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Rowan/mountain ash berries


Cave Dweller:
Last year I noticed clusters of red berries on a sort of fernlike tree.
I drive all over snohomish and king counties (northwestern washington) for work and have since seen them everywhere.
Did a little research and tentatively identified them as mountan ash, or maybe a rowan variant.
All the info I can find says they fruit in the fall.
But this year I’m seeing orange fruit in late july.
Could this be a lookalike? Or maybe early set due to the juneuary cool off we had this year?
Also, I can’t find any info on the toxicity of the seeds. Some sources talk about needing heat to convert some compound to something less dangerous.
All the recipes talk about making jams with the boiled juice, but I was thinking of doing some sort of whole fruit preserve.
Seeds are an important source of nutrition but some fruit seeds contain medicinal qualities that shouldn’t be over indulged in, (like some stone fruits) and some are downright poisonous (like yew)
Does anybody have any experience with this?

too bad cedar isn't on here anymore... that is her region and she knows this stuff. I'm completely clueless... and hope someone else from that area can help you.

Sounds like there is a native variety (maybe the orange) and a European variety.


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