself with one of those entities.  I was fuzzy about that and checked into it:

When you buy a gun or rifle, you have to fill out federal form no. 4473.  Aha!  That form goes to the government and they know you bought a gun!  No, it doesn’t go there.  It stays with the firearm dealer who sold you the firearm.  A federal officer would have to go to the company office and look through those thousands of forms to see who bought a gun.   Unless you have purposely registered your gun, no one knows you have it.  There are some states that make you register when you buy one, and that’s a shame.  If you haven’t had to do that, you’re okay. 

If your state now has a law you have to register any gun you have, you have to decide if you are going to do that.  The state of Texas says registration or confiscation would be unconstitutional as it is our right to own any gun we want and it is our property and no one can take a gun belonging to a Texas citizen.

If you don’t know where your state stands on these gun ownership questions, you can find out.  Put your state name and “gun ownership” in search and see what comes up.  If you can’t find it, call you state representative or senator and you can get that information.  Here are all the present bills in the US House and Senate:
House Bills:

H.R. 21: NRA Members' Gun Safety Act of 2013. Sponsor: Rep Moran, James P., Referred to the Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, Homeland Security, And Investigations.

H.R. 34: Blair Holt's Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act of 2013. Sponsor: Rep Rush, Bobby L., Referred to the Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, Homeland Security, And Investigations.

H.R. 65: Child Gun Safety and Gun Access Prevention Act of 2013 . Sponsor: Rep Jackson Lee, Sheila, Referred to the Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, Homeland Security, And Investigations.

H.R. 117: Handgun Licensing and Registration Act of 2013. Sponsor: Rep Holt, Rush, Referred to the Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, Homeland Security, And Investigations.

H.R. 137: Fix Gun Checks Act of 2013. Sponsor: Rep McCarthy, Carolyn, Referred to the Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, Homeland Security, And Investigations.

H.R. 138: Large Capacity Ammunition Feeding Device Act. Sponsor: Rep McCarthy, Carolyn, Referred to the Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, Homeland Security, And Investigations.

H.R. 141: Gun Show Loophole Closing Act of 2013. Sponsor: Rep McCarthy, Carolyn, Referred to the Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, Homeland Security, And Investigations.

H.R. 142: Stop Online Ammunition Sales Act of 2013. Sponsor: Rep McCarthy, Carolyn, Referred to the Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, Homeland Security, And Investigations.

H.R. 226: Support Assault Firearms Elimination and Reduction for our Streets Act. Sponsor: Rep DeLauro, Rosa L., Referred to the Ways and Means committee.

H.R. 227: Buyback Our Safety Act. Sponsor: Rep Deutch, Theodore E., Referred to the Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, Homeland Security, And Investigations.

H.R. 236: Crackdown on Deadbeat Gun Dealers Act of 2013. Sponsor: Rep Langevin, James R., Referred to the Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, Homeland Security, And Investigations.

H.R. 238: Fire Sale Loophole Closing Act. Sponsor: Rep Meng, Grace, Referred to the Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, Homeland Security, And Investigations.

H.R. 329: To amend the NICS Improvement Amendments Act of 2007 to encourage States to provide records to the National Instant Background Check System.Sponsor: Rep Fitzpatrick, Michael G.

H.R. 339: To require the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives to make video recordings of the examination and testing of firearms and ammunition, and for other purposes.

H.R. 404: To enhance criminal penalties for straw purchasers of firearms. Sponsor: Rep Schiff, Adam B.

H.R. 410: To provide that any executive action infringing on the Second Amendment has no force or effect, and to prohibit the use of funds for certain purposes.

H.R. 427: To prevent the illegal sale of firearms, and for other purpoes. Sponsor: Rep Quigley, Mike

H.R. 431: To restore certain authorities of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives to administer the firearms laws, and for other purposes. Sponsor: Rep Speier, Jackie

Senate Bills:

S.22: A bill to establish background check procedures for gun shows. Sponsor: Sen Lautenberg, Frank R. Referred to the Senate Judicary committee

S.33: A bill to prohibit the transfer or possession of large capacity ammunition feeding devices, and for other purposes. Sponsor: Sen Lautenberg, Frank R., Referred to the Senate Judicary committee

S.34: A bill to increase public safety by permitting the Attorney General to deny the transfer of firearms or the issuance of firearms and explosives licenses to known or suspected dangerous terrorists. Sponsor: Sen Lautenberg, Frank R., Referred to the Senate Judicary committee

S.35: A bill to require face to face purchases of ammunition, to require licensing of ammunition dealers, and to require reporting regarding bulk purchases of ammunition. Sponsor: Sen Lautenberg, Frank R., Referred to the Senate Judicary committee

S.54: A bill to increase public safety by punishing and deterring firearms trafficking. ("trafficking = "private sales") Sponsor: Sen Leahy, Patrick J., Referred to the Senate Judicary committee

S.147: A bill to establish minimum standards for States that allow the carrying of concealed firearms. Sponsor: Sen Boxer, Barbara , Referred to the Senate Judicary committee

S.150: A bill to regulate assault weapons, to ensure that the right to keep and bear arms is not unlimited, and for other purposes. Sponsor: Sen Feinstein, Dianne, Referred to the Senate Judicary committee

Sorry, the links to the text of these bills didn't transfer when I posted the bills.   A way to read them is to put the number and title in "search" and it will come up, as this way:  put "H.R. 21: NRA Members' Gun Safety Act of 2013" in search and it should come up.

Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Mma800 on February 04, 2013, 04:08:26 AM
Hi Victoria!
I wanted to thank you for your wonderful advice. I stumbled upon your thread and decided to register on TSP. great info!
As I read all the posts, I kept a list of items to add to my preps. Then I looked them up on amazon. So far I have ordered a few things like the clock and rechargeable batteries.
I am giving the clock to my husband for Valentines Day. I hope you get yourself a great gift too! You have so many fans here that you are never alone!
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on February 04, 2013, 11:57:27 AM
Mma800- Thanks for posting.  My clock came and it’s just swell.  Customer comments mentioned a loud tick but I have to get it fairly close to my ear to hear it and my hearing is fine.  I’d say once it is no more than 8 inches from my ear, I hear nothing and that is concentrating to hear it.  Maybe if there was no background noise at all, a faint tick could be heard farther away.  Really, it’s not much tick.  The alarm is a pleasant sound, not loud enough to startle you awake but you will hear it.  Customer remarks were wrong about a very loud alarm.  Maybe they have changed this clock since those comments were made.  It’s all metal and the face is glass – no plastic anywhere.  I think you will be glad you have this clock.

As events happened to me that caused me to stop writing, I felt the readers deserved to know why I had to stop.  Events happen to all of us that change our lives.  The one thing a person can depend on to happen, is change.  One is forced to deal with change that can’t be reversed and death is one of them.  I had surgery to get my eyes back to 20-20, and when my first floor was flooded with a film of water, I got that fixed.   Life is change.

Now, our right to have guns or certain guns and magazines and ammunition is threatened.  That change is not going to happen in my house and Texas says our guns are safe - no federal agency can take them.  The state you are in matters.  My new PINK Ruger 22 LR (long rifle) has finally been shipped and I should get a notice it’s at the gun shop here before this week is over.  I think I’ll place it on top of a PINK marble topped coffee table for decoration.  That should make for interesting conversation if someone visits me  :) .   I ordered three boxes of ammo (hollow points) for this rifle and it isn’t here yet and that was a month ago.

I check gun stores all over the web for 22 LR ammunition every day and it’s nonexistent now.  Any of you trying to buy ammunition for any gun knows this.  I bought ammo for my other guns before this rush for ammo started.  I’ve been told Walmart is limiting a customer from one to three boxes of ammo so more customers can have some.  Walmart does not sell ammo over the net and they don’t sell guns over the net.   I’ll keep up my search for ammo for the 22 until I find more.

If I finally find a place that has hollow point cartridges for any caliber weapon, I’ll post it.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Mma800 on February 04, 2013, 03:50:18 PM
Keep searching like I am, Victoria! But Texas must be better than Massachusetts!
I ordered a book called "Beginners Guide To Reloading "

You are the Oprah of TSP!

I have received my Igloo cooler on wheels, Sony Shortwave radio, Steinreiter clock and Lifehammer escape hammers. All items seem fabulous!  I'm listening to the radio as I type.

Thanks for all the great advice
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on February 04, 2013, 08:43:33 PM

Go to Kentucky Gun Company below for ammo for 12 gauge slugs, 20 gauge, and various handgun hollow points.  No 22 LR hollow points yet.  This is where I found my PINK 22 LR Ruger rifle.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on February 05, 2013, 10:44:11 AM

Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on February 06, 2013, 09:26:04 AM

Cheaper Than Dirt is now out of the CCI 22 LR Hollow Point ammo.  They had it all of yesterday because I kept checking it, but this morning there is no more.  I got an email yesterday they have already mailed mine so at least they are keeping up with orders - don't have to wait weeks for orders to be sent now.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on February 12, 2013, 04:45:28 PM
I’m writing an article on the meaning of the Second Amendment and another on Manuka Honey, what it is, and how it saved the leg of my friend.  Hope to have these up by tomorrow evening or Thursday morning.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on February 13, 2013, 05:15:59 PM

Well, it happened.  Some coffee spilled on the right side of keyboard and keyboard would not work.  Took it to computer guy and he has to order another keyboard.  He gave me a separte large keyboard to plug into the laptop in order to get me back on line.  All that took up the greater part of the day.  I hope to have an article on here by tomorrow evening - and the coffee cup will never again sit where it was today.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on February 13, 2013, 07:12:58 PM

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

You remember when we said, “words mean things”?  And, in law, each word has meaning and one word could change the meaning of a law?  The word that guides the understanding of the Second Amendment is the word, “infringed” – “shall not be infringed”.  “Infringed” means it would be against the law to “infringe” this right to keep and bear firearms.  What, exactly, does infringe mean?  To “infringe” (on a right in this case) means “intrude on, compromise, undermine, limit, weaken, diminish, disrupt, or curb.”  In a common term, you can’t “mess” with this right without it being infringed.

Let’s define one more word which is important - “Arms”.  In relation to a Militia, “arms” represents guns – “firearms”.   In definition, a firearm is “a small arms weapon, as a rifle or pistol, from which a projectile is fired by gunpowder.  Origin of the word came about between 1640–50. 

Now, Piers Morgan has a ridiculous question he asks “gun” people that goes something like this:  “Well, why don’t you buy a tank if the government can’t regulate guns?”  Then, he doesn’t listen for the answer but yells again, “What about a tank!?”  No one has said to him that a tank is not a firearm as defined in that right to bear arms. 

And, note, it says, “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms…”, plural, “arms”, not just one firearm.  It doesn’t say, “the right of the people to keep and bear one firearm each”.

It also doesn’t say you can’t have more than 10 or 7 cartridges in a magazine.  It doesn’t say someone will call some rifles “assault weapons” and you can’t have those.  It doesn’t say you can only buy “x” number of cartridges.  It didn’t say your firearm(s) have to be registered with the government.

Remember the meaning of these words as you evaluate the many laws states are trying to pass and the federal government is trying to pass.  Perhaps you can use what you learned here to respond to liberals who want to “infringe” on your right to have and bear arms of whatever type you want and as many as you want.


I was putting a jar of Manuka honey away in storage preps so no visitor would make a mistake and open it and eat it.  The honey is not for eating.  It is very expensive for honey, and does a job no other honey can do and no man made antibiotic can do.  Then, I thought of the (my) readers – I haven’t told you about this honey.

Manuka Honey only comes from New Zealand.  A plant there, the Manuka, only grows in that one spot in the world (I’m almost positive about that as the honey comes from no place else).  Bees in that area only use the blossoms of the Manuka to make honey.  Methylglyoxal and Dihydroxyacetone, is in the blossoms and is deposited in the honey.  It has been determined that Methylglyoxal breaks down into small amounts of  hydrogen peroxide and the two ingredients together become an antibiotic.  It reacts on skin to get rid of infection and encourage the growth of new blood capillaries and the growth of fibroblasts and epithelial cells when applied topically to wounds.

My friend’s leg was saved using this honey and that’s how I found out about it.  My friend has had severe diabetes for years and has lost one leg to the disease.  He isn’t the typically thought of diabetic as he is slim, not fat.  He is wheelchair bound with one leg.  His other leg developed a wound and doctors tried everything to cure the wound, to try to get rid of the infection, thinking if that couldn’t be done, they would have to remove the leg.  As a last resort, they sent him to a wound clinic.  He made regular trips there and they infused the wound with this honey each time.  The wound is healing and he isn’t going to lose the leg.   

If it can cure an infection regular methods have failed to do and save a leg,  it can certainly heal lesser wounds, prevent/cure infection and promote faster healing of the wound.  In an emergency situation, without an emergency room or doctor, this jar of honey becomes invaluable.

The brand I would get is “Manuka Health”.   You can find it on Amazon and on the web otherwise.  It comes in strengths – mine is MGO 250.  There are lower and higher strengths from 100 to 700.  As the strength goes up, the price goes up.  If you can afford the highest, get that.  That particular day, I was researching the honey, and got the 250.  Would like to have a higher rated one as well.  I don’t remember how much the 250 was, but it wasn’t cheap for that small jar.

My jar is with my medical supplies now.  If you get a jar, DO NOT PUT IT IN THE KITCHEN.  Someone might open it and eat this expensive “medicine”.

The honey is also supposed to help digestive tract problems.  You can research that but we have other over the counter meds (at much lower prices) for those problems so I’m keeping this honey just for wound treatment.

Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: TexDaddy on February 13, 2013, 09:16:32 PM
Thanks Victoria,

Manuka honey now on order.
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Post by: nelson96 on February 13, 2013, 09:31:32 PM
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on February 13, 2013, 09:59:31 PM
I went to the honey you bought and read the reviews there.  One man said it didn't work as his wife was eating it for fibromyalgia and it doesn't help.  It will not help fibromyalgia as that is a nerve problem.  I have fibromyalgia and that starts in the brain.  Too much activity is generated into the nerves and muscles contract and hurt.  That problem has nothing to do with a bacterial infection.  He is wasting that honey/money and the wife should go to a neurologist for meds for fibro. to calm those nerves.

I'm glad you got the honey.  I believe God put healing plants on this earth that would cure disease - the problem is, he didn't give us instructions on which plant does what.  When I finally see Him, I'll tell Him what He didn't do right.

In Revelation, it describes heaven and there is a Tree of Life between two streams in the city and it bears different types of fruit and it cures the people of illness so they remain healthy.  That is one reason why I believe we have plants here that heal.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on February 13, 2013, 10:02:04 PM

Thanks for those quotes.  We are having to hang on to the Constitution and Bill of Rights as never before in my lifetime.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: nelson96 on February 13, 2013, 10:43:00 PM

Thanks for those quotes.  We are having to hang on to the Constitution and Bill of Rights as never before in my lifetime.

LOL . . .  I was tagging the thread so I could follow it.  You provide some good stuff, look forward to reading more . . . thanks.
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Post by: Entity on February 13, 2013, 11:57:51 PM
Victoria, As a kiwi beekeeper( finally!), you are most welcome about the honey  :P

However, while manuka is endemic to New Zealand I do believe that it is grown elsewhere, in various botanical collections, but also in common growth in south east Australia.
If you do find seeds for it, ( they are out there, but hard to find), there is no significant different in the UMF between manuka varieties, and can form a dense scrub block. Juvenile trees are excellent for privacy.

Do note however that its relative - kanuka - has not been proven to have this benefit, however does well in geo-thermally active areas, and may be ideal for soil stabilisation in such areas.

With any honey from New Zealand, make sure it's tutin scores are low. Most commercial honey has been tested and passed, but occasionally there is a scandal when some slips though the cracks. With the advent of ultra-filtering, to obscure origin, it becomes possible a less scrupulous operator may dump non-compliment honey on an overseas market, leaving all of us to suffer.

Tutin is a toxin from the tutu bush. it makes it's way into honey, when leafhoppers that have been feeding on the tutu bush excrete it in honey dew. It is extremely toxic to all mammals. Symptoms include "vomiting, delirium, giddiness, increased excitability, stupor, coma, and violent convulsions.".

The new zealand government, and indeed most new zealand beekeepers, do take the risk of tutin seriously, and indeed prosecutions have been upheld against beekeepers who fail to keep tutin contaminated honey from entering the food stream.
Indeed I only mention it, because this is a group that likes to know about the possibilities of low risk high impact occurrences, and I would have to advise people that in the case of a collapse of the NZ government services ( the testing labs being high on that list), to IMMEDIATELY cease buying nz sourced honey.

It's safe for now, but just another thing to watch out for.

ps. Most surrounding the beekeeping industry will destroy any tutu we discover, just to be on the safe side.  it's one of the things we are a little paranoid about down here
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Post by: Victoria on February 14, 2013, 12:26:11 AM
The Manuka plant does grow in the wild in New Zealand and I believe the reason this is the only place the honey is gathered for medicinal purposes is that it's the only plant flower the bees use in making their honey, so it's pure Manuka blossoms.  "Manuka Health" company uses tight controls since the honey is used for medicinal purposes.  As with all honey, the jar says not to give the honey to eat to children under four years old.

Certainly, if their processing plant failed, I doubt any more honey would be sold until the problem was fixed since the honey's main use is medicinal.

I've read about honey in general, what is available in stores and is it safe.  If it says "pure honey", it is not a blend of some kind with added sugar or other ingredients.  So, for regular honey, I buy "pure honey", not a blend.  If it doesn't say "pure", I don't buy it.

Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Entity on February 14, 2013, 01:24:54 AM
Sorry Victoria, no honey is absolutely from only one species, there is always some drift, even in large mono-flora forages. There is also no way of processing out tutin, other than stringent testing and removal of any contaminated batches.

Honey blends should also not contain additional sugars, these would find their way into honey for sale by incorrect use of feeding.
( Bees are often fed sugar to help them make it though non- nectar flow periods of the year. especially so in relation to mono-flora production. Or put alternately, to help the bees out when there are no flowers in their foraging range.)

You are correct that manuka does grow wild here, and that as a result we are the major producing nation for manuka honey. Manuka honey for medicinal purposes is commonly produced from groomed forage, that is forage where other species have largely been removed. Since the bee's forage area is large, it is impractical to remove all non-manuka forage however, and there is some crossover.

it is currently law that all batches of honey intended for offer to the public must be tested for tutin, by an authorised lab. The offered honey may not have more than 1gram per kilogram of tutin for liquid or blended honeys, or 0.01 grams per kilogram for comb honey. Whilst little study has been done on tutin, it has been observed that one gram of tutin is sufficient to kill an elephant. ( I have no idea why they decided to feed it to the elephant in question).
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on February 14, 2013, 07:55:30 AM

You should know since you live there and have bees.  When I first became aware of the honey when it saved my friend's leg and read about the honey, that souce said the bees stayed in that area where the plants grow.  My first thought before I read that was why do the bees not move out to other plants/blossoms.  I don't rememger the reasoning behind the bees staying in that area but I think it was that specific location limited their area and the Manuka was the only blossoming plant there.

Do you know of a case in the United States of tutin from any honey making someone sick or killing someone?  It sounds like you are saying every honey made is tested for tutin.

What about any wild honey on someone's property that they gather and eat?  Are those people taking a chance of dying from tutin?  Is tutin more common in the comb itself or is the honey and comb the same?

I didn't include a statement the American Cancer Society made about this honey but they endorse this honey after scientific testing of the ingredients in the honey as being a medicinal help with wounds.  That was encouraging as a number of "natural" products, "holistic" type products, have their supporters with no scientific evidence the product works. 

Thanks for your input on the above questions.  It's seldom there is someone like you who is actually in the business related to a product.  You call yourself a kiwi beekeeper.  To what does the "kiwi" refer?  Surely, you are not talking about honey made from the blossoms of the kiwi plant, or maybe you are?
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Entity on February 14, 2013, 01:09:31 PM
ok, some things i can answer for you ^^_

first kiwi refers to different things, but unless specifically stated that it's kiwifruit, then it isn't a plant ( I know, our overseas marketing makes that more confusing, not less).
the first is the national bird. the kiwi is a flightless bird that eats burrowed grubs, due to a very long and strong beak. They are also sadly very endangered.
The second, is that people from New Zealand, are often referred to as kiwis, in reference to the bird.

The reason given to you about why the bees stay in those areas is valid, and the reason being, is those areas are usually little islands of scrubby bush, surrounded by grazing pastures, often for cattle.  In turn, those areas haven been left because they are the rough terrain of that bit of farm. often steep and difficult to care for in grass. Basically the farmers don't have a decent idea what else to do with them. but they are almost never solely manuka in there. there is often kanuka, pittisporum, rimu, gorse and a whole host of other species. A groomed forage block will have someone go though it once a year and kill unwanted species, but many of those blocks are challenging to work in.
One trick used to limit other species nectar making it into your product is to take off the hive's honey just before the manuka necter flow starts, and then just as it ends. This limits other nectars mostly to the kanukas.
Likewise covers in the paddocks around the manuaka block may also be foraged but this is limited by the placement of the hives. Like most creatures, bees, if given the choice, will go for the easiest forage to get to first, tending that in order of perceived nutrition.
Bees will exit the hive and fly straight for a bit, so beekeepers have been known to 'aim' them at what they want them to concentrate on.

I am not aware of anyone in the states being made sick from tutin, but there was a case a few years ago when some german and swedish people were made sick. All honey is supposed to be tested, but sometimes things get though that shouldn't usually from smaller producers or as the result of rush on orders.

It is strongly inadvisable to eat wild honey here. The tutin would be in the honey. The reason there is a difference between the levels acceptable in liquid honeys and comb honey is that in liquid honey there is more chance for the tutin to be diluted out, where as in comb honeys, it is possible (without being tested clean), that one cell could contain a lethal amount whilst other cells around it are fine. As a result, tutin poisoning from comb honey is usually more severe than from liquid honeys

I am not trying to scare anyone off.
The long and the short of it is that there are risks, that if properly managed let you get a medicine that is once of the few things that is still effective in treating MRSA. That is the magic we are talking about.
The last time tainted honey got through, was before most people knew about manuaka honey and it's benefits.  We are doing our best to minimise any risk from tutin to the consumers of our honey, but being that we are only people, it will eventually happen again.
My hope is knowing what I am telling you, will help give you the tools to avoid the FUD circus that will invariably occur with such an event, and pick out the honeys that remain safe.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Entity on February 14, 2013, 01:48:33 PM
I left it too long to tack this on the end of the previous reply, but:

For the sake of honest and not presenting a false face, I am relatively new to the industry. indeed the "Finally!" comment was about getting my own hives, rather than continuing to work on other peoples as a learning experience.  Apprenticeships are not required for beekeeping, but they certainly help teach you heaps.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on February 14, 2013, 03:35:44 PM

Thanks so much for the information.  Didn't know about kiwi and New Zealand.  All I knew was the Kiwi fruit.

One more question:  As long as this medicinal honey is used on a wound, it would be totally safe, right or wrong?  With any honey, it would be the eating of it that would be the problem, right or wrong? 
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Entity on February 14, 2013, 04:49:48 PM
I truly wish I could agree with that statement, but any contact between tutin and the blood stream or the appropriate mucus membranes is believed harmful. There isn't as much research out there on this particular point as I would like however.

It should be possible to get a copy of the lab report per batch of honey, but it is also possible that over seas sellers may be unaware of it. usually you can ask for the report for that batch to be faxed (or in a more modern sense, scanned and emailed)to you, esp if buying in larger quantities.  Do expect a little grumbling when you ask for this if the quantities are smaller however.

Liquid honey that tests out with a very low level of tutin should not be harmful for wound contact. To give a categorical answer however would depend of a few more factors, such as the true tutin level, the depth of the wound and degree of blood loss. Honey for wound care is usually specified as having considerably less than 0.01mg/kg tutin to minimise any chance for this pathway. This low a level can be quite challenging to achieve in many areas and so you can expect honey that tests out this low, and that has a high UMF to command a higher price.

I also erred in the numbers quoted earlier. ( sometimes there are just too many numbers) the food standard requires less than two milligrams per kilogram in liquid or blended honeys, and less than 0.1 milligrams per kilogram in comb honey. medical standards are more stringent, but i don't have a reference handy atm.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on February 14, 2013, 05:16:15 PM
"This low a level can be quite challenging to achieve in many areas and so you can expect honey that tests out this low, and that has a high UMF to command a higher price."

That is encouraging because the "Manuka Health" brand is super expensive for a small jar of whatever strength. 

Readers, if you ever hear of someone in this country getting very ill from eating honey (someone over 4 yrs. of age as small children shouldn't be eat honey), one can suspect tutin.  I don't think I've ever heard of someone in this country getting ill from eating honey, but it could have happened in years past when it was more difficult for information to get to the public.  These days, practially your every breath is recorded somewhere and if it isn't right, it'll be spread all over the web and cable TV.

Thanks to Entity for information about honey - we're all smarter now about honey.  And, thanks to New Zealand (Kiwi bird country) for this magical medicinal honey.

Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on February 16, 2013, 01:28:27 PM

Yesterday, I saw a reporter briefly interview a man who had been on this ship.  He was on the ship with his wife who is a nurse.   She always carries an emergency bag on any trip they make.  In that bag, she had water and food and medicines they might need on a trip. 

Out of 3,141 passengers, she is the only one I have heard about who had preparations  of any kind if there was trouble.

The reporter asked the man if he was glad he was married to this woman who had prepared this bag and the husband said yes.

I would bet if the other passengers, before the trip, had heard this woman had an emergency bag, they would have laughed and said nothing could happen to this great big ship.  Well, it did.

Look at the numbers:  3,141 passengers with 1 prepared.   We have over 300 million in this country – how many of those are prepared for an emergency?  How would that percentage stack up against 1 in 3,141?   If we use the ship number, 3,141 people who live around you are not prepared and only you in that group is prepared.  If others know you are prepared, how long will it take before they come for yours when they have nothing?  Remember the war saying, “Loose lips sink ships.” 

What would have happened on this ship, if no water or food got there at all, and they knew this woman had a bag with water and food?  How long would she have lasted before someone attacked her for that bag?

