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Criminal charges for having a party

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This happened in my area, people charged with a crime for having a party. I see it as a dangerous precedent and something that bothers me. I want to find out who was charged so I can try to contact them and express support and sympathy. How can I find this out ? I almost feel like calling the police or school and expressing my outrage but I am not sure what is a good course of action ?

You want to express support and have sympathy for stupid people?  ???

Disagree, the rules are arbitrary. They could decide you must be vaccinated or must never leave your house. Why not just arrest people who appear to not be socialy distance or pass more laws to
shut down more businesses and activities. There's no end to potential restrictions if you want to go to extremes and who's to say they wouldn't if people think you need to wear masks outdoors on trails or other places

The tests are fraudulent and the causes of death are fraud as well

I agree that many of the local restrictions have gone way too far... for example, the current situation where the archbishop of San Francisco is leading protests because of the unbelievably stringent rules they have placed on churches. While the city buses are running to capacity, churches are not allowed to have indoor services at all and are limited to no more than 15 outside. Ridiculous.

As for what you could do... I'd say that you could try to find out who was responsible for the ruling and try to make sure they are not re-elected in local government. Work toward making that type of behavior personally costly.

For the school, you could find out who is on the school board and who made that ruling and you could call the board member who represents your district.
For the city, you could find out who your town council members are and talk to your own councilman about the situation.
Politicians typically give no time or effort toward pleasing anyone who can't vote for them, so that may be the only place you'll get any traction.

Simply calling either the school or the police department will do no good, imo.

Funny, I was writing the below as LvsChant was posting.  Jinx!

The rules are indeed arbitrary and have been ruled unconstitutional in the first case to make it up the ladder.
Pennsylvania coronavirus restrictions deemed unconstitutional, federal judge rules

The ruling found that Wolf's restrictions that required people to stay at home, placed size limits on gatherings and ordered "non-life-sustaining" businesses to shut down were unconstitutional.

The Wolf administration's pandemic policies have been overreaching, arbitrary and violated citizens' constitutional rights, Stickman wrote in his ruling.

It has really come to a head in San Francisco where Pelosi pushed that all Catholic churches be closed downed until after the election to disenfranchise them.  Literally, she wanted it so that only one worshipper could be in the cathedral at a time. And guess who would be chosen for that honor for PR purposes?  Yep, her.  The Archbishop has had enough and has taken the case to the public.
SF archbishop asks why people can shop at Nordstrom, but not go to church inside

"The City continues to place unrealistic and suffocating restrictions on our natural and constitutional right to worship. This willful discrimination is affecting us all," Cordileone said in his remarks posted by the church online. "Yes, discrimination, because there is no other word for it. We ask: why can people shop at Nordstrom’s at 25% capacity but only one of you at a time is allowed to pray inside of this great Cathedral, your Cathedral? Is this equality?"

Pelosi has been claiming that it was a lie that Catholic churches were forced closed and said that masses were occuring regularly in San Fran and she had just gotten back from one.  But then her staff did a full retreat when challenged by the Clergy.
Pelosi ‘misspoke’ on San Francisco Mass attendance, spokesman claims

Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office told CNA Friday evening that she “misspoke” when she described “recently” attending Mass in a San Francisco church, despite the city’s months-long ban on indoor Masses.
Cordileone had pointed out the city’s ban on indoor religious services—except for funerals—during the pandemic
Pelosi answered that “I have been to church in San Francisco recently, and I did receive Communion.”

She then went on to describe the experience in some detail, noting that she had to “sign up” to attend and that “I got in under the wire” as there were only two places left.

San Francisco has banned public indoor religious services—except for funerals—for months. Outdoor services are permitted with a cap on 12 people, although Speaker Pelosi’s recollection of the event recounted an indoor service.

“And when we got there—the church maybe holds 250 people. There were probably 12 people,” she said, “very, very, very spaced. But that was it, no more would be allowed.”

“And then we did receive Communion,” she said, noting that the priest washed his hands before distributing Communion, and that she received Communion in the hand".

Then she insulted the Church by saying they had to "follow the science".  Apparently she didnt know they had just conducted one of the most rigorous scientific studies on coronavirus spread with a sample size of 1 million masses!
Pelosi to church: ‘Follow science’ on COVID-19 restrictions

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi pushed back Friday against the Catholic archbishop of San Francisco’s criticism of COVID-related restrictions, saying he should “follow science” rather than advocate for fuller in-person gatherings for Mass and worship.
‘A Serious Deprivation Of Our Rights’: San Francisco Archbishop Pleads With Mayor To Ease Coronavirus Restrictions
"Ours and others’ faith is being treated as less important..."

He also referenced a study by “three major infectious disease specialists” that “over one million public [M]asses have been celebrated following guidelines to prevent the spread of the virus … for Catholic churches following these guidelines, no outbreaks of COVID-19 have been linked to church attendance.”

These restrictions are purely arbitrary in application and politically focussed.  They have no scientific basis, are unprecedented in US history, and clearly unconstitutional.  Ben Franklin warned us about this:

Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freeness of speech... Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both.


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