What we know did happen on the ship, is, once good water was no longer in the pipes and food was limited, and this went on two days before more food and water was taken to the ship,  food lines were long and it took one to two hours of standing in a line to get food.  When people got to the food, they stuffed extra food in their pockets and purses.   They had to drink soda in order to have liquid.

The ship staff, once seeing the hoarding of food, told people not to take more than their share as more food would be sent to the ship.  This rationing stayed in effect until more food could get there and even then, it was still, “Don’t take more than your share”.   Did people stop hoarding  because they were told not to?  I doubt it as the primal DNA had started working which says do anything to have food so you won’t die.  They didn’t care about the next person, they wanted to save their own life.

When your grocery store starts running low on food/water for an emergency people know is coming (hurricane. snow storm, etc.),  they are going to buy a lot of food to save themselves and not you.  That is what happened on this ship and it happens every time supplies are limited due to an emergency.  Never think people are going to be nice and share with you.   Remember what happened in the ship food line - people grabbed as much as they could no matter how many were behind them in line and you could have been one of those back in that line.

Think like this nurse does:  “I’m taking an emergency bag when we travel.”  That had to be her thought process since she always had this bag.

Only one person, a woman, was taken off the ship and that was because she had to have kidney dialysis on a certain day or be in kidney difficulty.   If the ship hadn’t  had the problem, she would have been back in time for the dialysis. 

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Post by: soccer grannie on February 16, 2013, 01:57:25 PM
When we went on a cruise in late 2011, I packed a bag with everything I could legally get through Customs and the ship rules. You are allowed to take X number of bottles of sodas & water. I packed full bottles of daily RXs and bottles of prescription pain meds just in case. I also had labeled zip bags with every OTC med I could think of (sinus/allergy, Pepto tablets, Tylenol & Iburpofen, Orajel, etc) along with all sizes of bandages, Neosporin ... We had flashlights & batteries. Since no weapons are allowed I had scissors (met the length requirement of the ship rules) which could have been taken apart for 2 defense items if needed. As far as food I did have PB crackers & each day we brought some fruit from the buffet to keep in our cabin.

The next cruise I will take more food, duct tape & the hand crank cell phone charger.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on February 16, 2013, 02:33:18 PM
soccer grannie,

Thanks for your post.  I thought yesterday about flashlight and batteries, then forgot to put it in this article.  I saw interviews by all who were interviewed, and all lower floors on the ship were pitch black at night.  Those on those lower floors would have loved to have a flashlight, but they didn’t. A flashlight is vitally important anywhere you go as power could go out for many reasons.  A group of girls were interviewed and one had a tiny light on her keychain and that’s what they used to be able to see something instead of pitch black.

You have done well to prepare yourself for travel.  Your scissors idea is great – I wouldn’t have thought of that.  Some kind of weapon is better than none.  In earlier years, I did a lot of overseas travel and a jar of peanut butter and crackers was always in my carry on bag.  Planes can get stuck on runways for hours sometimes and, while in flight,  I’ve known of food being spoiled when flight attendants got the food out of the large containers and they didn’t know how it could have spoiled, but it did.

I knew a husband and wife who always had peanut butter and crackers and bottles of water and they never ate food prepared by the airline.  They were special people.  They had a decorated false Christmas tree on wheels and kept it in a closet and wheeled it out every Christmas – no decorating, it was already done.  They went on every company trip we went on and the husband, every single time, when my husband and I were at the airport, waiting to get on the plane, would sneak up behind me and kiss me on the cheek.  Every time I knew he was going to do that and I would search for him but I never caught him, he would always manage to rush in and kiss me on the cheek.  It was a game he played with me every time.

Another kiss on the cheek story:  My son is a director of documentary films and lives in London.  His wife was an actress so they had actor/actress friends.  One Christmas I was there and some of the actor/actress people came by to pick up my son and wife to go to a pub.  As they were introduced to me, one of the actor fellas kissed me on the cheek.  These were all just grown up kids to me and I paid no attention to their names.

Some time after that, actor Hugh Grant was caught with a prostitute in Los Angeles – you may remember that as it was all over the news.  That meant nothing to me.  Then, my son called and said, “Mother, it was Hugh Grant who kissed you on the cheek.”  Now, readers, I swear, he ONLY kissed me on the cheek.
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Post by: oldcountryboy on February 19, 2013, 08:42:32 PM
Victoria I hope you keep adding to this thread. I enjoy reading it so much. Have not had time to completely read it all yet, but I will. Just wanted you to know how much I enjoy reading your experiences and wisdom.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on February 19, 2013, 09:43:16 PM

Thanks for your comment.  The only way I know someone is reading is to get a comment or see the reading number go up.

I've always been a problem solver and interested in how things work.  If I want to know something, I beat it to death until I know as much as possible.

I think these articles are now as long as a book.  It will take some time to read them all.

The thing is, the way the world is going, there is much to learn and more problems to solve.  It never ends.

Who would have thought our right to firearms would be threatened as fast as it happened?

I watch the news all day.  Today, our government said China is seriously studying/developing how to disrupt our electric grid.  It was said they have been working on this for some time and we regular citizens just didn't know it but the government has known it. 

It used to be said China wouldn't hurt us because they needed us to buy their goods.  That sounded reasonable.  If they are trying to disrupt our electric grid, they must think they have enough customers from other countries to do well now and they can try to destroy us.  They will if the grid goes down for a long time.  Large transformers are made overseas and they aren't made in huge quantities and it takes time for some to get here.  If all transformers were destroyed, we would be in the dark ages again, back to 1800's technology.  Can you say horse and buggy?  Can you say cultivate the ground by hand or horse drawn plow?

As I said, every day there is something new happening.
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Post by: Victoria on February 22, 2013, 12:01:38 AM
I'll soon post an article about a NEW Obama rule the Veterans' Administration has started using to prevent certain veterans the right to have or buy a firearm.  It is certainly possible this NEW rule could be used to prevent senior citizens to have or buy a firearm. 

Didn't I say a short time ago Obama would use "rules" and not laws to confiscate firearms/prevent people from buying firearms because he had control of making rules?  Yes, I did.  After evaluating how he effects change, I know how he thinks.

I hope to get this posted by tomorrow some time.  Give your firearms a hug, let them know you care about them.   :)
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on February 23, 2013, 10:04:16 AM

Some time ago we talked about Homeland Security and their publication that listed survivalists and Veterans as possible domestic terrorists.  At the time, it was hard to believe Veterans would be on that list.  Of what possible danger could US military Vets be to the government or the populace?  Never in our history has that officially been said by a government entity.  Our Vets are our heroes who have kept this nation safe.  Of course, it was ridiculous to say that about survivalists, too, and I’m sure they have included the term “prepper” now. 

Really, on their own website, they encourage citizens to have three days of water and food for an emergency.  The only conclusion I could come to about their wanting you to have only three days of water/food, was, if you have more than three days of preps, you would be a survivalist/prepper and that makes you a possible domestic terrorist.  Does that logic make sense to you?  What is the difference between three days and five days and a month and a year?   The only difference is you have more water and food.  To jump from more water and food to possible “terrorist” is the product of an Obama liberal led Homeland Security team.

Specifically Veterans:

Some veterans are now getting letters from the Veterans Administration that they cannot buy or keep/have firearms.  The situation about this is volatile at the moment and I didn’t post this yesterday as I was still researching it to get the true story.  Some are saying the VA isn’t doing this, but others have received such a letter.  Here’s what I believe to be true based on my researching this: 

First, the VA is sending information they have on Vets to the FBI database that is used to determine if a person “qualifies” to have a firearm or not.   A VA committee is determining whether or not a Vet is able to run his own life and if they determine he isn’t, using Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and dementia for whatever reason and maybe other criteria to come to this conclusion, then he can’t have a firearm and he gets this letter and the information is put on the FBI database so if the Vet tries to buy a firearm, when the gun shop checks the Vet’s FBI info., the shop will find this Vet is not allowed to buy a firearm. 

The problem with this, is, a VA committee is making this decision arbitrarily without any input from the Vet or anyone else outside the VA.  Right now, the Vet can challenge that decision and go to court and try to get that changed but there is a move to remove even that right – that the VA decision would be final.  So, right now, a Vet could force this to court.  How many Vets do you know who have enough money to pay for lawyers to fight the VA?

A Vet is a regular person just like you and me.  We can, under present law, be determined to have diminished capacity, either mental or physical, to the point we cannot run our lives, feed ourselves or manage our money, and a care giver/protector will be given the right to take care of us.  The method of doing that happens in court when a judge hears the evidence of both sides, if there are two sides, and makes the decision to appoint a caretaker or not.  That is legal.  In the case of Vets, in my opinion and others, what the VA is doing is illegal because they are taking away the rights of Vets without a court procedure as explained above.

A case in point:  In my practice, I evaluated patients for Social Security Disability by a series of psychological tests and interview.  One of the questions I had to answer for the SS, was, is this person, in my opinion, capable of managing the SS funds the person would receive?   There was only one patient I marked as not being capable based on the tests and her daily behavior.  Every day, she stayed in a corner of her bed with a gun by her side in case a man came in the room.  That was her day, every day.  She also had seizures if there was any kind of noise she could hear.  In my opinion, she could not manage her money.  She had family who took care of her.  I’m sure if that went to court, a family member would be named the caretaker to handle her money.

Do you see the difference in determining this in court as opposed to a VA committee making that decision with no input from the Vet or a judge?  If the VA was required to go to court before taking away the rights of the Vet, the VA would have to pay the expense of going to court since they are the ones trying to remove the Vet’s rights.  The way it is now, they take away the rights and the Vet would have to pay the court cost to try to get those rights back. 


As of right now, senior citizens may have firearms.  What concerns me and others, is, a RULE could be made that after a certain age, a senior could not have a firearm.  Could our government do this?  Sure, they could, just make a RULE.  We already know a new RULE under Health and Human Services, allows doctors to ask their patients and the children of patients, if there is a gun in the house and the doctor gives this information to the FBI database.  All that is needed is a RULE to remove the right of seniors and patients who may be in counseling or have other medical problems.   

I will follow the Veterans Administration as this attack on Veteran’s rights continues and I will stay tuned to the possibility of an attack on seniors’ rights to have a firearm.  Our right to have a firearm is under attack by Obama’s RULES and federal government laws they may pass and liberal states as they pass new laws.

An aside:   Why don’t you people listen to Vice President Joe Biden and just have/buy a shotgun and if someone tries to get in your house, just go out on your balcony (too bad for you if you don’t have a balcony) and fire the two shotgun shells in the air and the invaders will go away?  I include myself in this, not just you.  We are so dumb we thought we needed something more than a shotgun with two shells.  I don’t know about you, but I’m turning in every firearm I have and keeping a two shell shotgun (sure I am.  :))  Joe Biden is dumb as a stump.  (I’m sure his Secret Service guards only have a shotgun with two shells.)  Joe Biden is twice as dumb as a stump.  :)
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on February 24, 2013, 10:58:21 AM

There is a book called the DSM that psychological examiners, professional counselors, psychologists, and psychiatrists use to determine a specific diagnosis of a mental illness.  The latest edition to come out soon is the fifth edition (V).  One category is being changed.  If a person stays in a state of grief more than two weeks, it will be considered a mental illness and have its own designation (number) of a mental illness.

Some think this fast diagnosis after only two weeks of grieving could cause a person not to be able to buy a firearm as they think the diagnosis would be sent/recorded on the FBI database and the person with the diagnosis couldn’t buy or have a firearm.

I visit and post on a conservative website and the posters on the thread about this, were giving mental health workers in general a beating.  I won’t go through here the manner of those printed beatings but I would think some of you may feel the same way about mental health workers.

There was a lot of misinformation on that thread.  After I read all the comments at that time, I made a post as to how a diagnosis happens – the criteria for making a diagnosis and when it’s necessary to make one or not.

The following is a copy of my post and I hope it might clear up any misconception you may have about the use of a diagnosis and those who make such.

Feel free to comment after you read:

I was a professional counselor/psychological examiner for over 20 yrs. and had a private practice.  I was a conservative then, too. I also did grief counseling.

The reason for any diagnosis is this: If a person cannot control his/her own life well enough to carry on his/her usual life, a diagnosis is usually called for to determine why this is happening - but this variant behavior must persist for a length of time to give a diagnosis. Just because the DSM V we use, gives a directive as to length of time for a diagnosis, I wouldn’t have to use that time if I thought it was too short for a patient – remember every patient is different and a cookie cutter diagnosis does not exist if the evaluator has reason to differ with the length of time stated or any other reason that would adjust that diagnosis.

As long as a person can make decisions and carry on his/her life, there is no reason for a diagnosis of anything.

Concerning the grief process:
The same applies with grief. As long as the person can make decisions and carry on his/her life, there is no diagnosis pertaining to grief. Now, consider, a person stays in bed for a year because the spouse died. That situation could call for a diagnosis but only if that diagnosis was required for some valid reason.

A diagnosis is not a diagnosis until it is on paper (considering a computer as paper these days). In other words, I might think in my mind the patient qualifies for a certain diagnosis but until I record that, it doesn’t exist. If I had no reason to record it, I didn’t. Also, once notes about a patient are made, they are subject to be taken to court if for some reason the patient is in court. I didn’t record notes unless the sessions were paid for by another entity, like Texas Rehabilitation or Social Security. I had the ability to remember from one session to another, the last sentence the patient said in counseling the week before and we picked up there. I protected my patient’s confidentiality that way; if I had no notes there was nothing to take to court. If I had made a recorded diagnosis, I had better be able to defend that diagnosis in court.

If a private patient came in for grief counseling, I wouldn’t immediately write down a diagnosis - that would be ridiculous. Each person deals with grief in his/her own way. One can’t put a time limit on grief as going through the process changes as time goes by and that is individual for every person. In my opinion, it is new experiences that help dull the pain of grief and eventually there are enough new experiences that the patient thinks of those intermittently with the grief – it’s not constant grief as it was and as more time and experiences happen, the time spent on grief is less and less.

The grief is gradually put in a box in the brain and the person’s life goes on. However, all the person has to do is think of what’s in that box, and the grief comes back for a time. I have gone through a number of family deaths, my husband’s the latest, and those boxes are there. When I think of one of those boxes, I still cry. We would be inhuman if those memories weren’t there. I can’t cry for long as my Yorkie insists on licking the tears and that gets messy.

So, all psychologists and counselors are not suspect to be as some of you think (just in it for the money and they don’t care if you get better or not). Note I left out psychiatrists. A story: a counselor worked for a psychiatrist. This counselor came to me one day and asked how I “cured” people because the psychiatrist had a patient she was seeing and the patient’s insurance was almost out and she wanted this person to get better before that happened. She had noticed my patients did not come to me for years, mainly a few months at most. I told her my counseling methods to help people “cure” themselves. In my mind, I was thinking it was a terrible thing the psychiatrist was doing – writing prescriptions and keeping the patient until the insurance ran out. My method was, get the patient able to handle his/her life without me and get out of my office as fast as possible.

Sending a grief mental illness diagnosis to the FBI database:
I doubt that will happen with the two weeks new diagnosis because very few would go to a mental health professional shortly after two weeks of the death of the loved one and the vast majority will never go.  What really happens, is, the survivor has to start paperwork immediately or before the funeral and that lasts for weeks or a month or longer.  When the survivor wants to curl up in a ball and let the world go by for a while, it can’t happen because there is paperwork that must be started right then.  I have been through that twice.  Those of you who have lost spouses know the paperwork is facing you right then.

However, if one goes to counseling with a grief problem later because he/she can’t run his/her life anymore and a diagnosis is made, that diagnosis, just like any other, could be sent to the FBI database as Obama has written a RULE allowing doctors to do that.

I hope this helps you better understand how diagnoses are made, why they are made, and maybe you can feel better about some of us. There are even psychiatrists who care about their patients getting better instead of just prescribing a pill – I just wasn’t around any in my work – the ones I dealt with were pill givers and insurance money collectors.

Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on March 01, 2013, 03:15:43 PM
I am troubled about this country and other countries (how they have changed).  I'll have an article titled "Troubled" by tomorrow and also talk about Sequestration (THE SKY IS FALLING!).
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on March 02, 2013, 09:36:53 PM

I'll post this tomorrow.  Ever had real Peking Duck? (that's a hint)
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Post by: Victoria on March 02, 2013, 11:24:48 PM
Someone told me today she had a picture in her mind of me as a sturdy, tough looking woman due to my prepping articles.  This person was shocked to see a picture of the real me.  She said she would never have thought I look like I do.  I hadn’t thought of my writing painting a picture of me.  I hope I don’t regret this, but here I am:
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on March 03, 2013, 07:50:34 AM
Had to ask for help from moderator to get picture on here  - hope that happens soon.

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Post by: soccer grannie on March 03, 2013, 12:27:22 PM
A beautiful young lady sharing her wisdom. :)
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on March 03, 2013, 12:39:52 PM
You can see I’m not a two hundred pound, camouflage dressed, boot wearing, rifle slung across my chest, survivalist.  I’m just an average person who preps.  Flu virus article will soon be posted.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on March 03, 2013, 01:10:49 PM

China – that’s the place most flu viruses begin.  Why?  Feathered fowl, if they are in the open where infected wild birds can get to them, will become infected with the virus – not all of them will be infected, but it doesn’t take many to set off a pandemic.  If humans are in close proximity to these diseased fowl, the virus mutates and crosses into humans.  Someone gets it and gets on a plane and spreads it on the plane and wherever that plane goes, that country becomes infected. 

Even if no other plane passengers caught it from the one human source on the plane, that person gets off the plane and heads toward a bathroom.  Why do I know that?  Because we all do when we get off a plane, having been on there for many hours coming from a foreign country, and the trip from China takes a century (not really but it feels like it) to get back to the states.  No one likes the bathrooms on a plane.  They may use that bathroom once during that long trip, but as soon as they get off the plane, they go to an on the ground bathroom.

Every time the infected person coughs, viruses are thrown to anyone  outside or inside that bathroom area and every surface touched in a bathroom leaves the virus there.  Unless that person is quickly confined to an isolation room and the bathroom disinfected, that state will eventually be full of flu virus infected people.  I got a flu virus in either China or Hong Kong and may have infected people before I got home although I tried to keep myself away from people and I held a tissue in front of my mouth when I coughed and tried not to touch a surface with my bare hands.

How does a flu virus get started?  I went on a day trip into mainland China, entering at Macao, then continuing into the countryside.  I already knew most of the flu viruses we catch start there but didn’t know I would see how it happens. 

DUCKS, IT’S THE DUCKS, specifically Peking Ducks as I never saw any other kind.  The Peking Duck is the product of cross breeding to come up with this duck with a thin skin and this duck has all white feathers.  I saw thousands of them and no other color than white.  When making the dish, Peking Duck, air is blown under the thin skin to separate it from the meat and then the duck is fried in a special way.  The skin is then crisp and served with various sauces.  Well, yes, you also have duck meat but it is the skin that is the delicacy and is the first course when eating Peking Duck.  The meat is the second course and it’s usually served inside a folded pancake.  The last course may be bone duck soup or if soup was not made from the bones, the diner may take the bones home.

If these ducks were kept in coops, protected from wild birds, viruses wouldn’t start there so therein lies the first problem.  They are not kept up in any way until they reach a certain size.  They roam the countryside – thousands upon thousands.  The land looks like a white ocean.  They are on the side of the road, they are everywhere.  They live among the citizens and therein lies the second problem.   These ducks like people, they like being around people and therein lies the third problem.

I went to a countryside open air market – I’ll never forget what I saw.  Peking Ducks were walking around in the midst of the people.  Raw, de-feathered ducks were hanging from hooks  in front of make shift lean-to “shops”.  Live eels were swimming in buckets.  Raw fish were also hanging from hooks.  And there were the live Peking Ducks taking it all in along with the people.  Chickens also could be infected but chickens are not around people nearly as much as those ducks.   I didn’t see one chicken roaming the countryside and not one chicken walking around at the open air market.

I could see then how a mutated flu virus a duck was carrying could easily be transmitted to the people.  There was no way to keep from being around a duck. 

I don’t know when I contracted the flu.  There was no hand sanitizer in those days and one would have to wash hands constantly and stop breathing or never go out in the open and stay away from family members who had been outside, in order to be sure one didn’t catch the flu.

I caught it just before flying back home.  I felt terrible.  I thought my head would explode.  When we began our descent toward the Los Angeles airport,  my ears started hurting terribly.  I tried all the ways one is supposed to use to equalize pressure in the ears and nothing worked.  Once down and in the airport to wait for another flight to Houston,  I didn’t think I could go on – I wanted to be in a hospital right then or anywhere I could get in a bed and stop moving.  There was no muscle that didn’t hurt, my head was so painful I couldn’t see normally and I knew I was in a bad way.

I didn’t go to a hospital, I got on the next plane.  When we began our descent into the Houston airport, I thought my ears were going to burst and the pain was so bad, I cried.  When I finally got home, I fell in the bed.  I had been moving in the air so long, I still felt like I was moving.

I went to a doctor the next day.  He said it would have been better for me if my eardrums had ruptured – the pain would have stopped if they ruptured.  My vital signs were okay and I didn’t have pneumonia.  As a precaution, he did give me some antibiotic pills which I took.  I stayed in bed for several days to recover from that illness.

I think it would have been better to check into a hospital in Hong Kong instead of flying back.  However, there is that possibility that being in a hospital close to flu prone/other diseases in the Hong Kong/China  area, I could have gotten worse by catching something else in the hospital. 

If you catch the flu in the future, BLAME PEKING DUCKS.

Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: LvsChant on March 05, 2013, 10:30:25 PM
Thanks for sharing, Victoria... I enjoyed the article about the ducks!
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on March 06, 2013, 08:54:41 AM
Thanks LvsChant for your comment.  You are a loyal friend to hang in with me during the years I have been posting here. 

Sections of land in China are divided into “Provinces”.  I don’t recall now the name of the province I was in where all the Peking Ducks are.  However, I knew then what it was.  The next time, after my visit, a flu virus was rampant in this country, I saw on TV, this virus had been traced to THAT PROVINCE and that province appears to be the one where they all start if the virus comes from China.  AHA!  I thought to myself, I knew it had to be those ducks! 

I’m working on a gardening article.  That is my worst area in preparing.  Green thumb?  Forget it, I can kill any plant.  I’m trying a new method of growing to see if it works.  I have limited space in my small garden area behind my townhouse.  Outside my back door is a covered patio, and behind that is a raised patio.  Behind that is actual dirt.  There are rose bushes in that dirt and spaces where nothing is.  I don’t bend well due to a lower back problem.  I’m not using that dirt area to grow plants due to that physical problem.  My plants will be grown in pots placed at a level they would be if put on a table and that’s where the pots are going – on tables or anything else that gets the plants up high.  Some plants won’t be in a pot, instead, they will grow in bags.  I’ll explain this in the next article.  I’ll post that either later today or tomorrow midmorning.   
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Mr. Bill on March 06, 2013, 11:01:25 AM
I'll soon post an article about a NEW Obama rule the Veterans' Administration has started using to prevent certain veterans the right to have or buy a firearm. ...

FYI, we have a thread on this topic in the Firearms Legislation And News ( board:

Department of Veteran Affairs disamring veterans? (

I did a little research, and it's not a new rule.  It's been going on since 1999.  Senator Richard Burr has repeatedly (and unsuccessfully) introduced legislation to stop it since 2008.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on March 06, 2013, 11:52:24 AM
Thanks, Mr. Bill,

I have recently read that, too.  It seems new attention has come to that rule to use it now for greater effort to prevent vets from getting guns.  The problem is the Vet Admin. doesn't have to go to court to remove a Vet's right to a gun.  They take away the right, then the Vet has to fight to try to get it back.  The VA should have to go to a regular court to take away that right as they are basing taking away that right on diminished capacity of the Vet.  A Vet is a regular citizen just like you and me.  Someone to take away our right to anything we have a right to have, requires going to regular court and proving we have diminished capacity.  So, the rule giving the VA the power to take a Vet's rights away from him/her, was unconstitutional whenever it was put in place.  It has now come to the forefront as a rule to use to stop Vets from having guns.  Rules are not laws but are being used as laws and it's happening in Obamacare, too, as a way to stop people from being able to buy guns

Prepping is incomplete if one cannot defend him/herself and efforts are being made in numerous states and our federal government to prevent self defense, except for VP Biden's shotgun advice to have one and fire it outside. :) 
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on March 07, 2013, 09:09:07 AM

I bring this up because preppers were mentioned yesterday in a US Senate filibuster.  Perhaps some of you watched US Senator Rand Paul yesterday who begin a filibuster that lasted twelve hours.  I watched it all.  Preppers were mentioned by what we do, not by the name, “Prepper”.  Paul wants a definitive  answer from the President and/or the Attorney General to the question, “Will you use a drone to kill an American citizen in America if he/she presents no imminent threat?”  He wants to make sure an American can’t be killed on American soil without going through legal due process. 

During that filibuster, he listed types of people who, according to a document by Homeland Security, are suspect of being possible terrorists.  One group he mentioned that is on the list are people who have seven days or more of stored provisions for an emergency.  He said people who live on the coast are urged by Homeland Security to have seven days of provisions.  He made the point it’s okay if you live on the coast to have those provisions but if you don’t live on the coast and have those provisions or more than the seven days, then you are suspected of being a possible terrorist.  His question as to these groups profiled by Homeland Security was, would these people who store and other groups on the Homeland Security possible terrorist list, be killed by a drone without going through due process if they were not posing an imminent threat?

At this point, we do not have a statement in writing from the President or the Attorney General that they would not kill Americans on American soil using a drone without going through due process.  I do not believe people who store water, rice and beans, are possible terrorists.  I believe it is having a gun along with those provisions that freaks out Homeland Security.  I believe President Hussein Obama will have to respond to Senator Paul sometime soon.  When that happens, I’ll post it.  Preppers need to be secure they won’t be attacked without due process simply because they store.

Gardening is next.

Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on March 07, 2013, 01:19:18 PM

I know, I said Gardening was next but you can’t garden if you have bled to death.  This is more important than gardening to me right this minute because I just received two sterile “H Bandages".  I had never seen one until now as these came about not many years ago and I didn’t know this bandage had been developed.  I’m working on this article right now so will have it on here by early evening or sooner.  To stop arterial blood flow, one can’t just slap this bandage on, it’s not as easy as that - I'll explain why.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on March 07, 2013, 05:27:32 PM

One medical problem I knew I couldn’t fix as an EMT in an emergency situation was a cut artery.  Every time a heart beats, it pushes blood into an artery.  If that artery is cut, blood gushes out with every heart beat and you have only about 10 pints of blood to gush out.  I have worried about this possibility since I began prepping – how could I save someone if an artery was cut?  I couldn’t.  Now, maybe I can and you can.

I ordered two H bandages from Amazon and I’ll put the link at the bottom of this discussion.  Let’s define some items one uses for a wound so you will understand what I mean by certain terms (it will also help you communicate with medical personnel about a wound if that becomes necessary): 

“Sponge”:  a really thin piece of gauze you can almost see through, the most common size about 4x4 inches, is called a “sponge” or a “gauze pad” (not called a bandage at all).  A sponge is not used to stop arterial blood loss because it is too thin.  A solid piece of thick sterile gauze is needed along with the H Bandage.

“Gauze”: a term for any size soft, loosely woven material that is put on a wound to soak up blood and keep a “dressing” on the wound– it is not called a bandage. 

“Dressing”:  anything you put on the wound such as an antibiotic gel or cream; it is not called a bandage. 

“Bandage”:  the last item put on a wound to hold the dressing and sponge or other gauze together and protect the wound. 

At some point, there was a move to shrink emergency supplies as small as possible – hence, suck the air out and seal.  The H Bandages I received are sterile, shrunk and sealed.  The shrinking put some creases in the written directions on the back – swell, took some time to make sure I was reading it properly.   I read and reread – how to stop or slow down blood from an artery.  You can’t do it with “just” this H bandage.  You must have some “thick” sterile “gauze”.  I put a link to thick, shrunk, sterile gauze at the bottom of this article.

To stop arterial bleeding, first I would quickly dump some Celox in the wound (which is not in the directions, make your own decision about that), then, according to directions, pack it with thick gauze, making sure the gauze is in direct contact with the cut on the artery, essentially plugging it.  The gauze needs to be packed in up to the skin so it comes in direct contact with the bandage so the pressure will reach to the cut itself and help block blood from being pumped out.  Then, as quickly as possible, apply the H Bandage.  It will make sense when you read the directions over and over and picture it in your mind as you read how to wrap it.

Now, the H bandage is on and you need to get the person to medical personnel who can remove the bandage and sew the artery back together.  The instructions tell you not to loosen or take off the bandage until you have medical personnel to deal with the problem.  I would surely go to an emergency room or any medical station available as quickly as possible. 

As a last ditch effort, if medical personnel is totally unavailable, I will have suture material and suture needles and hemostats.  I would never try that unless the situation was hopeless to get the person to medical care as in a total breakdown of civilization.  The appendage below the cut artery is no longer getting blood and that tissue will die without blood.  I hope we never lose the capability of medical services.  I would also say, during an emergency, don’t take chances that might result in a cut artery.  I have said before – don’t climb.  Climbing leaves one open to falling and causing a brain injury and tearing flesh apart and inside that flesh are arteries moving your blood around.  It is not uncommon for a broken thigh bone (femur) to tear the femoral artery open.  The moral of this story is protect your arteries and your brain.

Here is information about the H Bandage from H and H:
“One-Handed Hemostat for Arterial Bleeding. H and H is pleased to introduce the new Universal Severe Trauma Dressing, the H Bandage, a full upgrade to their present patented combat dressing Cinch Tight. The H Bandage was developed to offer the user an emergency dressing that would not only serve as an emergency dressing but also as a hemostat for arterial bleeding and hemorrhaging in limbs, deployed one-handed for use under any condition. Designed with a large H-hook that easily facilitates use as a compression bandage and a tourniquet Clinical tests for arterial bleeding done by the U.S. Navy at USUHS (Bethesda, MD) with H Bandage has indicated that pressure, along with compressed gauze, would dramatically reduce arterial bleeding in limbs. To develop the H Bandage, they increased the strength of the elastic wrap by 40%, making it the strongest available. H and H also replaced the steel hook with a plastic molded H hook. The ABD pad was maintained at 8”x10”, the largest pad of any compression dressing. When applied, the H Bandage, combined with H and H Compressed Gauze, places heavy pressure over and into the wounded area. Initial clinical test results have proven that the H Bandage will act as a hemostat for arterial bleeding in limbs, a critical component in the dressing’s functionality. The result is that H and H is able to offer the corpsman, medic, first responder, and the individual an all-in-one emergency and combat bandage for all traumas. The H Bandage is vacuum packaged and single-wrapped for easy storage and deployment. It weighs 0.3 lbs. and is 1.5”x3”x6” in size.”

The sterile H bandage on Amazon ($7.99):

Here is H compressed sterile gauze ($1.49):

There is one more specialized bandage I need to briefly discuss, just a fairly short paragraph, then, I promise, it’s on to my “attempt” to grow plants.

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Post by: Victoria on March 09, 2013, 08:38:43 AM

When you are taking care of a spouse who is dying or going through major trauma of some other kind, you tend to forget about yourself as long as you are walking and functioning to do what must be done.  I did that.  Most of that time was in the hottest summer on record here with temperatures of 105, 106, 107.  Between the trauma of his illness and the heat, I didn’t eat regularly or very much when I could eat.

Last year in January, I went to the doctor to get my medicines renewed as when a prescription ran out on a few that were not vital to keeping me alive right then, I didn’t deal with it.  That doctor wanted a fasting blood test to see what my numbers were in cholesterol, triglycerides, and everything else they check.  When I went back for the results of that testing, the doctor had a fit. 

My sugar was so high, I had definite diabetes (had never been diagnosed with diabetes).  My cholesterol and triglycerides were terribly high, uric acid was terribly high, I had practically no vitamin D in my body.  My kidneys were throwing off a number that indicated they were going into kidney failure.

The diuretic I was taking (along with a blood pressure pill), was stopped as that diuretic over time can send your kidneys into failure.  Well, swell, I didn’t know that would happen with that pill.  I’m still on the blood pressure pill but no diuretic.

Then that clinic went bankrupt and my doctor left.  It’s now July of last year and I have a new doctor.  Naturally, he wanted a blood test.  These blood test numbers weren’t good, either, except the sugar number was down some but still definitely diabetic.  Numbers on everything else were slightly better but still very high.  He started me on Glipizide for the sugar problem.  I was eating now and trying to eat the right foods and much less sugar.

So, this past Tuesday, I had another blood test and saw the doctor yesterday, ready for the bad news from the blood test.  I DID NOT HAVE ONE BAD NUMBER – ALL NUMBERS WERE EXCELLENT.  My sugar number was better than good.  My cholesterol was in the normal range.  Triglycerides were only slightly elevated and meant nothing.  Good cholesterol was excellent.  Kidney number was good.   My blood pressure was 120/72, excellent.  I have never had such good numbers, ever.

The doctor was laughing at those good numbers.  He said I did it myself to have those good numbers.  I didn’t reply to him about doing it myself.  After I left, still in shock over those good numbers, I tried to figure out why this happened.  I’m in great shape now and was in terrible trouble before.  You see, I’m not eating any differently than I was when tested last July.  The January before then, the awful numbers did make me eat regularly and eat more veggies and certainly less sugar. I seldom eat red meat, it’s chicken or fish.  Perhaps it took a number of months more of eating right and taking those meds, to change the numbers.  I tried not to miss a single pill, taking them religiously.  I also think it took time for my body to get over the trauma it went through and start functioning normally.

The lesson here, is, if you have bad numbers, don’t think they can’t be changed – I’m living proof  those numbers are not set in concrete.  All I can contribute this to is eating regularly so you don’t starve your body of the nutrients it needs to function normally, eat more veggies whether they are fresh or frozen, cut back on red meat, and limit sugar intake.  If you go through major trauma lasting for months, try to keep eating three times a day so your body is not deprived of what it needs to function.  I didn’t do that.  I had no appetite so I didn’t eat except sporadically.  I lost ten pounds during that time.  I think my body crashed due to trauma and starving it at the same time. 

Don’t give up hope that you can change how your body functions – you certainly can.

Next is a specialized bandage to correct a sucking chest wound.  Lungs cannot function if there is a hole in the chest cavity. 
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A person’s chest is sealed so lungs can operate effectively.  If, for any reason, the chest seal is compromised (any object penetrates the chest), one or both lungs will collapse and the person dies.  A Bolin Chest Seal can be pressed against the chest to seal the opening in the chest. 

“Sucking chest wounds require an emergency first aid solution that is fast, direct, and effective: the H&H Bolin Chest Seal (BCS) is specifically engineered to meet these critical needs.”

“The BCS is a sterile occlusive chest wound dressing for treating open pneumothorax and preventing tension pneumothorax that result from gunshots, stab wounds, or other penetrating chest trauma. The patented (US Patent No. 7,834,231) failure-proof triple-valve design of the BCS allows air and blood to escape while preventing the re-entry of either, thereby eliminating any unwanted gas or liquid exchange at the trauma site.”

“The large (6” diameter), rugged polyurethane disc structure of the BCS can cover practically any size chest trauma site. The temper of the disc prevents any disc wrinkling from occurring during application. In addition, the wound side of the disc is covered with a thick layer of jell-based adhesive, strong enough to not only seal over hair and blood but also flexible enough to be removed and reapplied to the trauma site if required.”

Bolin Chest Seal on Amazon ($18.05 free shipping):

The Bolin Chest Seal is an important bandage to have.  It’s designed to let blood/fluid out but not let air in so the lungs keep functioning.  This bandage is for the front of the chest.  If that front chest hole is the only hole in the chest, it is sufficient for the job.  But, if that is a bullet entering the chest, there may also be an exit wound in the back of the patient.  That hole needs to be sealed.  Use the Boling Chest Seal on the front of the chest, and here is a set of two bandages to seal holes (total seal not allowing for exit of blood/fluid).  You could use these for both the front chest and back, but blood and fluid could not leave the chest if you use one of these for the front of chest:

HALO Chest Seal – set of two - $20.18 (free shipping)
“Foam backing will enable the dressing to conform and hold to the patient's body.
The Halo chest seal is an ultra-sticky hydo-gel occlusive dressing for treatment of penetrating chest trauma. Each pack includes two seals allowing for the treatment of entrance and exit wounds.”

Next is my pathetic attempt to grow plants.
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so glad to hear your health is better, Victoria! good news.
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I should have made this point when speaking of Trauma and Body.  An emergency is a trauma based on the severity of the emergency.  If it is a long lasting emergency, then the tendency is to stop eating regularly as one thinks the emergency takes precedent over one’s body’s needs.

In order for your body to serve you like it should in an emergency, don’t shortchange it and cause your organs to begin to malfunction.  You read I did that.  Don’t make the mistake I did.  I couldn’t see it happening but it was.  Realize how important your body’s needs are if you are to remain healthy through an extended emergency.


The day after Paul’s filibuster before the Senate, he received a letter from Attorney General Holder.  The letter reads:

“The Honorable Rand Paul United States Senate Washington, DC 20510
Dear Senator Paul:

It has come to my attention that you have now asked an additional question: ‘Does the President have the authority to use a weaponized drone to kill an American not engaged in combat on American soil?’ The answer to that question is no.”

Since Paul mentioned people who store food as a group Homeland Security lists as possible domestic terrorists, perhaps people who store feel a bit better that they won’t be hit with a missile while having coffee with a friend.  Holder’s opinion is not law – it is just an opinion.  Paul has a bill written to introduce in the Senate that Americans cannot be killed in this country without due process unless they are an immediate threat to life.  The problem with this bill, is, Senate leader Reid would have to let it come to the floor for a vote.  I will be surprised if that happens. 


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I'm still amazed those blood numbers changed.  I was ready for bad news.  The doctor laughed while reading and explaining the numbers.  He thought I had done a wonderful job of bringing those numbers down.  I wasn't laughing because I couldn't believe it.  I have a copy of that report and think I should frame it.   

Something else began to happen a few months after the trauma was over.  I lost head hair.  My hair had been very thick and now it was coming out, a lot was coming out.  I read about that and found a few months after a trauma, this can happen.  I went to a hair dresser a few weeks ago, and she examined my scalp and said she could see new hair growing in everywhere.  That was very good news.  So, our hair reacts to trauma, too. 

There was a change in that doctor's office and I wondered if this is happening with all doctors.  At the end of the visit, he walked out and came back with a "PATIENT PLAN".  It was a summary of why I was there and every body subject we covered and it was two pages long.  The reason for the visit was listed at the top.  I didn't see my social security number on there. At the bottom was every medication I'm taking and how much I'm taking.

The body of the "Patient Plan" listed everything that was wrong with me and how it is now since I had this visit.  Plus, there was a section on eye condition.  He had asked me when I had my last eye exam (I wasn't going to him when I had double cataract surgery last year).  Told him about the cataract surgery and that section now says "Current on eye exams".  I didn't go there for my eyes but he asked the question anyway.  Why?  Because he had to fill out this form.  My vital signs are on on the form and my weight is on the form and allergies are on the form.

If that form went to the federal government, would there be something on there that would prompt a "don't let her buy a gun or ammo."?  Could they use one or more of the meds to prompt a "don't let her buy a gun or ammo."?

Readers:  The next time you visit your doctor, see if any of their procedures regarding records are changed or have you already noticed this?
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I'll have an article on about various subjects before the day is over.
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If I am not writing, I am thinking.   At some point, the thinking is done and I write an article without stopping.  That was my process when I psychologically tested a patient.  The testing took a number of hours, sometimes as much as four hours.  I couldn’t write a report then.  My brain was working on the test results while I went about my daily business.  Within two days, I could sit and write the report from beginning to end.  This article is a combination of subjects that have worked themselves out in the past several days.

How much proper food do you need in an emergency situation?  If your power is off, you will move and do more work that you did before power went out.  You know that is true if you have gone through that problem.  When a hurricane is going to come through here, my activity level gets very high to get emergency items ready to use.  Then, when the power is gone, nothing happens unless I make it happen.  I am up and down and moving and working and it never stops long until power comes back.  You need more calories when there is no power.  Eat more to keep your energy level up so you won’t starve your body.  It takes “x” amount of gasoline to drive a car five miles – it takes double that amount to drive ten miles.  Your body is the same.  Once calories are burned just like gasoline, they are gone and you need more calories to keep moving.

Now, let’s make a zillion dollars by my writing a book on the marvelous and grand diet I developed to change very bad blood numbers to excellent numbers - from a worried doctor to a laughing doctor.  Plus, I’m really old and I got good numbers even though I am old.  I’ve given some thought to how I did that.  The numbers were terrible in January.  In July, they were still bad.  Sometime between July and February, the numbers changed.  That is one year and two months but they had to be good sometime within July and February when the last blood test was taken.  People write books about “x” diet and make a lot of money.  The problem with my writing such a book, is, it would only be several paragraphs long.  Rats, there goes my money.

During that year and two months,  I didn’t eat more than two pounds of red meat, if that much.  I didn’t do it on purpose – I just didn’t want to buy a chunk of red meat and fix it for just me.  Maybe three times during those many months, I felt “deprived”, so when down the street to McDonalds and got two kiddie size cheeseburgers and a small fries and brought it home and that was it.  Stopping red meat was the largest change in my diet and I have to believe it was the most significant change in bringing about those good numbers.

For the rest, I ate veggies both frozen and fresh and ate most of them raw with whatever dressing I wanted.  Stopped white bread and ate multi-grain or whole wheat.  Ate chicken in deli casseroles or bought the whole grilled chicken and ate it for several days.  Only ate regular fish in frozen dinners or ate tuna.  Drank skim milk.  Ate whole grain cereal like Great Grains or other grain without bunches of sugar in it.  Ate fresh mixed fruit already cut up and ready to eat.  My breakfast was and still is, one frozen Owens Breakfast Taco with sausage, egg, and cheese.  One minute in the micro and it was ready.  Bought margarine and butter with olive oil in them.  A sweet snack is non-sugar cookies found with the other cookies in the grocery.  They are not terrible.  A cut up apple is another snack.  If I get hungry between regular meals, I get out the already washed veggies and eat some with a small amount of dressing.  I still eat whenever I want to eat something.   I eat supposedly healthy type frozen dinners with chicken or fish and veggies in them.  I get Tai Pei frozen Chinese food in Chinese takeout looking  boxes with chicken and veggies in them.  Six minutes in micro and it‘s ready.  The sauces in those are very tasty.  There are also beef and shrimp ones.  Don’t bother me with looking at the salt or whatever in them as I don’t eat them constantly.   

In the morning, I drink about four cups of coffee.  I drink one Diet Coke a day and sometimes two or I drink iced tea without sugar.  I drink hot white tea once or twice a day.   White tea has more antioxidants than any other tea.  If I want it sweeter, I use a bit of honey but white tea is a soft tasting tea and really doesn’t need anything in it.  I’m a bit of a purist where tea is concerned and get white tea from the internet because grocery store tea is inferior.  My son also brings me tea from England when he comes.

You can see my method because I’m only one person.  Two people could use those foods that way, but a family with children at home could not.  Really, for two people, I’d get a bag of frozen stir fry veggies with the sauce in there and add frozen Fajita chicken strips.  Two people requires a bit of actual cooking and I wouldn’t use short cut frozen dinners for two people.  I only get those dinners because it’s just me.  Frozen bags of veggies in numerous combinations however, are just as good for you as fresh veggies.  Fresh veggies travel distances to get to you and nutrients are draining from those the longer it takes to get to your store.  Frozen veggies are flash frozen shortly after being harvested.  I like those frozen bags of veggies with the sauce and you stick them in the micro and they steam and are done.  I’d use those for two people.

You can put together a method for the number of people in your household and leave off the red meat and stay with the other suggestions, thereby cutting out the foods that are dragging down your blood with excess fat and sugar.   Sure, you can do that.

If you go into an emergency situation with compromised body organic systems, it’s not going to get better if you haven’t planned for it.  If you are as healthy as you can be to start, you have a greater chance to survive.   If you have a family, you need your health to get them through it.

(Note:  Please send $10 for the “book” of the seven paragraphs above.  :)  )

The Senate Subcommittee dealing with the Feingold Assault Weapons Ban bill, passed the bill out of that committee and sent it to the Senate where it awaits a vote on the floor.  In that bill is a ban of multi-cartridge (over ten I think it is) magazines for rifles and handguns.   

On this same day, today, the UPS man delivered to me a package from the Ruger company and in that package was a Ruger made 25 cartridge magazine for my rifle.  I thought of the irony of getting that magazine at the same time this disastrous ban bill outlawing this magazine was on its way to the Senate floor.

I ordered this magazine on January 13, 2013, and it is just now getting here due to the heavy demand for these magazines.  Watch and see what the Senate does with this disastrous bill.  You will hear the liberals in that body make a plea to limit your freedom to a weapon of your choice and limit your freedom to determine how many cartridges you want your weapon to fire.

We have had cold nights here but not like you in the north where you still have freezing temperatures.  We are getting in the high thirties at this time.  Tomorrow, I will plant four  regular tomato plants in pots and two cherry tomato plants in pots.  I have a strip that contains lettuce seeds and have a planter on the ground in which to dig a light trench and settle that strip in there and cover with ¼ inch of potting soil. 

In the next couple of days, I’ll plant two sweet pepper plants and sweet basil in just the potting soil bags.  Plants need a growing medium in which to grow – they do not know what kind of receptacle you put them in.  Are  you going to tell your plants they are in a clay pot or in the ground or – in a bag?  I’ll punch a few holes in the bottom for drainage, split the top and plant the plants.  I’m sure they will love their colorful bags.

Let’s hope I at least get some tomatoes and lettuce and peppers and basil.  I also have tiny tobacco plants I grew from seed.  Have you ever seen tobacco seed?  You can’t see them, they look like orange dust.  I can now see tiny plants with two leaves.  If they stay alive in their tiny pots, long enough to transplant, tobacco will grow against the back wall where climbing roses used to be.  Why tobacco?  Because it’s a pretty plant and it’s a barter item if TSHTF. 

The extreme temperatures in 2011, cooked those rose vines and killed the roses against that wall.  Trees all around this area died in that year.  That was the worst year in Texas since I have been alive (and that is a very long time).  In the spring of 2011, no rain fell and almost no rain fell the entire summer and the temperatures were 104 to 107.  This year, we have had rain this spring to start our plants and trees growing. 
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I am about to order some items from Amazon so before I neglect to write about them, I’ll just do it now.

I’ll be using Steri-Strips to hold cut skin together if it’s a minor cut.  If it is more than that, I’ll use a Stapler along with a Staple Remover, and think I’ve talked about those sterile items being on Amazon.  I had not bought sutures and needles because that was the last choice to use and surely did not want to do that to a person.  Now that these H&H bandages are available to stop or limit artery bleeding, I’ll get sutures/needles in a last ditch effort to save someone.  I would also need hemostats to put on the artery before attempting to suture the artery back together.  That is a totally risky thing to do and would never attempt it if there was any way to avoid doing that – meaning get to a medical center able to do that. 

Messing around with cut skin caused by anything means killing bacteria on that skin and in the cut area before closing the skin using any method.  That means an antiseptic is required.  Betadine is available in gallons in a hospital setting because that is the major antiseptic used to sterilize a wound or a cut made on purpose by medical personnel.  If you have had surgery, you may remember the skin around that area being stained slightly reddish/brown from Betadine.

I just finished searching Amazon for the best price for these items and will list them.  The Margarita glasses are a different matter and I’ll post why at the end of this.  I do have a life beyond prepping, you know.

Betadine Swab Aid Antiseptic Pads:
10% Povidone, 100/bx – $14.99, Free shipping if over $25.
I looked at bottles of Betadine, then found these pads.  These are much better to have.  Each pad is in a sterile package, so there is no waste.  If you are on a camping trip, a bottle is too much trouble, but individual pads are great – just pitch some in your backpack or whatever.  Scrub the area one minute with a pad.  Then you are ready to take whatever next step is required to close the wound, from a band aid to sutures.  You have 100 pads.  Spread them around where you might need them – house, car, backpacks, anywhere.

Braunamid Synthetic Suture / Needle Combinations - 40 cm - 3/0 Fine:
$3.79, shipping $6.00
There is no suture/needle combination with free shipping.  This is only one suture/needle.  I ordered three and the $6.00 shipping covers three so it appears one can order several without the shipping charge going up.  This is the “fine” set so less pain for the patient using fine.  It is from a pet store so this would be used mainly by Vets and others who have animals.  It’s the same material used on humans and is sterile just like those for humans.  Remember fish antibiotics, same ones used for humans?  I read somewhere that antibiotics used for dogs/cats used to be used by humans so the FDA made animal antibiotics available only by prescription (sometimes government sucks).  We can still buy these sutures/needles without government interference.

Two hemostats would be necessary to clamp both sides of an artery to stop moving blood while the two ends were sewn together (if that could even be accomplished except in a hospital).  Sterile hemostats from a medical supply cost hundreds of dollars each.  I have searched for a couple of hours to find a solution to this.  The only choice I can find are pet hemostats that would work.  They would have to be sterilized before using them.  There are really cheap hemostats that are worthless on Amazon.  People buy these to use in hobby work and it looks as though all these very cheap ones are from Pakistan – those very cheap ones tend not to be for pets.  I found one for pets and it seems to be well enough made to work.  They are more expensive than the really cheap ones.  Each one is $11.42 with free shipping over $25.  I will buy two and with the other items I’m buying the free shipping will apply.  If you are sure you will never suture blood vessels, don’t bother getting these -  “PetEdge Stainless Steel Straight Mosquito Pet Hemostat, 5-Inch”.

The cheap hemostats, something like $3.00+, would be great to use for clamps on non-living items to free your hands.  That is why people are buying these for their hobby work.

Margarita Glasses:
I just threw this in here to have a bit of humor.  The engineer husband of my sister-in-law, has a very bad habit.  He pours my expensive Di Saronno Amaretto generously into his coffee and at night drinks some more of it, and by the time he leaves, I may have none left.  I started thinking maybe I could come up with another adult beverage that would substitute if he wanted a drink. 

I am not a master of alcoholic drinks.  I know he, the wife, and I, like Margaritas but I had nothing to make them and didn’t know exactly what I needed to do that.  I go to Specs store and tell the man I need to know what to get to make Margaritas.  He sent me to the drink expert man in the store.  I explained my problem and he frowned to think my Amaretto was drowning in coffee cups where the delicious flavor was totally diluted.

I now have Cuesta Mesa Gold Tequila, a good quality but not expensive, Baja Bob’s  Sugar Free Margarita Mix (he says one can’t tell the difference),  and Jose Cuervo Margarita Salt which is in a round plastic container with a place on top to press out Lime juice from a Lime, put the rim of the glass in that, then dip it in the salt.  He said use four ounces of the mix and one ounce of Tequila.

So, I have it all ready to pry him from my Amaretto.  Then, I thought, I have no Margarita glasses – I’m just not into alcohol that much to have items like that – stored beans?  Sure, I have beans forever, but not alcohol beverages and proper glasses.  So, I go onto Amazon looking for Margarita glasses.  I FOUND THEM!   I have ordered this set of four.  If I saw one of these glasses, I would just have to drink what was in one – take a look and have a laugh on me about this alcohol nonsense:

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Betadine Swab Aid Antiseptic Pads:
10% Povidone, 100/bx – $14.99, Free shipping if over $25.
I looked at bottles of Betadine, then found these pads.  These are much better to have.  Each pad is in a sterile package, so there is no waste.  If you are on a camping trip, a bottle is too much trouble, but individual pads are great – just pitch some in your backpack or whatever.  Scrub the area one minute with a pad.  Then you are ready to take whatever next step is required to close the wound, from a band aid to sutures.  You have 100 pads.  Spread them around where you might need them – house, car, backpacks, anywhere.

Only problem with the pads is they do not have a very good shelf life.  No matter how they are packaged, they still seem to dry out.  If you plan to store them for a period of time make sure you check them periodically before a time comes that you need them and can't use them.
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There should be an expiration date on the box so it's a good idea to check a pad as that date approaches.  Thanks for posting.
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There should be an expiration date on the box so it's a good idea to check a pad as that date approaches.  Thanks for posting.

I mentioned this becuase I've had these dry up before expiration.  The expiration date is the date in which the solution is okay to use only.  I still prefer these over carrying a bottle of solution.

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Before today is over, or by tomorrow by noon, I will post SOLAR FLARE VS. EMP ATTACK.  The two are not the same and the damages are not the same.  I'm reporting scientists' calculations/reasoning about these so we can discard misinformation that is abundant.
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Before today is over, or by tomorrow by noon, I will post SOLAR FLARE VS. EMP ATTACK.  The two are not the same and the damages are not the same.  I'm reporting scientists' calculations/reasoning about these so we can discard misinformation that is abundant.

looking forward to it.
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My power just flashed on and off.  Sometimes that means it's going off.  I'm working on the EMP article, but if it doesn't get on here in the next couple of hours, that means my power is gone.
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SOLAR FLARE VS. NEMP ATTACK  (Nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse)

I received an email day before yesterday about the possibility of a solar flare wiping out civilization during these next several years when occurrences of greater mass ejection will occur.  We are in that greater mass ejection period right now.  The email was a “freak out”, “the sky is falling”, kind of presentation, and, as usual, an NEMP (Nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse) attack was thrown in, too, as causing the same destruction.  But, the information was incorrect about both occurrences, anyway.

Some time ago (think it was the time during eye surgeries when I wasn’t writing articles), I researched solar flares and NEMP attacks to determine the difference between the two if there was one – there are differences.

I didn’t save these scientists’ discussions of the differences, but I remember them since they weren’t difficult to remember, they made sense, and made a definite impression on me due to the misinformation  people have about these.  The report was by scientists in electromagnetic energy, not Doomsday Preppers.   Below, when considering a NEMP, is the link to the “Report of the Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States from Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack”.  Part of that report, beginning on page 114, are the results of testing cars and trucks by bombarding them with electromagnetic pulses – those experiments apply to both solar flares and NEMP attack as people think a solar flare will destroy a car/truck.

Most people, I think, lump these two occurrences together because it seems no one considers the two separate.  When one thinks about it, they probably would be different in some way because one is nature and one is manmade.

Let’s consider the differences, staring with nature:

The sun throws off a mass of “really hot stuff” to put it mildly.  Here is the important part: it goes in a STRAIGHT LINE when it is thrown away from the sun.  Anything in that straight line is going to be hit.  Astronomers can calculate where that straight line is going, so they know if it’s going to hit earth or come close to earth, or never coming even close.  These ejections happen from any part of the sun – they also vary in power and there is a scale to rate them.  The possibility is there that a strong straight line ejection could hit earth and we are in a time of stronger ones. 

If one did hit earth, it’s electromagnetic properties send it straight into our electric grid.  Wow, it missed your car, yes it did.  It missed anything not plugged into the electric grid.  Picture an arrow going into the electric grid – it doesn’t touch anything except that grid.  It would fry your TV plugged into the wall.  If you had a TV not plugged into the wall, it would be fine.  If you have any appliance plugged into the wall that you aren’t using, for precaution right now, unplug it.  It doesn’t need to be plugged in, you were just too lazy to unplug it the last time you used it, so unplug it now since you have a reason.  Nothing unplugged needs to be in a Faraday Cage as it won’t be harmed.  Cars/trucks/any method of conveyance not plugged into power will be okay.  If you are so unlucky to have a Prius car plugged into power to recharge it’s battery at the time the flare hits power lines, it will be fried. 

If you start at page 114 of the Commission report on a NEMP attack, you will find that test of cars/trucks being hit with electromagnetic charges, and very little happened and what did happen to a few was a “nuisance” factor rather than destruction of the vehicle.  A few cars stopped running but ran again immediately when started again.  So, even if a solar created electromagnetic pulse did hit a car/truck, they are still okay.  Further on in that report, police cars and emergency vehicles (ambulances/fire trucks) were tested and the only problem was a mobile computer used to input data had to be rebooted and it was fine. The majority of people think cars and trucks will be destroyed and that is not the case.  Why haven’t more people read this report?  It is 181 pages long with an Appendix after that.  Can people not concentrate long enough to read 181 pages so they ignore the whole thing? 

The underground transit in New York City and other cities that are “plugged” in to power, will be fried. 

Huge power grid transformers will be destroyed and they are only made overseas and cost a fortune so companies don’t keep many on hand – I read a figure of there are about 300 of those in this main power grid.  It will take years, I read a figure of two years,  to get enough of those made and here, plus other repairs to get power back on.  It will be bad and preppers will do better than any other group to get through that period.  People are going to die for many reasons, so many reasons there isn’t room to list them, but you all know what those reasons are – hospitals can’t function due to no power, no medicines, water, food, warmth, cooling, money, jobs, everything disrupted due to the grid down.

But, again, everything is not lost as those items not required to be plugged in, are still working – the destruction is limited to the grid.  When you hear someone say nothing is going to move except horses after a solar flare hits earth, you will know that is incorrect.  Something will have to be devised to distribute gasoline but government and the military will figure that out.  Hmm, a huge amount of the gasoline used in this country is refined in the area around southeast Houston, in Pasadena and Baytown, and Texas City just down Hwy. 45 south of Houston.  Those will be locations on the list of important places to get power working as fast as possible.

A nuclear blast in the upper atmosphere sends SCATTERED electromagnetic impulses over a region – it doesn’t go in a straight line as the solar ejection did – it’s more like an umbrella effect,  pulses thrown out over a limited region.  The size of the region is determined by how strong the nuclear blast is and the height of the blast and where it is in the country.  The higher it is, the larger the region affected.   We know from the car/truck tests, that vehicles will still run even if they are running at the time of the blast.  Their prophesied failure is so engrained in preppers that I doubt many will accept those tests as valid.  You can read how they did the tests and decide for yourself – start at page 114.  Then, read the whole report and learn from it.  You should read the biographies in the Appendix of the ones on the commission to determine your faith in their expertise to produce this report.

The grid does go down in a NEMP – the grid is connected from coast to coast.  I don’t know if the parts of the grid not in the damage zone, would be spared destruction, but I doubt it as the grid is interconnected and there’s nothing to stop the pulse once it’s in the grid. There is one other grid in this country and it’s separate from that main grid, and that is the Texas grid.  I studied this years ago, pre-2000.  Our grid for us Texans, is separate, plus we sell power we don’t need to Mexico so there is a physical line connection to Mexico.  If Texas is outside the region limit of destruction, its grid should still work.  If it is inside the destruction region, it will be fried just as the other grid. 

This NEMP regional destruction is limited by distance from ground zero where it went off (guess I should say it is “sky” zero instead of “ground” zero) and how high it is.  According to scientists, a NEMP attack on the east coast will not destroy all the way to the west coast (and north/south would be included in that).  If an Asian country (such as North Korea) exploded such a weapon, the closest coast to them is the west coast so it would die out before it got to the east coast.  The worst area to explode one is over central USA.  One report used Kansas as the worst location to affect more of the country.  I didn’t read it would cover the entire US but I suppose it would depend on the strength/height of the nuclear blast to determine the limit of destruction from over Kansas.  Here is the link to the Commission report (a pdf file you can save on your computer if you want.)

Faraday Cage:
I have read it will work and I have read it won’t work.  I recall this was covered by the scientists and they discounted the value of them for either situation.  In a solar flare situation, it likely wouldn’t be needed if the devices weren’t plugged in and the pulse is in the electric grid.  Lovers of Faraday Cages will likely dispute this reasoning because they have them or love them or make them for sale.  If you feel safer having your devices in a Faraday Cage right this minute, use it. 

Recall the car/truck test of magnetic pulses doing no damage, or just nuisance malfunction to cars/trucks even if they were running.  If they are not destroyed with all the electronic components they have, why would smaller devices with less electronic parts in them be affected?

If you have a Faraday Cage or want one, use it to be on the safe side to make yourself feel better.  You should have your devices in there now as we might not know when a NEMP attack would happen.  We should have notice before a solar flare gets here. 

I have a metal box that seals well, it’s about 18x18 and about 10 inches high, and have saved Styrofoam from a box that came in the mail, to line the metal box all around, and have that as a Faraday Cage.  My emergency radio with TV channels, and Sony short wave receiver will go in there.  I haven’t lined that metal box yet.  That is what you have to do to make one.  A good metal box (many use a metal trashcan with a tight fitting lid, line it with something not metal (some use aluminum foil) all the way around, including under the metal lid, so no metal is bare to your devices, and seal it.  The idea is, the pulse goes around the can, staying with the metal, and can’t get to your devices with no exposed metal around them.  Electrical engineers have varied opinions about Faraday Cages working. 

There is no doubt a solar flare hitting earth is different in result that a nuclear electromagnetic pulse attack. 
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Post by: Victoria on March 19, 2013, 01:02:29 PM
An Important Note About The World And Solar Flares and NEMP Attack:

I neglected to write about the entire world.  NASA’s opinion about solar flares is that one could not be strong enough to do more than disrupt satellites/ likely affecting cell phones and GPS around the world, for a period of time.  They don’t think one would hold together long enough to hit earth.  Their opinion differs from scientists in the electromagnetic field.  Who to believe?  Perhaps history is the best clue:  we know power was knocked out in Canada and a part of the US from a flare a number of years ago and it took time to repair/replace the damage to that grid and one many years ago took out telegraph capability across the country – that was our most advanced technology then.  The thinking about that one, is, if one that strong hit today, our modern technology powered by electricity, would be destroyed and it would destroy grids around the world.  So, there are still opinions as to whether or not we are in danger from a solar flare.  We know now what one would do if it got here.

Our government is more concerned about a NEMP attack being the more likely threat.  I expect that is why a commission was formed to investigate the destruction from an attack rather than one studying solar flares.  They can identify enemy states right now that want our destruction, but a strong solar flare isn’t on the way.   

If such an NEMP attack happened here, remember it is regional, so the rest of the unaffected area would work and that means the rest of the world would keep working.  Our capability to repair damage would increase rapidly if the rest of the world was operational.
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Post by: Victoria on March 27, 2013, 11:55:31 AM

I don’t know how farmers manage to grow crops.  They contend with the weather and creatures and insects that eat their plants.

I live in town and one would think I wouldn’t have a problem with creatures that want to eat my few plants in containers.   Someone should tell the squirrels who live in oak trees just behind my garden fence to leave my plants alone.  Plus, tell the birds who also live in those trees to stay out of my garden. 

In past years when my husband grew tomato plants, strawberries, and other plants, we were subject to raids by these creatures eating our produce.  He put a contraption up with netting to try to stop them and that was kind of, sort of, successful, in that we saved some of the plants/produce  however, birds would get caught in the netting and I’d have to work with the netting to get the birds freed so they could fly off.

This year, I’ve already seen the squirrels roaming in the little garden and if a tomato appears, the squirrels and birds will be after it and any sweet pepper that shows up.

I talked with a guy who has been a professional chef and grows all kinds of plants and knows about every firearm ever made, I think.  I asked him if a BB gun would kill a squirrel and he said no, get a pellet gun to get rid of the squirrels and birds.  I know him and if he shot and killed a squirrel, he would cook it and eat it.   He’s done that many times before.   In his not distant past, he was a mountain man and lived off the land for a year. 

He told me a pellet gun would get rid of any small animal.  I thought about that in terms a prolonged emergency situation and determined a pellet gun was a good tool to have.  Pellet ammunition is very cheap and so are BBs.  Although the BBs won’t take down an animal, they can be used for target practice as well as the pellets can.  Using a pellet/BB gun for target practice is a good idea to sharpen one’s ability to hit a target.  Regular ammo now is extremely expensive if one can even find it and if you have some, you don’t want to use it up shooting at targets. 

I didn’t know jack about pellet/BB guns.   In my childhood, I shot a BB gun my older brother had.  One day, my brother shot me in the face with the BB gun.  He always swore it was an accident (yeah, right).  The BB was lodged in my nose rather than hitting me in the eye and that was a good thing.  My mother had to take me to the doctor to remove the BB.  There isn’t a scar from that procedure and I don’t remember exactly where that was on my nose as I couldn’t have been more than six years old at the time.

For invading small animals, I decided to get a pellet gun, the handgun not a rifle, so had to find out about pellet guns.  I live in town and needed a quieter gun that wouldn’t attract attention as I didn’t want the police showing up to arrest a mad terrorist woman shooting a gun in the city limits.

I was going to order it from Walmart as they are cheaper there than I think other places are.  I clicked the place on the Walmart website to see what my store had and, as usual, they didn’t have any.  That store is basically useless to me.  They also don’t sell regular rifles or handguns.

Blow Back:
Maybe you don’t know what “blow back” is – I didn’t.   Companies make some of these guns as realistic as they can to the real thing, so they use a process called “blow back” that makes the gun have a louder report and a kick back.  I didn’t want a louder report that sounds  like a real gun shooting .  Plus, having blow back capability means the gun costs more.

These handguns use a CO2 cartridge to propel the bullet.  Some fire BBs only – if the description says it has a smooth barrel, it won’t shoot pellets – it must have a riffled barrel for pellets.

Basically, a BB only handgun starts at about fifteen dollars and up, with the good quality ones in the thirties.  A good quality pellet/BB handgun starts in the fifties.

I got the Walther PPQ Pellet/BB handgun at a price of $67.76.   It does not have blow back, so it is a quieter report gun.

It takes .177 pellets.   A container of Crosman 500 count  .177 hollow point pellets is $7.97.   You can see how cheap the pellets are and if one gets a collecting target to catch the pellets, one can use the same pellets over and over for practice.  There are other type pellets such as Crosman 250 count  .177 Destroyer pellets for $2.97.  You could read the various descriptions to see which types of pellets you want.  To take down small animals, I’d stick with hollow points.

THESE HANDGUNS ARE NOT TOYS.  DO NOT LET CHILDREN PLAY WITH THEM.   The pellets kill small animals – these are guns.

If you get a pellet target metal box, DON’T USE BBs FOR THIS TARGET.  The BBs will bounce back and hit whatever is in their path.   For BBs, the best targets are the ones that catch the BB, then the BB slides down the target to the bottom for collection.  My Walmart did not have this type BB target (see, I told you they have very little at my store), so I’ll have to order one for BBs on line and I’m getting the zombie one.  I have seen this one on Amazon.

I got the “Pellet Trap” air gun pistol/rifle metal target (the store had this one).  This metal box is rated for .177 pellets which is what my gun uses. 

Time to mention velocity.  Velocity (or speed) of a bullet is measured in feet per second, fps.   For air guns, the lower end guns have an average of about 250 fps.  Higher end guns (which is what I have) range from 300-500 fps.   The fps of my gun is a little less than 400.   What does velocity have to do with targets?  If you use a 22 lr rifle or any regular gun and fire at this metal target, the high velocity of that bullet is going to tear through this metal target and hit whatever is in back of this target.   The directions on back of this box reads, “Minimum distances:  At 800 fps, minimum distance of 10 yards.  At 1100 fps minimum distance of 30 yards.”  In other words, don’t stand any closer to this target box than the minimum distances for these fps guns.  Some air gun rifles may have an fps rating of more than 500fps.

This target box is about 10 inches by 8 inches.  It has a bar with two ducks on it and one that has two target circles on it and it is adaptable for paper targets.  I got two sets of ten, paper zombie targets.  The cover of the targets read these are “splattering” targets.  When a bullet hit it, it splatters.  I don’t know what that looks like yet since I just got this equipment yesterday.

Consider a pellet gun to sharpen your target skills and rid your place of small animals eating your produce and fruit.   In an emergency situation, you need the food you grow.
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Post by: Victoria on March 31, 2013, 12:16:32 PM

I’ve been gathering information about the threat from North Korea as they have issued a declaration of war against South Korea and the United States.  I wanted to determine if rocket/missiles from there could reach our country and put us in a state of emergency.  If that happened, preppers would be better off than those who have no preps, but what is the likelihood it could happen?  Do you need to shore up your preps, add more of anything to them?   However, read below an NEMP is the danger we face at this moment.

I was stunned yesterday to read North Korea has the ability right now to cause a nuclear electromagnetic pulse over this country.  They can do it right now because they have the capability to launch a satellite.  They’ve had success doing that.  That is not the same ability as sending a nuclear bomb by rocket/missile below the upper atmosphere to a location on the ground in the U.S..  Our government doesn’t think they have the rocket/missile ability to send such a bomb – but they do have the ability to launch a satellite .

The information I read was lengthy, the link is below, documenting exactly the process for launching this satellite with a low yield nuclear bomb and it would explode in the upper atmosphere over our country and they can do it right now.

I thought of the irony of writing that article here about an NEMP and the damage it would do as opposed to a solar flare.  I noted in that article that the government was more concerned about an NEMP than a solar flare and had that commission investigate the damage that would be done by an NEMP.

I suggest the reader re-read that article and go to the commission report link there and read the whole report. 

To be on the safe side, if you have a Faraday Cage, put your electronic equipment in it now.  Although there is a difference in opinion about Faraday Cages working, and whether they are needed in an NEMP attack, use one if you have it and load it now.  Unplug any equipment you don’t need working right now. 

If you have been putting off getting a WaterBob to quickly store 100 gallons of water, get that now.  The cheapest price ($17.99) for one is here:

Whatever you have put off getting for an emergency, get it now.  One can never have too much water or food.  If you have put off getting batteries, get them now.

The article that explains the capability of North Korea to deliver a super NEMP to this country is below:

The link to the North Korea declaration of war is below:
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Post by: Victoria on April 03, 2013, 11:31:10 AM

This time the China Ministry of Health think this new strain, H7N9 virus, has gone from wild birds into pigs, then into humans but one scientist thinks it’s going from birds straight to humans.  Two men are dead, one 87, one 27, one woman is in critical condition.  The 27 year old was a seller of pork.  That was two days ago and I believe more are sick or dead now.

This is a deadly virus with no vaccine.   It’s thought one of the victims ate pork and got it.  China says there is incomplete evidence that it is being transmitted human to human, then I read about a family where one got it and had not been around pigs so he got it from a family member  unless he ate tainted pork. 

There was a swine epidemic earlier and the latest I’ve read about that says they don’t know what was making these pigs sick and die.  I’ve read ten thousand and also read twenty thousand, infected pigs were tossed in a river and in March they started trying to get these pigs out of the water and destroying them.  I don’t know if that river water is used somewhere along that river for drinking water.

The reality is, we don’t know if it is being passed from human to human and/or from birds straight to humans or to pigs and the humans eat the pigs.

I’ll keep up with reports as this progresses until we know how it is passed for sure and if it gets out of China to other countries.  We don’t want this new serious virus to start killing people in our country.

In the article I wrote about China and the flu virus, I failed to mention a number of our group went on to Shanghai and stayed several days – every single one got sick with the flu.  I recall one said they wouldn’t drink water coming out of the faucet because it didn’t look clean.  They drank bottled water but if you eat food there, water is likely used in and around that food. 

In my opinion, going to China is hazardous to your health at any time.  I would not go back after my experience there.

If we have a viral pandemic from this (or some other disease) in this country, your preps will be important.  Be sure you have enough preparations to stay away from people for two months or longer.  Two months may not be long enough to get passed the mass infection period.   

Stay off airplanes if at all possible.  There is no way I would go overseas on a plane as you have to come back and one would not know if that virus was in a person or people on that plane with you.
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Post by: Victoria on April 03, 2013, 04:33:50 PM

Today, North Korea informed Washington a nuclear strike could happen in this country today or tomorrow, meaning, at any time, it can make a preemptive strike on the United States.  Their warning included, "The moment of explosion is approaching fast."   The wording was interesting as it was a strike using “cutting-edge smaller, lighter and diversified nuclear strike means".

Based on their ability to cause a major NEMP (nuclear electromagnetic pulse) over the country via using their satellite capability, I wonder if that phrase they used indicates a NEMP strike?  If a country was going to drop a nuclear bomb onto a city, I don’t think smaller, lighter nuclear strike would fit.  It would, however, fit a lower strength nuclear bomb on a satellite in the upper atmosphere detonating causing a NEMP. 

“Cutting-edge smaller, lighter and diversified nuclear strike means”.  To me, that exactly defines a nuclear electromagnetic pulse – it would be diversified over the range of the pulse.

There was also news we sent truck mounted interceptors of missiles to the island of Guam.  Guam is about 2,100 miles from North Korea. We have an airfield there and about 6,000 military personnel.  That base is also for bomber airplanes and submarines.  It is named as a target in the North Korean declaration of war.  Our government is taking that declaration of war seriously.  Are you?

I didn’t know we had that many personnel on that Guam base – did you?  There is so much we don’t know about our military personnel over the world.  I did know about our air base just south from the DMZ (demilitarized zone) in South Korea as I had two extended family members stationed on that base some years ago.

We need to pray for our men and women on both bases – South Korea and Guam.  They will be in harm’s way if North Korea actually attacks those bases.

And, we need to think of our preps since we have a threat directly on our country.  This is the first time our country has had war declared on it since I have been old enough to reason about world events.   

Most of you are much younger than I am.  How does it feel to know war has been declared on your existence?  That your life and your way of life is threatened?  Don’t make the mistake most are making – and that is to think a small country is just blowing off steam and they won’t do it.  We had WWI which surprised people.  My father fought in that war.  He lived in rural Arkansas and ended up fighting in Europe.  He would never have thought he would be “Over There”.  Then, WWII happened and people thought that wouldn’t happen.  So many American men went to war “Over There” and died in Europe or Germany.  At the same time, Pearl Harbor was attacked by surprise and our military died in Hawaii – then, they had to fight in the Pacific islands, and one of those was Guam.  They were just home boys but had to go fight on a strange island or in a strange country.

What was the hardship at home during these times?  During WWII, I remember stamps for buying shoes and stamps for buying gasoline and stamps for buying sugar.  I think maybe there were stamps for buying coffee and I’m sure for other things but I don’t remember those.  Wives saved cooking oil and turned it in to use in the war effort.  I remember a blouse my mother made for me out of parachute nylon as nylon was a new thing.  That nylon did not breathe – that blouse was HOT in the summer time as no air could get through it even though it was thin.

If we have a NEMP, our hardships will be much worse than WWII.  The more preps you have, the better off you will be.  You need to have a way to have light, be able to cook, have food to cook, have food that doesn’t need cooking, have water, have at least one weapon and ammo for safety.  I feel like writing every article again that is in these articles, to make the point you must be prepared – you need insurance in the way of preps so you will be okay.

How do I get across to you, there could be an NEMP attack?  Perhaps Pearl Harbor and 9-11, is the best way to impress upon you what can happen when you don’t think anything is going to happen.  If you have seen some of the movies depicting the attack on Pearl Harbor, you know the military officers in charge at Pearl Harbor didn’t think there was enough threat to that area to do anything about it.  Our people in Washington knew there was a problem with Japan, but we never thought we would be attacked.  Messages weren’t read between Washington and Pearl Harbor, people were lax in government and the military.  Then, we were thrown into war on that front right along with the war in Europe/Germany.

The attack on the New York towers was a surprise.  We would have never believed those towers would fall and thousands would be killed there and at the Pentagon and in a field where a plane went down.  Think of your surprise about that and get prepared so you won’t have that feeling again if your power goes out and does not come back on. 

Don’t be surprised this time.  It may happen or it might not.  Just don’t be surprised and that means get your act together and deal with your preps.  Get what you need now.  Know where every family member is every day.  Have a way to communicate with your family all through the day.  If power goes off during the day and doesn’t come back on, what do you do?  How do you get the family together?  Does everyone have a backpack they carry every day with some water/food and communication equipment in it?  If you don’t have a plan, make one right now.  I live by myself so I don’t have to make plans with someone else, but most of you do.  Make those plans now. 

I hope none of us needs a single prep, but I want you to have them and not need them.  I am going to pray for all of you and for this nation that we will be safe from harm.  I invite you to pray, too.

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Post by: soccer grannie on April 03, 2013, 09:19:17 PM
You might be interested in reading this article.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on April 03, 2013, 10:27:35 PM
Thanks, grannie, what you posted is a summary of information in the article I wrote on the difference between a solar flare and a nuclear electromagnetic pulse and the article I just wrote.  Your listing that adds credence to those two articles.  This is not a figment of our imagination - it can become our reality.

Why did Kim Jong Un issue that declaration of war?  He did it because he actually had something he could do and backed it up further by his latest threat.  Let us hope this never comes to pass but just as our military is preparing in Guam and sent ships off shore of South Korea, so must we prepare.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: soccer grannie on April 03, 2013, 11:01:51 PM
As you said earlier "If we have a NEMP, our hardships will be much worse than WWII."

I totally agree. Everyone depends so much on modern conveniences and most never lived in the days we did. Sadly, it's going to be a rude awakening.
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Post by: Entity on April 04, 2013, 05:23:26 AM
Unfortunately It does appear that Kim Jong Un  is under pressure to live up the image his father built, in order to 'be worthy' of his position. Certainly one way, would be to 'complete the war' to the gain of the north.

Wither he understands the nature of the war that he is courting, or believes in the fairy tale of the 'short victorious war', remains to be seen.
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Post by: LvsChant on April 07, 2013, 09:23:03 AM
Maybe he's just trying to scam us again to get us to send them more foreign aid...
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I'll soon post an article updating prep considerations due to continuing N. Korean threat.  Plus, an update on the new Chinese Avian flu virus and preps to keep us from getting it.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on April 08, 2013, 01:32:21 PM


Today, April 8, North Korea shut down the large industrial complex that employed both N. Koreans and S. Koreans.  This takes a large amount of money from both countries.  One commentator said closing these factories means N. Korea is serious about their threats.  Instead of backing down, N. Korea is upping the odds of attack.  N. Korea has told diplomats from other countries living in N. Korea to leave by April 10.  They have moved one or two rocket launchers to their east coast.  The U.S. thinks N. Korea will set off another nuclear test in the next several days.

We have moved our military personnel from Japan to Guam to lower the possibility of a strike being made on Japan.   We have moved destroyer ships, two I believe, to off the coast of S. Korea.  We also have “bomb dropping” planes there.

The United States is taking these N. Korean threats seriously and so should we.  Although our west coast is a target, the U.S. doesn’t think a rocket or missile can reach us.  The operative word here, is, “doesn’t think”.  I have ordered last minute items I think are necessary if our country finds itself in peril.  I urge you to consider your preps, and obtain critical items.

Iodine tablets (potassium iodide) for nuclear fallout:
I got these tablets as a safeguard for my husband when the Japan nuclear reactors went down after the earthquake they had.  I cannot take these tablets as I am so allergic to iodine, they would probably kill me.  My doctor knows how allergic I am and a hospital will never be allowed to give me contrast dye with iodine in it.  If you know you are severely allergic to iodine, don’t take these tablets.

The tablets to get are IOSAT.  You can get them at  It is one sheet of 14 tablets which is the amount of tablets to take for one person.  The tablets are tiny - so small one is likely to drop it.  The fact sheet reads, in part:

“IOSTAT is the first FDA approved “Thyroid Blocking Agent” for protection in a nuclear emergency.  IOSAT prevents the absorption of radioactive iodine that can cause thyroid cancer – especially in children.  Nuclear utilities, governments and emergency personnel have long kept potassium iodide (KI) on hand for their own protection, but the general public has had little access to this valuable drug.”

The price is $10 plus $4.00 shipping to Texas (your shipping cost will vary by state).  If I lived on the west coast or states next to those states, I would have these tablets if not allergic.


As of yesterday, the World Health Organization, issued this statement:
“To date, a total of 21 cases have been laboratory confirmed with influenza A(H7N9) virus in China, including six deaths, 12 severe cases and three mild cases.”

“More than 530 close contacts of the confirmed cases are being closely monitored. In Jiangsu, investigation is ongoing into a contact of an earlier confirmed case who developed symptoms of illness.  At this time there is no evidence of ongoing human-to-human transmission.”

As I suspected would happen, ducks and chickens and pigeons are being killed after they were found to be carrying the virus.  Hopefully, they weren’t thrown in the river as the virus carrying pigs were.  And, guess what?  Open markets have been closed.  Remember, I spoke of being at one of those open markets with ducks walking around and meat hanging from hooks in the open air?  Don’t go to China and let’s hope that virus doesn’t make it here.

I don’t trust the statement, “At this time there is no evidence of ongoing human-to-human transmission.”  China is the worst to tell the truth about a virus and it could be transmitting from human to human now but they just haven’t discovered it yet.  That is why that sentence reads, “At this time…”.

Surgical masks:
You should have a supply of surgical masks, at least the strength of N95 masks.  If the virus is identified in your family, every family member PLUS THE INFECTED PERSON wears a mask 24/7.  Masks are for two reasons:  To keep you from giving the sick person another disease and to keep the spittle from the infected person off you.  A cough from the infected person will also send the virus flying through the air.  Don’t get any closer to the patient than you must as the virus coughed in your direction can go through that mask if you are close.  You need good medical gloves.  Your patient will have the virus on his/her hands so you must have protection on your hands.  Protection glasses should be worn as the virus can get in your eye and then to the rest of the body.  You can buy protection one use gowns to pitch that gown, those gloves, and the mask in the trash and seal it after you have on new gloves and new mask.  Put a trash can with plastic bag inside just outside the patient’s room for dumping these items.

You can find surgical N95 masks on Amazon below.  Do not buy N95 masks for “particles” as those are for workmen while sanding and will not do for biological masks.  Make sure it says “surgical” masks.  The ones below are surgical:

Medical gloves:
There are many medical gloves on Amazon and there are Nitrile ones if you are allergic to rubber products.  Don’t get “Industrial” gloves as those are not medical gloves.  Get a big box.  A family member may get a “regular” bad cold or “regular” flu so use these gloves and the rest of the protection at that time to keep the family from getting it.

Disposable gowns:
You will find 50 disposable full back gowns, elastic at the wrist, for $19.00 at Amazon:\

You can find medical eye protection glasses here for $9.25:

The proper masks, glasses, gloves, and gowns gives you the option of keeping your family safer from transmitted human to human disease.


I’m sure you have seen your TV go through an “Emergency Test”.  The picture will go off and there will be a screen with the words that read something like, “This is a test of the emergency broadcasting system”, then there will be a loud noise while that screen is still on, then it will go back to the program you were watching.

I went to bed late, and the time was ten minutes after 2 am (central time).  The program went off and there was wording about an emergency test.  I didn’t read the wording as I thought it was a regular test.  I grabbed the puncher so I could turn down the loud noise when it started.   The noise never started as my TV was turned completely OFF – the screen was black.   I no longer had the TV, whoever turned it off was controlling  it.  It didn’t respond to me at all – it was OFF.   In about a minute, the TV turned itself on and went back to the program.

Hussein Obama owned my TV last night, I didn’t.   If the government decided to keep my and your TV off,  I still have the battery operated ham radio receiver to find out what is happening.  If you recall, Hussein’s system also controls regular radios.  I wish I had one on last night to see if it also went dead and I would bet regular radios also went off for this “test”.

That happening is so like the book/movie 1984 by Orson Wells.  The government owned all their TVs and gave them orders every day through that system.  The owner had no control over that TV – it was the government’s  way of controlling the people and the government could also see through that TV and know what you were doing every minute of the day.

I’m sure Homeland Security says their controlling system of TVs and radios is “good” for us so they can tell us what to do during an emergency.  Hogwash friends, they stole our TVs and radios last night.
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Oh, my, I'm watching the movie, "Outbreak", and saw a sick fellow in a movie theatre cough and it showed the spittle from that cough going through the air onto people rows away.

Please get some N95 masks if you have none. 
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Any thoughts on today's information or lack there of. Here in south Texas we are getting very little on the main media stations... Thoughts ? Theories?
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Hi, jm_sol

Latest news:

1.  I paid my income tax today - I need an adult beverage.
2.  North Korea is celebrating today the one year anniversary of Kim Jong Un's appointment as ruler by whatever title he has.  Today, N. Korea said they have "powerful striking means" whenever they want to do it.
Japan and Guam still on watch.
3.  Below is the update on the Chinese virus as of today.  I rememer the last report was they were watching over 300 who had contact with sick people.  Now, they are watching 760.  It's spreading.  At the bottom of this report they still say they have no evidence at this time that it is spreading person to person.

Human infection with influenza A(H7N9) virus in China - update

11 April 2013 -As of 11 April 2013 (17:00 CET), the National Health and Family Planning Commission notified WHO of an additional 10 laboratory-confirmed cases of human infection with influenza A(H7N9) virus.

The patients include:
 a 70-year-old man from Jiangsu who became ill on 29 March 2013;
a 74-year-old man from Jiangsu who became ill on 2 April 2013;
a 65-year-old man from Zhejiang who became ill on 3 April 2013;
a 76-year-old woman from Shanghai who became ill on 1 April 2013;
an 81-year-old woman from Shanghai who became ill on 4 April 2013;
a 74-year-old man from Shanghai who became ill on 31 March 2013 and died on 11 April 2013;
an 83-year-old woman from Shanghai who became ill on 2 April 2013;
a 68-year-old man from Shanghai who became ill on 4 April 2013;
a 31-year-old man from Jiangsu who became ill on 31 March 2013; and
a 56-year-old man from Jiangsu who became ill on 3 April 2013.
To date, a total of 38 patients have been laboratory confirmed with influenza A(H7N9) virus in China; including 10 deaths, 19 severe cases and nine mild cases.

More than 760 close contacts of the confirmed cases are being closely monitored.

The Chinese government is actively investigating this event and has heightened disease surveillance. Retrospective testing of recently reported cases with severe respiratory infection may uncover additional cases that were previously unrecognized. An inter-government task force has been formally established, with the National Health and Family Planning Commission leading the coordination along with the Ministry of Agriculture and other key ministries. The animal health sector has intensified investigations into the possible sources and reservoirs of the virus.

WHO is in contact with national authorities and is following the event closely. The WHO-coordinated international response is also focusing on work with WHO Collaborating Centres for Reference and Research on Influenza and other partners to ensure that information is available and that materials are developed for diagnosis and treatment and vaccine development. No vaccine is currently available for this subtype of the influenza virus. Preliminary test results provided by the WHO Collaborating Centre in China suggest that the virus is susceptible to the neuraminidase inhibitors (oseltamivir and zanamivir).

At this time there is no evidence of ongoing human-to-human transmission.
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I’m calling this a NEW source of pure water because I just found out about this easy source of free water.  I want to give credit to a poster named backwoods-engineer for posting this souce of water on another website.

Let’s say you are away from home perhaps at work or other reason you are in an area where there are commercial buildings – could be a shopping area – just anywhere there are commercial buildings.   An emergency happens and you need to get home or maybe you can’t get home.  There is a free pure water source right where you are.  Always have some type of container in your car or on your person, could be an empty water bottle, anything to collect water.

You need to buy one item that is less than $10 (just ordered one for $6.49) anywhere you buy one.  There are several on Amazon (one listed below)  and I looked on the Lowes website and they have them.  I’m sure Home Depot has them.  It is a sillcock key.  What in the world is a sillcock key?

A commercial building has a water outlet on the outside of the building.  Had you thought about that?  I hadn’t.  Start looking on the outside of commercial buildings to find this outlet in order to assure yourself this is true.  That outlet is fixed so it won’t freeze in cold weather so don’t expect to see a plain exposed pipe/faucet like you have at your house outside – it may have some kind of cover on it with the heavy duty pipe inside to fit the key or have no cover but be an exposed fancy heavy duty pipe in which you fit the key.  A sillcock key will open that outlet and you have pure water.  The key you want has four sizes of key on it.  I saw one that is just one size and you don’t want that one.  One with four sizes of key guarantees you will have the right size to insert in that outlet and start water flowing.  After gathering your water, turn it off with the key.

Are you stealing water if you do this?  Technically, you are.  If the building is open, you can fill your water bottle at a water fountain inside – is that stealing?  No one would accuse you of stealing water if you filled your water bottle inside.  If the building is closed and you must have water, use the key and get it in order to stay alive until you can get home.  That amount of water would be less than a few cents worth, if that much, of water. In an emergency situation, I doubt there would be police watching building water outlets and that’s what we are talking about, an emergency.

A sillcock key is so easy to get and give you a source of emergency water.

Here’s one on Amazon made by Wolverine for $6.49 with $1.69 shipping, made of steel.  I just ordered it so I don’t have to travel to a store and hunt for it.  The gasoline to get to the store would likely be more than the cost and shipping of this item.  Keep this key in your car or in a backpack if you carry one all the time, or in your bug out bag if you keep one in your car.
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I have already said gardening is my weakest area of preparedness.  Well, I’m changing that.  My being a master gardener is a joke, but I’m making progress.  If you don’t  grow veggies, maybe my efforts will help you get started.

I have a small garden area and I have a lower back problem and I don’t bend down to the ground more than three times in a row.  I’m sure some of you have back problems, too.  We still need to grow veggies even if we have a bad back.

I have nine tomato plants (two are cherry tomatoes) in pots that are set on a large metal round table, on a metal side table, on a plastic small table, or growing in three tall clay pots sitting on the ground.   There are actual very small tomatoes on the two cherry tomatoes.  Oh, yes, one of the cherry tomato plants is growing in a potting soil bag and looks great and has tomatoes on it.  You can grow food in a bag of potting soil – put some draining holes in the bottom, cut the top and plant.   See, you just planted and it will grow.

I planted a strip of lettuce seeds (was in a little box ready to plant) in a planter box on the ground.  I used a hoe to make a row in the planter box – only needed to move a small amount of dirt to the side to make this shallow row.   Put the strip down and only ¼ inch of dirt over the strip and I was done.  That lettuce has come up and is growing well.

I have a very small plastic pot with basil in it and it’s on the big metal table and has come up.  Another little pot has a sweet pepper in it and it hasn’t come up yet but it’s only been a few days since I planted it.


I had to make a commitment if I was going to grow food – either do it right or forget it.  I decided to do it right.  I can solve problems really well and I could solve gardening if I just studied how to do it.

I have one external problem I have to control.  The two huge oak trees just behind my garden back wall is home to squirrels and birds.  They hang around waiting to eat my produce.  Had to do something about that.  The birds eat seeds if I try to get them to grow outside.  I don’t have much sunlight on my lower house floor so starting seed inside is poor and I still have to sit them outside as soon as they are growing and then they get eaten.  I found two solutions and got them.

I bought a greenhouse!  Wow, that must be expensive!  No, I paid $40 for it at Lowes.  It is small, put it together myself as it requires no tools (except I used a small hammer to make sure the bars were in solid).  If you are interested in this small greenhouse, go to Lowes on the web and look at this small greenhouse.  It’s not the one on Amazon.  The one at Lowes has rolling casters so you can roll it around.  It has four shelves, each shelf being 20+ inches long and 19 inches deep.  That is plenty of space to grow many seeds/plants outside and the birds/squirrels can’t get them as a heavy plastic cover is over the whole thing and there are double zippers on the front panel.  Just open the zippers and roll up the front plastic cover and attach it to Velcro at the top and you have it open to work with your seeds/plants.  When you have finished your work, lower the panel and zip the two zippers and it’s all safe from critters.

Now I have a safe place to grow many seeds.  But, there’s the row of lettuce on the ground, tomatoes in those pots, basil, green pepper, how to protect those from squirrels/birds?

Row Cover:
I bought a very large row cover.  What is a row cover?  I read a person used a row cover to keep out rodents yet sun and rain goes through the cover.  WHAT?  That was exactly what I needed for my produce not to end up in a squirrel or bird stomach.

There are different kinds of row cover and I studied them all to find the one that let sun and rain in and kept out rodents/birds.  I found it and it comes in numerous sizes.  I got a big one and here’s why – I don’t have perfect rows to lay this down over a row and be done with it.  I’ve got separate plants in pots plus that one row of lettuce.  You can cut this cover any way you want and use it any way you want.  I will cut enough to fit over the tomato plants/other plants on the various tables and on the ground.  If you have pots, cover the plants loosely with the cover and put the ends of the cover under the pot to hold it down.

Here is the cover for $18.99, 5 ft. x 50 ft (smaller sizes are there, too):

Now, I can grow seeds in a secure greenhouse and I can protect growing plants from rodents/birds.  Now, I need seeds.  (At the end of this article, I talk about a new item (for me it’s new) and it’s “growing bags”.  Don’t dig in ground dirt and hurt your back, put your plant in a growing bag and leave it there and move it around when you want. )  To seeds:

I got heirloom seeds from Terroir Seeds/Underwood Gardens:

I know choosing seed is specific to your growing area so your choices will be different than another’s choices who lives in an area with weather different than yours.  You will note on their page, there is a section of heirloom seed for warmer weather and one for cooler weather.  Look at those choices, then look at the regular heirloom seeds in groups and make choices.  I did not buy any seeds that needed cool weather.  The temperature in Texas in the summer would be suicide for any plant that needs a cooler climate.

I do want to mention a few plants I think are exceptional for preps to have these particular plants in a long time emergency and I did get them and will plant them.  Buy them once, then save the seed for the next year unless the plant grows back itself:

Leaf celery: 
An easy bush to grow and it’s leaves taste like celery so use the leaves as real celery.  No  way I can grow real celery, but I can have leaf celery.

Wild Galapagos Tomato:  
These were found growing wild on that island.  They were in direct sun and poor soil but they grew anyway.  They want to grow.  They are smallish, have good taste, stick them anywhere and near at the end of growing season, put a tomato in the ground and another will grow the next season.  Read the directions and you will always have these wild tomatoes growing.

Evergreen Bunching Onion:
Here’s an onion that will keep making onions.  Follow the directions and you’ve got onions every year.

Alpine Strawberry:
This plant goes back to the 1700s.  It does not have runners, is a bushy plant prolific with many strawberries, plant it anywhere – on walkways, anywhere.  In warm climates, it is an evergreen.


Why bother with dirt on the ground that kills your back?  Use growing bags full of your favorite growing medium and plant your little plants you grew from seed, into these growing bags and leave them there – the bag is their home.  You can work with these bags on top of a table and not have to bend to the ground ‘cause you aren’t using ground planting. 

Put “growing bags” in search at Amazon and you will find various sizes from one gallon to fifteen gallon and there are several companies.  If you want handles on the bag, double check the bag you choose has handles.  Place the bags on the ground in your garden and you can pick it up and place it at waist level if you need to do something to it, otherwise just leave it in the garden. 

The bags automatically drain extra water out.  The dirt and roots stay cooler in hot climates.  You can wash the bag after it has no plant/dirt in it if you need to do that.  The bags last for years.

Before you decide on a bag, read customer comments about that bag.  I get a lot of help from customer comments.  I will get some bags once I decide what sizes I need.  Bending to the ground is just terrible for me, but I still need to grow food.  These bags are an answer.

Happy Gardening!   :)

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Thank you much Victoria. I too am battling the back pain and gardening. Saw a neighbor who has invested in feed troughs from tractor supply or like..  They are a black rubber trough on galvanized legs. Just about mid thigh height to me.  Would be perfect... Hoping for a tax rebate to afford me.. Til then.  I hoe and hoe..stoop and bend. Crawl along ..planning the next crop in those feed troughs
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I just looked at Rubbermaid feeders and this is going to cost in the hundreds even without the legs if you get more than one - did not see any with legs so maybe your neighbor put those on.  The idea is great and if you get a refund of enough to do this, I say go for it.

I saw many examples of people putting metal feeders flat on the ground and use them for raised gardening, however those still require bending over.  I am so old I remember when plants only went in the ground.  We now have choices and that's a good thing.
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Report today from China regarading H7N9 virus:

"More than 1,000 dead ducks have been fished out of a river Sichuan, China."

Dear readers, we knew that would happen, didn't we?  If you didn't, go back a page or two and read:

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Post by: Victoria on April 14, 2013, 06:07:39 PM
That article is on page 12.
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If you are a prepper, you need security and that usually means defense weapons, such as a firearm.  Your right to have a firearm of such type as you want, is under attack.  The above, I think, is the actual name of the “gun bill” to be debated this week in the U.S. Senate.  It wasn’t easy to find the actual name as senators and the press use the words, “gun bill” to identify it.  So, I think I have the right number and name.

If you saw any of the major political programs over the weekend, this bill wasn’t discussed.  What?  Of course the senators/commentators talked about the “gun bill”.  No, they didn’t.  The programs were about AN AMENDMENT to this original bill.  The amendment is the “Amendment proposed by “Mr. Manchin (for himself, Mr. Kirk, and Mr. Schumer”.  It’s called the Manchin-Toomey Bill.  It appears to have the name, “Title 1 – Public Safety and Second Amendment Rights Protection Act.”  I think they want to rename the original bill (Safe Communities, etc), using this Public Safety, etc. name.  This is confusing and I could be wrong.

What I do know, if one can trust majority leader Senator Reid to do what he said, is, the Manchin-Toomey amendment will be the first item taken up when the senate begins considering Senate Bill 649.   I believe this begins tomorrow, Tuesday, April 16, 2013.

I think the possibility exists that this Manchin-Toomey amendment may totally replace the original bill and that’s why it will be taken up first.

Well, I don’t sound very sure of what is going to happen, do I?  That’s because I’m not.

The basic core of this amendment deals with background checks and puts in place wording that a national registry of firearms is not allowed.  (If you believe that will stick, I have ocean front property in Arizona to sell to you).  It is my opinion, Hussein Obama will make RULES regarding this part of the bill, giving Attorney General Eric Holder, a way to compile a national registry.

Remember the article here about veterans being prevented from having a firearm if the Veterans Administration said he couldn’t have one?  This amendment takes that power away from the VA and the Vet is once again a citizen who can’t be prevented from having a firearm unless a court decides that.  This is one good thing this amendment does.  If you are a Vet, you are getting some protection of your right to own a firearm.

What else does this amendment do?  It will require a background check for all sales of firearms, through companies and individuals and that includes sales on the internet.  Exchanges between family members is exempt from background checks.

I do believe a gun bill requiring background checks, by whatever final name it has, will pass the Senate and go to the House.

What we don’t know:
Will other amendments be put on the final Senate bill?  They are going to be brought up for a vote and that includes banning “assault” weapons and banning magazines with more than ten cartridge capacity.  It is thought these amendments don’t have a chance of passing the Senate.  I hope that is true, but I don’t trust the Senate to protect gun owners.

Many Senators don’t understand the words, “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”  “Shall not be infringed” means don’t mess with a citizen’s right to have a gun of any kind he/she wants because if you mess with the type of gun, that’s “infringement”.

Here is a truism:   Every time a political body meets, new laws will be passed.  Remember I said that.  Every political body has to pass new laws in order to have a reason to exist.  If a political body passed no laws, why would they have to exist?  They wouldn’t.  That is why you will be under new laws every year you live.  New federal laws, new state laws, new county laws, new city laws (called city ordinances).  In Texas, our legislature meets every TWO years, so we get one year with no new state laws.  They are meeting this year, so we will have new laws.  Next year, no new state laws. 

These political bodies are going to control more and more of your life every year because they must pass new laws, whether they make any sense or not.  When a person is elected to a political body, that person has a strong incentive to write a law to show he/she is doing his/her job so he/she has a better chance of getting elected next time.  Doesn’t matter what the law is, just write one.

I have thought what I would do if elected to such a body.  What I would like to do, is vote against every new law and definitely not write one.   I would only vote for a new law if it gave more freedom to the individual.  We have some bills in our Texas legislature right now that protects a gun owner, stops the federal government from trying to take our guns, and I would vote for those but no more.  The only reason those bills are there is due to the federal government trying to write new laws to take our guns or register them.  I would likely lose my next election since I wouldn’t vote for more laws and wouldn’t write one, but at least I would know I didn’t add to the excessive mountain of laws.  It’s that “do no harm” oath of doctors. 

How many more new laws will there be in two years, three years, four years, five years?  They will never stop.

I have thought about how it would be to go to a new land where no one had lived before.  It’s just land that no one owns, there are NO laws, so you can do whatever you want.  Carry a gun out in the open, shoot game of whatever kind for food without a license, fish for any kind of fish without a license, pay no electric bill, no water bill, it’s just you and the land.  You have no boss, no job except the human job of procuring food and making a shelter/home.  Which group of people in our country have done this successfully for many years – the American Indian.  When our people from Europe came here, what happened?  They made laws right away.  And, they made laws the American Indian had to follow. 

A pox on laws.

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How could you have saved lives after the bombs in Boston exploded?

I'll have an article on by the end of tomorrow to explain what you need to know in such an emergency situation.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on April 18, 2013, 02:44:31 PM

I’m not going to sugar coat this article so your senses won’t be disturbed.   If you can’t stand the mental picture the word, “blood”,  puts in your brain, then don’t read this article.

A terrorist attack is sudden and if it blows your body completely apart, you’re dead.  This article assumes you didn’t die and are conscious.  If you are still standing – don’t.  Get as low as possible immediately and try to drag something on all sides of you or at least around your head, in case there is another wave of attack.  You want objects around you for protection and the heavier the better so the blast is absorbed by those objects and they deter shrapnel.

A body needs two working systems to stay alive.  They are the heart and adequate blood in your body.   If one of those doesn’t work, you will die quickly.   If you are conscious, likely your heart, at that moment, is working.   Immediately check your body for massive blood loss.  If blood is spurting out every time your heart beats, that is an arterial bleed and you will die in a few minutes as there won’t be enough blood in your body for your heart to pump so your heart will stop.  Try to stop or greatly lessen the blood that is pumping out of your body.  It is highly unlikely you can do that, so you will likely die.  There is one way you might be able to save yourself and that way is to have that new bandage, H&H High Pressure bandage and H&H Hard Packed Gauze.  The H&H bandage is covered on page 13 of these articles.  Remember it is a “One-Handed Hemostat for Arterial Bleeding”.  That bandage is gold in value.

The blood comes out of the heart on the left side so your left side has the strongest surge of blood in your body pushing that blood down your body.  Therefore, your left arm has a strong surge artery and your left leg has the big femoral artery in the thigh of that leg.  Put on the H&H bandage if your left leg or left arm is gushing blood.  Regular pressure will help stop bleeding from any other source, like a cut in a muscle or in soft tissue.  It is the arterial blood, that requires the intense pressure of the H&H bandage.  If your left side is okay, but there is blood draining from the right leg or arm, use the bandage there.

Now, you are going to tell me you don’t carry an H&H bandage and special gauze pack everywhere you go.  Why not?  They are condensed packed and light and they are not expensive at all, so why not have one in your purse or backpack?  If I lived in a large city, say New York or Boston or other large city, I would definitely have that bandage and gauze with me at all times.  Remember, the heart has to work and enough blood has to stay in the body to keep you alive or your heart stops.  That bandage gives you or a loved one a chance to live. 

We will have another terror attack somewhere at some time.  Will you be in the area where it happens?  That’s just it – no one knows.  What would the value of an H&H bandage have been in Boston that day as people were bleeding out from arterial blood flow?  I saw a man with just bone sticking out of his left leg starting just below where his thigh started.  It looked like a piece of pipe because there was no muscle or skin there and nothing below that bone pipe as his foot and bone with knee was gone.  He was going to die from that artery in his thigh pumping blood out if someone didn’t get there fast.


One: Emergency Treatment:
There is emergency treatment to keep someone alive until that person can be taken to a hospital.  I have a light weight smallish black bag with a few supplies for emergency medicine.  This is not long term treatment and there is a big difference between the two.  My emergency bag has no antibiotic ointment or cream to put on a wound.  Why not?  Because I’m saving a life to get to the hospital where they have all that.  My concern is keeping them alive until they get there.  Do you see the difference?

One time I went on an emergency call to a house and a lady had cut her left arm really badly but the artery was not cut.  She was alert but in distress.  I pulled the skin together and put on a pressure bandage using Kerlix (not an H&H bandage as it was not required and wasn’t even available then) and her husband was taking her to a hospital for stitches because it needed that.  My job was to control the bleeding so she could get there in the best shape possible.  Decontamination of the wound would happen at the hospital.  There was a person there who said I should put on an antibiotic.  He was a fire fighter in Houston and should have known better as he was wrong but I didn’t take the time to tell him why as that is no time to argue.  That is emergency medicine – stabilize the patient and get patient to hospital.

Kerlix gauze/bandage:
In emergency medicine, time is of the essence and I don’t have any tape in my emergency bag to hold a bandage on a wound.  Why is that?  Because I use Kerlix gauze/bandage and it holds itself on as it sticks to itself.  It doesn’t have glue on it, it is the way the gauze is made that causes it to hold on to itself.  When I closed a wound using Kerlix (as I did with the lady’s cut arm), I wrapped it around the wound several times and pulled it as I did that so it would apply pressure to the wound to help stop bleeding and after I wrapped enough to my satisfaction, I just pressed the last wrap to the wrap underneath it, and it stuck.  No need to waste time by getting out tape and scissors and cutting and, and, and.  No, I just pressed to stick it together and moved on.

When I was working in an emergency room, I assisted a surgeon while he sewed up a wound.  I bandaged that with a dressing and Kerlix and asked the nurse if she wanted tape on it.  She looked at me like I was nuts, and said, “Yes.”  I explained that out in the field, we didn’t use tape.  She didn’t know that.  You see, emergency medicine protocol is not like a hospital protocol.

Three packages of original Kerlix gauze/bandage is $10.70.  One can buy one package for less money but be sure it is Kerlix and not “Kerlix Type”.  Kerlix Type is made in China and there are many on Amazon and I would not buy that thinking it is sterile even though it says it’s sterile and the quality would be the pits in my opinion.  I only trust real Kerlix.

I just bought a set of various size hemostats on Amazon.  Those are used to clamp something together, such as a vein or artery.  I’d rather have them than not have them.  (People also use them for craft projects and I’m going to use one to help me put a bow on my Yorkie’s head. If that hair isn’t held back by a bow, the hair covers her face.)

Two:  Long Term Treatment:
The patient is totally under your care since the patient isn’t going to the hospital or no hospital treatment will be available in the immediate future or the reasonable later.  In this situation, one must do whatever that wound calls for now and for the future.  This is where you need to clean the wound (use Betadine pads to clean), use wound antibiotic, close the wound with Steri-Strips or medical stapler, apply whatever dressing and bandage the wound needs and check it from day to day and if possible, leave off the bandage after three days so the wound can “dry”.  This type of treatment is what you would do most of the time as you may never be in a drastic situation where you have to do emergency medicine because no medical first responders are there or the devastation is so bad, there isn’t enough medical staff to do it.

An Exercise:
Think of various types of attacks or natural disasters that can happen and see in your mind the types of injuries that would be most likely.  When I heard the Boston bombs were low level bombs, I thought, “LEGS, BLEEDING OUT”.  I would have grabbed H&H High Pressure Bandages and hard gauze, and been out on that street. 

Now, we have another disaster and it’s not far from me, about two and a half hours.  That is the fertilizer plant blowing up at West, near Waco.  What kind of injuries are there?  There are broken bones from being thrown against something or the building collapsed and the fall broke bones, or heavy items fell on an arm or leg, breaking one or both and there could be head injuries from that falling.  There were items hitting people as these items were thrown through the air from the force of the blast. 

I heard a woman say the blast knocked her down and she crawled to an outside wall of a house to get up close to it, to be under the eave of the house as there were many objects flying through the air.  She was smart not to stand up once she was thrown to the ground.

The people on site of that plant when the blast happened, are dead and some of those are missing.  They may have been totally consumed by the fire.  Some of those are police and fire fighters as there was fire for a period of time before the big blast.

Think about where you live.  What type of businesses are around you, within maybe two miles of your house?  Could any of those blow up or could they be a target of terror activity?  If you have such, try to determine the type of injuries that would happen from that particular disaster.  Do you have what you need to respond to your loved ones in an event like that?

Be prepared.

Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on April 20, 2013, 01:19:33 PM

In a nutshell, your handguns/rifles/magazines/ammo are safe from more federal control at this time.  If your state passed severe gun control laws, that only affects your state, not other states.

Nine amendments were defeated and I’m sure a cheer went up from every gun owner as each of those was defeated.

When the votes were over, Senate Majority Leader Democrat Reid made this statement:  "We should make no mistake, this debate is not over.  I've spoken to the president, he and I agree that the best way to keep working towards passing a background check bill, is to hit pause and freeze the background check bill where it is.  We are going to come back to this bill."

Reid is speaking of the amendment by Senator Joe Manchin III, Democrat of West Virginia, which would extend background checks to the Internet and gun show sales.   Since this amendment was defeated, how can Reid bring it back up?  He can do it due to a ridiculous Senate rule.

The rule is, if the Senate Majority Leader votes against a bill/amendment authored by his own party (in this case it’s Democrat Manchin), and it fails to pass, he can bring it back to the floor later whenever he wants.

So, that amendment to extend background checks to the Internet and gun show sales will come back when Reid thinks he has enough votes to pass it.  The amendment received 55 votes (needs 60 to pass), then Reid changed his vote to “No”, so he could bring it back, therefore the final vote was 54 to pass it.  With Reid voting yes when he brings it back, he only needs 5 more votes to reach 60 to pass it.

Don’t worry about knowing when Reid brings it back.  I will know it when he does that and post it on here. 

Obama’s future plans regarding gun control:

In Obama’s speech after the legislation defeat, he made it clear he isn’t stopping until he gets control over our guns.  Here is part of his speech:

“But this effort is not over. I want to make it clear to the American people we can still bring about meaningful changes that reduce gun violence, so long as the American people don’t give up on it. Even without Congress, my administration will keep doing everything it can to protect more of our communities. We’re going to address the barriers that prevent states from participating in the existing background check system. We’re going to give law enforcement more information about lost and stolen guns so it can do its job. We’re going to help to put in place emergency plans to protect our children in their schools.  … And I see this as just round one. … I believe we’re going to be able to get this done. Sooner or later, we are going to get this right.”

I believe Obama is saying to expect him to start writing more RULES to control our guns.  I expect these RULES will be given to Attorney General Eric Holder to carry out.  Obama was furious these gun amendments didn’t pass and he blamed the NRA for putting pressure on senators so they would vote against them.  That is not the case with our Texas Senators and I’ll bet not the case for your Senators who voted against them. 

I am a member of the NRA – National Rifle Association.  They are on the front line to help keep our Second Amendment rights intact.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on April 26, 2013, 03:07:36 PM

I have long tried to think of a simple way to explain the necessity for prepping for an emergency.  I have boiled it down to this:  If you depend on other people and man made machines to provide you with the necessities of life, you must prepare to provide yourself with whatever that is.

You see, other people and man made machines don't always work for whatever reason.

In the case of the “Shelter in Place” in Boston/Watertown, ordered by the Governor of Mass., the behavior of PEOPLE created that emergency.  If you needed milk, better have some packages of instant milk.  Took your last pill of “x” medicine the day before and hadn't already ordered and picked up a refill?  Out of diapers and none put back for an emergency?  No toilet paper and none put back for an emergency?

Remember, dependence on others and man made machines is a formula for an emergency.  A hurricane will take out electricity machines and may take out water machines.  An ice storm will take out electricity machines and maybe water machines.  Car machines would be dangerous on an icy road.

Don't trust other people and man made machines - trust yourself to provide those services - water, food, security, roof over your head, light, way to cook, way to stay warm, way to stay cool, way to treat wounds and illness, way to communicate.

Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on May 03, 2013, 10:25:38 AM
I'm still working on gardening.  By the end of today or sometime tomorrow, I'll have a piece on Gardening In a Small Space.  That's what I have, a smallish space of actual dirt and a large deck.  I'm turning that deck into producing food while taking into account a bad lower back.  Have a bad lower back? - I think most people do, especially after a certain age.  I will grow food one way or another because it's important to be able to grow food with heirloom seeds so they can be stored from one year to the next.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on May 04, 2013, 11:17:25 AM

All you master gardeners will just have to suffer through these gardening articles for those who need to grow food but are new at it and/or have a small amount of space.  Just laugh your heads off, but we will catch up with you master gardeners.

I think we all have to grow food no matter how much we have stored.  It makes sense to grow food when you can.  Many of us don’t have much space so we have to be creative to grow food – find a way to use the space we have to grow as much food as possible.  If we use heirloom seeds and save some of those seeds for the next year, we will always have seeds.

Below is what I’m doing now.  As you read, think of what you could do to have food plants growing in the space you have available.
I have the small greenhouse on the wood deck to start seeds next spring or for fall planting. 

Day before yesterday, I planted seeds in six bags of “Miracle Gro Potting Soil Mix” and placed the bags in the garden – I call that “instant raised bed growing”.   :)  If there is a problem in using this method, I’ll get growing fabric bags which I talked about in an earlier article, and put the potting mix in those.  I think that will be what I end up doing.  The fabric bags are built well and should last a long time and I don’t know what will happen to these plastic potting soil bags – whether they will hold up with the hot sun beating down day after day.

There is a difference in potting soil and potting soil mix.  I will only use the mix since it feeds the plants for six months.  Miracle Gro has two kinds and I’m using both at the moment.  The cherry tomato is in “Miracle Gro Moisture Control Potting Mix”, and it is in fantastic shape and larger than the other tomatoes and has tomatoes all over it. 

Everything I have planted except the tomatoes, are heirloom seeds.  I have studied and now know how to prepare tomato seeds to keep until the next year.  I can’t do that with the tomatoes I now have growing as they are not heirlooms.  I have planted heirloom wild tomato seeds in the ground and I don’t know if they are going to come up.  If they don’t, I’ll buy more of those and sprout those seeds in the greenhouse.  There is something growing in one of the places I planted those seeds but I don’t know yet if that is the tomatoes or weeds.

I got all the heirloom seeds from Terroir Seeds/Underwood Gardens at:

The raised wood deck I have is a large one.  That deck/wood is going to grow food.  Right now the iron table out there has tomato pots on it.  There are four iron chairs and a small iron table and the little greenhouse over in an extended part of the deck.  It’s out of the way and looks nice.  In one corner of the deck is an outdoor fireplace with a cover.  The rest of the deck is bare.  Good. 

I searched for the best way to use the deck for food and found “Hydrofarm Tomato Trellis Garden”.  I ordered two of these day before yesterday.  It seems to be perfect to grow regular size tomatoes, two tomatoes to a planter.  There is a metal trellis that comes in parts and as the plant grows, add another piece of trellis on top to support the tomato plant.  The trellis will go up to four feet high to support the tomato plants.  I bought “Miracle Gro Potting Soil” for these two planters.  It takes about 40 quarts of potting mix to fill one container.  I won’t use “Miracle Gro Moisture Control Mix” in these planters as the planter has a water delivery system to water the plants from the bottom and I don’t want to screw that up by using a soil with moisture control in it.

If these planters do well, I’ll get two more next spring to plant various food plants, will be great for foods that need a trellis, and put them with the other two on the deck.  There is plenty of room for four or more of these. 

Here is the information about the planters (they are on wheels – good):

Tomato trellis garden on wheels - expands to over 4-feet tall
Includes rectangular base and planter, 3 risers with supports, and 2 side supports Convenient watering port makes watering easy
Expandable - as plants grow just add extra rings or risers
Simple to assemble - no tools required
$53.53 free shipping

I have some food plants growing in the garden soil and I don’t remember what I planted in these places.  I know some are squash plants and I think that is what is up.  I decided I need plant labels to stick in the ground before I get more plants out there.  I did write on the bags I put out there so I know what is in the bags.  I don’t know if that writing will fade out.  I ordered some plant labels to stick in the ground and the potting soil bags so I’ll know what is out there.  The information on these is:

Garden Helpers H168 5-1/2-Inch Plastic T-Plant Labels and Plant Marker Pen, 48-Pack, White
$11.34 free shipping

I found there is special soil mix to start seeds growing plants.  I’ll need every advantage to get seeds to sprout in the greenhouse.  I got the seed starter below:

Espoma SS8 8-Quart Organic Seed Starter
12.69 free shipping

I had problems planting tiny seeds.  I ended up having gobs of tiny seeds in one spot.  I needed a way to separate these tiny seeds so a gob wouldn’t get dumped in one spot.  I ordered the seeder below:

Luster Leaf 3075CS Rapiclip Speedmaster Garden Seeder  $6.23 free shipping over $25.00

Later, I’ll post how to save heirloom tomato seed and other seeds for planting the next year.  The tomatoes take more steps to save them but it’s not difficult.

I hope what I’m doing gives you suggestions you can use to formulate a method for you to grow food anywhere you live.

Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on May 05, 2013, 12:03:54 AM
I'll have an article tomorrow on what I found out today that is very distressing.  Chinese scientists have developed and are developing, deadly flu viruses that pass from human to human.  They have mixed deadly viruses that haven't passed to humans with viruses that have passed to humans but for which vaccines have been developed, creating new viruses, which if were released through accident or on purpose, would kill millions of people and there are no vaccines and it's not known if one could even be developed since this is a mixture making a totally new virus.

I'll explain more details as I get them written.  I wish this was a "possible future event" but it appears at least one such virus is already made or being made as a Chinese scientist wrote about it in a recent scientific journal.  I could not believe what I was reading.  I've already written articles about China and flu viruses but never thought I would write one like this.  We will have to discuss not only the nature of a super kill flu, but what precautions we would need to take should such a virus come here and if it goes anywhere, it will come here due to it being transmitted through the air from person to person.  As an American scientist said, it would be a world wide pandemic with millions killed.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on May 05, 2013, 12:07:05 PM

A disclaimer:  I have nothing against the Chinese people.  They are like all of us living their lives as best they can.  Some of their scientists, however, have taken steps mixing influenza viruses that put the world in jeopardy for a pandemic that would kill millions. 

This is a case of the “cat is already out of the bag”.  We didn’t know it until it was already done.  There is a Chinese scientist, Professor Chen, who, with help from her fellow scientists, mixed the H5N1 bird flu virus, which is lethal but difficult to be transmitted from person to person, with a 2009 strain of H1N1, which is easily passed from person to person.  They kept creating new strains with these two strains, until they have 127 new strains.  Five of them are likely to pass between humans as they have passed between lab guinea pigs.

These new viruses were created in a veterinary lab.  How secure is this vet lab to prevent the virus from escaping accidently or someone taking the virus out on purpose?  It is a second highest security level lab to prevent accidental escape.  American scientists do not trust this Chinese lab to prevent escape of these viruses.

Professor Chen says the reason behind this research is to know how these viruses pass between animals.  American and British scientists think this is foolhardy study with too much risk to find out nothing of importance. 

Here is a quote:  “Professor Simon Wain-Hobson, an eminent virologist at the Pasteur Institute in Paris, said it is very likely that some or all of these hybrids could pass easily between humans and possess some or all of the highly lethal characteristics of H5N1 bird-flu.  “Nobody can extrapolate to humans except to conclude that the five viruses would probably transmit reasonably well between humans,” Professor Wain-Hobson said.”

“We don’t know the pathogenicity [lethality] in man and hopefully we will never know. But if the case fatality rate was between 0.1 and 20 per cent, and a pandemic affected 500 million people, you could estimate anything between 500,000 and 100 million deaths,” he said.”

The bottom line for us, is, what happens to us if one of these five viruses is released (and there are 122 more hybrid strains in that lab).  If you recall another article I wrote recently on the transmission of a flu virus from China, it only takes one person with the virus on a plane to the United States to infect the country.  Let’s see how it actually gets here from that one person.  When I left China on the way back to the United States, I got on a plane in Hong Kong.  We flew several hours, then landed in Tokyo.  Some people got off the plane and stayed in Tokyo.

Here is the actual story of our trip from Hong Kong to Tokyo as it illustrates what would happen if a sick person with a deadly flu virus was on that flight.  We had been in the air about an hour when the man sitting next to my husband became ill.  The configuration of seating on that plane was three seats on the window sides.  My husband was in the aisle seat and I was next to him and the sick man was next to the window.  This man was having breathing problems.  We called the flight attendant and put this man in the aisle seat with my husband next to him and I was in the window seat.

The flight attendant became very upset and was useless.  I found out later, on her last flight, a person died so that explained why she was so upset – she was afraid another would die on her flight.  A call went out for a doctor and one was on the plane.  He checked the man’s rate of breathing and said he had no idea what was wrong with this man but he could be having a heart attack.  An oxygen tank with a mask was brought and my husband had the job of watching the man’s condition and making sure the oxygen mask stayed on him.

Consider if this man had one of those five new hybrid deadly flu viruses.  My husband and I would have been infected, the doctor and flight attendant infected and others on the flight would have, too.  The pilot called ahead to Tokyo so there would be medical help when we arrived.  My husband and I were stuck in our seats as it would have disturbed the man who was now in the aisle seat if we got up.

When we landed in Tokyo, all passengers were told to stay in their seats.  A medical team of men came into the plane and gathered the sick man’s passport and ticket.  The man was on his way back to the United States.  The medical personnel helped the man off the plane.  We didn’t get off the plane as this was our plane back to the states – didn’t have to change planes in Tokyo.  If this man had one of those viruses, he was now off the plane and in Japan.  Some of the others also got off the plane to stay in Tokyo.  Japan would now be infected with the virus and some of us were infected and would take it to the US.  We later found out the man had a reaction to medicine a doctor in Hong Kong gave him for THE FLU.  If it had been one of these five new ones, it was a done deal we had it.  I had the flu myself but I was staying away from everyone and not touching anything with my bare hands.

We landed in Los Angeles and all got off the plane, went to restrooms (would be infecting people while going there and in there), then entered the customs area. We would have infected people there.  Do you remember the TV series, “The Jeffersons” (moving on up)?  Sherman Hemsley was George Jefferson.  He was standing close behind me in the customs line.  I probably would have infected him.

California will be the first state to know they are infected with a deadly virus.

We got on a plane to Texas, others got on other planes going to other states in the US.  Texas and a number of other states would be infected as soon as we all got to our various states.

What do we do now to prepare for these new virus strains in case one or more gets out of the lab by accident or on purpose?  I think we will hear about California first.  If you have a doctor friend at that time, see if you can get a prescription of Tamiflu right then.  Tamiflu will be gone fast.  Also have antibiotics.  You know you can get those by getting fish antibiotics.  I got mine at

You will have to lock your front door and stay away from people for a period of time and I don’t know how long that will be.  We should get notices about the condition of the country by TV and radio.  I don’t know if power will go out.  It depends on whether or not employees go to work during this time.
A person told me she had to go outside in her back yard, that she couldn’t stay in the house that long period of time.  She also doesn’t live in the city, so there is no problem with her going outside.  The point is, we have to stay away from people and if you can do that in your yard then do it.  Going to a grocery store is out.  Don’t do it.  I think you will have to have enough supplies to last several months.  Consider your stored supplies right now.  If you knew, today, California was infected, would you be okay to “shelter in place” several months starting right now?  If not, fix that.

Every scientist outside China, thinks making all these new strains was a terrible mistake.  They are also concerned about the safety of this lab.  I think our only recourse is to be ready to shut ourselves away if this new danger happens.  You have to protect your family because no one else will.  Remember, we have provided/paid for, a bunker with food, water, and a doctor for President Obama and his family.  He is safe and we should make ourselves safe as we are as important as he is.

Think about the condition of your preps and this new danger.  Do what you have to in order to feel comfortable you and the family are protected.  It’s physical medical insurance.

Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: LvsChant on May 05, 2013, 06:26:06 PM
Very interesting, Victoria. It reminds me of the movie "Contagion". (Netflix, iirc).
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on May 05, 2013, 08:46:31 PM
"It reminds me of the movie "Contagion". (Netflix, iirc)."

Lvs, I also thought of pandemic type movies and thought, "This is real life, not a movie."  China can't stop a flu virus now from developing and leaving the country.  I played back in my mind that sick man on that flight and he was next to us and we were stuck in those seats next to him. 

I agree with the scientists who don't trust that lab not to accidentally let one of the fatal ones get loose and one of the scientists thinks the other 122 could also go to humans.  This is a terrible act on the part of the Chinese scientists and we can do nothing about it except have a plan in place to deal with it.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on May 07, 2013, 01:18:49 PM
Toilet paper takes up too much room to store. 

I’m researching a better option than toilet paper that I think is even cheaper than toilet paper and wouldn’t take up much room to store.  We are so used to rolls of toilet paper that we buy it -  we have always bought it.  When we think of prepping, “store toilet paper” is right at the top of the list.  I’m checking now for the cheapest price for another option and I’ll have this written by tomorrow.  I know I’m going to take this new route for storage.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on May 07, 2013, 07:49:40 PM

I am giving up toilet paper.  It takes up too much room to store and I don’t have enough space to store enough.  Why should I use toilet paper when I can pay less and clean better?  Does it bother you that toilet paper costs so much and the rolls don't go as far as they used to?  (Actually they make the cardboard roll larger so the size looks the same).

OK, in the potty room, we have a universal understanding of what No. 2 is and what No. 1 is, right?  :)

I can spend $28.79 at Walmart and do all this:  No. 2:  432 times using a moist wipe afterward that is flushable.  Being a lady, I blot after No. 1 as most women do.  I can blot 660 times using a new dry tissue every time (drop that in the bathroom trash can just like you do a Kleenex tissue now).  The above items take up very little room to store.   Using toilet paper would cost more for that many times and you have to find the storage space for the toilet paper.

If I double the above, spend another $28.79, the totals are: No. 2:  864 times.
Blotting tissue for No. 1:  1,320 times.  Altogether, it still doesn’t take much room to store.

I’ll use now the toilet paper I have stored (which wasn’t enough), and store the above items for a short or long term emergency.

If you add up the cost for each of your family members, I think you will find it costs more to use toilet paper (no matter the length of time for which you are storing) and you have to have a large storage area for it.

The cheapest price to do this is at Walmart:

Equate Flushable Fresh Scent Wipes for Adults, 144 count – $7.94, buy 3 for $23.82 = total of 432 uses.
Inside are individual packets  of 48 wipes each which can be carried for travel if needed.

Angel Soft Tissue (like Kleenex): $4.97 for 4 boxes of 165 each = 660 tissues.

Maybe you want to stay with toilet paper storage – I’m not.  :)

Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: LvsChant on May 09, 2013, 07:34:33 PM
Very interesting, Victoria... I know the flushable wipes are not an option for those of us with a septic system (correct me if I am wrong, but I think they are a no-no with septic). I am the only female in this house... and all the boys are very liberal with the TP. Too bad it isn't a good option for our family. You are absolutely right about how much space it takes, though. I know some preppers keep old telephone books to use for that purpose in case of hard times.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on May 09, 2013, 08:00:13 PM
"I know the flushable wipes are not an option for those of us with a septic system (correct me if I am wrong, but I think they are a no-no with septic)."

I have numerous large phone books as a last ditch method but you know that isn't going to clean very well at all.  I'll use the wipes and tissues and if we go through that, then the phone books are last. 

The Equate wipes are septic safe.  Here is the info. on the wipes:

"Equate wipes are designed for personal hygiene purposes and may be used by men or women to reduce irritation, maintain cleanliness and promote freshness. These Fresh Scent Flushable Wipes are offered in an economical 144 ct pack that is divided into three 48-ct portable, reusable packs for your convenience. These flushable moist wipes break apart after flushing like toilet paper, reducing the chance for blockage at home and in waste management systems. Equate wipes are more than 95 percent biodegradable and constructed of 95 percent renewable resources. These Fresh Scent Flushable Wipes are hypoallergenic, alcohol free and are sewer and septic safe and are suitable for traveling. These Equate Flushable Moist Wipes are cool and soothing for delicate areas.

Equate Flushable Fresh Scent Wipes, 144 count:
•7.0 x 5.5 in (17.7 x 13.9 cm)
•Breaks apart after flushing
•Hypoallergenic; alcohol free
•Perfect for your vehicle or for traveling
•Cool and soothing for delicate areas
•95% biodegradable
•Made with 95% renewable resources
•Contains 3-48 ct portable reusable packs"
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: LvsChant on May 09, 2013, 08:15:40 PM
Ah... thanks for the info. I haven't checked in a long while, so it appears things have changed.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on May 17, 2013, 08:29:31 PM

We have an IRS problem, a Benghazi problem, and a Justice Department secret taking of reporter information problem.  Distrust of our government abounds.  But, what about you and your preps?  We have tornados happening, some bad ones recently in Texas,  and hurricane season starts in June (yes, this is May).

We’ll talk about preps as our country flounders in these problems in which we have little input.  We can control what we do, so we will.  I should have this posted by tomorrow evening at the latest.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: LvsChant on May 17, 2013, 10:59:23 PM
good point. With all the assclownery going on in the govt branches (all three), it only adds stress to dwell on it too much. Better to make positive steps to help yourself and your family get prepared for whatever comes.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on May 18, 2013, 05:09:05 PM

Do you have a “bug out bag”? 
What if you have to get out of your house area really fast and you can’t use your car?  You need to get to a place of safety so what needs to be in that bag?  A bottle of water for each family member.  Some already prepared food items, such as easy open cans of prepared tuna salad and crackers.  Energy bars. That will work until you can get to a place of safety.  First aid items in case someone gets a cut and you need to stop bleeding and put on a bandage.  Just those items will be enough to get you somewhere safe.

There were severe tornados in Texas one evening several days ago and people were killed and injured.  In one place, homes were flattened and of course, power was out.  There was debris from houses in the streets and trees down in the streets so a car couldn’t get through that area. 

A man had two young daughters less than six years old and wanted to get them out of there to a safer place as destroyed homes were on his street; his house wasn’t destroyed and he could stay there himself but wanted the small daughters out of there.  He knew where he was going but he couldn’t get them there by car.  He grabbed his bug out bag and the daughters and went outside.  They started walking and in the street was a torn up body with the intestines strung out on the street.  He told his daughters to turn their heads as he didn’t want them to see that destroyed body.  He had trouble himself with the sight of the body now in his head because he had never seen anything like that.

Are you prepared to leave your house fast right now?  Have you thought about what you might see if destruction of any kind was close to your house?  I have always said mental practice beforehand helps deal with a real situation.  If you can’t stand seeing a cut finger, you need to get over that.  In a serious situation where people are hurt, you aren’t going to live long if you can’t adjust to seeing damaged dead bodies.  You will be stuck in place, can’t act, and that will likely get you killed.  Your job is to get to safety so survey the area for live threats and ignore dead bodies.  Keep your mind on the goal, getting your loved ones to safety, thinking about your route out of there, not the destruction you see.  I hope we never have to leave our house but bad things happen sometime.

If your area is not prone to tornados, there has never been one close to you, that is a good thing.  I went through tornado warnings last week before these latest ones hit south of Dallas.  We don’t have basements here as our water table is too close to the surface.  Dig a hole here and you get a water well.  If a warning pops up on the TV, I switch to the weather channel and keep it there to watch those warnings and the radar to see how close it or them, are.  There is a prepared backpack I keep in the downstairs bathroom.  That has everything I might need for three days.  If my phone rings with an automated call from city emergency, I know it’s too close and may hit me, and I take two big cushions off a couch into that bathroom and get my Yorkie and shut us up in the bathroom.  More people die of brain injury than any other reason in a tornado.  In that bathroom in the cabinet under the sink, is a motorcycle helmet.  I have put that on several times when the threat was severe.

If tornados come your way, helmets will protect yourself and your children from brain injury death.  Nothing could have helped that body that was hit by something and totally destroyed.

Are you in hurricane territory? 
I am 100 miles directly north of Galveston.  If a hurricane comes in there, it’s coming to me and has a number of times.  It’s that time of year to think about your hurricane preps.  I always have 40 gallons of Ozarka water jugs and they are made to stack on top of each other so they don’t take much room to store.  One of the best preps I have for a hurricane (or any disaster) is the food grade WaterBob to put in a bathtub and fill it with 100 gallons of good water.  There is a pump with it to take out water when you need it.  You can get one for $21.95 at the below link.  If you want one, get it now because they run out every year when hurricane season starts.;jsessionid=12D361BE3CB462BD429DA28096DF8F77?forward=order

The toilet paper solution if you don’t have space for huge amounts of toilet paper storage:
For about $54, I now have enough large potty wipes and facial tissue for four people for a year.  It all fits in a box that is 16 inches x 14 inches x 18 inches tall.  The facial tissue is for women to “blot” when just urinating.  The total number is 1,564 potty wipes and 1,320 tissues.  The cheapest price for these is at Walmart:

Equate Flushable Fresh Scent Wipes, sold in packages of 3 (48 in each pack) is 144 wipes per package. Each package $3.97, buy 11 packages = $43.67 is 1,584 large wipes. That is 1,584 trips to potty.  These wipes are safe for septic tanks.

Angel Soft Everyday Facial Tissue, 165 count each box, package of 4 boxes, 2 of them - is 1,320  tissues (put these in the trash as you do with regular facial tissues)  = $9.94
Total cost of wipes and tissues, $53.61. 

If you have taken care of having stored water and bathroom necessities, how is your food storage? 
Do you need to add more instant milk?  What else?  I recently bought some non-sugar instant pudding packages.  Add instant milk and swish it until it thickens.  That is a fast non-sugar dessert and most people like pudding – chocolate and vanilla.  It also comes in the sugar kind.  When you have no power, you still have pudding!   Did you eat all the canned tuna over the winter?  Replace it.  Canned chicken?  Canned chili?  Canned ham like Dak?  Spam if you like it?  Canned roast?  Canned salmon? 

How is your garden growing?
I have veggies growing in the small dirt area of the garden.  Tomatoes in pots are ripening now.  After experimenting and having trouble with squirrels and birds attacking my food that is planted in the dirt, I am going to container growing completely.  I’ll use the material grow bags (we covered those in an article) in the dirt garden and cover with bird netting to keep out birds and squirrels.  If you plant food and critters eat it, there is no point. 

Dirt growing puts plants at the mercy of insects in the dirt/ground.  Plus, that dirt has to have fertilizer added, dig up the dirt, etc.  – it’s just a hassle I’m not doing when it doesn’t have to be that way.  (And digging in dirt would destroy my lower back).  Using potting soil “mix” in containers defeats the insects, and the “mix” (Miracle Gro), has fertilizer in it to feed the plant six months.  I need to look into fertilizer that could be added to potting soil mix the next year.  That would be a bag or a jug, do not know which.  I would keep a year’s worth of fertilizer for that purpose.

I’ll use big containers on the large deck.  I have two and will get more.  These have enough depth to grow large tomato plants and root food such as Idaho potatoes, sweet potatoes, and carrots.  You see, the deck is over twice as big as the little bit of dirt garden.  The wood deck has to grow food.  I’ll bunch the big containers together and put bird netting over them – squirrels and birds have to grow their own.   :)  I have one big package of unopened bird netting I got a couple of years ago and another that has been opened and used and pieces cut out of it.  Well, I just looked at the bag of net with pieces cut out and can scratch that as being of benefit.  No large pieces are left.

The large unopened package is great (I had forgotten exactly what I got).  It is Dalen Bird-X, 28 feet x 28 feet.  That will cover the deck containers with net left over.  For the dirt garden with the bags sitting on top of the dirt, I’ll need netting about 12 ft. wide by maybe 18 ft. to allow for raising it in the center, for the dirt garden area.  I just put bird netting in search at Amazon and there is a large number on there of all different sizes.

The large growing containers are here:
One more thing about gardening:
I’m evaluating foods to grow.  Which foods are the most important in nutrients to keep a body alive?  Those will be the foods I grow.  I know I also need fruit with those foods and somehow/somewhere strawberries and blackberries are going to grow.  Did you know there are now corn plants to be grown on a deck in containers?  They are actually named “Deck Sweet Corn”.  When I have this survival list of foods worked out, both a spring and fall crop so fresh food will be available most of the year, I’ll post that and tell you where you can get Deck Sweet Corn – it’s all sold out for this season (it’s a new plant this year I think).  The three foods that kept early settlers going was to plant together, corn, beans, and squash.  The bean vines wrapped around the corn and strengthened the corn stalk, and the stalk shaded the squash planted in front of the corn.   Isn’t history interesting and informative?  I will plant those three foods together just like the settlers did.  If it kept them alive, it will keep us alive.  I work on this research every day.  I’m going to do this and you can, too.

How is your security?
Do you need ammo?  Good luck finding any.  If you search websites every day that sell ammo, you will luck into ammo for sale and if you need it, get it that moment, because it will be gone fast, within minutes or a few hours.  By doing that, I’ve got enough.

Homeland Security has multi-millions of hollow point rounds of almost every caliber.  Why they need millions of hollow point rounds for a 22 LR rifle is beyond me.  In Boston, they were using their standard “assault” rifles – theirs are fully automatic, truly military style.  I wonder if you noticed our military was also used when they were searching for the bomber.  Did you think the military didn’t operate on United States soil – against US citizens?  Think again.  The military has changed some wording recently and Obama can use them on our soil against us whenever he wants.

Do you think our military and other law enforcement  wouldn’t act against citizens like you?  Did you see families in Boston having to come out of their houses with their hands on their head and rifles pointed at them?  Then, the guys with the rifles searched their houses without a warrant.  My friends, see to your own security needs – one day you may need them.  I gather there weren’t many citizens there who had guns.  They had a killer loose and nothing to defend themselves against that killer.

If you can, move to Texas.  We have jobs and people from the north and west, think California there, plus those in severe gun control states, are moving to Texas as are gun manufacturers.  Someone said to me maybe the liberals in California were coming to Texas.  I said I didn’t think they would since they hate our conservative guts and they hate guns.

Republicans, these independent thinkers like you and me, run our state.  Our legislature is in session, and we are cutting down the federal government in numerous laws we are passing.    We also cut back the number of class hours you have to take to get a concealed carry license.  We want more people licensed to carry, not less like some states.  By the time this session is over, students can have concealed carry on college campuses.  Once that word gets out, a killer will think twice before going onto a college campus.  And, if he does anyway, he will be dead shortly.  Our public schools will also have persons armed.  If you want to commit suicide by school, try getting in our schools.

Evaluate your preps in every area.  Get ready for tornados, hurricanes, floods, power outages,
terrorist attacks,  cell phone/GPS outages from sun spots (just read those are getting worse), illness, then HAVE A PARTY and don’t worry. 
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: LvsChant on May 19, 2013, 07:42:37 AM
Victoria... good timing on reminding folks to prepare for weather events. I will be watching to see how your container garden works for you. We use raised beds to garden here. Many times in a yard, a traditional garden is so difficult to keep free of bermuda grass and weeds. Out where we are, there are pesky ground squirrels, so we lined the garden beds with chicken wire before adding any dirt. This is our first year at this location, so the results are unknown this first year. I will say that my potatoes are looking beautiful. I had a half bag of potatoes that were starting to sprout just about the time I was wondering if I could plant anything yet, so...
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on May 19, 2013, 08:27:15 AM
I had to educate myself about new ways to garden.  I grew up in a time where all plants were planted in the ground.  I didn't know what a raised bed was.  I went to see a friend in the Texas hill country and she had raised beds.  Then, I started learning about new ways to grow and what was available that would help me grow food.  I studied potting soil and potting soil mix.

I didn't know what compost was - I knew it was good for plants, but what was it?  I researched composters because I don't have room to have a compost pile on the ground.  The composter will be here tomorrow (Monday) or the next day.  I've got leaves swept up in piles and those will go in the composter instead of putting them in bags and carrying them to the dumpster.  That will make it easier to get rid of leaves and make something good out of them.

Successful gardening takes knowledge of how plants grow and what they need to produce well.  Everything I grow is from heirloom seeds and I have read how to save those seeds including tomato seeds.

I'll make updates as I put this project together. 
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on May 20, 2013, 08:29:39 AM

If you live in Oklahoma, I hope you missed damage from one yesterday.  If you were anywhere close to a tornado area, you don't have power. 

Oklahoma and states north of there are expected to face the same tornado danger today.  If you are in those states, I urge you to buy motorcycle or other hard helmets TODAY for yourself and the rest of your family.  Protect everyone's head.

At one time, I studied safe places to be in the home in case of a tornado.  I'm speaking of not having a basement or room that has no windows.  If you are in your living room, there is a safe place directly behind a sofa.  If you crouch behind a sofa, you won't get hit by falling debris.  I watched the film on that and falling objects like boards or the ceiling, will hit the top of the sofa and be deflected, missing that spot.  Plaster yourself as low as you can get and as close to the back of the sofa as you can get.  I watched debris fall as they did those experiments, and that spot was safe.

I used that spot when I was in a house where all rooms had windows, even the bathroom had a window skylight on the ceiling.  I got in that place behind the sofa and had my Yorkie at that time with me.  The Yorkie made no sound at all and was completely still.  She knew we were in trouble.  That house was set up on piers so air could get under that house.  I was afraid it would be lifted up.  I was in that tornado as the sound was like a train.  The house stayed on the ground but the roofing was taken off.  The windows stayed intact.  At that time, I had no helmet so my head was not protected.  It was after that experience I got the helmet.

Stay safe today.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on May 20, 2013, 12:12:13 PM

Below is the link to a documentary entitled “Pandemic”, made by the BBC.  It’s about an hour and a half long.  This pandemic starts in Southeast Asia from deadly H5N1 in chickens that mutates into a form that enters the human body, rather than starting in China with ducks and chickens.  The documentary says that mutation hasn’t happened yet.   However, the documentary was made before it was known Chinese scientists have now made new viruses by combining deadly H5N1 with others and at least 5 of these new hybrids do infect humans so would be passed from human to human as it is shown in this documentary.

It is worth your time to watch this documentary.  In it, you will see a family in Florida prepare for the pandemic.  Look at what they have stored, and determine if that would be enough, or the right kind, for you.  You will see the only drug being used for this pandemic is Tamiflu and there isn’t enough.

If you have comments about this documentary, post your comments.  You may even decide to store certain items you don’t have.

Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on May 21, 2013, 02:54:08 PM

I had just posted an article here about the Texas tornado that killed people and now Moore has had a terrible one with more people dead and injured.

PLEASE GET A HELMET FOR YOU AND EACH MEMBER OF YOUR FAMILY.  Just go to Walmart and do it.  It’s difficult to live through a 4 or 5 tornado but you can protect your head.    I see in Moore that some bathrooms and some closets were still standing.  Bathrooms are safer than closets since there is pipe work around bathrooms to make them stronger just by the construction of the bathroom.

I read yesterday the government, that would be FEMA, was going to put helmets in their suggestions as to how to prepare for severe weather.  For once, I agree with FEMA.

There will be severe weather later today across the south to at least Memphis.  That line is also south and I hope it stays north of me.  I will be watching that this evening.  I have a 50% chance of rain with a thunderstorm.  There are no basements here.

All of you who live in this huge extended area for bad weather later today, be ready and get those helmets, okay?
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on May 23, 2013, 09:37:57 AM

My last post said I would be watching weather in my area that evening.  Sure enough, there was a tornado warning for my area - it was one of those weather channel warnings, “Take cover now!”.  so I took the puppy and headed to the bathroom.  I screwed up, so I’ll tell you what I didn’t do fast enough and what I’m doing to correct that. 

After I got in the bathroom, I realized I didn’t have my good emergency radio in there.  Left the bathroom, got the radio, then realized I had probably taken the batteries out.  Sure enough, no batteries.  Left bathroom again to get batteries out of cabinet close to bathroom.  Back in the bathroom, realized I needed my cell phone in there so I could see what time it was and know when I could leave bathroom as the emergency would be over at a certain time.  Could have also called 911 if I needed to do that.  Out of bathroom to get phone.  Back in bathroom, heck, I needed a light if power went off.  Out of bathroom to get the battery lantern I keep by my chair.  After getting the items, I put on the motorcycle helmet I keep in that bathroom, sat on the bathroom floor with the puppy in my lap and pulled a strong love seat cushion over the top of us.

The above is not acceptable.  I’ll make a printed list to keep in bathroom and when there is a tornado “watch”, I’ll use the list to get important items in there.  If the “watch” turns to warning, then it’s a few seconds to get in the bathroom for cover.

I made all those trips out of the bathroom for the first tornado warning.  After I was out of there when the danger passed, it wasn’t long until the weather channel called out the name of my town as having tornado circulation over the town.  I saw the red radar “hook” over the town,  That channel said all in my town to “Take cover!”.  Back to the bathroom for me and puppy.  We stayed almost thirty minutes before that danger was over.  The circulation stayed aloft and didn’t come down to the ground.   I thanked God for that.

Don’t make the mistakes I did.  Right now, decide what you need if you have to take cover from a tornado or other immediate danger.  Make a list, please.  Keep the list where you take cover, and use it when you hear “watch”, so you can take cover quickly if the “watch” turns to “warning”.

Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on May 26, 2013, 10:03:12 PM

I'll have an article on here tomorrow about emergency tooth care.  A toothache can drive you crazy and something must be done even if there is no available dentist.  You know, a snow storm or a hurricane or tornado or the bridge is out or your car won't run or there is a flood or .....
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on May 27, 2013, 10:15:17 AM

Earlier in the history of this country, say the 1800s and before, people had no teeth by the time they were about fifty or even less.  Most people had dentures or they went without teeth.  The care of teeth became more common in the early 1900s.  Now, there are ways to have teeth all your life – either yours or artificial ones implanted.

When the SHTF, what do you do about a tooth ache?  Let’s take a real example instead of the scary SHTF total collapse of the world.  Something has happened to shut down businesses including dentist offices.  Is there an operational dentist office right now in Moore, Oklahoma?  A dental office there is likely on the ground in thousands of little pieces.  A snow storm up north could shut down dental offices along with other offices and it could last for days.  If a hurricane comes through Houston, towns south of Houston into Galveston won’t have open stores for days and that could be many days.  There won’t be a dental office open north of Houston for hundreds of miles and that includes my town. 

If anything shuts down power, forget going to a dentist, the office won’t be open.

The easy part is to download, for free, “When There Is No Dentist”.  You can also download for free, “When There Is No Doctor”.   These books are also in paperback on Amazon.  The free download of both books is here at the bottom of this page:

Now, let’s fix a tooth because the dentist’s office is closed.  If a filling falls out, no big deal, have a dental kit with the material to replace a filling.  That should last long enough that a dental office would be open.  There are many such kits on Amazon.  Put “dental kit” in search on Amazon and choose the one you like.  Someone I know said kits are available at Walmart.

Now, let’s talk tooth abscess as that is the mother of all toothaches.  That toothache is so bad it will consume your life and it isn’t going to stop until the infection is cured.  Let’s stop the pain first, then cure the infection.  Orajel from a drug store should be in your medicine stash.  Be sure you get the right one because they also make one for cold sores and you want the tooth ache one.  That will dull the pain for a while.

However, there is another pain killer for teeth and that is a TEA BAG.  Regular tea, not herbal tea.  What?  Yes, have a big stash of tea bags.  I have just found this out, that tannin in tea does this: "Tannin has anti-bacterial, anti-enzymatic and astringent properties. ... tannin is used to treat ulcers, toothache and wounds."  Put the tea bag in warm water to wet it, then take it out right then, we don’t want to make a cup of tea, we want a warm wet tea bag with as much tannin left in it as possible.  Put the bag on the tooth and close the mouth to keep the bag on the tooth.  The tooth pain should lessen – hopefully go completely away for a period of time but that may be pushing it.  You could repeat this as often as needed.

Now, you need an antibiotic to cure the infection to get rid of the pain.  Hopefully, you have some antibiotics from a fish store on the net.  These are the antibiotics usually used to cure a tooth infection:


You can find the dosage for these drugs by putting “dosage for (name of drug)” in search on the internet.

I am allergic to penicillin and any antibiotic related to it, so I have Ciprofloxacin.  Cipro is a broad spectrum antibiotic and is super powerful so it is overkill for an abscess, but due to allergy, that is what I have.  I read on the net the dosage for Cipro for tooth infection would be 250 mg capsules or tablets – 2 capsules or tablets twice daily for 5 days.

If the infection is cured, it will come back after a period of days.  Go to the dentist as soon as you can.  If the dentist office never opens, after the infection is cured, the tooth would have to be pulled.  Now, you can deal with a toothache. 

Tea/Tea Bags and Wounds:
Let’s also use a tea bag (tannin) to treat a wound.  Also, it appears if you have a stomach ulcer, drinking strong tea may be good to help it heal if you can’t get to a doctor or use it as an add on to pills the doctor would give for an ulcer.

I found these instructions for using tannin for wound care at  Here are the important steps:

“The tannins in tea have an astringent effect, producing a dry, tightening sensation, so they are useful for helping to stop bleeding. The tannins activate the thrombocytes for rapid blood clotting. The stronger the tea, the more the tannins. Tannins also have both anti-inflammatory and antiviral effects. Tea also stops infection from spreading by creating a protective layer over the exposed tissues, while helping the wound to heal.”

“After cleaning the wound area, place cool, moistened tea bags directly over bleeding wounds, sores or ulcers, cuts and even burns. To be effective, you’ll need to keep the tea bag in place for at least an hour (use tape, gauze or plaster to secure). If the wound is very wet, change the dressing regularly. Another way is to make a strong tea solution (make a cup of tea in the usual way, only more concentrated). After the tea has cooled completely, pour some tea on clean gauze and place it over the sores or wounds. Leave it on for at least 20 minutes but remove within an hour, or the gauze may stick to the affected area. This tea solution is even better straight from the fridge, because of the cooling effect. The tea solution may also be used for wound cleaning.”

Copy the directions in this article about how to use tea and tea bags and be sure you have plenty of tea bags and don’t use herbal tea bags for this.

Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: LvsChant on May 27, 2013, 10:37:13 AM
+1 Victoria... I learned a lot from that article. Thank you!
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on May 27, 2013, 11:48:00 AM
Lvs, bless you for the +1.  Tea is full of antioxidant, especially white tea which has the most, however, I didn't know about its properties for pain and wounds.  I was looking at dental kits and a tea bag was in one of the kits.  I thought "why a tea bag in a dental kit?"  Had to find out why and behold, tea bags are wonderful for other uses besides drinking.

This isn't a religious thread, but I think God put plants here to keep us healthy.  Where He screwed up, is, He didn't put the directions on the plants as to what they do for us.  We have to find that out for ourselves.
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Post by: Victoria on May 28, 2013, 02:03:32 PM

A pressure cooker is used for cooking food, not the other way it has been used recently.  They have been improved over the years and now you don't have to worry about screwing up and it blowing food all over the kitchen.  I have an old one and think it's time is over.  I was always concerned about that giggling piece on the top.  A number of new ones don't have that jiggly thing and they are almost quiet.

I pick my son up at airport tomorrow, Wednesday, and he flies out again on Friday.  He has no idea how much work he and I will do in the garden.  First, he has to put the composter together as it is still in the really big box and has a million parts I'm sure.  After that we'll get all the leaves in the garden in it and do cleaning up out there. 

So look for this article on pressure cookers and risotto recipe on Saturday.  I kept reading about people making risotto in a pressure cooker and I didn't know exactly what that was.  I knew it was rice but now I know how to use it so it makes a whole meal in the pressure cooker in a short amount of time.  I'm not reviewing electric ones as I want one to work when the power goes off.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on May 28, 2013, 09:34:12 PM

I made an error in speaking of "tannic acid" in tea.  It is TANNIN and NOT tannic acid.  I read it is common to confuse the two, but "tannic acid" is in oak leaves and tree bark and is used to tan leather.   "Tannin" is in tea and wine and is a completely different substance.  So, let's use the correct name, TANNIN.  Sorry I picked up the wrong term.  I don't like to make a mistake and pass it on.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on June 01, 2013, 09:35:06 AM

I’m posting about pressure cookers in this article and have another one about food to go in them as well as information on Risotto.  The food/Risotto section got too long so I’m separating the cookers from the food suggestions.  I’ll have the food/Risotto one on here before the day is over.

I used the 6 qt. pressure cookers to compare three companies and three prices, however there was not a 6 qt.  Kuhn Rikon, so I used their 5 1/4 qt. size.  If you want a pressure cooker to drastically shorten cooking time, these descriptions and price will give you enough information to choose what is best for you.  These cookers/prices are from Amazon.  I tried to find a cheaper price for Kuhn Rikon on the net but the Amazon price was cheaper than any other place. 

Remember, pressure cookers should not be filled more than 1/2 full or 2/3 full.  There has to be room for the pressured air inside.  There must also be some liquid in there.  The instructions that come with the pressure cooker will have this information.

Presto 6 qt. stainless  $50.54 free shipping – regulator on top - whistles – put under cool running water to depressurize

Tri-clad base is made with a layer of aluminum sandwiched between two layers of stainless steel. extended 12-year limited warranty.

Fagor Splendid 6 qt.  $69.99 – hisses some – no jiggling regulator

18/10 stainless steel with impact-bonded aluminum base for even heating. 
For safety, the pressure cooker has dual pressure settings on its handle--one in a dial control and another on a valve. Other safety measures include two pressure release valves and a locking handle to prevent the unit from opening while under pressure. A visual indicator rises up to indicate pressure is at cooking level.
This pressure cooker is dishwasher-safe.

If you have set a timer for your food, when your timer goes off, turn off the stove and set pot aside.  When the risen indicator goes down, the pressure is off to lift the lid safely.  Also, you can turn a dial to the “steam release” picture and the pressure will lower then.  Can also be placed under running water to depressurize.
10 Yr Warranty Fully Guaranteed Product – (some customers say they don’t stand behind their warranty)

Kuhn Rikon 3342 5-1/4-Quart Stainless-Steel Pressure Cooker  $179.95  free shipping – two cooking temperatures – does not whistle.

Solid thermal aluminum sandwich in bottom for even browning and rapid heat absorption.
Five over-pressure safety systems; automatic locking system; spring-loaded precision valve 
Made in Switzerland; 10-year warranty.
“The next generation, with memories of valves dancing and hissing on stovetops, snubbed pressure cookers. Now pressure cookers have come back, those old valves replaced by modern versions that ensure safety while delivering the speed, ease, and nutritional benefits of pressure cooking. Pressure cooking also saves 70 percent of the energy normally consumed while cooking.”

“The stem of the operating valve shows high and low pressure so you can adjust heat for different foods. After cooking, the pressure can be reduced slowly (just let the cooker sit for a while), normally (press the pressure indicator), or quickly (run tepid water on the lid's rim).”

“Rev up your kitchen with the "Mercedes-Benz of pressure cookers." Features five over-pressure safety systems, UL listed. Integrated automatic locking system. 18/10 stainless steel will not interact with food and is dishwasher safe. Solid thermal aluminum sandwich. For even browning and rapid heat absorption. Stainless steel steaming plate. New generation spring-loaded precision valve. User-friendly operation. Interior fill lines. 10-year warrantee on all non-replaceable parts, material and workmanship. Quick Cuisine Cookbook, a $14.00 value - free.  Some Suggested Uses: Whole 3.5 chicken; 4 lb. roasts; soups; stews; chili; cheesecake; corn-on-the-cob; dinner for 6-8.”
On Amazon, there is a 5 qt.  $171.76,     5 ¼ qt. $179.95,     7.4 qt.  $188.28 

Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on June 01, 2013, 12:42:51 PM

Miss Vickie is the master of pressure cookers.  I have not read all on her website, but just read there that she recommends the Kuhn Rikon cooker which is the top of the line, and as an economical one recommends the Fagor Splendid.  I covered both of these in the other article about pressure cookers.  She also says the 6 qt. is the most popular size.  The size of your family would be a consideration in choosing size.

Her website:

She has two books at the links below.   I will get the “Real Food Real Fast Pressure Cooker Recipes”.   That is 215 recipes and it has Risotto recipes in there, too.  I want fast cooking and am not interested in fancy, more complicated recipes.  The other book is “Miss Vickie's Big Book of Pressure Cooker Recipes”.  That is nearly 400 recipes.  You may want both books – I figured the Real Fast ones would be plenty for me.  If you have company over, you might want the big cookbook to give you more choices.

Her website also has recipes and a lot of other information there.  There is quite a bit about cooking rice and beans.  There are cooking charts for veggies, various meats and eggs.  It’s all there to take the guess out of how long to cook various foods in a pressure cooker.  Here at the links to buy her books.

$16.05  Miss Vickie's Big Book of Pressure Cooker Recipes – nearly 400 recipes

$15.39  Real Food Real Fast Pressure Cooker Recipes – 215recipes


From Wikipedia,  “Risotto is a class of Italian rice dishes cooked in broth to a creamy consistency. The broth may be meat-, fish-, or vegetable-based. Many types of risotto contain butter, wine and onion. It is one of the most common ways of cooking rice in Italy.”

The important word is “creamy”.  If you cook rice, it’s just rice, it isn’t creamy.  Once made creamy/tasty, it is the perfect background to add other foods to make a one dish meal (one dish meals are a good thing, especially in an emergency).

I’m going to copy Vickie’s information on Risotto and it is involved.   Different types of rice are explained.  I can shorten that by saying for Risotto now before an emergency, use short grain rice as it absorbs more liquid faster to become creamy.  In an emergency, use whatever rice you have (bet it is long grain), and have a bit less creamy rice for the base of the dish you are making.  My long term stored rice is long grain.  My grocery store stored rice is 5 minute instant.  I will get some short grain rice to store along with the 5 minute instant.   If I didn’t have the short grain, I’d use the 5 minute.  If the short grain and 5 minute are gone, I’d use the long term stored long grain rice.  Rice is not expensive – yet.

Risotto will be done in 7 minutes in a pressure cooker.  Yes!  Any food can be in this dish – whatever you want in it – meats and veggies or just veggies, it’s up to you what you want in it.  After it cooks, put in cheese if you have it and want it in there.  Pre-cooked food can be added at the end.

From Vickie:

Risotto is quick and very versatile dish. It can be a side dish, a one pot meal, or dessert, depending on the added ingredients. It's also a great way to use up little bits of leftover meats, veggies or fruits. Risotto, the popular creamy Italian rice dish, is made from short grain Italian type of rice like Arborio, carnaroli and vialone nano, which are the classic Italian risotto rice varieties and the best choices for an authentic dish. ...

More info here: (

Edited due to copyright issues -- please see here ( for Fair Use info.
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Post by: Mr. Bill on June 01, 2013, 09:00:30 PM
Victoria, sorry I had to edit your post, but copyright law doesn't allow reposts of large sections of other people's work without their permission.  And Miss Vickie specifically prohibits reposting of her material -- see her FAQ (
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on June 01, 2013, 09:50:13 PM
Sorry, Mr. Bill, that you had to do that.  However, the link there where the material was removed, goes straight to that information.  I know those copyright laws are used by some writers and not by others.  I thought by giving her credit for that writing, it would be okay, but it wasn't.  I know it would be a bad thing to not give credit to someone for original work.

I encourage everyone who has or gets a pressure cooker to get one of Vickie's books which will have all the material you need for your cooker. 
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on June 01, 2013, 10:02:19 PM
Mr. Bill, I just read the two posts you have on copyright and shouldn't have a problem with that anymore as I understand the limits now and what can and cannot be done.  You wrote that explanation very well.  I'm glad to know those limits as I have wondered about where the limit is.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Mr. Bill on June 01, 2013, 10:47:18 PM
Thanks for understanding.  We're just trying to shield Jack from the copyright lawyers.
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Post by: Victoria on June 08, 2013, 10:18:46 PM

Do you have a “smart” cell phone or a “dumb” cell phone?  Maybe you need a “less than smart” cell phone, maybe you need to use your house phone instead of your cell phone, maybe you need a short wave radio receiver, maybe you need to just shut up.  Maybe you should go live in a rabbit hole where no one can find you.  Or, maybe you need to prepare – that’s the ticket, let’s all prepare.  I should have this prep article written by the end of tomorrow (Sunday) or sooner.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on June 09, 2013, 12:51:16 PM

For a few years now, we have known Homeland Security has preppers (they call us survivalists), military vets, and religious right fanatics (I think that means Christians) on their list of possible domestic terrorists.

Now, this week we hear about the National Security Agency is sucking your information off the web and your phone.  This one really surprised me:  If you have a “smart” phone (I don’t, mine is a plain cell phone), which is one that connects to the internet and has other fancy things it can do, the NSA can not only trace that phone to a certain cell tower, it can find where you are actually are, and they can identify you on that phone by the way you walk and if you use someone else’s smart phone, you can still be found using that phone, by your walk pattern.  Smart phone are too smart (there is a certain chip in that phone that doesn’t turn off) and if I had one like that, I’d hand it in and get a plain one.  I would rather be private with my calls but that isn’t possible any more as any kind of cell phone can trace the cell tower it is talking to.  Maybe using a regular house phone can’t be sucked off by the NSA.  Consider the phone you have and if it is one of the high class smart ones, consider the risk and downsize if you want to lessen that risk. 

Look, I don’t like phones in the first place.  If I could, I wouldn’t have one, period.  I’ll prefer sending an email so it’s plain what I am saying.  But, I have to have a phone.  I use my house phone unless I have to call long distance.   And, I usually don’t carry my cell phone with me so I suppose “Big Brother” can’t find me.  Why does it matter if I can be tracked?  It matters, JUST BECAUSE.   Just because, it is none of their business where I am.  Where do we stop this?  Maybe you say, “Well, it’s okay if they know where I am because I’m not doing anything wrong.”  No, it is not okay if they know where you are – it is not okay.  This is too much like the book/film, “1984”.   The name of the film, “1984” was all over the web yesterday and the day before due to the surveillance of the program “Prism” that had been revealed the NSA was using to suck your information, emails, purchases from credit card companies and phone calls into that program.   It appears the information is going to a new complex for “information” built in Utah at a cost of billions.  It will be fully operational by the end of this year.  We can call that “The Ministry of Information”.
“1984”:  You can read that book at 

You can watch the movie at

There are numerous versions of the film at the link above so you can watch the one the link starts or choose one of the other versions listed at the top and side of that page.  That movie/book is the start of the phrase, “Big Brother”.  Most people know what “Big Brother” means – that the government is watching you and running your life.

In “1984”, there are separate government divisions.  They are The Ministry of Truth, The Ministry of Peace, The Ministry of Plenty, and The Ministry of Love.  The goal of each government division is the opposite of the name.  The Truth division is rewriting every history book so it’s all lies, the Peace division is about lying about winning a war, the Plenty division is lying about having food and all goods, the Love division is lies because that is where they execute you.  These “Ministries” sound like the “Ministry of Information” almost built in Utah to house all our personal information.  When our health records are transmitted to government for our “health care”, that information will also be in Utah as that is now the information division that I just named “The Ministry of Information” .

I read in an article yesterday the fact that Homeland Security can turn off your TV and talk to you, telling you what to do, and they don’t have to turn the TV back on for regular programming.  (“1984” uses that technique, too and that system could see you move around your house).  Well, I’ve talked about this before and this article said the very same thing I have been saying – get a short wave receiver radio to listen to ham operators since Homeland Security and the NSA can’t control that.  Gee, the public should have listened to me many months ago when I brought that up in one of these articles.  No joke, consider getting a short wave receiver radio.  My friends who live in the Texas hill country did that and I’m glad they did.

Homeland Security and I suppose now we must add the NSA, are suspicious of preppers (survivalists).   Normally, a prepper will have a self-defense weapon and maybe more than one and use one or more of those for game for food if necessary.  I think it is having a weapon that puts us in the sights of these government entities.  I simply don’t think it’s water and food and batteries, etc., that makes us suspect.  If you read the news a lot, you know that since certain states passed strict gun laws, firearms are being confiscated illegally now by some of those states.  Power can be used for evil purposes so be careful who has that power.

Laws in general: 
A friend of mine who is heavily into politics and state government, talked about a law that was being discussed to be passed in our state Senate.  This was several years ago, not currently.  The Senate had a Republican majority.  I told her to remember a law affects both parties and asked would she want that law there if there was a Democrat majority?  Would she want a Democrat Senate to have that power?  She said she hadn’t thought about that and would have to consider that proposed law again. 

President George Bush wanted a new law, the Patriot Act, after 911, so he could find terrorists wherever they were – he needed to use surveillance to find these people.  That was a good law at that time to help keep the country safe.  I believe President Bush did not and would not, use that information against his political opponents or other citizens.  Then, a new president came in, Barack Hussein Obama, and that law was still law – now, he is using it to gather information on all of us – our emails, our phone calls, our credit card transactions, our posts on websites, everything about us.  You see, this is the same thing as passing a law in Texas when there was a Republican majority.  When the majority changes to the other party, is that still a good law?  I think President Hussein Obama is abusing that law just as his IRS people have abused IRS law to intimidate organizations that have Patriot or Tea Party in their names.  People stopped contributing to those organizations for fear they would be audited by the IRS if they did and it was true as some were audited.

Preps under the present situation:
How do you feel about your personal information being sucked off and it will be in a complex in Utah maybe forever?  Technology in the hands of a person who can’t be trusted, is a serious situation that can lead to tyranny as in “1984”.  There are already billions of bits of information the NSA has obtained and it will keep going as long as the present president is in power.

What can you do to protect your information? 
In a SHTF situation, you need a way to be able to get news that isn’t compromised and that is the short wave receiver battery operated radio.  Then, consider your options.  Every email or post you make, everything you do on Facebook can be mined and kept by the NSA, as well as your phone calls.  I am already toast since I write these articles on this website.  This website by its name, Survival Podcast, makes it a target of Homeland Security and the NSA.  I hope that sentence doesn’t get removed from this article because it is the truth.  Trying to hide on the internet isn’t possible.  Having “Survival” in the name of a website automatically makes it suspect.  If you post on this website, it can be, and probably is, captured. 

You need to decide how freely you want to act on the internet.  If you don’t connect to the internet at all, you have eliminated a threat to your information.  That would mean not sending an email, either.  Simply don’t connect for anything.   I can’t do that as part of my life happens on the internet.  The government already has enough information on me on the internet to label me an extreme prepper, so I’ll just keep writing articles.

Phones and hand held radios: 
Stop using a cell phone.  Don’t recharge it, let the battery die.  Use your house phone only if you absolutely need to make a call.  If you are in a line of sight from a friend, buy hand held radios and give one of them to your friend.  Those radios can’t be tracked by government entities.  If there is a mass of buildings between you and the other person, the signal can’t jump those buildings – remember “line of sight”.  A number of months ago, I researched these radios to see if I could connect to my friend who lives across town and I determined there is too much “junk” in the terrain between us for them to work.  As I remember, I think the term is “family radios” to put in search on Amazon to read about all the radios.  The bestselling set of radios on Amazon is the Motorola below.  Please read customer comments as they will give you an idea of how distance and objects affect these radios (on this page you can order a set of two or three):

What else can you do to have privacy? 
You can store what you need to survive so if a collapse comes, which seems closer and closer, you have what you need, maybe even those radios for talking to friends/family, and you drop from civilization.  If you “need” items to survive in a case like that, you will end up asking the government for them and there goes your privacy – they have you from then on.  If you are totally sufficient, you don’t have to be around anyone, especially someone from the government who is there “to help you” – right.

Become INDEPENDENT.  Trust YOURSELF to supply your needs.  That is the best answer to provide PRIVACY for you and your family when it counts the most (and at that time, take the battery out of your cell phone “just in case” – and never at that time, walk around with it off your property as “The Information Ministry” might check to see where you are). 
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on June 12, 2013, 10:00:28 AM

I’m studying six spices to use as medicines for certain conditions.   If TSHTF and stores are closed, we need medicines.  Spices are made of “stuff” that has an effect on the body.   When one thinks about it, everything that goes in your stomach, except fiber, ends up in your blood stream.  Your blood delivers that “stuff” to your cells and can affect them for good or bad.

We are used to thinking medicine is something the doctor gives us.   We really don’t associate what we get over the counter in a drug store as actual medicine when compared to the prescription the doctor gives us.
What actually is medicine?  It’s “stuff” that goes in your blood stream and does something to or in, cells to change them some way.  If the cells are infected by an outside source, say a germ, a certain antibiotic will kill that germ and change the cells back to healthy cells.  Doctor type meds are made in a lab.  But, there are substances in plants that can affect cells, too.  Eat a poisonous mushroom and it kills cells.  Some plants are poisonous to cells and some plants are good for cells.

Research has been done with spices to see what effect they have on cells.  We find spices are medicines for certain infections and conditions.  I suspect drug companies would rather you buy their pills instead of using spices which are cheaper than their pills.  I’m not suggesting to dump a doctor’s prescription.  I’m saying if those prescriptions are not available, we can likely help ourselves by using spices.

It may take me more than one day to write the medicinal benefits of the spices below.  I’ll use prices from Swanson Health Products because I believe they sell more vitamins and supplements and spices than any store on line so they are more likely to have fresh bottles, and they are the cheapest.   When I get these bottles, I’ll put them with medicine along with a sheet describing their medicinal qualities.  I won’t put them in the kitchen to get mixed in with other bottles.


Maybe I can post the article before today is over, or it will be tomorrow.

Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on June 12, 2013, 03:05:23 PM


You can find fresh ginger root in your grocery store.  It’s better to buy “organically” grown ginger so you have pure ginger with nothing added to the plant.  Buy firm roots.  It can be stored in fridge for three weeks and in the freezer for six months.  If you need ginger for its medicinal purposes while stores are open, use the fresh, but you also need a bottle of ground ginger when fresh ginger is no longer available.  It is found at Swanson at this link for $3.79:

Click on the link below and read its health benefits.  You will also find out how to cook with it and how to eat it otherwise.   I urge you to read these studies and suggestions there for how to use/take ginger and the amounts.  You can copy and print the material for yourself.  You will need to do that so you know when it’s appropriate for your health problem.


Turmeric appears to be great for many ailments.  One can get it at Swanson for
$3.69.   Swanson also has Turmeric tea bags - check those out.

The studies and amounts to take for various illnesses is at:


Find Paprika at Swanson here for $3.89:

Studies and amounts to take for various illnesses is at the link below (go down the page)


Oregano at Swanson here for $2.99:

Studies and amount to take for various illnesses:


Cinnamon at Swanson for $3.49:

You can also get whole sticks of cinnamon at Swanson for $3.29.

Studies and amount to take for various illnesses:


Can use fresh garlic from grocery while it is available, get organic. Garlic  powder at Swanson for $3.79:

Studies and amount to take for various illnesses:

The Swanson products are all organic.  When you click on The World’s Healthiest Foods (, to read about these spices, you will find more information than you knew existed about these spices.   The illnesses they help stop or prevent, is stunning and the studies are right there to prove it.  The dosage is there for most or all of them and there are also recipes if you want them.

One of you (Thanks, Sandra), just sent me a page of the top 10 anti-inflammatory “Herbs” (there are spices in there, too).  Some of the spices I covered in this article are on this new page, but it also includes Boswellia (never heard of it), Rosemary, Licorice (DO NOT EAT LICORICE IF YOU HAVE HEART PROBLEMS), Cayenne, Parsley, and Basil.  After you read about them, if you want to add these to your stash, find them on Swanson to get a good price and so they will be organic.  Here is the page to read about these other anti-inflammatories:

Medicine by the name of a spice or herb, is still a medicine.  I still say our not knowing how to use plants is God’s fault for not putting directions on plants.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: soccer grannie on June 12, 2013, 03:35:15 PM
I always look forward to reading your posts, not just for the content, but because I know you put a lot of time researching what you write.  :)
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Hilltopper on June 12, 2013, 10:32:24 PM
I too find Victoria's commentary the highlight of most of  the womens sections on the varying forums .   
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: soccer grannie on June 12, 2013, 10:45:13 PM
Just in the last few years, I've noticed doctors and hospitals asking if you are taking any vitamins or over the counter drugs. Apparently, they have figured out that these are also medicines along with the scripts we get from physicians.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on June 13, 2013, 11:45:11 AM


That is a small bottle because Ceylon is expensive and there is a medical reason for that. 


For a better buy, here is Ceylon Cinnamon on Amazon:

In a short while, I’ll have an article on why you must not buy any cinnamon except Ceylon cinnamon.  If you have type 2 diabetes, this is a great product to control your blood sugar.  I will start using Ceylon cinnamon.  The cinnamon to avoid is cassia and that is the cinnamon in every grocery store.  Don’t buy it if you are going to use cinnamon to help control type 2 diabetes.  There is a dangerous substance in the cassia strain and I’ll explain that shortly after I get that written.   DO NOT BUY CASSIA CINNAMON, ONLY BUY CEYLON CINNAMON.

Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on June 13, 2013, 01:38:06 PM

First, cinnamon helps regulate blood sugar levels in two ways and that is very beneficial to someone with type two diabetes.  It slows food down in the stomach so it leaves the stomach gradually, allowing a slower feed of sugar into the blood.   It also stimulates the pancreatic enzymes to process sugar and turns off an enzyme that turns the good enzymes off.  Various studies have proven this is true.  I will use Ceylon cinnamon for this purpose.  Likely one-half  teaspoon per day after eating lunch.  Will do more reading to see if I need to make that one teaspoon.  Suppose I’ll have a piece of cinnamon toast.  That will be having cinnamon every day and you must make that Ceylon if you use it like this, having it every day.  Here is why:

One good cinnamon, one really bad cinnamon:

There is Chinese cinnamon, called “cassia” cinnamon, and Ceylon cinnamon, called “true” cinnamon.

Chinese Cassia is the one in grocery stores under any company name.  They bottle Cassia because it’s much cheaper, both sticks and ground.  If there was a bottle of Ceylon, it would have Ceylon on the label.  If Ceylon is not on the label, it’s Chinese Cassia.  I read how to determine if a stick is cassia or Ceylon.  Cassia is thick wood off the tree and rolls up in a solid sheet.  The stick will be one piece of solid wood.  Examine a stick and see if it is one solid piece.  If it is, it’s cassia.  Ceylon cinnamon tree has very thin bark.  It rolls up in sheets.  Look at a stick and see if there are thin sheets you can see.  Well, I just opened a bottle of McCormick cinnamon sticks and those sticks are one solid sheet rolled from each end.  There is no doubt they are one solid sheet – I kept the bottle and dumped the sticks in the trash.  I have half a bottle of a large Tone bottle of cinnamon – just dumped it in the trash as it doesn’t say it’s Ceylon.

A substance called “coumarin” is in cinnamon.  It is moderately toxic to the liver and kidneys.  That substance can be used is a potent rat killer.  “Coumarin was banned as a food additive in the United States in 1954.  Coumarin is currently listed by FDA among ‘Substances Generally Prohibited From Direct Addition or Use as Human Food’".  Higher doses of coumarin can have anticoagulant properties which means it can cause your blood not to want to coagulate (stop bleeding).  If you already take a blood thinner, you definitely do not want a bunch of coumarin added to that.

The presence of coumarin is high in Chinese cassia cinnamon compared to Ceylon.   Indus Organic Ceylon Cinnamon Powder on Amazon gives these numbers:  Ceylon cinnamon has between 2-5 ppm of coumarin compared to Cassia having 2000-5000 ppm.  Indus Ceylon cinnamon is tested at US lab for Coumarin.   Look at that difference:  2-5 compared to 2000-5000.  I’m glad I just dumped the cassia.

If you only use cinnamon occasionally, you could get by using cassia without damage to your body.  But, if you are going to have it every day as medicinal, you should definitely use Ceylon.  I will also say if you are older, you don’t want a substance in your body that can mess with your liver or kidneys – we have enough trouble keeping our parts working right as it is.

Indus Organic Ceylon Cinnamon Powder Spice Pack, Premium Grade, Freshly Packed, is the number one cinnamon sold on Amazon.  There is a long paragraph  there showing the difference between Chinese cassia and Ceylon real cinnamon.  On this page you can buy 8 oz. or 16 oz.  I will get the 16 oz. to use it every day.

Even if you don’t buy it, go there to read the information about the two cinnamons.  Also read customer comments are there are many.

Remember in the other article, we talked about spices being medicine because “stuff” goes in your blood and does something to your cells?  This cinnamon article spells that out, doesn’t it?  One type cinnamon can harm your cells really badly, and another type is really good for you.  A truism: “You are what you eat.”

Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on June 20, 2013, 02:00:46 PM

Plant black seeded Sunflowers.  Outsmart moths that kill squash.

As soon as I get this written, I'll tell you why to plant black seeded Sunflowers and how, hopefully, to outsmart moths that kill your squash plus there is one squash they don't attack.  I should have this written by end of day tomorrow.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on June 21, 2013, 07:13:59 PM

All Sunflower Plants/Seeds Are Not Equal And Neither Are The Roots:

I have studied Sunflowers last week and this week plus found Egypt Walking Onions that last forever and have a way to maybe outsmart moths/borers that murder squash/zucchini. 

The Sunflower has been the subject of massive numbers of hybrid strains.  One would get lost in acres of Sunflowers if all the hybrids were planted at the same place.  Some plants are two feet tall and some are 4/5 feet tall and some are 8 feet tall and some are 10 feet tall.  Some have small flowers and some have flowers 10 inches across.  There are black/white striped seeds with less oil in them and there are the black seeds with more oil in them.  There are black seeds with moderate oil and black seeds with higher oil and black seeds with very high oil.  I will write how to get the oil out of the seeds to save it for cooking.  I know how to crush the seeds and to heat it to bring out the oil, but haven’t found a way to press out the oil.  It can be done with a “presser” but that is over $100 and up.  There has to be a cheaper way.

There are some varieties of Sunflower roots that are edible like potatoes.  I was so amazed about this Sunflower “potato”, let’s talk about this one first.

Have you ever heard the name of this food – Jerusalem Artichoke?  Guess what – it’s a certain type of Sunflower ROOT.  You can eat it raw and it’s been compared to eating Water Chestnuts as it’s crisp.  It is also sweet.  There is one variety to get, white “Fuseau”, as it is smooth skinned (not gnarled and bumpy like the others).  I’ll give the link below so you can see them for yourself – click to enlarge the picture and it looks like a bunch of baking potatoes.  They can grow to weigh FOUR pounds.  My goodness, if you had nothing to eat, that is four pounds of food that would feed several people and you don’t have to cook it unless you want to.  I would bake it if I had a way to do that, and I would even if power was off.  I read the weight of the tubers does vary so don’t expect all to be four pounds but they will be substantial. 

The Fuseau Sunflower grows to TEN FEET tall, and each plant has about TEN “tubers”.  If you planted ten plants, you would have 100 potato like tubers.  And, guess what?  They are perennial, which means you don’t have to plant them again – they will reproduce themselves under the ground.  Let’s say you wanted those 100 potato tubers from the ten plants.  Plant an extra five plants at the beginning and leave them alone.  You are not eating those.  I read they are fast multipliers so those five may be ten the next year or even more.  At some point, you will have to thin them or they will take over your garden.  Maybe your neighbor would like to plant some tubers you pulled up to thin your group.  I read some people sink metal sheets into the ground around their Sunflower plot so the tubers don’t take over the whole garden.  Or, if you have a spot off by itself, not connected to the main part of your garden, plant them there.

Here is the link:

These tubers are sent in March so they have none now.  If you are interested in these, save that website link in your favorites and check it later this year and keep checking it. 

This may be the only company that sells them here because it is the only one in the United States I have found.  They are a specialty company so they have them.  I will continue to hunt for another United States seller so we could have two possibilities. 

I will stop here and continue in the next article – Egypt Walking Onions are totally neat – plant them and never plant them again and they will be there forever.
Title: Re: After years of prepping and still going - by Victoria
Post by: Victoria on June 22, 2013, 11:54:17 AM

If you plant these onions, and they are cheap to buy, you never have to plant any more as they are perennial which means they come back every year.  We know the Jerusalem Artichoke white Fuseau sunflower “potatoes” also come back every year.  You would never run out of food if you had these potatoes and onions.  You would not starve.  If there was a collapse of this country and you needed a barter item to trade, both the edible potatoes and edible onions are food to trade and you have an unending supply as they just keep growing.  You could also give these away to people you knew and trusted who needed food. 

The Egypt Walking Onions, put out long, hollow green limbs/leaves (like the top of the green onions you buy or grow now).  Use those green tops just like you do green onion tops.  At a point, they fall over and where they fall starts more onion plants.  The new onion plants grow those long limbs and they fall over and start new onions there.  That is how they walk and produce more onions.

Sweet and Hot:  The onions are sweet until they get more mature.  When the bulb is on or towards the top, they are hot.  I cannot explain adequately the stages through which they go.  Click on this link and you will be led through the life cycle of these walking onions and they can be bought there, too.  Click all over that website to see all the pictures and the process.  This is a fabulous website to explain Egypt (or Egyptian, both names work) Walking Onions.

They are like the Jerusalem Sunflower in that these onions will take over your garden.  If you planted a few in your front yard, eventually your whole front yard would be onions.  I have a wood planter on the ground in my garden.  I will plant a few of these onions there and they will fill up the planter.  If the onions try to walk out of that planter, meaning limbs fall out of the planter and hit the ground, I will yell at them to get back in their house.  If yelling doesn’t work, I’ll cut them off to keep them in the planter only.

Sunflower Oil From Sunflower Black Seed:

It is difficult to find the black seed that has high oil.  These are not the Jerusalem kind as the Jerusalem kind isn’t for oil or eating seeds;  they are for the potato tubers.  There are two recommended below.  The first one is for sure a black seeded one for oil.  The next one is striped seed for eating.

As tall as twelve feet – “Black Oil” – for oil

Two to three feet – “Sunspot” – seeds for eating, high in protein, flower is TEN INCHES ACROSS – that’s a lot of seeds to eat!  Eat them raw or toast/roast them.

Reminder for Jerusalem Artichokes for edible roots, also known as “Sunchokes”, as tall as ten feet:

Pressing Oil Out Of Black Sunflower Seed:

Why would you want to get this good oil?  In a SHTF situation, you may run oil of cooking oil.  With these plants, you’ve got good, healthy, oil.

The petals will fall from the flower and the head will turn toward the ground.  Get a paper bag and cut the flower head off into the bag to prevent losing seeds.

Rub the heads together to get all the seeds off.

Put the seeds in a colander and rinse to remove dirt/dust.  Let the seeds dry.  Preheat whatever you are using for an oven to about 250 degrees.  While the oven is heating, the seeds need to be crushed.  Put some in a bowl and use something for a